Marek Health Experience and Review

Marek health has been making waves in 2022. But does More Plates More Dates have any idea how to make a health company?

Mens health clinics are a dime a dozen. If you search for “Hormone treatment (city name)” you’ll be bombarded with results of TRT Clinics and more confused than helped.

Marek health wants to help you with that decision.

But are they any good?

Do their treatments work or are they just another overpriced health clinic using an exclusive pharmacy trying to shill you product?

Let’s find out. We’ll go through their offerings, prices, and expertise to see if they can actually provide you with what you need.

Marek Health Experience and Review
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“The Future of Health Optimization”

Marek prides themselves with cutting edge research guided treatment.

Too many providers are relying on decades old data and studies to guide treatment options. A good example is the rise of Enclomiphene as a Clomid alternative, until very recently you were either provided with TRT or Clomid, which can have severe side effects that would really fuck with you. But Marek is one of the first providers to offer the Enclomiphene alternative that for sciencey reasons has a much less severe impact on your emotional state.

As we review their site, Marek wants to be thought of as a cutting edge provider but who are they?

Who is Marek Health?

Marek Health Experience and Review

I first heard about Marek via Derek from More Plates More Dates, aka the Delt God (TM). Derek has been a leading broscientist via his Youtube Channel and blog and has always been a resource for us bros who don’t want to read scientific papers but want to get jacked and get laid.

Derek has created a few brands over the years like Gorilla Mind which makes supplements, and recently has partnered up with Mike Stratton to create Marek Health.

Marek Health Experience and Review
From Mareks’ Twitter

Marek has a fast growing team with admin, patient care coordinators, Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.

Marek has a team of PCCs, Drs, NPs, and a business team comprised of industry veterans and fitness buffs that are obsessed with hormone optimization. Even the intake coordinators know more about hormonal health than my PCP.

What Does Marek Do?

Hormone Levels

Men will often suffer from Hypogonadism, the term used to describe men with low Testosterone levels. Or they may suffer from elevated Estrogen levels. Marek health can test and cater to these needs by TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

This may include various options of boosting natural Test levels in the body, either by using products such as Enclomiphene, but the medication used will range depending on what the clinic deems best.

Marek health will also cover other issues. Men and women can both suffer from hypogonadism, the unfortunate situation where the Thyroid gland does not produce enough T4. This will affect almost all the mechanisms in the body, as the Thyroid has various feedback loops in the body. Having low Thyroid function can lead to weight gain, Prolactin issues, and various other health impacts. Marek health can administer


As humans age, some of us will begin to lose hair. This may be due to hormonal levels, low functioning Thyroid Gland, drug use, or just the genetics of the person in question. Marek health can help individuals who suffer from hair loss by administering 82D. 82D is a Topical Dutasteride compounded with minoxidil, tretinoin, and fluocinolone. This has been shown to help with hair loss, of course as part of expert guided medical care.

Sex Drive

As both men age, hormones levels will begin to dwindle and we will become less interested in sex. Sex will become a job. This is a sign that your hormones might not be in the correct range anymore. Sildenafil will be administered by Marek health, which will allow more successful erections and sex as well.


The body is fleeting, and we sometimes need an extra boost. In stead of looking at straight up drugs, research has shown that looking at something like Peptides could help. Peptides are simply chains of Amino Acids that will have certain effects when administered to the body. This could be a safer experience compared to using certain drugs. Interested individuals can get help with joint pain, body fat, inflammation, muscle wastage and nerve pain.

Care Process and Procedures

Every patient starts with the same process, regardless of what you come to marek for you need to see a patient care coordinator and do the intake process, along with blood tests.

Step 1) Intake Session

Once you go to the Marek Health site you’ll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire and quiz that will help Marek guide you along your treatment process. The onboarding requires a $250 deposit that will go towards your first provider consultation along with your blood tests. They also require that you have a signed physical from your primary care doctor (or other medical provider).

Step 2) Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) visit

Before you get to see a Dr., a PCC will interview you via telehealth service and will learn about your current needs and symptoms. The interview will last about 30 minutes and in this time you’ll really break down what your symptoms are, and what an optimal life looks like for you. The PCC will then likely prescribe you blood test that you’ll get taken prior to seeing the Dr.

Step 3) Blood Tests

Once your patient care coordinator (PCC) takes your information, he’ll email you back with a list of blood tests that they’ll want in order to provide you with the right care. I found that the blood work they wanted to see to be significantly superior to what I was being required by other Doctors and providers (More on this later.)

Step 4) See the Doctor(s)

Once you have your blood work, your PCC will schedule a visit with the Doctor (Or NP) that will then prescribe you a treatment plan. This is by far the most important step since it will dictate what you will be giving your body for 3-6 months, depending on what you’re going to try to treat.

Step 5) Start Your Treatment

After your provider call you’ll get a follow up email with the treatments recommended by the physician, you can go through this and decide what you want to move forward with, I was personally given a tad too many options and opted instead for a simper regimen that worked very well.

Once you respond with your desired treatment plan your PCC will then arrange for payment, shipping, and you’ll get your meds from an approved pharmacy (We’ve asked Marek details on how they choose compounding pharmacies).

Step 6) Follow Up

Your treatment can run anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Once your treatment plan is over you’ll have another call with your PCC. During this call they will ask you about your progress and have you take some more blood tests to gauge your progress.

Step 7) Repeat from Step 3

Once you’ve finished your first treatment cycle you’ll be asked to take another round of blood work to see where your body’s baseline is, from there your provider will be able to make an educated decision about the next steps.

My Experience with Marek Health

The real reason I decided to write this review is because I was so impressed with Marek. After 8+ years of undiagnosed low T, I had my T tested and saw record results. This was no doubt in part to the cutting edge treatment I felt that I got with Marek.

I’m 29 years old. I do Crossfit, meditate, eat clean and get sunlight. I weigh 195lbs and can deadlift 385lbs. Does that seem like low T territory?

No, but I felt that way inside.

Let me rewind a bit.

When I was 22 years old I got my first Testosterone test done and I tested someplace in the 380 range. I got tested after having a hard time maintaining erections during sex, I later discovered that this was likely caused by an over reliance on porn, but that’s a different story. I’m thankful I went down the T path.

This was right after I was discharged from the Israeli Military after 2 years in a combat unit, needless to say I was active and getting my vitamin D. So why low T? 380 (ng/dl) is quite abysmal for a physically fit young man. Those levels are reserved for 70+ year olds.

But alas, I lived with levels in that range for the next 7 years.

I tried everything. I deadlifted, sprinted, took magnesium, took vitamin D, took ashgawandha. I took it all.

My body was just not responding, as if something was just broken. At last I just wrote it off as “normal”, my T was destined to be in the 300 range and I was supposed to be okay with that. Or thats what my Doctor friends and my primary care physician told me.

But last year around August I was getting tired. Like, really tired. I was taking naps every afternoon and was not able to focus at work at all. I got my T tested and it was 330. I was falling from my low of 380 and high of 470 (the previous summer).

I was at my wits end, what the fuck was I supposed to do? Every Doctor I spoke to just told me to go on TRT and give up any other ideas. My body was destined to not produce T.

Then I Went To Marek..

After seeing over 3 other doctors and getting the same bullshit canned answers I decided to try a new avenue. The Delt God mentioned a company called Marek health, and I was intrigued.

I signed up and paid the $250 intake fee, filled out the questionnaire and was matched with my PCC Matt.

Matt is the man, even though Matt was officially just an intake coordinator he knew a TON about male hormones and he had a few hypotheses about what I might be feeling and even recommended a few supplements (that I still take today).

After my meeting with the PCC I was given a list of blood work that blew my mind. Over 30 lab tests were requested and when I went to get my blood taken at Labcorp they filled 8 vials of my precious blood.

Marek Health Experience and Review
My prolactin was way too high, something that other clinics never tested for.

But what stood out from all this work was one parameter. My prolactin.

My prolactin levels were 21 which was well above the normal range of 7-15 for men. Prolactin is the hormone that can cause…

“Galactorrhea, impotence (inability to have an erection during sex), reduced desire for sex, and infertility.” –

Now, this was likely not the cause of my exhaustion mid-afternoon but this was a significant discovery. This was not caught by any of my primary care physicians in the last 10 years. We were off to a good start.

But the real issue was still my abysmal testosterone levels. They needed to be solved.

I was recommended taking a 30 day course of Enclomiphene. Enclimiphene is a derivative of Clomid, the popular post cycle therapy taken by bodybuilders to restart natural testosterone production after a steroid cycle. Clomid is an estrogen antagonist.

The goal of a 30 day enclomiphene cycle was to force my body to raise T production since estrogen is actually a byproduct of testosterone, by suppressing estrogen it forces the body to raise T production.

The course itself went okay, while Enclomiphene is significantly better than clomid that was result in massive mood swings and tantrums. It still had some psychoactive effects, and at times I did absolutely have some extreme thoughts, it was a 30 day cycle and I was determined to power though it.

Towards the end of the 30 days I was assigned another round of blood test results to see where my body was optimizing itself.

The Results

Marek Health Experience and Review
For those wondering 348 is not a good free T level (The Free T levels are using different measurements, my actual free T prior was ~6)

For someone that spent close to 4 years trying to optimize T, I was flabbergasted.

My testosterone was at an all time high of 750. My free T was at 21.

These results were 2.2x and 3x my previous levels. I was floored.

But how was I feeling?

Fucking awesome, my libido was high, and my mental clarity and energy levels were back.

No longer did I have to take a nap during the day or try to drink my fourth cup of coffee.

The Second Round

While the initial results were pretty fantastic, I still needed to follow up with blood work 4 weeks after my course of Enclomiphene, the goal here is to see where the body has re-optimized itself.

As soon as I get my second round of results I’ll update this review.

Marek Health TRT, Peptides, and Blood Work Cost

We’ve broken down some cost ideas based on your treatments prescribed.

Costs start at $250 for an intake session with your PCC, however that fee goes towards your first doctors session as well. They can range from $500-1000 for a typical treatment cycle of 6-12 months for something like hair or TRT treatments.

One thing to keep in mind when ordering pharmaceuticals from Marek is that they are using incredibly advanced compounding pharmacies to provide these treatments. So costs are closer to pharmaceuticals than they might be to research companies online.

Blood work: Expect to pay a minimum of $200 for initial blood work to get a good idea of your baseline. This might need to be done up to 3 times, once prior, once during and once after your cycle. So keep that in mind.

Peptides: 15mg of BPC-157 cost us $350

Enclomiphene: 30 day supply cost us $75.

Where is the blood work performed?

Marek has partnered up with with Labcorp for all blood tests and lab work. Labcorp takes blood work at Walgreens locations all over the US and has availabilities open all the time. We found them to be a super convenient experience.

Marek Health Review
  • Selection
  • Pricing
  • Reputation


Marek health has been making waves in 2022. But does More Plates More Dates have any idea how to make a health company?



  • Blood work is locally available and convenient through Labcorp

  • Our intake process felt rushed (they have since doubled the time)


  • Blood work can take up to 3 weeks for results’
  • If you’re not careful they might prescribe more than you want


I'm a wannabe biohacker that got my start while trying to optimize my T levels. Check out the blog for more of my adventures and misadventures.

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