Peptide Dosage Calculator + Chart + Timing (Reconstitution)

Peptide dosing is a delicabte and complicated art. We’ve created a peptide dosage calculator to help you reconstitute your peptides fresh from the source, and then a peptide dosage chart with some common guidelines on dosing, timing, and injection site with all our sources and citations.

Reconstitution and Dosage Calculator

Peptides – the protein’s little brother – can do wonders for our bodies! They can manage our circadian rhythm (1), regulate growth hormones (2), help with weight loss (3), and even make us look younger (4).

Now, before you start flexing your peptide muscles, you need to learn the proper way to reconstitute them. Apparently, a lot of people struggle with this step. Okay, we made up that statistic, but it’s probably close to the truth. The struggle is real, people.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you navigate this tricky process. It’s like a chemistry experiment, but instead of blowing things up, you’ll be improving your health. Plus, you’ll feel like a mad scientist, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

So, if you want to master your peptide reconstitution, follow our guide step-by-step, and soon you’ll be a reconstitution pro. No more confusion or frustration, just pure peptide power!

To go to the complete dosage chart click here.

How to use The Calculator

While you can go on to use the conventionally manual way to reconstitute peptides, it gets a whole lot easier to use the reconstitution calculator, and get the right dosage!

With our easy-to-use reconstitution calculator, you now don’t have to worry about all the multiplication, division, or unit conversion. All you have to do is just follow the easy steps and BOOM! 

The very first step is to pick the syringe size that you have purchased. It would ideally be either a 0.3ml, 0.5ml, or 1ml syringe. 

The next step is to add the mass of the peptide in mg that you want to reconstitute (This is generally going to be listed on the peptide vial) with the ‘x’ ml of bacteriostatic water in order to get your desirable dosage in mcg.

Once you have put the details, our reconstitution calculator will use its algorithm and devise the volume needed to get your peptides reconstituted! 

Peptide Dosage Calculator + Chart + Timing (Reconstitution)

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Make sure you use Bacteriostatic Water

Bacteriostatic water and sterile water are essentially used to dissolve drugs/medications for injection purposes.

Bacteriostatic water is used to dilute or dissolve medications intended for aqueous injection. Its preservative agent (0.9% benzyl alcohol) prevents the growth of bacteria and therefore, extends the shelf life for up to 28 days and enables the withdrawal of multiple doses from a single vial without contamination (5).

On the other hand, a sterile water vial doesn’t contain any preservatives/additives which can keep it free of pathogens for a longer time, thus one will have to use it immediately after opening the seal.

So, if you are someone who has seen the vials of both types of water, I am sure you can now understand why a bacteriostatic water vial contains considerable volume while a sterile water vial contains just a few milliliters.

Despite the favorable safety profile of bacteriostatic water, clinicians caution against its use in pregnant women, neonates, and certain medications. It is also unsafe for injection without a solvent and is contraindicated for intrathecal injections (5).

Where to Buy Syringes and Bacteriostatic Water?

We use 30 gauge 5/16th of an inch (8mm) for our subcutaneous injections, but we recently found a source that sells:

  • Injection syringes
  • Bacteriostatic Water
  • Drawing syringes (To draw the water and insert them into the aliquots)
  • Alcohol wipes

ALL IN ONE BOX! That’s right, no more shopping around. Just order it all from them, and save some money while you’re at it.

Peptide Research Injection Kit

Introducing the all-inclusive Concierge Research Injection Kit, designed to streamline the research process by providing everything needed for reconstitution, storage, and administration of substances in a single package. Simplify the workflow and eliminate the hassle of sourcing materials from multiple vendors.

This comprehensive kit includes:

– Bacteriostatic Water (30mL): Ideal for diluting and reconstituting substances while maintaining a sterile, bacteria-free environment.

Insulin Syringes (0.5 cc/mL x 29g x ½): Precision-engineered syringes for accurate administration, featuring fine gauge needles and a 0.5 cc/mL capacity.

– Alcohol Prep Pads: Ensure cleanliness and minimize contamination with these pre-moistened pads for sterilizing injection sites and vials.

Sterile Empty Glass Vial (10mL): A contamination-free container for safely storing reconstituted substances.

– Large Needles + Syringes Combo (3cc x 21g x 1): Versatile, larger-capacity syringes with thicker gauge needles for injecting Bac water into the peptide vial.

With this Concierge Research Injection Kit, researchers can focus on obtaining results and analyzing data more efficiently. Say goodbye to wasted time and effort in sourcing research materials and embrace a seamless research experience.

How to Store Peptides

Peptides should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place. For best preservation, store at 4°C or colder away from bright light. Dry peptides are stable at room temperature for days to weeks but for long-term storage -20°C is to be preferred (6). 

Contamination with moisture will greatly decrease the long-term stability of solid peptides. A vial containing a peptide should be allowed to warm to room temperature before being opened. After removing the desired quantity, the vial should be re-sealed, preferably under an atmosphere of dry inert gas, and then returned to cold storage (6). An ideal container for peptide manipulation should be clean, chemically inert, optically clear, strong, and available in an appropriate size. 

Glass and plastic vials are generally satisfactory for the purpose, however, care does need to be taken with plastic vials when organic solvents are to be used (6). Polypropylene vials are both strong and chemically inert but if high visibility is required glass is a better option. Please appreciate that peptide in solution can and do adsorb to many materials. This may occur to varying extents being dependent upon factors such as constituent amino acids, vial material, and peptide concentration. 

At high dilution, it is possible to lose large percentages of peptide due to adsorption to surfaces thereby grossly distorting subsequent results. The use of high-quality specialist glass and polypropylene vials can lessen this problem (6). The shelf life of peptide solutions is limited especially for peptides containing C, M, N, Q, and W. To prolong the storage life of peptides in solution, sterile buffers with a pH of around 5-6 should be used. Aliquots should be stored at -20°C or colder wherever possible. 

Avoid the use of frost-free freezers, which vary enormously in temperature during the frequent automatic defrosting cycles. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles are deleterious to peptides (6).

Peptide Dosage Chart with Timing, Injection Location, and Best Stacks

We spent 20+ hours reading research papers, perusing clinical websites and browsing research peptide brands to come up with the ULTIMATE express guide to current up-to-date medical literature on peptide usage, dosage, cycles timing, indications, forms, and studies.

For first time peptide users we know its daunting and intimidating, hopefully this gives you a better idea of what the f*** is going on with most peptides, but remember to exercise caution and consult with your doctor prior to any usage.

Below the individual peptides we’ve added sections on stacks, and we’ve also explained what all the columns mean below. If you want to learn more about an individual peptides click on it or view all our peptide guides below the peptide chart!

The Complications of Dosing Peptides

While there is no fixed dosage of peptides and each peptide accounts for a different dose.

Recommended dosages are usually based on either clinical trials or users’ experience. 

Therefore, if you decided to use any peptide for personal purposes, it is crucial to consult with your doctor/healthcare provider first.

For example, the recommended dosage of BPC-157 is 1mcg to 10mcg per kg of body weight which accounts for 200mcg to 1000mcg per injection. But note that BPC-157 is not approved by the FDA for human use.

On the other hand, TB-500, another potential peptide for quick healing is usually dosed at 7.66mg per week. However, as BPC-157, TB-500 is not approved by the FDA for human use.

So it all differs and the exact dosage can only be prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Peptide Dosage Calculator + Chart + Timing (Reconstitution)

Scroll left and right to see the full chart if your screen is not big enough

Peptides 💊 Studied Dosage 💉 Injection Site ⏳️ Typical Cycle Length 🕑 Timing of Dose ✅ Use/Indication 🛒 Forms 📚 Recent Studies
Click on peptide for full breakdown *In accordance with the limited clinical trials and Reddit discussions*   *In accordance with the limited clinical trials and Reddit discussions* *Based purely on user experiences* *In accordance with the limited clinical trials and Reddit discussions* *Based on what Peptide Vendors offer* *Pubmed and Google Scholar*
Individual Peptides              
Anamorelin 100 mcg/day Not Applicable 12 Weeks Before Meals Cancer Cachexia, Appetite Oral [1] [2] [3]
ARA 290 5 mg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4-5 Weeks Variable Neuropathic Pain Injectable [1] [2]
AOD 9604 300 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 20 Days In Morning- 30 mins prior to eating Body Fat Powders, Spray [1] [2]
BPC-157 1-10 mcg/kg of bodyweight Subcutaneous, IM 4-12 Weeks Before meal and before bed Anti-inflammatory, Wound healing Capsules, Injections, Sublingual and dermal Patches [1] [2] [3]
Cerebrolysin Depends on the purpose of intake IM, IV Variable No Specific Timing Senile/Vascular Dementia, Cerebrovascular disorder Injectable [1] [2]
CJC 1295 30-60 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 12 Weeks Before bed- 2 hrs after last meal Muscle growth, Fat loss Injectable [1] [2]
DSIP 100-200 mcg/day Subcutaneously, IV, IM Variable 1-3 hours before bed Irregular Circadian Rhythm, Insomnia Powder [1] [2] [3]
Epitalon 5-10 mg Subcutaneously, IV, IM 2-3 Weeks Morning- 30 mins prior to eating Anti-Aging Capsule, Injectable Nasal Spray [1] [2] [3]
Follistatin 344 50-100 mcg/day Subcutaneously, IV, IM 10-30 days No Specific Timing Muscle Growth, Endurance Powder, Liquid [1] [2] [3]
GHK-CU 0.2 ml/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) Variable No Specific Timing Wound Healing, Anti-inflammatory Injectable, Transdermal [1] [2]
GHRP-2 150-300 mcg/day Subcutaneous(Abdomen) 12-14 Weeks An hour before Meal Muscle Growth, Rapid Healing Injectable, Capsules [1] [2] [3]
GHRP-6 100-150 mcg/day Subcutaneous(Abdomen) 12-14 Weeks 30 Minutes Before Meal Muscle Growth, Rapid Healing Injectable, Capsules [1] [2]
Hexarelin 200-300 mcg/day Subcutaneous(Abdomen) 12-16 Weeks Before Meals Muscle building, Fat loss, rapid recovery Injectable, Tablets [1] [2]
HGH Frag 200 mcg/day Subcutaneous, IV 4-8 Weeks Before Workout Obesity, Muscle Mass Injectable, Tablets [1] [2] [3]
IGF-1 20-100 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks After Workout Lean Muscle Mass, Fat loss Injectable [1] [2] [3]
IGF-1 LR3 20-40 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks Before Workout Muscle Mass, Bodybuilding Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Ipamorelin 200 mcg/day Subcutaneous, IM 60-90 Days Before bed- 2 hrs after last meal Muscle growth, Fat loss Injectable [1] [2] [3]
KPV 200-400 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks No Specific Timing Anti-inflammatory, Wound healing Injectable, Oral Sprays, Creams, Capsules [1] [2]
Kisspeptin 10 5-10 mg/day IV 4 Months No Specific Timing Infertility Injectable, Capsules [1] [2] [3]
Ll-37 100 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 2-4 Weeks No Specific Timing Anti-microbial Injectable [1] [2]
Lenomorelin 7.5 mcg/kg of body weight Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 10-12 Weeks Before Meal Appetite, Strength Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Macimorelin 0.5 mg/kg of body weight Not Applicable Usually a single dose 8 hours of fasting before use Fat loss, Muscle Mass Oral Granules [1] [2] [3]
Melanotan I 0.25-2 mg/day Subcutaneous, IM Variable No Specific Timing Skin tanning, Erythropoetic Protoporphyria Injectable, Nasal Sprays [1] [2]
Melanotan II 0.25-2 mg/day Subcutaneous, IM Variable No Specific Timing Erectile Dysfunction & Skin Tanning Injectable, Nasal Sprays [1] [2] [3]
Mots-c 1ml/thrice weekly Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks No Specific Timing Metabolic Felxibility, Osteroporosis Injectable [1] [2]
MGF 200 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks Before Workout Muscles growth, Tissue Repair Injectable [1] [2]
Peg MGF 5 mg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks No Specific Timing Endurance, Boosts Immune System Injectable [1]
Pentosan 100-250 mg/day IM, Intra-auricular 1-6 Months 1-2 hrs after Meals Cardiovascular Complications, Joint Pain Injectable, Capsules, Oral Suspensions [1] [2] [3]
PTD-DMB 30 ml/day Not Applicable Variable No Specific Timing Hair loss, Hair Regeneration Hair Sprays [1]
PT-141 1-2 mg Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 8 times/month 1-5 hrs before intercourse Libido & Erectile dysfunction Injectable, Nasal Sprays, Pills [1] [2] [3]
RU 58841 50 mg/day Not Applicable Variable After Showering- On dry hair Hair Loss, Male Pattern Baldness Powder, Liquid (Topical application) [1] [2] [3]
Semaglutide 0.25 mg/week Subcutaneous (multipe skin sites) 4 Weeks No Specific Timing Weight Loss, Appetite Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Sermorelin 10-20 mcg/kg of body weight Subcutaneous, IV 3-6 Months Before bed Muscle Mass, Fat Loss Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Semax 0.3-1 ml/twice weekly Subcutaneous (multipe skin sites) Variable No Specific Timing Neuroprotective, Stress-protective Injectable [1] [2] [3]
TB 500 7.6 mg/week IM, IV, Subcutaneous 2-6 Weeks Once a Week Anti-inflammatory & Muscle Growth Capsules, Injectable, Patches [1] [2] [3]
Tesamorelin 2 mg/day Subcutaneous (multipe skin sites) 2 Months Before bed- 2 hrs after last meal HIV- lipodystrophy Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Thymosin Alpha-1 0.8-6.4 mg/twice weekly Subcutaneous (multipe skin sites) 6-12 Months No Specific Timing Immunocomproised disorders, autoimmune diseases Injectable, Nasal Sprays [1] [2] [3]
Thymosin Beta-4 2-12 mg/day IM, Subcutaneous 3-6 Months Injected close to the site of injury Wound healing, Anti-inflammatory Powder, Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Depends on the purpose of intake IV, Intracavernously Variable No Specific Timing Anti-inflammatory, COPD, Pulmonary Arterial HTN Injectable [1] [2] [3]
Zn-Thymulin 1 ml/day Subcutaneous, IM Variable At Night Hair Loss, Hair pigmentation Topical Use [1] [2]
Peptide Stacks              
BPC-157= 500 mcg/day, TB-500= 5 mg/twice weekly Subcutaneous, IM 4 Weeks Before Meal Healing, Protein Formation, Muscle Mass Injectable  
Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 Ipamorelin= 150mcg/day, CJC-1295= 150mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 4 Weeks Before Bed Muscles Growth, Fat loss Injectable  
Melanotan I and Melanotan ll Melanotan l= 0.25-2 mg/day, Melanotan ll= 0.25-2 mg/day Subcutaneous, IM Variable No Specific Timing Skin Tanning, Erectile Dysfunction Injectable, Nasal Sprays  
Ipamorelin and Sermorelin Ipamorelin= 200-300mcg/day, Sermorelin= 200 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multiple skin sites) 2-3 Months Before Bed Muscles Growth, Fat loss Injectable  
GHRP-6, Sermorelin GHRP-6= 100 mcg/day, Sermorelin= 100 mcg/day Subcutaneous(Abdomen) 3 Months Before Meal Fat burn, Endurance, Muscle Mass Injectable  
GHRP6 and CJC-1295 GHRP-6= 100 mcg/day, CJC-1295= 150mcg/day Subcutaneous(Abdomen) 12 Weeks Before Meal/Bed Fat loss, Endurance, Strength Injectable  
Semaglutide and AOD 9604 Semaglutide= 0.25 mg/week, AOD 9604= 300 mcg/day Subcutaneous (multipe skin sites) 4 Weeks Morning Body Fat, Appetite, Muscle Mass Injectable  
Epitalon and Thymalin Epitalon= 5-10 mg/day, Thymalin= 10 mg/day Subcutaneously, IV, IM 2-3 Weeks Morning Strong Immune system, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory Injectable  

All Peptide Guides

What Does Studied Dosage Mean?

The studied dose is the amount of a drug/agent which is proven most efficacious through multiple clinical trials. These trials help evaluate the optimum amount of a given drug that has maximum bioavailability and minimum to induce any negligible side effects.

It is therefore extremely crucial to abide by the correct dosage in order to mitigate the risk of developing any significant adverse effects at the expense of availing maximum benefits.

How Did We Find Typical Cycle Length?

Every peptide is cycled differently by various people. Cycle Length usually indicates the time period during which the drug starts showing its effects in the human body. For peptides, we referred to several clinical trials and user reviews to find the exact cycle length of each peptide.

How Did We Calculate the Timing of Dose?

There’s always a specific time for the intake of the drug alongside certain other precautions. With right timings, you can ensure a drug/supplement’s maximum bioavailability. In order to come up with the right time, we referred to user experiences/reviews as well as scientifically proven research.

What Does Use/Indication Mean?

Use/Indication highlights the purpose behind the intake of the chosen peptide. This is helpful for people to identify the most suitable peptide that would work for them and avoid the rest.

What Are the Recommended Forms to Use?

Recommended forms of peptides depend on the vendor as well as on its half life and bioavailability. Some drugs are only synthesized in injectable or capsule forms. Others can come in creams, skin patches, sprays etc.

While there may be different forms of peptide, it is usually the injectable form that provides the maximum bioavailability. However, injectable form is a strong contraindication in people with bleeding disorders or skin infections.

In general, the recommended form highly depends on the peptide that is being used. 

Still Have Questions?

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6 months ago

How does the math work when reconstituting a peptide with 5mg of two different peptides in the same vial? Example would be 5g of CJC-1295 and 5g of ipamorelin. if a dosage is say 20mcg of each individually, wht is a dosage of the mix?

Haley Hansen
5 months ago
Reply to  Karl

did you ever get an answer? I have this same question…. Please let me know if you get an answer. Need to know how much to buy

1 month ago
Reply to  Karl

I’m looking for the same answer.

6 months ago

If I have a 2mg bottle how much water total do I put into the vial?

6 months ago

That is AOD

5 months ago

How do I convert mcg to units.

4 months ago

Where is the calculator?

4 months ago

Where is the calculator? I can’t find it

Muscle and Brawn Team
4 months ago
Reply to  Paul

It’s fixed now!

3 months ago

How many Days worth does this reconstitute to? If I have a 5mg mass that I need to draw 300mcg doses daily, it tells me the volume to draw based on how many ML of water I use but it doesn’t tell me the quantity of doses that will yield

3 months ago
Reply to  JRAHN

If you convert 5mg to mcg, it is 5000mcg. So divide 5000mcg by 300mcg.

3 months ago

What is considered “short term” with regards to storage? The vial I am reconstituting will probably last 8-10 weeks. Is that still short term?

Amber hefner
2 months ago

I’m trying to reconstitute 5mg of trizeatide w 3ml of bacteriasc water.
Trying to figure out the mixture for 1 /wk dosage of .50mg.
How much water do I mix w the 5mg trizeatide? And how many dosages will I get out of one 5ml vial?

Sarah Linderman
15 days ago
Reply to  Amber hefner

GM Amber. I am doing the same thing. Did you get a response

Linda Pennington
2 months ago

how long will one reconstituted vial of tirzepatide last in the frige

2 months ago

The calculator doesn’t work for custom doses

Bobby Johnson
1 month ago

What is the dosage for tesomorelin

Laura Joh
1 month ago

How much bacteriostatic water is needed to reconstitute 5mg of Tirzepatide peptide to achieve a 100unit (10mg) dose?

25 days ago
Reply to  Laura Joh

I need this answer

25 days ago

How much water do I add to 5mg Tirzepatide

20 days ago

How would you go about dosing a blend of tesamoraline, cjc 1295, and ipamoraline?

30 ml Bacteriostatic Watereter
18 days ago

How Much Bacteriostatic Water do I add to 5mg of DSIp? I am a 57 year old male about 27LBS?

16 days ago

I reconstitute 2ml of Bacteriostatic into a 5mg peptide.
If I purchase a 10mg peptide and reconstitute with 4ml will it have the same effect?


10 days ago

I am confused about how much water to use when mixing. Also do you keep it refrigerated between use?

Natalie taylor
10 days ago

I don’t u derstand how every vial is advised to mix with 2ml. Rhe 10mg, 5mg and 2mg.

dna muldowney
2 days ago

I have a 10 mg vial of TB500. How much Bariostatic water do I use to reconstitute? I will be using 7.5 mg / week in 2 equal doses on Tuesday and Thursday.

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