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These jobs are for people who want to biohack, optimize, review, and make money while doing it.

These are full remote positions but require attention to detail and urgency.

If that speaks to you, we’d like to speak with you!

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Supplement Tester and Reviewer

Muscle + Brawn is looking for a product reviewer to write 10/10 brand reviews for us.

The products will be in the biohacker and or bodybuilder realm (Think peptides/SARMs/Supps) and will require someone with experience and knowledge in that space.

SEO content writing will be required as well, but can be trained.

You’ll be shipped products to your home and will have opportunity to order, unbox, consume (if possible) and document with photos (Videos in the future for our Youtube channel, if possible/desired).

This is a super fun project with lots of free products and will be appropriately compensated.

We’ll need someone with the ability to ramp up and produce 5 reviews per week, but starting at 2 or so.

Social Media and YouTube Manager

Manage and oversee all five social media platforms we use: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Collaborate with our team to plan and share content.

Create and edit photos and write captions. Respond to chat and direct message inquiries. Track traffic and engagement metrics (likes, shares, retweets, etc.).

Suggest and implement additional features to increase brand awareness. Promote and boost ads.

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