AC-262 is a potent SARM known for its pronounced effects on muscle mass and strength as well as improved recovery post-workout. Perhaps what sets this SARM apart from other SARMs is its significantly reduced effects on testosterone levels. Read through the end to know more about this SARM.

Ever wondered how those bodybuilders you see in gyms gain those huge muscles in such a short time? 

Now, if you think that all of this can be achieved through intense daily gym sessions and lifestyle changes, you are probably wrong! 

Most bodybuilders, alongside strict workout routines, also supplement with compounds such as steroids and SARMs. These compounds help make the process more swift and efficient. 

One such newly developed SARM creating waves in the bodybuilding industry is AC-262. 

Today we will review anything and everything related to AC-262, the exact mechanism of action, the benefits and adverse effects, and the right dosage and cycle guidelines. 

What is AC-262?

AC-262, a non-steroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) like Ostraine, is used by most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts (1). 

To be clear about SARMs, these are anabolic regulators that can bind to our body’s androgen receptors. SARMs aid in increasing muscle mass, strength, and exercise endurance, alongside reducing excess subcutaneous fat. 

Originally, AC-262 was developed by Acadia Industries initially as a potential treatment for prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s. 

However, what sets AC-262 apart from other SARMs is its ability to leave testosterone levels unsuppressed. An animal study deduced that AC-262 significantly enhances anabolic functions without repressing natural testosterone production for nearly two weeks. 

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How Does AC-262 Work?

AC-262 works in more or less the same way as any other SARM. Like selective modulators, they bind to certain androgen receptors of our body, particularly the bones and muscles. 

This particular binding leads to molecular changes in our body, triggering an increase in muscle mass and bone strengthening. 

However, AC-262 isn’t just like any other SARM. Unlike other androgens/testosterone or anabolic steroids that target all body tissues, AC-262 only acts on skeletal muscles. 

This is exactly how the androgenic activity of AC-262 is kept low. To back it up, the pharmacokinetics of AC-262 suggest that it is approximately 27% of testosterone. 

Since SARMs with greater androgen activity can lead to conditions such as gynecomastia or obesity, AC-262 is a potent alternative (2). 

Benefits of AC-262 

What attracts the audience towards any product or supplement are the benefits it curtails, especially the potential health effects associated. In the case of AC-262, the advantages outweigh the minor side effects one experiences. 

AC-262, a non-steroidal SARM, helps increase bone density and strength, assisting in lifting greater weights (3). 

Besides that, like any other SARM, AC-262 aids in enhancing muscle mass, definition, and strength. 

Some evidence also suggests that this SARM can improve cognitive function and rapid recovery time. 

Research shows that increased muscle mass leads to excess subcutaneous fat loss. They believe that a gain of one pound helps burn 150 calories per day. Thus, AC-262 can help in losing some extra mass. 

Interestingly, a mice study showed suppression in the raised LH levels. LH can lead to fertility issues in both males and females if produced in high amounts. 

Is AC-262 Legal?

The legal issues concerned with AC-262 or any other SARM can push away many customers since the FDA does not yet approve them. 

However, if you’re looking to buy AC-262 for research purposes, you can easily do so. But for personal use, you will have to do so under a healthcare provider’s guidelines. 

Who Should Use AC-262?

AC-262 is widely used among people in the fitness and bodybuilding industries. Thus, if you’re looking for a compound that could help kickstart your journey in building healthy muscle mass and endurance, AC-262 is just for you!

The drug is also a novel therapy for patients with Prostate cancer and Alziehmenrs. However, since extensive research is required to implicate the possible side effects of AC-262, it can not be used as a treatment yet.

Forms of AC-262

AC-262 is mostly purchased in the form of capsules due to its feasibility. However, in certain stores, you might also find it in the form of powder.

AC-262 Dosage 

The dosage for a particular SARM is highly dependent on the purpose of using it, gender, weight, and previous medical history. Nonetheless, for general use, healthcare workers have provided a complete manual on how to use a particular drug without having a significant risk of side effects. 

In the case of AC-262, males are recommended 10 mg to 20 mg. For females, the advised intake lies somewhere between 5 mg to 10 mg. 

AC-262 Cycle

Doing the AC-262 cycle for approximately 30 days is thoroughly suggested to see fruitful results. 

Even so, AC-262 doesn’t suppress Testosterone levels significantly by using PCT. However, a full Post Cycle Therapy should be done to be on the safe side. 

Best Time To Take AC-262

Like every other SARM, AC-262 is recommended to be taken during the morning, preferably before a workout. This way, the drug will have enough time to kick in your body and make you energetic before starting your exercise regime. 

AC-262 Side Effects

There are almost always certain side effects associated with SARMs. Primarily, these side effects result from not being able to abide by the given doses and cycle. As a result, some of the reported side effects you might experience are: 

  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Raised blood pressure 
  • Rashes on skin 

Nonetheless, AC-262 supplementation has negligible chances of developing gynecomastia, prostate enlargement, or even testicle shrinkage compared to other SARMs. 

AC-262 Reviews

Because AC-262 is not such a highly used SARM at the moment, you wouldn’t find many of the customer reviews available. 

Nonetheless, I tried to find some the comprehensive customer experiences. 

One such user enthusiastically talks about his AC-262 experience:

“Happy Saturday brothers. I don’t post a lot on here, but I am about 4 weeks into a run on AC-262. I will say this, it’s a great product. I’m leaner and strength has gone up. I’m a off and on user of PEDs for the last 15 years, usually 1-2 12 week cycles a year. I’ve recently transitioned to SARMs and my TRT dose. There are a couple YouTube videos on it and it’s spot on. It’s like Ostarine meets Equipoise. I was a tad leaner on Ostarine but much stronger with AC-262.

Yes I get bloods religiously and they look good as of last week. I’ll get some more done in the next 6-8 weeks. An only side effect is my aggression is up just a bit. Other than that, good to go.”

However, AC-262 might just not be for everyone as stated by him: 

“I just took my first dosage from this supplier and to be honest I feel pretty lethargic after a 10mg dose, I dk why. Like I’m tired of doing the basic stuff, might have to return this bottle. I am not liking how I am feeling on this, I thought this shit was supposed to give you energy.”

AC-262 Stack

You might have heard people stacking their SARMs. With the synergistic effects of multiple SARMs within the given recommended dosages, different systems of your body can work simultaneously. 

AC-262 and Andarine

AC-262 and Andarine/S-4, both SARMs, work by increasing muscle mass, bone density, and strength via selectively modulating androgen receptors. With the collective effort of both the drugs, the time taken to shape into an ideal body is shortened significantly. 

Where Can I Buy AC-262?

Best AC-262 Supplement

AC-262 by Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems offers various products, from anti-aging compounds and beginners bundles to nootropics, peptides, and SARMs.  

AC-262, costing around $74.95, might sound expensive to some. However, with the frequent discounts available, it can be easier for the customer to opt for it.

Swiss chems offers 60 capsules per bottle with 10 mg each. With a long shelf life of 36 months, the worry of approaching the expiration date is no more. Swiss Chems also offers a refund if their product tests negative at any HPLC licensed facility. 

Additionally, Swiss Chems offers to ship to a wide range of countries such as the USA, Canada, Europe, South Asia, and Middle Eastern countries.

  • Great discounts available 
  • Refund policy if the product tests negative in HPLC facility
  • Can be expensive

AC-262 vs. Other Compounds

AC-262 vs. Ostarine 

You probably would have heard more about Ostarine as compared to AC-262. Ostarine is a widely used SARM in fitness industries, especially by beginners. Ostarine is also highly advised for women who are into bodybuilding. Compared to AC-262, Ostarine also has a much larger pool of research based on human evidence. 

What sets them apart are the side effects. Research illustrates frequent headaches, increased blood pressure, and marked suppression of testosterone with Ostarine. 

Nevertheless, with no significant suppression of testosterone through AC-262, it won’t be long before the drug becomes an alternative to Ostarine. 

AC-262 vs. ACP-105 

The Acadia industries manufacture these SARMs. Thus, the working mechanism and the anabolic: androgenic ratios are more or less comparable. With ACP-105 having a greater anabolic activity, it is preferable to use AC-262. 

Besides this, ACP-105 has increased research-based evidence to support the benefits the drug curtails. 

Is AC-262 Legit?

AC-262 is gaining much more attention than previously anticipated in the fitness industry. Its profound effects on building muscle mass and strength can greatly add to the current SARM stacks. 

One might be a bit confused since, in contrast to anabolic steroids and other SARMs, the potency of AC-262 is weak. Nonetheless, this also means you won’t have to endure displeasing side effects. 

Conclusively, AC-262 is one of the newest and most effective SARM, with negligible side effects to suffer from. However, the FDA hasn’t yet approved the drug, so getting your AC-262 supplement from a trusted source is recommended. 

What is AC-262 used for? 

AC-262, being a SARM, is used to increase muscle mass, strength, bone density, endurance, and lose excess subcutaneous fat. Research also indicates a lowering of plasma Luteinizing hormone levels. 

How long should you cycle with AC-262? 

It is advised for both men and women to cycle their AC-262 for approximately 30 days to see significant results. 

Should you do PCT after AC-262?

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is often recommended after cycling with SARMs. It is due to the decreased levels of testosterone found after the supplementation. Since AC-262 doesn’t cause marked suppression in testosterone levels, you may not need to undergo PCT after a cycle. However, to be on the safer side, it won’t harm to use it. 

Are there any side effects with AC-262? 

Unlike other SARMs and anabolic steroids, AC-262 doesn’t cause any severe side effects to worry about. Nevertheless, you should always take the right dose to be sure. 

Is AC-262 FDA approved? 

No, like every other SARM, AC-262 is not yet approved by the FDA. Thus, it would be best to do AC-262 supplementation under a healthcare worker’s guidance. 


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