BPC-157 Peptide Source + Dose, Benefits and Review

BPC-157 is one of the most popular peptides used by bodybuilders and athletes to recover from injuries and speed up healing.

Class of Compound


Mechanism of Action

BPC-157 activates vascular endothelial growth factor which promotes angiogenesis. It also blocks the negative modulator of growth known as 4-hydroxynonenal. Alternatively, it also triggers multiple growth receptors across the body and ensures fibroblasts in the body to promote collagen synthesis.

Street Names

BPC-157, Pentadecapeptide, Peptide BPC157, Booly Protection Compound 15, Bepecin, Gastric Juice Peptide Fragment Trifluoroacetate


  • Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Rapid wound healing
  • Growth of musculoskeletal system

Side Effects and Dangers

  • Increased toxicity in organs
  • Lack of Human Trials
  • No proper pharmacokinetics known

Chemical Structure

Are you one of those people who regularly smash the gym hard to build and curate muscles?

Just like every journey comprises speed bumps, your bodybuilding journey of developing and bulking up muscles is no different. You will have speed bumps in the form of muscle injuries, tendon inflammation, and whatnot!

Here is when BPC-157 comes into play – despite the lack of human-based clinical studies on the compound, the existing research involving rats suggests that BPC-157 possesses healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

By the end of this article, we assure you to put in a position where you can make a decision for yourself about whether or not you should consider using BPC-157 towards breaking through your training and fitness plateaus.

What Is BPC-157?

BPC-157, or pentadecapeptide, is categorized as a body protection compound. It is composed of 15 amino acids in a very particular sequence that doesn’t exist naturally.[1]

It is artificially synthesized in laboratories using the partial sequence of the body protecting compounds isolated from gastric juices. Hence, it is one of the derivatives of the peptide found in human gastric juices.

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How Does BPC-157 Work?

BPC-157 Review

The therapeutic effects of BPC-157 are exerted through multiple courses of action. One of the most common ways that BPC-157 acts as a therapeutic agent is by carrying out angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels. [2]

It does this by activating a protein called the “vascular endothelial growth factor” which initiates the formation of new blood vessels. This ensues in the organization of a healthy vascular network which gives BPC-157 its key regenerative and healing properties.

Another mechanism of action of BPC-157 is blocking the inhibitory growth factor called 4-hydroxynonenal, which is a negative modulator of growth [3]. This allows the peptide to carry out effective healing of wounds, especially surrounding tendons.

It can also trigger the tendon cells to produce more receptors which can bind to growth signaling molecules. The purpose of this is to speed up the process of growth and repair.

BPC-157 also optimizes the spread of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts play a key role in collagen synthesis, an essential and abundant structural protein found in the human body.

BPC-157 is also clinically proven to impact the working of neurotransmitters found in the brain. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA are influenced by the activity of BPC-157, which overall tends to reduce the chances of developing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. [4] [5]

This peptide is also known to trigger nitric oxide (NO) production, which triggers endothelial cells to dilate. Hence, the overall blood pressure drops in the body. It also helps to deal with conditions like hyperkalemia, i.e., high potassium levels.[6]

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  • Protect organs from damage caused by toxicity
  • Regenerates tissue and heals wounds
  • Helps reduce inflammation


  • No human-based clinical trials are available

Benefits Of BPC-157

While the lack of human trials puts the authenticity of these benefits under threat, some of the major benefits of BPC-157 observed from the rat-based studies can be correlated.

Since BPC-157 is sourced from human gastric juices, that itself suggests the main location in the body where it will have its maximum healing effects.

In fact, BPC-157 shows promising results in treating stomach ulcers. [7] [8] This pentadecapeptide is also clinically proven on rats to treat gastrointestinal fistulas which are basically the deformities in the digestive tract.

Some of the studies also show evidence of BPC-157 being effective against inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and it also reduces inflammation at the site of wounds. [9]

Clinical trials performed on rats prove BPC-157 to be highly effective in treating achilles tendon as well as muscle healing through the mechanism of angiogenesis.

BPC-17 also influences the growth rates of bones, tendons, and joints by increasing the growth hormone receptors.

This compound also speeds up the healing process of skin affected with burns. Along with it, skin with multiple cuts recovers within no time if treated with BPC-157. Damaged bone also undergoes a regeneration process after being treated with adequate amounts of BPC-157. This occurs as a result of increased fibroblast growth. [10]

Affecting the brain and cognitive functions, BPC-157 assists the regrowth of nerve cells. This makes sure to minimize the decline in brain functioning over time. [11]

Surprisingly, trials on rats poisoned with NSAIDs experienced a reversal in toxic effects after being injected with BPC-157. [12] [13] This means that BPC-157 can also be prescribed to neutralize the toxicity in organs like the liver and kidney.

Last but not least, BPC-157 is also seen as a mild pain killer as it has been shown to minimize the severity of pain symptoms experienced.

Is BPA-157 Legal?

As discussed earlier, this synthetic peptide has not completed human clinical trials. However, the successful rat-based trials put this compound in a kind of no man’s land.

So, BPC-17 is legal in the USA (Rules vary for other regions) and is available in markets, but it can only be purchased via prescription.

It is important to highlight that WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) hasn’t included this compound in the prohibited list yet. [14]

Who Can Use BPC-157?

Considering its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, patients suffering from intestinal disorders such as Celiac disease or multiple types of GIT ulcers can use BPC-17. [15]

Its therapeutic benefits also allow bodybuilders to use this compound to pace up the healing process of the tendon, muscle, or bony injuries that they might have undergone. Besides, muscle-building aspirants can also use this compound owing to its prominent results in a fitness routine.

How To Use BPC-157

BPC-157 Review

This compound acts in a rather systematic way which means that it will affect in the same way no matter how or where it enters the human body. [16]

People who prefer taking the supplement orally need to keep it for approximately 2 minutes in the mouth before swallowing it.

However, if you are not a fan of oral capsules, you can inject it either intramuscularly or under the skin but at very close proximity to the areas of pain.

Nasal sprays are also a better option for people who are afraid of needles.

Forms Of BPC-157

The best version of BPC-157 is capsules.

I generally prefer capsules for two main reasons: they’re easy to use and you can just place them on the side of your bed right next to your cell phone which minimizes the chances of skipping your dosages.

However, the most prevalent form is via injections. People are generally more inclined towards injections because of the better potency as compared to other forms.

BPC-157 is also available in tablet form as well as in sublingual and dermal patches. You will often see a lot of people preferring tablets and patches because of economic reasons. [17]

BPC-157 Dosage

Although the scientifically proven dosage is indecisive because of the lack of pharmacologic studies on BPC-157, the unofficial yet best dosage of BPC-157 suggests around 1mcg to 10mcg per kg of body weight.

This means that, on average, an adult human can regularly administer somewhere between 200mcg to 1000mcg of this peptide.

BPC-157 Cycling

As no set guidelines exist worldwide, many consumers of BPC-157 take 200mcg to 400mcg tablets twice daily for extended periods (greater than 6 months).

People often use it for 4-12 weeks and then discontinue it for a couple of weeks before using it again. A cut therapy needs to be followed for approximately 2 weeks to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

The best time of the day to take BPC-157 tablets is once in the morning with an empty stomach and the other one before bed.

Also, note that if your injuries are healed, you can stop taking this peptide.

BPC-157 Stacks

According to experts, BPC-157 can be supplemented with TB500 to yield effective yet quick results. This can be understood by the mode of action adopted by both compounds.

As BPC-157 increases the growth hormone receptors in the human body, TB500 accelerates the healing mechanism by performing similar actions to BPC-157, such as angiogenesis, regulating growth factors, and acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, this synergistic function optimizes the overall effect on the human body.

BPC-157 Reviews

Although there is a lack of clinical trials conducted on BPC-157, we were able to find several reviews and first-hand experiences from people who have used BPC-157.

The following review of BPC-157 was provided by Ben Greenfield:

“I initially began to use BPC-157 for golfer’s elbow (inner elbow pain also known as “climber’s elbow” or “medial epicondylitis)… settled upon a self-administered subcutaneous BPC-157 injection of 250mcg in my left elbow on one day, then 250mcg in my right elbow the next day, for a total of two weeks. At this point, my elbow pain has completely disappeared, so I stopped.” 

Other BPC-157 users who remained anonymous on Reddit talked about how taking this compound helped them to recover from tendonitis completely and that their arthritis pain seemed to disappear after taking only a few doses.

BPC-157 Side Effects

The lack of human-based studies makes it more difficult to know whether or not there are any potential adverse effects from the use of BPC-157. So far, no severe side effects have been reported from animal studies conducted on BPC-157.

Based on what we’ve seen in rat-based studies and first-hand experiences, no major side effects have been reported.

However, potential and extremely rare side effects of using the peptide may include:

BPC-157 vs. Other Peptides

BPC-157 vs. TB500

One of the key differences between both compounds is the frequency of intake. BPC-157 is administered twice regularly. On the other hand, TB500 is only administered once or twice a week.

Compared to TB500, which has a more systemic effect, BPC-157 is more likely to affect a localized area. Also, the latter has more healing capabilities as compared to TB500.

While TB500 is critical for healing muscle injuries, BPC-157 is effective against inflammation.

BPC-157 vs. Thymosin Alpha-1

The standout feature of TA1 is the fact that it is an FDA-approved drug, unlike BPC-157. More clinical research exists in terms of the functioning of TA1 and it is very effective in boosting immunity and minimizing inflammation.

Is BPC-157 Legit?

If we consider all the consumers’ personal experiences and feedback, BPC-157 seems very user-friendly and works incredibly fast in around 48 hours. Inflammations might go away within a week. [18] Muscle pain can also heal in approximately 10 days.

We believe that with this in-depth analysis of BPC-157, you must have drawn a conclusion for yourself. With more emphasis placed on the potential benefits of BPC-157, we hope that enough human trials are carried out in future for a better understanding of its usage to the potential audience.

Does BPC-157 Increase Human Growth Hormone?

BPC-157 triggers the increased formation of human growth receptors. This potentially heals the tendons by proliferative action of fibroblasts.

Do Athletes Take BPC-157?

Yes, athletes often inject BPC-157 intramuscularly or subcutaneously at the sites where the pain is felt. This is because of quite an immediate relief by BPC-157.

Is BPC-157 Bad For You?

From what we’ve seen, BPC-157 does not seem to have any negative side effects associated with its use. This anti-ulcer agent is scientifically proven to treat IBD and show healing effects on wounds lining the GIT with minimal toxic accumulation.

 Is BPC-157 A Steroid?

No, it is not a steroid. Rather, it’s a peptide compound that contains 15 amino acids.

Does BPC-157 Help With Arthritis?

BPC-157 minimizes the pain along with wear and tear experienced at joints. This helps patients to manage their Arthritis pain.


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