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We’re a biohacking and bodybuilding resource for people who want to become the best versions of themselves and are not looking for shortcuts.

Our content is long and comprehensive and in an age where attention spans are no longer measured in hours or minutes but in seconds this is a tall order.

However we think this is what sets us apart from the thousands of blogs posting content on the same topics as us.

Keep scrolling to see how we can create ambitious and fruitful content to help you convert more reliable customers.

Where are they

While our main focus is on the website, we’re soon going to be cross publishing all content on our network of social channels. We’ll also be publishing dedicated video content and reviews on our YouTube channel.

200,000+ Monthly
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Who are they

Data only on our website visitors, gathered by Google Analytics under GDPR regulations


The majority of our audience are men looking at bodybuilding information, research chemicals, bulking, and getting fit.



Our audience of women are more interested in our general supplements, probiotics, fat burners, and fertility information.



18 - 24 25%
25 - 34 31%
35 - 44 21%
45 - 54
55 - 64




🇺🇸United States58%
🇬🇧United Kingdom13%

Brand Review Case Study

Marek Health Case Study

Marek Health is a new age remote medical clinic that specializes in HRT for the most knowledgable of biohackers and fitness freaks.

When Marek Health reached out to us they wanted to know how we can experiment with their service and help inform new customers from a completely third party trusted source.

We went ahead and did a deep dive of their offerings. We experienced their offer, their customer experience and we published our opinions.

The Results

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Who Do we want to work with

We do not accept payments for reviews with any specific outcomes. 

Our conversion rates from our website range from 20% with recognized companies to 5% with smaller brands.

Who do we want to work with?

At Muscle and Brawn we’re constantly on the lookout for quality companies to work with.

What is a quality company?

  • Companies that do not mislead consumers.
  • They do not promise cures, or unsubstantiated claims.
  • Brands that give customers proper experiences in ordering, delivering and support if necessary.

How Can We Work together?

Product Reviews

Full featured product experimentation. We’ll publish a full experiment and take it ourselves! (If possible)

We’ve done this with brands like Seed, Persona, and more.

Brand Reviews

Hone Testosterone was running ads and banners around the web and wanted us to try out their at home testosterone kit and give customers a good idea of how it works.

Their review has registered over 5000 views and qualified customers.

Product Sponsorship

Amino Asylum wanted to be added to our Best Peptide Vendors article that currently is #1 on Google for “Best Peptide Vendors. We’ve arranged a sponsorship for them to appear on this list.

Social Account Advertising

Brands want to advertise via Instagram and Facebook, but if they choose to advertise through OUR social accounts they can send traffic to a third party review and lower their CPA by up to 65%.

Partnership Requests

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