Gundry MD Review

Gundry MD is a lifestyle brand founded by Dr Gundry and has their main focus on protecting and enhancing the gut.
Gundry MD Review


Gundry MD founded by Dr Gundry is a wellness brand designed for the health conscious individual. They provide a range of health products as well as lifestyle and skincare products.

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Mixed evidence for lectin based science Lack of information regarding lab testing Not FDA approved

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Gundry MD. Sounds like House MD but this doctor has a goal to help people enhance their wellness instead of having a bad bedside manner.

Gundry MD, named after its founder Dr Steven Gundry caters for the health conscious individual supplying supplements, skincare and health foods. The company was founded in 2016 when Dr Gundry wanted to empower individuals with tools to enhance their health.

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The health conscious individual, individuals looking to enhance their wellness

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Supplements (Digestion, Energy, Prebiotic, Weight. Heart Health. Immune Support), Skincare and Health foods

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Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Who Are Gundry MD?

Dr Steven Gundry is a cardiothoracic surgeon who realized the importance of diet in health. This led him to found the center of restorative medicine, study the human microbiome and its role in human health, write two books regarding diet and to found Gundry MD.

Gundry MD offers a range of supplements, skincare and health foods even dog food! There is a blog where you can read educational articles and a section devoted to lectin free recipes.

The emphasis is on the gut which with all the research coming out on the importance of the gut makes sense as the gut has been dubbed ‘the second brain’.

Below are the different categories of supplements and best sellers in the categories, you may notice repeats of certain products demonstrating how versatile the products are and that they can be used for a range of health concerns.


  • Vital Reds
  • PrebioThrive
  • Primal Plants
  • Lectin Shield
  • Total Restore


  • Energy Renew
  • Vital Reds
  • Total Restore
  • PrebioThrive
  • Primal Plants


  • PrebioThrive
  • Heart Defense
  • ProPlant Complete Shake


  • TriTrim
  • MCT Wellness
  • E-Balance
  • ProPlant Complete Shake
  • Vital Reds

Heart Health

  • Vital Reds
  • Primal Plants
  • Heart Defense
  • Enhanced Circulation Formula
  • Mediterranean Olive Leaf Extract

Immune Support

  • Vitamin D 5000+
  • Mushroom Vitality
  • Bio Complete 3
  • Total Restore
  • 24 Strain Probiotic

Lectin Based Science

This topic cannot be avoided when writing about Gundry MD as Dr Gundry has based his books and products on the basis that lectins can cause inflammation and damage to the gut thus resulting in disease and dysfunction.

Firstly, what are lectins? Lectins are a component found in foods mainly plants.

Eating foods that have a high amount of active lectins is rare, the main reason is that most lectins are more potent when raw and foods containing them are not typically eaten raw. Lectins can be inactivated through cooking and exposure to water (1).

Research surrounding lectins and their role in our gut is limited in humans and more research is needed to support this claim.

Ordering and Shipping

Placing an order is fairly simple, you can either create an account on their website or call their toll free number.

Information regarding payment methods is scarce and it appears that they only accept payment by card.

Gundry MD offers free shipping to purchases over $60 and ships to addresses that have a UPS address, it doesn’t look like Gundry MD directly ships internationally however there are Gundry MD products available on Amazon that ship internationally.

Gundry MD offers significant discounts to account holders and offers a 90 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the products.

Customer Reviews

According to a verified review site Gundry MD has received a 4.67 out 5 stars according to 692 reviews.

Here is what some customers are saying about their products.

“I wake up every morning with so much joy, I can’t even explain it. I feel amazing, my joint pain has disappeared and my abdominal pain as well, i am no longer blooded it’s amazing. I started with the Total Restore, now i have added the Bio Complex 3, the Olive oil, and now i will start taking the Shake. What can I say, these will always be in my home. Thank you so much for such amazing products.” Wanda H

“Due to a stubborn skin infection I was prescribed four rounds of antibiotics. Midway through the treatment I received an email from Dr Gundry about his pre/probiotic formula. It sounded amazing, so I ordered a three month supply. I’m almost finished with the first bottle, and it seems to have helped my digestive system recover from the antibiotic onslaught. However, I was extremely hopeful that I would experience the energy and vitality boost that was indicated as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt any change in that area yet, but I will complete the three month trial before passing final judgment.” Sarina H

“Very excited about the product after I heard Dr Gundry‘s pitch. The first 10 days were amazing, I seem to have extraordinarily high energy. However it started to decrease thereafter. Still about average.” Jim D


Gundry MD Vs Double Wood

Where Gundry MD focuses on gut health, Double Wood focuses on enhancing cognition. Double Wood has a wider range of products where Gundry MD has less products but branches into different avenues such as skincare and health foods.

Comparing their products is tough as there aren’t many similarities, however looking at their immune support supplements both companies offer vitamin D and vitamin K. From a glance Gundry MD appears cheaper (only if you have an account, if you don’t it is more expensive) however Double Woods offers it in a combined formulation where Gundry MD offers it separately.

Since these companies have different focuses, if you had to choose between one of them it would depend whether you would want to focus mainly on gut support or focusing on increasing cognition. .

Gundry MD Vs Thorne Research

Thorne Research has a more generalized range of products, it lacks the skincare, health food and pet food range that Gundry MD offers, however Thorne Research offers various health tests and has a sports nutrition range. I found their site more user friendly with quizzes to guide you in buying the correct product.

Price wise when comparing their Vitamin D, Gundry MD surprisingly came out on top. Comparing their probiotics side by side Thorne has a larger and specific range, prices are fairly similar if you have an account with Gundry MD.

Gundry MD Vs Nuzena

Both companies are centered around wellness, Nuzena offers a short health test where they will send you products related to your needs. Nuzena’s range is more general and has less gut related products than Gundry MD however their products are slightly cheaper than Gundry MD.

People also ask:

1. Is Dr Gundry a real doctor?

Yes, he is a former cardiologist and heart surgeon.

2. Are products FDA approved?

No Gundry MD products and comments made on the website are not FDA approved

3. Are products tested by a lab?

Although Gundry MD claims that products are tested by an independent laboratory, there are no lab certificates or information regarding the lab results online

4. Are products made from natural ingredients?

Yes, Gundry MD products are made from natural ingredients

Are they Legit?

This is an interesting question and for me it is not a simple answer. The products appear to be good quality and the reviews are generally good.

Dr Gundry has based his products off the basis that according to his research, lectins will harm the gut. There is no other scientific evidence to suggest this with some health professionals labelling his theory as pseudoscience.

If you are interested in the products, try them out and see if your body responds to them, however I would be a little more hesitant with the lectin theory and would recommend you to do some reading up on it.

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