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Before you give up on trying to understand what these are, it’s remarkably simple. Your own mother probably uses Peptides of some sorts – Collagen. Your own younger brother might be using Creatine, which is also a Peptide. 

Peptides are simply amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that are bound together with Peptide bonds – hence the name. They are not proteins however, they are simply chains of amino acids. It is vital to understand this difference. 

Now then, why would one even want to look to use Peptides in the first place? Peptides can be used to help improve your health in a vast array of different ways.

BPC 157 is one of the most commonly used peptides that can be used to increase recovery from injuries, training sessions, and even improve symptoms of IBS. 

GHRH is known as a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone that can be used to increase the amount of Growth Hormone the user produces naturally. Extra Growth Hormone has a tremendous amount of benefits such as fat loss, increase in bone density, more muscle mass, and even improvements of skin and hair quality. 

PT 141 can be used to improve male libido and could be an alternative to using other Nitric oxide based drugs such as Viagra. 

The best thing about Peptides? Most of these are available through a Peptide or HRT Clinic. You simply get in contact with the clinic and do some testing to establish which Peptides would work best for you. Or if you couldn’t be bothered, you can purchase them online as well. 

We have tested and written reviews on the best retailers in the States, the best Clinics, and various others. Peptides can be used to improve your health, performance, and even mental state leaps and bounds. And lucky for you, we’ve got all the information.

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