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Kathryn, a well-educated professional with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Public Health in Environmental and Occupational Health, hails from the sunny state of Florida where she currently resides with her husband. Her passion for science and health led her to pursue a career in regulatory compliance within the specialty chemical industry. However, her expertise in digital marketing soon became evident, and she made a transition into the digital marketing world.

Kathryn has contributed to a range of websites and digital platforms, including Muscle and Brawn, where she leverages her knowledge in science and health to provide informative and engaging content for a wide audience. Her expertise in health and fitness has also been showcased on websites like Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation, The Unwinder, SHALE Magazine, and My Subscription Addiction.

In addition to her work in digital marketing, Kathryn is an accomplished swimmer, qualifying to compete in the 2020 TYR Pro Series. Her passion for fitness and health extends beyond her work and is a reflection of her commitment to leading a healthy and active lifestyle. When she is not behind the keyboard typing up new articles, she can be found at the pool, where she can be seen swimming year-round.

Kathryn’s passion for science and health, combined with her expertise in digital marketing, make her an asset to any platform looking to provide engaging and scientifically sound content to a diverse audience.

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