Best Prohormone Companies

Prohormones peaked in the early 2000s, but they are back and better than ever. With so many offerings, which is the best prohormone company, and are they legit?

Prohormones… The name conjurs images of Gaspari Nutrition marketing the hell out of it – just before it got taken off the market. Shit.

Prohormones are often misunderstood, misused, misdosed, and are just what of the funnier things people have used for good looking muscles.

With great controversy and an even more complicated chemistry, it’s time we don’t just ask “What are Prohormones”, but also “How are the Prohormones”, because we care about their emotinos.

Jokes aside, these anabolic compounds are still found on the net, so let’s find the Best Prohormone Company.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways

  • The Prohormones of the early 2000s are illegal, but there are plenty of legal ones on the market currently
  • The best Prohormone retailer is Amino Asylum as they have good pricing and other products to complete your Prohormone stack
  • Other companies like Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have some of the most commonly used legal Prohormones for a decent price
  • Prohormones can boost athletic performance but still carry some side effects if used incorrectly

Who is the Best Prohormone Company?

Well, there are a bunch. In fact, there are way more than I expected – I thought regular bodybuilding supplements were oversaturated. Guess most people are eager to stack Prohormones on top of their Whey and Creatine…

The best company we have come across would have to be Amino Asylum. We have had a bunch of their products delivered to the office, ranging from Nootropics to SARMs, and of course, a few Prohormones.

They are pretty well known in the bodybuilding and fitness world, and most people are very familiar with their quality. If you aren’t, it’s pretty darn good.

They have hosts of positive reviews online – on their site and others – something that cannot be said for all the others on the list. Something else that can also only be said by Amino Asylum is the range they have is tiny but interesting.

For instance, they have DYMETHAZINE (DMZ), something you don’t see very often. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals also stocks this, but it’s still pretty hard to come by.

Unlike some of the others on the list, they also make their own Prohormones. This means you’re more likely to have a better quality product, more likely to have free shipping, and they have other research chemicals if you are keen.

How We Chose the Best Prohormone Vendor

Trial and error. Okay, so we didn’t go and buy every available Prohormone from each of the vendors, but we still did some real testing. That said, we have narrowed down the most important factors to the following:

1) Quality

This goes without saying but the best Prohormone probably has high-quality ingredients. Any bodybuilder will be able to tell you that the quality of your special supps matter – a lot.

2) Reviews

In the world we live in today, it is very easy to just talk to someone who’s already done something. This is why there are hundreds of Prohormone and Prohormone supplier reviews on sites like Reddit.

3) Pricing, Customer Care, etc

Lastly, we cannot forget that pricing and customer control do play some roles. If you have to pay with your mortgage for a pack of “Super Anadrol”, it ain’t worth it. Woefully slow deliveries or just one payment method isn’t great either. Small things like these add and will take your blood pressure from high, to through the roof… (that’s called forshadowing).

Best Old Style Prohormones

Amino Asylum

As discussed earlier, Amino Asylum is a company that is well known in the industry, particularly for their exceptional quality and pricing.

As far as Prohormone Supplements go, they stock DMZ, D-Drol, Epiandrosterone, Hexadrone, and M-Sten. Not the biggest variety in the world, in fact companies like Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals beat them easily on this.

That said, they are very cost-effective. They make their own Prohormones and this means you don’t have to deal with a third party. Inevitably, you might need a post cycle treatment or cycle support to help your natural Testosterone production return to normal. Fear not, they have the products to increase Testosterone as well (HCG, Tamoxifen, etc).

  • Cheaper than some of the others
  • High quality
  • No third party, in house production
  • Small range of products
  • Only have liquid options available
  • Make sure you know what you are buying does not break the law
High Quality Prohormones

Pure Rawz

Compared to Amino Asylum, Pure Rawz offer a very similar experience. They are not using a third party to resell products, but rather produce everything in house.

The difference comes in with pricing. They are quite expensive, but they have a larger range including Arimistane, 1 Andro, 4 Andro, Epistane Injectable, EPI-Andro, and 6-OXO.

Some of these are quite novel, and you certainly won’t be finding them elsewhere. They offer third party testing results to put your mind at ease. They also offer SARMs, Peptides, Amino Acids (like Carnitine), and other research chemicals to manage Estrogen levels.

  • Widest range of general products
  • Have some interesting options
  • Very expensive
Wide Range of Old Prohormones

Behemoth Labs

Behemoth Labs is a giant in the world of research chemicals. They come in swinging with various SARMs, Peptides, Amino Acids, and of course, everything you need for a Prohormone cycle.

They offer 1-Andro Capsules/Liquid, 4-Andro Capsules/Liquid, 19-Nor-ANDRO Blend Capsules, Ment (Jesus), Epistane, Halodrol, M-Sten, and some other mixes.

Something like Ment is incredibly strong, and this just shows that Behemoth Labz has some stuff that should be left to advanced users. They offer decent pricing and decent quality, and if you particularly want those Prohormones, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Biggest range of products thus far
  • Have other products to complete your Prohormone stack
  • Other options have cheaper prices
  • They could do with more reviews
Biggest Prohormone Supplier

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

The one you’ve probably been waiting for, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is arguably the most commonly known Prohormone supplier on the market. They have been in the industry for ages, and their range of products reflects this.

More than 30 listed Prohormones, all with names of Anabolic Steroids. To list all their products would take too long, just know they have almost everything because they introduced Prohormones to the US market.

Prices are really high. Credit where credit is due, and they can probably charge what they want, but damn.

  • Leaders in the industry
  • By far the biggest range
  • Stupid expensive
  • Not all the products the website sell are made in house
Best Legal Prohormones

Now you buy the best Prohormones and ease your caffeine addiction at one easy to use site. Whether your goal is strength gains or fat burning, they have the products to help you.

Unlike the other companies, they are only a reseller and do not produce any products themselves. This allows them to have a range even bigger than that of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals – granted they do stock Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Other companies include Blackstone Labs, 5% Nutrition, and Competitive Edge Labs. They also stock a cycle support supplement or two – so you are fully covered for all your needs.

  • Widest range of suppliers and products
  • Stock normal bodybuilding supplements as well
  • Quite pricey
  • Use third party products

What are Prohormones?

Back in the early 2000s, supplement companies wanted to bring out a natural Anabolic agent that would have you gain so much lean mass you would never ever switch from said prouct. Truth is, that wasn’t really “natural” after all…

Superdrol is the one most people know of. They also know just how powerful this is for muscle strength, how severe the side effects are, and most also know that this was 100% an Anabolic Steroid. How this slipped by the FDA I am not sure, but eventually they caught up and by early 2005, they were removed from the shelves.

This was in accordance to the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004. Why were they removed? Well, simply put, they were illegal drugs. Old (and certain) Prohormones were just oral versions of Steroids. For instance, Superdrol is just oral Drostanolone (Masteron).

Look at the pictures above, they are the same thing… There are still some of these Prohormones on the market today, but most Prohormones are slightly different to those of the early 2000s. They are compounds that will simply increase your own Production of Androgens.

How do Prohormones Work?

A Steroid will enter the body and bind to the Androgen Receptors and cause a biological change through said receptor and the DNA. Building muscle, building strength, etc. Prohormones act slightly differently [1].

A Prohormone will increase the production of Androgens in your body such as Testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, etc. Currently, these types of Prohormones are legal to be purchased and used because they aren’t really as strong as Steroids.

Figure 1: Mechanism of Action of Androgens

Unlike Steroids, you probably won’t need a post cycle therapy, but you might need something to control your Estrogen. Even with a mild Prohormone, you will probably experience some side effects. That said, compared to Steroids, you will experience very few side effects.

Is a Prohormone a Steroid?

They used to be. The infamous Superdrol is just oral Drostanolone (Masteron) and you will still find some companies that label their products as a Prohormone, but, if you dig a bit, it’s a Steroid.

The Prohormones you find at places like Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals are usually not Steroids. Since the laws changed in the early 2000s, most companies sell a Prohormone that is nothing like a Steroid. You will not be introducing a hormone into your body, but rather something that will increase your actual levels of endogenous hormones.

This is why these can be referred to as Prohormone supplements because they are actually supplements. They are stronger than your typical Testosterone boosters and will lead to a great increase in Testosterone levels.

That said, you can still find Steroidal Prohormones on the market that would require cycle support, a post cycle therapy, and oh, they’re probably illegal…

Benefits of Prohormones

  • A great increase in endogenous Testosterone levels
  • Possibly less water retention than Steroids
  • Fewer Androgenic effects than Steroids
  • Could have a significant impact on your body composition
  • Leads to some increase in lean muscle mass gains and muscle strength
  • Could cause a reduction in cortisol levels

Side Effects of Prohormones

  • If you use the strongest Prohormones you might deal with hair loss and other Androgenic effects
  • They are known to be quite hard on the liver
  • Could have a negative impact on Cardiovascular fitness
  • Stronger ones would require cycle support and maybe a PCT as well

What is the Most Anabolic Prohormone?

Due to the fact that there are “two kinds” of Prohormones, I guess we could discuss both, and then you yourself can do the more detailed calculations to see which you would like to take. If we are talking “older” and the Steroidal Prohormones, it would probably be Ment or Trestolone Acetate.

If we are talking about new and more regulated Prohormones, there is a common agreeance that the most anabolic Prohormone would be AndroTest. You can even create a Prohormone stack with this.

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Prohormones for Lean Muscle Mass

There is an abundance of Prohormones that can result in lean muscle gains. In fact, most Prohormones will result in muscle growth due to the nature of the product itself. Increased Testosterone levels will lead to an ideal muscle building environment so…

That said, the best ones would have to be AndroTest, Superdrol from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, and 1-Testosterone from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. They are the leader in this industry in regards to creating legal Prohormones, so, they have some of the best ones.

Avoid Steroids: Get TRT Legally Prescribed Online

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For a limited time, you can get a complete hormone panel, along with a consultation with a physician for only $35, thanks to the fine folks at FountainTRT.

FountainTRT can prescribe you the perfect dose of pharmaceutical injectable or topical Testosterone, and their affordable blood work will keep you dialed in the long term for NO extra cost.

Prohormones for Body Fat Loss

Finding a fat loss Prohormone supplement is harder than finding one for lean muscle mass. That said, there are still a few on the market. Again, your best bet for legal Prohormones will be Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Winstrol by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is known to have 25R-Spirostan-22a-O-3b-5a-6b-triol or Super Laxogenin. It also has 3Beta-Hydroxy-5alpha-Androstan-17-one, both of which will significantly increase muscle protein synthesis and keep strength gains as high as they can be while you are cutting down.

The most important things for fat loss remains having a calorie deficit and training for weight loss while retaining muscle mass.

What is the Safest Prohormone to take?

Safety and Prohormones are not something that usually go together. Sure, they certainly have muscle building effects, but the “old” Prohormones had the exact same sides as Steroids.

What about the new, legal Prohormones? Well, the safest would be Prohormones that are not Methylated. Methylated Prohormones are a lot stronger for mass gains, but have way more side effects. This is why, as far as natural bodybuilding supplements go, the non-methylated ones are the ones that are safer.

Are Prohormones Legal?

Old ones, the ones that were on the market in early 2000, are not legal. That said, various of the current Prohormones are legal, you just have to check what the actual chemical composition is before purchasing something.

Figure 2: Prohormones have a funny relationship with WADA, so be careful about what you use

Conclusion: The Best Prohormone Company

There are various suppliers on the internet. Some just resell the products while others actually make their own. Without a doubt, if you are looking the best Prohormones (new ones) you will be better off at Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. They have a wide range of legal ones, including the most powerful legal Prohormone.

If you are looking for Prohormone stacks that are more like the old ones (stronger but more side effects) your best bet is Amino Asylum. Just make sure you know what you are buying as taking Prohormones can change your life quite a bit…

Can Prohormones cause Gyno?

While it is unlikely, they can. Prohormones can increase Testosterone levels [2]. Higher levels of Testosterone could lead to an increase in Estrogen levels due to the natural conversion of Test into E2. You might need a SERM (like Nolvadex) or an AI (like Aromasin) to stop this conversion [3].

How long can you stay on Prohormones?

It is definitely not something you would want to run for longer than 10 weeks. The older Prohormones were spectacularly bad for your health and would be limited to 4 weeks. The newer ones can be used a bit longer by advanced users, but caution – it can still cause side effects.

Prohormones vs SARMs

SARMs will act like Steroids in that they bind to the Androgen receptors and cause a biological change. Prohormones will simply increase your own production of natural Testosterone and other Androgens. This means SARMs can cause hypogonadism, and Prohormones will probably not.

Prohormone Stacks

Stacking Prohormones with one another is incredibly common, and most people will design a Prohormone stack that will get them to their goals quicker and easier. Make sure the stacks you create do not have side effects that overlap or you can suffer serious consequences.

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