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Dr. Mohammed Fouda, MD is an exceptional neurosurgeon and medical expert who has dedicated years to his field through research and study. He graduated from the renowned School of Medicine at Ain Shams University in Egypt and went on to complete postdoctoral fellowships in neurosurgical oncology at Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Fouda has made significant contributions to the medical field, earning recognition as a medical reviewer for 9 prestigious neurosurgical oncology journals, and publishing over 15 peer-reviewed articles and two book chapters.

Dr. Fouda’s innovative thinking and exceptional skills as a neurosurgeon are well-known in the medical device industry. He has presented his groundbreaking research on intracranial tumors at various conferences, including the AANS/CNS pediatric neurosurgery annual meeting and the AANS annual meeting. He is considered a highly respected figure in the medical community, with a wealth of experience and expertise.

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Fouda also serves as our official medical reviewer for website content. His expertise and knowledge ensure that the information presented on our website is accurate and up-to-date, providing our audience with the most credible and trustworthy information possible. With Dr. Fouda’s expertise and guidance, we are confident in the quality of the content we provide.

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Pros and Cons of TRT

TRT has the potential to improve life quality and even save your life. But for all its benefits, what are the cons of TRT we need to watch out for?

Where To Buy Testosterone Online

Testosterone Replacement Therapy usage is growing among those who are medically in need of it. Where do you start, and where do you buy Testosterone online?

How To Increase Luteinizing Hormone

Luteinizing Hormone is vital for the overall health of men and women. In men, low LH can lead to low Test, let’s look at How To Increase Luteinizing Hormone.

Best Peptides for Inflammation

Inflammation is not only a pain to deal with, but can make life unbearable and dangerous. Peptides seem like a good solution, let’s look at how they work.

How To Lower SHBG?

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is the evil little hormone that lowers your Test levels. Let’s learn how to lower SHBG and why we even have it.

Does Health Insurance Cover TRT?

TRT is not only a daunting endeavor but can be pretty costly depending on where you are. Does health insurance cover TRT – and if so, how much?

Testosterone and Weight Gain

With TRT, you know what you are getting. But what will it do to your body weight – Testosterone and Weight Gain, will it be fat or muscle?

Testosterone Pellets vs Injections

TRT is one of the most effective ways to improve the life quality you are experiencing. Which between Testosterone Pellets Vs Injections is better?

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone levels begin to fall as we age, and can even be influenced by things such as stress. To get more from your daily life, let’s discuss How To Naturally Increase Testosterone.

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