Most Dangerous Anabolic Steroids

While many professional athletes take the plunge to use Steroids, they do so under the supervision of doctors. Unfortunately, regular gym goers also use Steroids, and they are quite dangerous.

Anabolic Steroids were originally developed to treat people who were suffering from muscle-wasting diseases like HIV/AIDS, or even Anemia [1]. While men and women naturally produce Testosterone, it was first synthesized in 1935 in Germany. Testosterone is not technically an “anabolic” Steroid, but a Steroid nonetheless.

While in the early 1900s athletes would use cocaine, heroin, and caffeine to get a performance boost, as time went on they switched to Anabolic Steroids due to the greater effects on performance. By the 1950s both Russian and American scientists were hard at work to improve the performance of their weightlifters.

Russia was very keen on using Testosterone, while the Americans ended up developing Methandrostenolone or Dianabol. And so, the use of Steroids for the pursuit of improved performance started. In this article, we’ll be looking at various dangerous Anabolic Steroids:

  • What Steroid does the most harm to the body
  • Which Steroids cause the most brain damage
  • How Steroid use can increase the risk of death
  • How Steroid use changes the human organs and body
  • How many people die from Steroid Abuse
  • Many more

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Steroid Statistics

  • 0.5% of all adult Americans are using Steroids
  • Steroids are still used in the medical world in some countries
  • The most dangerous Steroid would have to be Trenbolone
  • The most dangerous Performance Enhancing Drug is Insulin
  • Steroid use can lead to increased heart, liver, and other organ sizes
  • Most Steroid users suffer from high blood pressure, which causes 7.6 million deaths per annum worldwide

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What are the Most Dangerous Anabolic Steroids?

1. One of the most dangerous Steroids on the market, Trenbolone, was never developed for human use.

Most Dangerous Anabolic Steroids

There are no studies on humans. However, Trenbolone has been linked to an increase in cholesterol, and blood pressure, and can even negatively affect the kidneys. There is even evidence that Trenbolone will have a negative long-lasting effect on the brain as well. Most users will use Trenbolone to increase strength and muscle mass while dieting.

2. Rich Piana, a famous fitness influencer and Steroid user unfortunately passed away in 2017 – many believe his Steroid abuse was to blame.

* Rich took 3300mg+ per week, not ‘produce’

One of the most famous Fitness Influencers, Rich Piana, was very open about his Steroid abuse. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 due to significant heart disease. An autopsy also found that his heart and liver weighed twice as much as the average person’s. Rich’s death is not directly due to Steroid abuse, but the two are strongly correlated with one another.

3. One of the biggest side effects Steroid users want to avoid is kidney failure. All Steroid use will cause kidney damage, and kidneys do not recover. The Liver can recover, but the kidneys cannot recover.

The kidneys, unlike the liver, will not recover from injury. All Steroid use will harm the kidneys, coupling that with high blood pressure and high body mass, and most Steroid users will have kidney issues at some stage.

4. Bostin Loyd is a famous bodybuilder who did suffer from stage 5 kidney failure due to Steroid Abuse.

Bostin, unfortunately, died in 2022 from aortic dissection. Bostin was known for being open about his Steroid abuse and used upwards of 3000mg per week. The Average male Testosterone is only 70mg per week.

5. Oxymetholone, a popular strength, and bulking Steroid was tested as an Abortion method. The testing found it was not effective for abortions.

Oxymetholone or Anadrol is also known to cause blood pressure, cholesterol, acne, and aggression, and is one of the worst Steroids for the liver. It is commonly used by strength athletes and those looking to gain weight. It is even prescribed to children who are suffering from muscle wastage diseases.

6. A 1997 study found a significant reduction in Endogenous Testosterone levels within 24 hours after one administration of the Anabolic Steroids known as fluoxymesterone (3).

A study published in 1990 found that just after 4 months of using Testosterone, there was significant suppression of spermatogenesis which could lead to azoospermia (4). It is fairly common knowledge that Steroid use will reduce endogenous Testosterone levels.

7. Dallas McCarver, a professional bodybuilder standing at 6’1” 300lbs unfortunately passed away in 2017.

Dallas’ heart was found to be almost three times bigger than the average human’s heart. While Dallas’ death was either due to him choking on food or an underlying cardiac issue, there is a definite link between Steroid abuse and an increased risk of death. Dallas is still a legend among those who follow the sport.

8. While not a Steroid, Insulin is often injected to increase muscle mass. This can lead to hypoglycemia and death.

Insulin is far more dangerous than Steroids due to its acute effects on health. Hypoglycemia can lead to the person losing consciousness and potentially dying at the moment. There are plenty of stories of users going hypo and passing out, even while driving.

9. The Steroid that increases blood pressure the most is known as Boldenone.

Hypertension is the biggest danger when it comes to Steroid abuse. Hypertension can destroy the kidneys which would stop the person from ever even pursuing fitness again. Many harm reduction clinics have massive plans in place to lower blood pressure ASAP.

10. It is estimated that the Steroid industry is already worth more than $10 billion.

The biggest producers of Steroids are Mexico, China, and Thailand. It is fairly common for underground labs to order raw product from those countries and package it themselves. This, of course, has massive risks regarding purity and cleanliness. The biggest Steroid users are the Middle East, followed by South America, Europe, and North America.

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Conclusion: Are Steroids Dangerous?

While Steroids are certainly used in the medical field to increase muscle mass in those who struggle to build it due to illness, that is at low doses. It is also managed by a doctor. Abusing Steroids is without a doubt dangerous. While Steroid use does not directly cause death, a lot of the side effects of Steroids can increase the likeliness of death.

What is the most dangerous Steroid?

Trenbolone is the most dangerous steroid alongside Methyl Trenbolone. The most dangerous PED on the other hand would be exogenous Insulin and DNP.

Can you die from Steroids?

Directly from Steroids, unlikely. The cumulative side effects might catch up with you one day and cause your health to deteriorate, leading to an earlier death.

Who has died from Steroid use?

No one has directly died from Steroid use, but the closest would be Bostin Loyd. His steroid abuse led to kidney failure, which eventually led to his death in 2022.

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