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When it comes to improving your mental function, humans have been relying heavily on caffeine. You might not realize it but caffeine has been monumentally important for the development of the modern world. Caffeine is widely known as one of the most important factors in the industrial revolution – thanks to coffee. 

Before factory workers started consuming coffee (caffeine) they were often relying on beer. Beer, of course, leads to numerous of them getting drunk and working half-arsed. Caffeine on the other hand made a good worker amazing, and a poor worker somewhat good at least. 

“There were coffee houses dedicated to literature, and writers and poets would congregate there” – Michael Pollan 

Fast forward to the modern world and the world is still hooked. Caffeine is in everything from gum to soda, hell, we even have a whole market built just around cramming the stuff into energy drinks. 

What’s more, we’ve developed and discovered compounds far stronger than caffeine – Nootropics. Coined as “smart drugs”, these have been part of the human diet for centuries without us even realizing it. With contemporary technology we realize what happens when we increase the amount of those ingredients ingested in a certain amount of time. 

This is the base behind a lot of preworkouts and other mental boosters. Nootropics can be used to change the functionality of the brain entirely. Some of the most popular nootropics include: 

  • Alpha GPC which will increase the amount of Choline in the brain 
  • ALCAR which can improve brain function as well as fat loss
  • Phenibut which will act similarly to how GABA does

However, nootropics are quite precise. They need to be used correctly, for instance, using two nootropics that use the same neural pathway could lead to neither of them doing their work. Taking nootropics that have similar side effects is also not a great idea. 

This is why educating yourself is quite important when it comes to nootropics. We often fall victim to the marketing structures of the industry and without even knowing it we are using compounds that do not even work at the dosages we bought them at. 

What’s more, you’ll have to be careful about where you purchase nootropics. Buying from a reputable source that can back their claims about quality is the best way to ensure you are using the correct stuff. 

So, whether you’re looking for Caffeine 2.0 or just looking to calm the hell down, we cover it all.  

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What are Nootropics, how to use them, what are the dangers, what are they differences, and where can you buy them? 

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