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Bodybuilding. The upper echelon of pushing your body and mind to the max. It might not be the most attractive sport to most people, but there is no denying the fact that those who chose to step on stage have sacrificed more than we could ever realize. But why? What sacrifices are these athletes making? 

Firstly, the dietary sacrifices. Bodybuilders push their bodies to the limits, whether it be in the off season, such as Ronnie Coleman going well past the 300 lbs – which is not very comfortable let me tell you. Ronnie is one of the greatest bodybuilders on the planet, and his off seasons are legendary. 

Of course, you do run the risk of building fat mass in this time. We can look to minimize this by using certain dietary patterns or compounds such as Metformin.

The part of bodybuilding most people enjoy more is, of course, lifting. The art of training for bodybuilding is something that most people cannot even do. It requires a vast amount of volume, recovery, load, and is literally the first Step to Becoming a Bodybuilder

Recovery is also a massive aspect behind becoming a mass monster. Recovery is the part most people forget or skip because, well, it’s slightly boring. Taking steps like taking Cold Showers for Increased Testosterone or using Laxogen to improve recovery. There are multiple ways to do this, but unfortunately there are a lot of ways that have been sold as a means to do it – and they don’t work. 

But what about looking for coaches? The best workouts? The best supplements? We’ve covered it all.

Best Bodybuilding Coaches

Bodybuilding is one of the most intense sports on the planet, and having a coach is vital. Let’s look at the best coaches and why you need one.

Metformin and Weight Loss

Metformin treatment can lower blood glucose levels and save the lives of diabetics. Does it have a role to play in anti aging, and even in bodybuilding?

Best Prohormone Companies

Prohormones peaked in the early 2000s, but they are back and better than ever. With so many offerings, which is the best prohormone company, and are they legit?


Laxogenin is a plant-based steroid that can provide you with some anabolic effects such as increased lean muscle mass and enhanced endurance and offers swift wound healing properties with minimal

HCG for Bodybuilding

HCG is a common compound in TRT stacks, as well as in the PCT of bodybuilders. How do you even use it, and should you even stack it with other

Cold Showers for Testosterone

In the bodybuilding world, wasted time is wasted progress. Everyone pays attention to the basics, such as exercise execution, analyzing progress logs, getting stronger, and consuming the right macros. Then,

Best Bodybuilding Forums

Bodybuilding is one of the most individual sports that exists. You don’t have teammates or coaches – all you have is your body and the weight that you are using

The History of Bodybuilding

Since the invention of bodybuilding competitions, the industry has become quite commercialized, but it wasn’t like this a few years ago. Over time, the physical culture has changed a great

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