Are SARMs Legal? (Complete Country List)

SARMs fall into a part of the Sports Market that's hard to define and even more so between different countries. Let's find out, Are SARMs Legal In Your Country?

Disclaimer: I just wrote all the countries down that are included in this list, and wow, did I have a long night ahead of me.

SARMs! We all love ’em, few of us understand what they do, and even fewer of us are sure whether or not they are legal… In the USA they aer perfectly legal to buy, however, that isn’t the same everywhere else on earth.

The UK is known for having lax laws on Anabolic Steroids and SARMs in general so it would be safe to assume they would have the best SARMs.

But what if you live in snowy Norway?

What if you prefer the sand of Egypt? Still able to get your hands on one or more SARMs?

To buy SARMs legally, you have to pay attention to nomenclature and so much more, they are, after all, Steroid alternatives.

So, for research purposes I’m going to find out; Are SARMs legal in your Country?

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Are SARMs considered Dietary Supplements?

No, not by any means. They are considered the exact opposite in fact. They cannot be sold as dietary supplements because they cannot be used in competitive sports. They are banned in competition, and thus the people who sell SARMs, such as SARMs companies, need to say that these are for research only as they are research chemical(s).

For a compound to be classified as such, it needs more research to show the full negative effects as well as the positive effects. As of this moment, they are not supplements.

Are SARMS Legal: Full List of Countries

Not every single country on the earth is included in this list – shoot me. If you cannot find your country, kindly leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you ASAP about your “dietary supplement”.

North America

Are SARMs Legal in Your Country?

United States of America

SARMs are legal for sale in the USA and can be purchased at various SARMs companies online. They cannot be purchased as supplements, however. You might even find certain SARMs being used in HRT Clinics as well – mostly MK 677.


Contrary to their brothers down South, SARMs are actually illegal in Canada, unless purchased or distributed for research purposes by certain individuals who have certain licenses.

According to the Government of Canada, “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are drugs that are not authorized in Canada for any use and have not been reviewed by Health Canada for safety, effectiveness and quality. The use of bodybuilding products that contain SARMs can pose serious health risks such as heart attack, stroke and liver damage. The long-term effects on the body are unknown. Examples include andarine, ostarine, LDG-4033, YK-11, and RAD-140.”


Mexico is famous for producing Steroids and other substances to improve muscle mass or just improve your physique. According to the Kansas City Star, Steroids are legal in Mexico. Just like in the States, SARMs are legal in Mexico, to purchase for research purposes.

South America

Are SARMs Legal? (Complete Country List)

The Bahamas

Currently, it is legal to purchase Steroids in the Bahamas, but it is unclear about the laws regarding SARMs.


Apparently, the fitness culture is small in Cuba, and with even less support on the face of Pharmacies and Health, there is very little information to be learned about SARMs.

Dominican Republic

According to the article “Illegal without prescription, HGH still available in Dominican Republic” published in the NY Daily News found that while Anabolic Steroids and HGH were illegal, you could still buy them OTC.

There is not any news or information regarding SARMs, however, if Steroids are that easy to find, it wouldn’t be hard to find SARMs.


Are SARMs Legal? (Complete Country List)

Various sources claim that SARMs are 100% legal to purchase and use in all European countries, however, this seems too good to be true. Here are some of the larger and more fitness-drivenn countries.


Exactly the same as in the USA, SARMs are legal in England granted they be sold as research chemicals and not for human consumption.


Contrary to England, Steroids are illegal in Ireland. However, SARMs are legal in Ireland as long as they are sold with the typical “not for human use” and “research material”, etc.


Similar to England, it is legal to possess Steroids in Wales, but not to sell or supply. It would thus not be too far reached to assume that SARMs are legal in Wales, however, there is no actual Government proof of this I could find.


SARMs are legal to purchase and possess in Norway granted they are not “dietary supplements” and not for human use, etc.


Sources are split about this. Some sources claim that SARMs are legal in Germany under the same SARMs control act as in the USA (research chemicals, etc), while other sources claim that SARMs are illegal in Germany, and if they find it on you you can be prosecuted.

As far as European countries go, Germany is apparently one of the weirder ones when it comes to SARMs.


It would appear as though SARMs are legal in Slovenia under the same SARMs control act as in the States, however, it is hard to find more than one good source that states “SARMs legal, etc”. Be weary and do more research.


Italy is known for being very anti-steroids, however, since SARMs are not Steroids, it would be safe to assume that SARMs are legal in Italy if they are marketed correctly – but don’t go off an assumption.


An article posted on the Finnish website called claimed “While the possession of steroids is not illegal in Finland, the production, importation and distribution of steroids are punishable offences”.

Thus, it would be safe to assume that SARMs are legal in Finland.


Switzerland is another EU country that has very strict laws regarding these compounds. Since Switzerland is not an EU or EEA member, the EU “SARMs rule” about being legal everywhere might not apply, and thus, SARMs are probably illegal in Switzerland.

Some importers have even been fined when they tried to import SARMs into the country, so, maybe not the best idea.


There is not a lot of info online about SARM Laws in Belgium, however, a deleted Reddit post began reading as “Police confiscated my Serms in Belgium and I’ll be … Them: (pausing for a while) These substances are not allowed to be shipped to Japan so we are going to have to confiscate and dispose of them.”

If ther person was referring to SARMs or SERMs is something that is unclear, as both are bodybuilding supplements.


Sources seem to claim while it is legal to buy SARMs in Sweden, they have to be marketed under the same rules as in the States.


Most sources claim that SARMs are legal in Denmark under the typical “research rules”, however, a Reddit user did make the following claim 4 years ago “It seems all sarms have been made illegal in Denmark… It would be as illegal to be caught with lgd4033 as if i got caught with tren and therefore i might aswell give up on trying to get ahold of sarms”.

Thus, you should be very careful before making a decision.


Are SARMs Legal? (Complete Country List)

Asia is notorious for having massively different laws in various regions due to religion, tradition, etc. Thus, take everything with a grain of salt, and make sure about the laws in your country.


As of 1 January 2020, SARMs are banned and illegal in China.

Hong Kong

Some sources claim that even Steroids are legal, while others claim that antibiotics are illegal… Thus, it is not an option to make a statement about SARMs at the moment.

North Korea

I would bet folding money that SARMs are illegal here. I have no idea, however.


Japan is rather interesting, and a Japanese wiki had the following to say about Steroids “In Japan, personal possession and use of anabolic steroids is legal. However, the use of anabolic steroids is prohibited in the rules of most olympic sports. There has never been a case of a Japanese athlete being caught using banned substances at the Olympics. For this reason, it is thought that the rate of steroid use in Japan is lower than that of other countries.” – translated.

It would then be safe to assume that SARMs are legal in Japan, but I couldn’t find a legit source claiming this.


Singapore is known for having extremely strict laws regarding drugs/compounds, so I wouldn’t risk it.


Thailand is known for being a haven to find SARMs and even Steroids, even OTC. That said, most of the official sites I found said they are illegal, however, most of the people who have been saying they are not. Thus, it is hard to make a claim about SARMs being legal to buy with or without a doctor’s prescription.


Kuwait is, apparently, the new bodybuilding mekka of the world. Many people claim Steroids and SARMs are legal to buy, however, I could not find any legal documentation to support the idea that a prohibited substance such as a SARM is legal.

Saudi Arabia

Despite there being strict laws against Steroids and other bodybuilding equipment, many say these substances are easy to find in Saudi Arabia. It is unsure what the laws are pertaining SARMs in Saudi Arabia, though some claim they are easy to find.

United Arab Emirates

There are some people who live in the UAE who say it is illegal to buy SARMs or even just have them. That said, I could not find any legal data for this.


Are SARMs Legal? (Complete Country List)

South Africa

South Africa is apparently really difficult to understand. Steroids and other bodybuilding drugs are illegal, however, SARMs are not classified in this list as it is not a scheduled drug. It is, apparently, also not a food supplement. This would make SARMs legal in the RSA, however, South Africa is notorious for corruption – be careful.


Are SARMs Legal? (Complete Country List)


In Australia, SARMs are only legal with a doctor’s prescription.

New Zealand

While I couldn’t find any legal statements, various people claim to have imported SARMs successfully. That said, New Zealand is also known to have quite strict laws.

What are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators SARMs?

SARMs are simply described as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and will do something very similar to Anabolic Steroids. Steroids have been used in the medical field since the early 1900s, and while they are perfect for medical conditions such as muscle wastage, they have a ton of adverse effects.

SARMs were developed as a way to treat patients without causing these side effects, but they are still being tested. Thing is, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to have them. They still need to undergo human trials but they have been used by fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, and various other people.

These SARMs seem to have great effects such as increased muscle mass, better bone density, and even fat burning as well. Clinical trials still need to be done to show their safety, but SARMs are legal to buy under the term “research chemicals” and “for research purposes”. At least in the USA.

Are SARMs banned by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)?

Yes, SARMs are banned by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). Researched SARMs show that they will bind to the androgen receptors and cause a massive increase in muscle building capabilities. For instance, LGD 4033 made by Ligand Pharmaceuticals has been shown to increase lean body mass with very minor potential health risks.

This increased physical function gives you an obvious unfair advantage over your competition. This is why we mostly see professional bodybuilders using SARMs, as well as other fitness enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Are SARMs Legal?

For the majority of the countries on earth, SARMs are legal, as long as you purchase them under the right nomenclature. Banning SARMs has been spoken about sometimes, however I do not see that happening anytime soon.

These compounds are great for muscle growth and fat loss, and it won’t be a long time before more clinical trials are complete.

Until then, you might want to just do a bit of digging on your side regarding the legality status around something before ordering something. ,

Do SARMs work?

Absolutely. There are a few studies showing their effectiveness, especially the more common SARMs such as MK 677, Ligandrol, Ostarine, etc. Research does show they seem to be better for muscle growth than fat loss.

SARMs vs Steroids

The two are vastly different from one another. They do act in the same position (androgen receptors) but they have different effects on lean muscle mass, and they have vastly different side effects.
Steroids are a lot stronger and will cause way more side effects compared to their SARM counterparts. While both build muscle, an Anabolic Steroid and a Selective androgen receptor modulator do not fall into the same category.

SARMs Side Effects

Depending on the SARM you use, you might experience some abdominal distress, nausea, and the stronger SARMs might cause blood lipid and liver issues as well. Select SARMs will also have a downregulating effect on the HPG Axis.

Are SARMs legal in the Military?

No, SARMs are not legal in the Military.

Where are SARMs illegal?

There are a few countries where SARMs are completely illegal such as Australia, however, most countries do not have similar laws.

Is MK-677 banned by WADA?

Yes, MK 677 is banned by WADA.

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