Meet Your Coach Daniel

My name is Daniel Louwrens, I have been working in the fitness industry for 8 years as a coach, personal trainer, educator, and advisor. 

My expertise lies in Training, Nutrition, and Pharmacology. 

My fitness career started as I finished my International Rugby career after I had eight concussions, and was forced to quit. 

I developed a massive fascination for fitness, and in particular nutrition and how we could manipulate food on a daily basis, to reach our goals. 

From there I quickly got qualifications in Nutrition and Personal Training so I could train people on the side online, as I was finishing my degree in Natural Sciences, Chemistry. I had always been an athlete, and it was incredibly fascinating how certain foods and nutrition protocols could make performance change in both beneficial and sometimes bad ways. We learn by trial and error. 

From there, I completed my degree, and went on to do Personal Training whilst coaching select athletes online as well. I am also employed by Dominik Sky, a world famous Calisthenics Athlete to manage his entire clientele’s nutrition. 

I also frequently write researched articles about all things fitness, ranging from the least Ecologically Impactful Protein Powders, to the Pharmacology of Modern Bodybuilding. 

My aim is to help those who seek to take their performance to the best they can, whether that be in sports, physique competitions, or even just being the most jacked person on the beach. I would love to help you on this journey of becoming your best.

My Process



Before making any changes towards reaching your goals, we have to do a deep dive into your history surrounding training, diet, and everything else regarding achieving your goal. By understanding the past and how your body reacts to certain protocols, we know where to begin making changes.


Implementing Changes

Making changes into your fitness schedule will be for the sole purposes of achieving optimal results. Unless we find ourselves in a corner, changes will be slow in the beginning to achieve the most results possible without pushing the body to extremes it struggles to recover from.


Everlasting Results

Having change is great, but creating a system in which the client feels prepared for situations is amazing. I aim to not only guide you through this journey, but also to teach you along the way as to why we make choices, changes, and how they build into your optimal game plan.

Get Help with your..


I have expert nutrition qualifications and years of experience coaching a wide range of clients, from Vegans to 350lbs Powerlifters. Nutrition is based in Scientific research and applied to your situation for optimal results.


Training should be optimized based on past experience and current goals. Training is adjusted for particular situations and specific results wanted.


I often meet clients who’ve had coaches who let them down and do not engage enough to make a difference. This is not the case at Muscle & Brawn. Support is always given as making progress at any costs necessary is the primary goal.

Get These Results

Kyle is a Classic Physique competitor in the IFBB, and came to me at the beginning of his 16 Week prep to get the full dose. Training, Nutrition, Posing, and particularly the endeavor of gaining a bit of size. Kyle was already incredibly aesthetic, but his training did not match the idea of growing new muscle tissue. We applied simple progressive overload on movements that were not too hard on weekly recovery rates, and also combined good quality stress management and nutrition to get the results you see here. This was a 3 week difference. Kyle ended up taking 2nd in his first competition ever. “Never thought I’d be one of those guys with a notepad in the gym but it does work. Daniel also helped me to nail my nutrition, as well as learn how the body can grow new muscle, not just by volume, but weight as well.”
Weight: 231 - 202lbs
Time to Goal: 6 Months

Anonymous is a great powerlifter, but not only struggled with a bit of excess body fat, but also struggled with high Cholesterol. I sat down with John for a few Educational sessions to teach him the basics of Nutrition and how to manage Cholesterol. After that, I developed a diet plan that not only allowed him to progress on his three main lifts, but also enabled him to drop 29lbs! In the end, his Cholesterol levels are spot on now, as is his mindset and nutrition. “Daniel helped me to lose my belly, but didn’t make me lose my squat which I didn’t think was possible. Also, my Cholesterol is in range now for the first time in 18 months.”
This gentleman was one of the best powerlifters I’ve met, squatting an astonishing 300kg on a Natural Body. He was persistent with the relentless goal of pushing Powerlifting, racking record after record. As all powerlifters, one of the kindest and most modest people I’ve ever met. He came to me wanting to lose a bit of body fat and regain health, as he wanted to shift away from Powerlifting. We delved into the long task of regaining insulin sensitivity and worked on it day in and day out. A good deficit combined with plenty of resistance training, and with plenty of high protein foods, he now has abs to show his hard work wasn’t for nothing. The final number loss was more than 30lbs, but the improvement in life quality was “unmeasurable”

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Guidance whilst preparing for an athletic event, and aims to help you choose the correct tools and dosages for the task at hand without completely wrecking your health.

Get guidance on personal choices regarding biohacking enhancements

Find out the best sources for blood work online or with clinics

Get a custom nutrition and diet plan

Personal fitness regimen to match your goals, nutrition, and w


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Guidance whilst you go through your off-season or prep. We take a hands-on approach to make sure you get the best from your food, training, and PEDs if applicable.

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