Amino Depot Review

Amino Depot is a branch of the "Amino" Brand, which also supplies SARMs via their Amino Asylum Site.
Amino Depot Review


Amino Depot is a branch of the trusted “Amino” Brand, which also supplies SARMs via their Amino Asylum site. In reality they provide a whole host of products, ranging from research chemicals, clothes, and then of course the range of Supplement products we see on the Amino Depot site.

  • Selection
  • Pricing
  • Reputation


  • price point is reflective of what they offer
  • fast shipping
  • focussed on health, and highly researched supplements


  • payment options are low
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Hot damn, another Supplement company has rolled up to your door, asking your hand in Beta Alanine Tingle-Marriage.

The suiter? Amino Depot.

Based in Kentucky, they are “Scientifically Engineered for Better Bodies” – Bold marketing eh.

Are they really all they’re cracked up to be? Or just another flash in the pan? Let’s take a deep dive, and see what you need to add to cart.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Who Are Amino Depot?

Amino Depot is a branch of the trusted “Amino” Brand, which also supplies SARMs via their Amino Asylum site. In reality they provide a whole host of products, ranging from research chemicals, clothes, and then of course the range of Supplement products we see on the Amino Depot site.

Amino Depot

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, they aim to provide exceptional quality products to the masses. This is actually a really great business idea. The world of fitness is definitely moving towards a more aesthetic era (thank you CBum), and it’s getting a lot of young guys into the gym. Young guys are definitely more prone to try SARMs and hey, if your supplement company also makes SARMs? Sign me up!

How Does Amino Depot Work?

Just like any other online buying site? You know, you get something (product) for your efforts (money), unlike your past relationship where you gave everything and only received trauma. Jokes aside, the site is actually pretty comprehensive with way more than just the essential. I like that.

While trying to get the gains I believe we should be using the kind of supplements that actually work. Amino Depot may not have the biggest selection available, but that isn’t a bad thing in my eyes.

Best Amino Depot Products

As beforementioned, the range is really focussed on health, and highly researched supplements. This means their inventory is really thin, that being said, most of these are actually going to improve performance or recovery in one way or another.

Intra Drip – BCAA/EAA/Creatine

I was genuinely surprised to learn the ingredients in Intra Drip. Combining a substantial dose of BCAAs (6g) with a whopping 5g of Creatine Monohydrate (the better version for the body), 2g of Taurine and the other Amino Acids to complete the EAA profile, I’m genuinely impressed. As far as hydration goes intra workout, this will definitely do the job!

Both Creatine [1] and EAAs [2] have been shown to aid in muscle growth, and I believe this product would be exceptional in a fat loss phase. A virtually calorie free product, allowing you to get a whole lot that induces energy? I’m game.


  • Whole Amino Acid Profile
  • Uses Creatine Mono which is better than HCl


  • No massive focus on focus ingredients
  • No endurance ingredients either

Pre Workout – Stim

The leading sales category for all supplement companies in 2022, your pre workout better be one of the better products you stock. Diving into the Stim pre from Amino Depot, you can definitely see they are very focussed on getting the necessary in at an affordable price.

6 Grams of Citrulline Malate (Yes), 3.2 Grams of Beta Alanine (Tingly Yes), and a rather nice surprise of Yohimbe as well. Yohimbe doesn’t really hold any anabolic properties, however it has been shown to massively increase fat loss [3].

The Stim pre workout is very upfront and transparent about who and what it is. Not really flashy, but with that Yohimbe, definitely something up the sleeve to aid performance even more.


  • Added Yohimbe for Fat Loss
  • Great Pump Matrix


  • Could have more Neuro Stimulating ingredients
  • Only two flavors available

Carb Control – GDA

A GDA is known as a Glucose Disposal Agent. These are designed to help individuals following a very carb heavy diet. Ingredients can help bring blood glucose levels down, and help you manage them better. This means less fat gain.

The Carb Control from Amino Depot is loaded with proven ingredients. Chromium has been shown to help manage Glucose [4], and so has Berberine HCl [5].

While this product won’t correct a couple dozen cookies, it can help within its intended purpose.

Super common to see people use these GDAs in a Fat Loss phase, when your body is already low on glucose… Not sure why you’d do this? Rather use it in a muscle gaining phase to keep your growth on track.

15% off with code: BRAWN15


  • High Doses of Chromium and Berberine
  • Added Bioperine for increased bioavailability


  • No Vegan options

Ordering and Shipping

Amino Depot is adamant that shipping happens within one day of the order being placed, a strength in the new online supplement stores in my opinion. A calculated rate for shipping will be calculated at checkout, and shipping is done via PS, DHL, or USPS.

Payment options are unfortunately very, very low. You can currently only purchase with Credit Cards. Personally, I feel for the individuals they are marketing to, other options such as Crypto would be highly advantageous.

Customer Reviews 

Amino Depot has a host of reviews on their site. Sometimes we’ll see companies blatantly buying/faking reviews – you’ll see this reflected as only 5 Star ratings with nothing but praise. This isn’t even the case for the most developed businesses and products on earth, so make sure to find reviews that are not so great, like this one”

“The two tubs I received the powder is really clumpy and sticks together like it got moisture in it. Not sure if this is normal or not? Other than that it is a great product with the correct amount of Ingredients and no proprietary blends.”

I will admit this is the only non 5 Star review on the site…

Coupon Codes

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Alternatives to Amino Depot

Amino Depot vs Double Woods Supplements

Double Woods just sweeps the floor. Double Woods may come across as being “more health” and not for performance, but in reality, having the ability to create and dose your own mixture of ingredients is immensely beneficial to progress. Blends like Amino Depots are still great and very cost effective however.

Amino Depot vs Bulk Supplement

Another L for Amino Depot in my eyes. Bulk Supplements gives the supplier such a wide range of raw products, and in bulk quantities so you save money as well. Raw products can be a hassle compared to blends from Amino Depot, but in my opinion, formulating your own products with raw products always wins.

Amino Depot vs Nuzena

Amino Depot definitely wins this one in the eyes of a typical gym rat customer. They are more geared towards meeting those needs, with specific performance boosting products. Nuzena will also tend to be less cost effective.

Amino Depot Stack

A good stack should be something that fixes a lot of problems, without causing adverse effects. With some products you might even see a 1+1=3 synergy. My favorite stack I can make with Amino Depot would be a Fat Loss stack, with the following:

  1. Intra Drip: EAA & Creatine for that increased strength and muscle retention when in a deficit
  2. Shredded AF: Added Yohimbe and Caffeine for increased fat loss and energy respectively
  3. Turkebolic: A calorie deficit can sometimes lead to a reduction in Testosterone, and I think the Turkebolic can fill that hole nicely
  4. Pre Workout Stim/Stim Free: When deep in a fat loss phase, having that extra boost can really help you out of a bad day

Is Amino Depot Legit?

Absolutely. Their products can save you a few bucks because it’s straightforward and not trying to be anything it’s not. No funny pixie dusting ingredients. Honest.

Is Amino Depot a Good Company?

I believe so. The price point is reflective of what they offer, and the store is straight up just being what it is. They do not seem to fake anything, and their products are extremely transparent.

Is it safe to take Pre-Workout everyday?

Safe? Depends. I’m not going to say yes or no, because a person who already has hypertension and a sensitivity to caffeine should DEFINITELY not be using Pre Workout, especially not every day. My gut says no, you shouldn’t, not should you need to take Pre to be able to train every day.

What happens if I take Pre-Workout and don’t workout?

10/10 You’re gonna be using a toilet soon. Coffee and Caffeine can have a laxative effect [6]. Other than that, you might feel uneasy, anxious, and you might experience heart palpitations. If you overconsume Pre-Workout or if you feel in danger, contact a medical professional.

What’s better Pre-Workout or Amino Acids?

If I only had 50 bucks to spend on either of these products, I’d definitely firstly buy EAAs, then Pre Workout, then only BCAAs. EAAs can help increase muscle protein synthesis which is the main goal with training. Pre Workout can work in the correct environments. And lastly BCAAs, because the least amount of literature supports this product.

Why you shouldn’t take Pre-Workout?

If you suffer from health conditions like hypertension, caffeine sensitivity, or even allergies to certain ingredients such as Beta Alanine, you should avoid Pre Workout. Also, once you surpass certain quantities of Caffeine, it becomes a banned substance.

Do bodybuilders use Pre-Workout?

Most do yes. Pre Workout has been shown to increase workout capacity and the pump ingredients might even help with recovery as well.

Does Pre-Workout make you gain weight?

The only thing capable of making you gain weight is calories. If your pre workout has a lot of calories that places you in a caloric surplus, yes, it can. More often than not, no.

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