SARMs Dosage Chart (and How to Take Them)

Here, I'll provide everything you need to know about liquid SARMs dosages, timing, and studies.
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liquid sarms

SARMs are available in both oral and injectable forms. However, most SARMs users prefer to use liquid form due to ease of use or fear of needles.

Although taking SARMs in liquid form is relatively simple, there are several aspects to their use that you should keep in mind.

We’ve looked at all the different SARMs on the market and compiled a dosage chart. Studies, check. Different forms, check. Side effects, check.

This is the one-stop cheat sheet for everything you need to know about SARMs.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways: What To Know About Liquid SARMs

Full SARMs Dosage and Details Chart

Scroll side to side, and click on the SARM name to learn more

30 minutes before the workout💊 Studied Dosage⏳️ Typical Cycle Length🕑 Timing of Dose✅ Use/Indication💉 Forms📚 Recent Studies (Credible sites and Pubmed)❌ Adverse Effects⚦♀Men/Women?
ACP-10511 mg/day8-13 WeeksMuscle building, Fat loss, StrengthOral, Injectable[1] [2] [3]Mild headache, fatigue, nauseaBoth
AC-26210-20 mg/day30 DaysBefore workoutIncreased bone density, increased muscle massCapsules, Powder[1] [2] [3]Headache, Nausea, VomitingBoth
Andarine (S4)50 mg/day8-12 WeeksBefore workoutImproves bone strength, Gains muscle masscapsules[1]Altered VisionBoth
4 Andro100-200 mg/day6-8 WeeksMorning/EveningImproves muscle mass, Fat lossTablets[1] [2] [3]liver and kidney damageMostly men
Cardarine (GW501516)10 mg/day4-6 WeeksMorning/EveningLowers LDL, Fat lossLiquid, Capsules[1] [2]Palpitations, drowsiness, nauseaBoth
GW074225 mg/day8-12 WeeksMorning/EveningLowers Cholesterol, gut inflammation[1] [2] [3]Cardiac HypertrophyBoth
Ibutamoren (MK-677)15-20 mg/day3 MonthsBefore bedPromotes muscle mass, lowers cortisolLiquid, Powder, Capsules[1] [2]Increased appetite, swelling, numbnessBoth
LGD 222620 mg/day12-16 Weeks30 minutes prior to the workoutIncreased lean muscle mass, bone densityTablets, Capsule[1] [2] [3]Not reallyBoth
LGD 303310-20 mg/day6-8 WeeksVariableMuscular hypertrophy, Fat lossOral (capsules)[1] [2] [3]Prostate Hypertrophy, virilizationBoth
Ligandrol (LGD 4033)10 mg/day8-10 WeeksMuscle mass improves vascularityProtein synthesis, muscle massOral (capsules)[1] [2]Liver damage, heart attackMostly Women
Ostarine (MK 2866)25-30 mg/day8 WeeksMorning30-40 minutes before the workoutTablets, Solution[1] [2] [3]Fatigue, nausea, diarrheaBoth
RAD 1505-10 mg/day8 WeeksWith MealsMuscle Mass, LibidoInjectableMuscle mass improves vascularityGynecomastia, Loss of muscle toneBoth
Stenabolic (SR9099)20-30 mg/day8 WeeksMorningImproves Metabolism, lowers cholesterolLiquid, Powder, CapsulesTesticle shrinkingBoth
S235-30 mg/day8 WeeksMorning/Before BedMuscle Hypertrophy, Bone Density[1] [2] [3]Liver and heart damageBoth
SR901115-30 mg/day8 WeeksMorningRegulates circadian rhythm, Fat lossLiquid, Powder, Capsules[1] [2] [3]Memory impairment, Heart attack riskBoth
Testolone (RAD 140)20-25 mg/day8 WeeksMorningReduces Fat, Increases muscle massInjectable[1] [2]Aggression, Heart attackMostly Men
YK-11 (Mysotine)10-15 mg/day8 WeeksMorningMuscles Strength, Improves vascularityCapsules[1]Nausea, joint pain, acneBoth
SARM Stacks💊 Studied Dosage⏳️ Typical Cycle Length🕑 Timing of Dose✅ Use/Indication💉 Forms📚 Recent StudiesAdverse EffectsMen/Women
RAD-140 + MK-677RAD-140(10mg) + MK-677(25mg)8 WeeksBefore bed/During mealsBulking Stack (muscle gain)capsules[1] [2]Increased Appetite, Aggression, headacheMostly Men
Andarine + GW501516Andarine(50mg) + GW501516(10mg)8 WeeksMorning/EveningCutting Stack (Fat loss)capsules[1] [2]Altered vision, PalpitationsBoth
MK-2866 + MK-677MK-2866(25mg) + MK-677(25mg)8 WeeksMorningBulking Stack (muscle gain)capsules[1] [2]Fatigue, NauseaBoth
MK-2866 + GW-501516MK-2866(25mg) + GW-501516(10mg)8 WeeksMorningCutting Stack (Fat loss)capsules[1] [2]Fatigue, PalpitationsBoth
YK-11 + GW-501516YK-11(10mg) + GW-501516(10mg)8 WeeksMorningBulking and Cutting Stackcapsules[1] [2]Both

Different forms of SARMs

1. Liquid SARMs

Liquid SARMs are the most popular form of oral SARMs. Even though capsules are the most convenient form to take, they happen to also be the most expensive.

Liquid SARMs can be legally purchased for research purposes in the United States.

The slight legal loophole that liquid SARMs provide is the reason that the majority of manufacturers mainly produce and sell SARMs in liquid form.

What Are Liquid SARMs Mixed With?

Liquid SARMs are usually suspended in an alcohol solution. This extends their half-life and helps to maintain the purity of the compound.

However, it also gives a slightly alcoholic taste to the liquid that isn’t very pleasant. As a result, taking a liquid SARM is not an overly pleasant experience.

How To Take Liquid SARMs

To take liquid SARMs, you will need an eyedropper or a syringe.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to measuring liquid SARMs is to be able to read the label. When you get your SARMs bottle it will tell you how mg there is per ml.

For example, if you have a bottle of GW501516, it will probably say ‘20mg/ml’. That means that there is 20 mg of the compound in every ml that you take.

Most droppers measure 1 ml at the top, with divisions going up in 10ths. So, if you are wanting to take 10 mg, you will fill the dropper halfway, to the .5 mark.

Do Liquid SARMs Go Bad?

SARMs will not go bad if you store them in a cool dry place. Generally, you should use a SARM within 9 months of purchasing them to ensure that there is no loss of potency.

Liquid SARMs Side Effects

Liquid SARMs carry the same side effects as taking SARMs in any other form. The specific side effect of a SARM will depend on what that compound is.

As a general statement, the side effects of SARMs are much less than if you were taking anabolic steroids. The key to minimizing the side effects of SARMs is not to go crazy with your dosages – stick to proven cycle and stacking protocols.

The main side effects of SARMs are the suppression of testosterone levels, hair loss, acne, oily skin, lower back and shin pain, and impaired liver health.

Best Liquid SARMS – Chemyo

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Chemyo Brand Overview

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  • Very strict return policy

2. SARM Capsules

SARM capsules are an easy method of delivery, but you don’t see them all too often. The simple reason for this is that it’s far cheaper and easier to produce a liquid product, or just sell the powder itself.

How To Take SARM Capsules

Well, you’d take them with liquid unless you’re a psychopath. You would take these capsules exactly the same way you would take any other capsule. However, we have to consider the active compound and its bioavailability.

Taking SARM capsules with food might actually lower the bioavailability, so, you would ideally take it on an empty stomach (although, refer to the table above for specific SARM protocols).

Do SARM Capsules go bad?

In time everything goes bad. Unless your supplier states otherwise, it would not be the smartest thing to take SARMs that are older than 6 months.

SARM Capsule Side Effects

The side effects of SARM capsules are the same as with any other SARM. As a general statement, the side effects of SARMs are much less than if you were taking anabolic steroids. The key to minimizing the side effects of SARMs is not to go crazy with your dosages – stick to proven cycle and stacking protocols.

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What type of SARM is Best?

There has not been a ton of studies looking at the differences between using liquid vs capsule SARMs. In fact, I couldn’t find a single study looking at the differences. They both have their drawbacks and benefits, however, in the end, most companies produce liquid SARMs because it’s easier and cheaper, and you get to dose your dosage more accurately.

Yes, the taste might not be great. Honestly, get over it. Or, if you aren’t able to, buy the capsules. You cannot have the benefits of the liquid with the benefits of the capsules. You have to choose and stick to the ramifications of your choice.

The one type of SARM to avoid is injectable SARMs, as these have even less data or evidence supporting their use. Plus, piercing the skin severely increases the risk of infections.


SARMs Pills vs Liquid

SARM pills are more palatable to take than the liquid form, however, you will pay more money to get the same quantity of SARM in pill or capsule form than in liquid form.

Another problem with SARMs in pill form is that you cannot control the dosage as well. They will usually come in 10mg pill sizes and if you are following a cycle of 15 or 25 mg per day, you will have to chop your pills in half, which is not ideal whatsoever.

Liquid SARMs are faster absorbing and they allow you to get a more precise dosing.

SARM Powder vs Liquid

SARMs powder is the cheapest form of SARMs that you can buy. However, getting a proper dose is almost impossible, especially when you are dealing with such microdoses that are involved in SARMs cycles.

In contrast, you will be able to measure out your SARMs far more effectively and easily when you take your SARMs in liquid form.

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Dr. Mohammed Fouda | Reviewer

Dr. Fouda uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as an academic scholar to medically review articles for scientific accuracy and credibility, ensuring that the medical information presented is up-to-date and trustworthy. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of the medical information presented on our website.

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1 year ago

Hi there I hope you are doing fine. I read your article and I understand everything except the part of the dosage. I did not understand very well how much mg per ml I should take. Can you give me another example but in drops 💧.
I’m very sorry to ask, my math is not very good. Thank and have a good day 😊

1 year ago
Reply to  Ricky

will sarms cause heart burn, have acid reflex problems &
can you provide better measurements guide for oral, was given a oral type dropper of 1ml…do you just take that for both RAD140 & MK577 ???
Help , thanks

7 months ago

Hey guys
I just ordered a 1g package RAD 140 crystal. Any idea how to take it? How to make the portions? How to measure it?
Thanks in advance

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