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Overall, Persona’s supplement regimen improved my energy levels, sleep quality, mood, and digestion. I felt that this supplement regimen was beneficial to my overall health and that it contained an awesome mix of supplements which targeted several areas of health. Persona Nutrition provides an ingenious approach to supplement customization and meeting the overall health needs of its clients. Not only does Persona provide personalization to each vitamin regimen but it also bases its recommendations upon the research and experience of a renowned team of health and nutrition professionals. Persona provides high-quality supplements which can help with all areas of health and people from all health backgrounds may benefit from using their products I highly recommend taking supplements by Persona Nutrition.

  • Selection
  • Pricing
  • Reputation


  • Online assessment for supplement needs
  • Personalized supplements
  • Supported by medical advisory board and nutritionists
  • Mobile app available
  • Both domestic and international shipping available
  • Recommended supplement regimen may be expensive ($75+)
  • Delivery time may vary
  • Some countries have restricted access to certain products
  • Only available direct to consumer


  • Recommended supplement regimen may be expensive ($75+)
  • Delivery time may vary
  • Some countries have restricted access to certain products
  • Only available direct to consumer
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Are you looking to maximize your all-around health and/or do you need supplements which can help a variety of health concerns such as having enough energy, sleeping better throughout the night, or that aid with fitness and weight loss goals?

If so, Persona Nutrition can help you design a personalized supplement regimen to help with all of your health concerns.

Persona is lead by an impressive medical advisory board and team of nutritionists who have put together both their expertise along with decades of research to come up a specific supplement formula which can help you target certain areas of your health.

Persona offers over 80 different products which can be used towards a variety of health needs. In this article we’ll explore Persona and all that is has to offer, we’ll also walk you through our experience with the product and ordering process.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

An Introduction to Persona Nutrition

Persona offers over 80 different supplements which aid the following areas of health:

• Stress & Anxiety

• Weight Loss & Fitness

• Immune Defense & Detox

• Sleep Quality & Energy

• Women’s & Men’s Health

• Gut Health & Digestion

Persona is a huge proponent that personalization is key for living your best and healthiest life. Everything they do is designed to meet each individual’s health need.

Persona’s personalized approach involves providing individual-based recommendations as well as communication one-on-one through email, live chat, and more.

Persona prides itself on its team of professionals which is composed of a medical advisory board and group of nutritionists who provide science-backed solutions to the highest quality supplements on the market. Persona’s team is made up of highly motivated people who are driven by their passion for health and wellness to promote the well-being of their customers.

What Health Improvements Do They Offer?

Since Persona offers over 80 different products they help visitors search for specific supplements more easily by separating their products into several major categories. Here are some of the most commonly searched categories for Persona’s supplements as well as the most popular products within each of these categories.

Fitness and Weight Loss

persona nutrition review

BCAAs – Support lean mass; decrease muscle fatigue; support muscle growth

Astaxanthin – Supports healthy inflammatory response; supports cardiovascular system

Alpha Lipoic Acid – Supports weight loss; promotes blood sugar balance;  promotes healthy inflammatory response

CoQ10 – Supports exercise performance; supports cardiovascular system;  serves as a powerful antioxidant

Stress Management

persona nutrition review

CBD Hemp Extract  – May reduce anxiety and depression; may have neuroprotective properties

Ashwagandha – Supports stress response and healthy weight; may improve cognitive function; enhances muscle recovery

Fermented Ginseng – Promotes positive mood; supports physical performance; supports cognitive function

Women’s Health

persona nutrition review

Borage with Saffron – Promotes hormone health; supports skin health; antioxidant properties

Cranberry – Supports urinary tract health; fights free radicals

Evening Primrose Oil – May reduce PMS symptoms; promotes skin health

Menopause Support – Helps relieve symptoms associated with menopause; supports female endocrine system; supports health inflammatory response

Pycnogenol – Supports uterine health; supports healthy circulation; supports eye health


persona nutrition review

Herbal Rest – Supports sound sleep; may reduce anxiousness; supports muscle relaxation

L-Tryptophan – Helps with occasional leg cramps; promotes restful sleep

Magnesium Glycinate – Helps relieve PMS symptoms; supports neurological health; relieves occasional headaches

Melatonin – Supports healthy sleep cycles; improves sleep quality


Apple Pectin – Supports digestive system; promotes colon health

Daily Probiotic – Supports healthy digestion; replenishes gut flora; supports immune system

Digestive Enzymes – Supports digestive system and nutrient absorption; reduces digestive discomfort

Ginger – Supports inflammatory response; supports digestive health

Product Spotlight

Here we will highlight some of the best-selling supplements sold by Persona within each of the most popular supplement categories. We will review the health benefits associated with each supplement as well as specific ingredients contained within each product.


CoQ10 is a fat-soluble supplement which aids the body in creating more energy and promoting healthy inflammatory responses.

Some of the major benefits of CoQ10 include supporting exercise performance, supporting the cardiovascular system and serving the role of being a powerful antioxidant.

CoQ10 by Persona is served in 100 mg capsules which are encapsulated in a vegan soft gel.

CBD Hemp Extract

CBD Hemp Extract by Persona is a pure cannabidiol oil that is extracted from whole hemp that is grown on a 5th generation family farm located in rural Oregon.

This product does not contain THC so those who use it will receive all of the normal health benefits without the high.

CBD by Persona contains 25 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and 10 mg of beta-caryophyllene (BCP) and is served in soft-gel form.

Borage with Saffron

Borage with Saffron by Persona is known for promoting hormone health, supporting skin health, and having antioxidant properties.

This product comes in capsule-form and contains 680 mg of borage oil, 100 mg of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and 15 mg of saffron extract.


L- tryptophan is an essential amino acid that can be converted into 5-HTP which the body uses to make serotonin and melatonin.

Not only does it promote better sleep but it also improves mood and helps with occasional leg cramps.

L-Tryptophan by Persona contains 220 mg of l-tryptophan within a soft-gel capsule.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes by Persona is best known for supporting the digestive system, aiding nutrient absorption, and reducing gastrointestinal discomfort.

Digestive enzymes help break down food and may allow those with food sensitivities to consume a variety of foods in their diet without having to experience indigestion, gas or bloating.

This product contains the following ingredients:

Amylase, Protease Blend (I, II and III), Lipase, Lactase, HemiSEB® (a proprietary blend of Hemicellulases, Beta-Glucanase, Xylanase, Pectinase, & Phytase) Cellulase, Maltase, Invertase, Bromelain, Peptizyme SP® (Serrapeptase), Papain & Alpha-Galactosidase.

Persona’s Probiotic

are a notoriously complex supplement to create. Unlike many vitamins and minerals probiotics actually have live bacteria inside of them.

For this reason, Persona partnered up with Culturelle, an experienced probiotics manufacturer.


Persona’s Weight Loss Solutions

With 10 options for weight loss, we’ve added Persona to ourBest Fat Burners page.

Persona Nutrition Assessment

Anyone who decides to purchase supplements from Persona will need to take a free online assessment in order to receive a personalized supplement regimen that best suits their health needs.

The nutrition assessment has been built upon the research and experience of numerous experts within the health and wellness industry. All recommendations provided by the assessment are reviewed by these professionals and are based upon specific answers given to each of the questions within the assessment.

Persona states that there are 5 trillion different combinations of the supplements they have to offer based on answers to the assessment making it extremely unique to each individual who uses their products. Persona also factors in things such as drug interactions and rare health conditions when analyzing results in order to best meet the health needs of those with special concerns.

Persona Shipping

Persona believes that good nutrition shouldn’t have borders and offers shipping to most areas within Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa, North America and South America.

Those who live within the United States can expect delivery within 3 to 5 business days. Those who place international orders will generally receive their products within 5 – 10 business days.

Those who order from outside the US can expect to pay shipping rates between $5 – $15 per shipment depending on the country they live in as well as the number of pills they purchased.

Shipping Restrictions

The following products are restricted or prohibited from being shipped to certain countries:

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Cannot be shipped to Korea

Fermented Ginseng: Cannot be shipped to Japan, China, or Hong Kong

L-Tryptophan: Cannot be shipped to Canada

Melatonin 300 mcg: Cannot be shipped to Korea

Melatonin 3 mg: Cannot be shipped to Japan or Korea

Omega-3: Special routings for China. Max value: 1,000 CYN (139.9 USD)

CBD Hemp Extract: Cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

Vitamin Angels

Persona has partnered with Vitamin Angels to help childhood malnutrition. Each order shipped by Persona provides two children with vitamin A for an entire year.

Vitamin A helps with several health issues in developing children including vision, growth, and immunity. The supplements provided by Persona helps to strengthen the immune systems within children in developing countries as well as fight off life-threatening illnesses in those who lack access to foods with vitamin A.

Currently, over 452,262 children have been helped by Persona’s customers.

My Experiment with Persona Nutrition

I was given a free 28 day supply of personalized supplements from Persona. In order to receive my order I first had to complete the online nutrition assessment. Then, I was able to review the recommended supplements based on my health needs as well as view additional supplements which may also benefit me.

The entire process was simple and took only 5 minutes to complete before placing the order. After placing the order I received my shipment within 3 business days.

Here is a breakdown of the entire process with Persona with details of each stage of the process.

Nutrition Assessment Process

In order to place my order for supplements with Persona I first had to take their online nutrition assessment.

During the assessment I was given numerous questions which asked for personal details including gender, age, level of activity, health history, and medication use.

Here are some of questions that Persona had me answer in order to personalize my supplement regimen.

Sample Question #1

At the beginning of the assessment I was asked why I wanted to start taking daily supplements.

For this question I selected the answer for an athlete or competitor looking to improve their fitness.

Sample Question #2

I was then asked what my top three health concerns were.

I selected the options of wellness, energy, and fitness for my top three health concerns.

Sample Question #3

After a few other questions I was asked to give a description of my fitness or activity level. I selected athlete/competitor for my answer.

Assessment Results

After completing the assessment Persona processed all of my answers to figure out which supplements would benefit me the most based upon my health profile.

In the following section we will review the full list of supplements that Persona recommended for me to take. I also added Persona’s CBD Hemp Extract to the list since it was a suggested addition to my recommended regimen.

Fitness Formula

During the assessment I answered that my activity level was very high and that I trained several times throughout the week. Due to my level of fitness and time spent training Persona recommended that I take both astaxanthin and CoQ10.

Astaxanthin was recommended due to its ability to prevent oxidative damage in the body from stress and exercise. Each capsule contained 4 mg of natural astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis extract.

CoQ10 was included within my fitness formula since it’s used by cells to produce energy and it supports cardiovascular function. Each capsule contained 100 mg of Coenzyme Q10.

The Essentials Formula

Part of the assessment recorded my daily nutritional habits as well as any nutritional gaps I may have. In order to ensure that I meet my daily requirements for vitamins and minerals as well as maintain optimal gut health Persona recommended that I take both a multivitamin and a probiotic.

The foundational multivitamin was recommended for me to take in order to fill any nutrient gaps I may have as all as support my overall energy and health.

The daily probiotic was also placed into my essentials since it supports healthy digestion and supports the immune system. Each Daily Probiotic capsule contained 20 billion CFU made from a 280 mg proprietary blend.

Sound Slumber Program

One portion of the assessment inquired about my sleeping habits as well as my overall sleep quality. I answered that I did not sleep enough each night and that my sleep schedule was oftentimes inconsistent. In order to aid my ability to fall and stay asleep Persona suggested that I take both melatonin and Herbal Rest.

Melatonin was placed into my Sound Slumber Program since it supports health sleep cycles and improves overall sleep quality.

Each Melatonin capsule contained 3 mg of melatonin.

Herbal Rest was also included in this set to reduce anxiousness, support sound sleep, and to support muscle relaxation.

Female Health Support

I was also assigned Female Health Support to my supplements regimen. Borage with Saffron was included to promote hormone health, support skin health, and to serve as an antioxidant.

Bone Support II

Since I listed that my activity level was high Persona recognized that I might need supplements for bone and muscle support.

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D were placed into my Bone Support II set to support bone health, reduce premenstrual syndrome, and to support blood pressure.

Vitamin D was also included into this set to aid bone support, cell growth, and neuromuscular and immune system function.

Each Vitamin D capsule contained 25 mcg of Vitamin D.

CBD Hemp Support

Since I recorded that my anxiety and stress levels were high Persona recommended that I take their CBD Hemp Extract. CBD hemp extract promotes healthy sleep and also relieves stress and anxiety.

Each CBD Hemp Extract capsule contained 334 mg of VESIsorb® PCR HEMPCHOICE® PCR Hemp Oil Extract.

Delivery Time

I received my package within 3 business days after placing my order.

Those who live within the United States can expect for their package to arrive within 3 – 5 business days on average so I was excited to have my package come within 3 days after ordering it.


My Persona box contained a supplement dispenser for a 28 day supply of supplements.

The dispenser included both morning packets and bedtime packets that contained different supplements.

I was also given supplement facts sheets, important information on each of my supplements, a supplements identifier sheet, and specific instructions on how to take each supplement.

Morning Supplements Packet

The morning packet contained Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, CoQ10 100 mg, Daily Probiotic, Foundational Multivitamin, and Vitamin D 1000 mg.

Persona instructed me to take one morning packet daily with or after breakfast with food and water.

Bedtime Supplements Packet

The bedtime packet contained Astaxanthin, Borage with Saffron, CBD Hemp Extract, Herbal Rest, and Melatonin 3 mg.

Persona instructed me to take our bedtime packets within an hour of going to bed with food and water.

Persona Mobile App

Persona went above and beyond other supplement companies by allowing me to access more information about my supplement regimen through their mobile app.

The app allowed me access to my subscription account information and also provided me a tool for reminding me when to take my supplements.

Other helpful features included in the app were detailed information on my vitamin and nutritional supplements, a video covering Persona and its impact on my health, and a platform to communicate with the nutritionists at Persona through chat, call or email.

First Week Review

Within the first week I experienced a slight increase in my overall energy, better sleep along with an increased ability to stay asleep, and better digestion.

I didn’t notice much of a different in regard to athletic ability or strength but realized that I may experience significant results after prolonged use.

My anxiety during the night was somewhat reduced  following the use of the bedtime packets but my anxiety and stress levels remained about the same throughout the remainder of the day.

Second Week Review

I noticed by the last week that my energy levels continued to improve and remain high.

I also felt that my anxiety and stress were more noticeably reduced and that my mood improved as a whole.

After a two weeks I experienced better digestion with a wide variety of foods and felt that I could eat more food options within my diet.

I didn’t notice any major gains in strength or endurance while taking these supplements but these side effects may not be experienced fully until after taking the regimen for a few months.

Pros vs. Cons

Here are some of the major pros and cons that I experienced with taking Persona’s supplements.


  • Better energy
  • Better digestion
  • Better sleep


  • Not much of a difference in athletic ability
  • Slight reduction in anxiety and stress
  • Some of the supplements contained the exact same ingredients

My Final Thoughts

Overall, Persona’s supplement regimen improved my energy levels, sleep quality, mood, and digestion. I felt that this supplement regimen was beneficial to my overall health and that it contained an awesome mix of supplements which targeted several areas of health.

Persona Nutrition provides an ingenious approach to supplement customization and meeting the overall health needs of its clients. Not only does Persona provide personalization to each vitamin regimen but it also bases its recommendations upon the research and experience of a renowned team of health and nutrition professionals.

Persona provides high-quality supplements which can help with all areas of health and people from all health backgrounds may benefit from using their products I highly recommend taking supplements by Persona Nutrition.


Is Persona Nutrition FDA Approved?

At Persona, we pride ourselves on developing the best products available and follow Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA guidelines. All ingredients are tested before they enter the manufacturing process and tested again until the final product is produced. Our manufacturers must adhere to the following guidelines: Certificate(s) of Analysis (CoA): The manufacturer must provide a CoA for each product lot number. This analysis specifies the product ingredients, results of dosage testing for ingredients, and product expiration date. Certificate of Origin (CoO): This confirms the manufacturer’s incorporated name and address. In the event a CoO requires the final consignee address, we will either provide the address to the manufacturer or request a CoO in a PDF file format that allows us to change this address at a later date to facilitate the split of the shipment to multiple consignees. cGMP Certificate: Our technical specifications for finished products require the manufacturer be certified in cGMP either as a dietary supplement or pharmaceutical manufacturer. We will conduct audits to ensure that our vendors are cGMP compliant.

Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition VS Care/Of

We get this question a lot, so Kathryn decided to do a full comparison between our three favorite brands.

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