Best Bodybuilding Coaches

Bodybuilding is one of the most intense sports on the planet, and having a coach is vital. Let's look at the best coaches and why you need one.

So, you’ve decided to delve into the muscle filled world of bodybuilding. Welcome! We hope you like chicken and rice cause that’s all we got.

Bodybuilding coaches are extremely common, way more than you might think. In fact, they’re just as important for the succes of the athletes as the whole training program!

Phil Health is well known for saying his success with Olympia titles is largely due to his coach, Hanny Rambod – the Pro Creator.

But if someone has enough knowledge, would they even need coaching services? Surely their own advice would be enough?

Many disagree. Let’s look at the best Bodybuilding coaches and why you probably need one to have success in the bodybuilding world.

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What classifies as a Bodybuilding Coach?

Strictly speaking, there is no prerequisite to be classified as a coach. You don’t need to compete, you don’t have to spend countless hours in a classroom, you don’t need celebrity status, and you certainly don’t need an Olympia title.

Because the term is loosely used, anyone can really become a bodybuilding coach if they wanted. That said, you probably need a certain set of skills that all the top coaches have. If you’re looking to make a living off of this, the people interested in using your services need to know you know your stuff.

Typically, a bodybuilding coach is someone who has spent a long time in the fitness industry, having worked in (some) form of physical therapy, sport, or health job.

It would also be beneficial if the coach led their own journey in competitive bodybuilding. Having competed yourself gives you a lot more confidence when telling others what to do.

However, as mentioned before, there is no “exercise science” for bodybuilding coaches to study, and it is just a term used by many.

Best Bodybuilding Coaches in the World

While this list does claim to have the best ones, it is still a matter of opinion. We can look at overall success and Olympia contest winners, but we also want to include things like transformations and consistency.

Best Young Coach

Matt Janson

Matt hardly needs an introduction, because as far as bodybuilding trainers go he is one of the best. Matt himself was a competitive bodybuilder before he switched from being an athlete to rather working with clients.

He has an extremely scientific approach and has worked with hundreds of clients over the years. He has coached 16 IFBB pros to the Olympia in Men’s Open, 212, figure, and women’s physique divisions.

He has coached big names like Nathan DeAsha, Iain Valliere, Charles Griffen, Shaun Clarida, Michaela Aycock, and Nick Walker to name a few.

He also has a website called where you have exclusive access to his guidance and training program(s).

Best Scientific Coach

Joe Bennett aka The Hypertrophy Coach

Joe or The Hypertrophy Coach is incredibly famous for his work with the Classic Olympia runner up Terrence Ruffin. Joe has also competed in bodybuilding before working with more high level athletes.

Known for being millimeter perfect with his training program and exercise science, he has various successful clients. He doesn’t coach as many bodybuilding clients as he used to, but is still one of the GOATS.

Joe also has one of the leading apps in the bodybuilding world called Hypertrophy Coach. This isn’t really for super high level bodybuilders, but more for up and comers.

Coach with most Mr Olympia Titles

Hany Rambod

Hany is a real legend in the bodybuilding world. Having worked with legends such as Jay Cutler and Phil Heath, he has more than 10 Olympia Titles under his name. Most coaches are lucky to achieve one.

Hany is also the inventor of the FST-7 Training program, a program in which stretching plays a big role. He has also recently appeared on podcasts to talk about the health concerns with bodybuilding, and the sacrifices needed to achieve greatness.

It is unclear whether he works with any new clients at the moment, however, he is one of the greatest in the sport.

One of the Best Coaches Ever

Neil Hill

Neil Hill is most famous for his success with the Welsh Dragon, Flex Lewis. The two have been working together for years, and until Flex recently retired, they were nearly unstoppable.

As a bodybuilder himself Neil was quite successful, but as a coach he is revolutionary. Neil is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder himself, owns a gym, and works with massive companies like Yamamoto Nutrition.

He also developed his own training style called Y3T or Yoda 3 Training. Sometimes called the Yoda of bodybuilding, if you need someone to get you in phenomenal shape – Neil is the man for the job.

Controversial Coach

Milos Sarcev

Milos is probably the coach on this list that is the hottest at the moment (end 2022). Milos is a golden age bodybuilder himself and has competed against some of the greats such as Ronnie Coleman.

Known for being somewhat of a mass monster himself, he has a knack for getting his clients big. Some think this is because of his nutrition and insulin approach, however, his clients always come in shredded as well.

Some of his tactics are odd, having you get up at night to eat, or to use multiple doses of Insulin during the day. If you like analytics and lots of slin… Here’s your man.


Chris Aceto

Chris is another coach that rarely needs an introduction. He has helped huge names in the industry like Jay Cutler, Guy Cisternino, Shawn Rhoden, and many more.

Chris is not someone who advises weird eating habits, or complicated training styles. He is a big fan of taking the steps necessary for you to reach success. This means perfect nutrition, training, sleep, and PEDs.

Some might find this a bit lackluster, but the truth is all of his clients were in some way, shape, or form massive successful.

Honorable Mentions

How to choose a Bodybuilding Coach?

There are a lot of things you need to consider when choosing a coach, and the one thing everyone forgets is that you agree on some things and you can disagree on some. This is how you learn new things. That said, here are the most important things to look out for:

  • Results from previous clients are always a telltale sign of successful coaches
  • A Training style that you can follow not just with time, but with enjoyment. If you hate a training style, you’re not going to be driven to follow it
  • Nutrition that is achievable. Yes, you need to make sacrifices, but if this person is a 1500 calories dieter, then… It’s not gonna work
  • Experience with “supplements” if you are so inclined. PEDs have adverse effects on health and coaches should be aware of the person they are helping and their health

This last point is a personal opinion, but a good “Dick to Nice Guy Ratio”. They should be able to call you out on your bullshit excuse while knowing when you’re really giving it your all.

Do you need a Coach to be a Competitive Bodybuilder?

Not necessarily no. There are plenty of successful bodybuilders who do not use a coach at all. They are usually more experienced and have a lot of other people giving them their opinion. That said, the most successful competitors have coaches.

Best Bodybuilding Coaches
Figure 1: Having a coach will be an extra set of eyes that makes sure your training, diet, and posing is on point

They can help you with your training plan and nutrition which is really hard to manage on your own, especially when you’re on prep. Being able to make the calls yourself is incredibly hard.

How to become a Bodybuilding Coach?

There isn’t “one route everyone should take” to becoming a coach. In fact, most coaches come from wildly different backgrounds. They all share one thing – a passion for the sport.

The easiest way to become a coach is to have some education in physical fitness. This will help massively as a baseline of information to build on. Understanding the basics of muscles and nutrition might help you coach yourself to your first show.

After that, you need to spend a good amount of time educating yourself. This means studying nutrition, hypertrophy, drugs, and everything in between. When you have complete control over someone’s life, you best know your stuff.

Start by coaching people for free to build your experience. Promote your work on Social Media and share knowledge people can use. Workouts, food, opinion on professional athletes, your own journey, everything goes on social media.

Do you have to be a Certified Personal Trainer?

It does help, but not in the way you think it does. It helps at the beginning of your career so you have some form of income. Being able to teach normal people will get your name out slightly, and people will notice you in the gym.

If you see a person that might have some talent for bodybuilding, approach them and become friends. Offer free coaching at first and then build your portfolio. The more people say you are good, the better.

And then never stop learning. You can never know enough.

Best Female Bodybuilding Coaches

Females can be slightly harder to coach purely due to the hormonal profile of the female body being slightly harder to manage. The best coaches would be CoJo from the UK, Corinne Ingman, and Jordan Peters. Another great option would be Alex Kikel, a mastermind when it comes to PEDs and sports performance.

It is not clear if they still do coaching, but they are legends in the sport and since Corinne herself has competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting, she knows the ins and outs of female coaching.

Video 1: One of the Best Female Coaches is Victoria Felkar

Another person to look out for is Victoria Felkar, who is incredibly knowledgeful on training and female PED usage.

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Beginner Bodybuilding Coaches

If you do not have a coach in your gym, I can offer my services. I have been in the industry for more than 8 years, I compete myself, and have coached various clients to success.

My approach is straight and simple. Get the most amount of results while causing the least amount of damage to our health. You can schedule a free consultation with me here.

Our services are affordable and we have different options available, so there will always be a good fit.

Figure 2: I have more than 8 years of experience in the bodybuilding world and have helped several reach their dreams

Conclusion: Is a Bodybuilding Coach worth it?

100%. It isn’t something you need but if Jay Cutler needed one, you probably do as well. Successful coaches will teach you while they guide you, and as a trainer myself who competes as well, it makes the process a lot easier.

In life it is okay to sometimes ask for help. It is not wrong to say “I need more from someone else”. Especially when they do know more than you.

Being a bodybuilding trainer can be stressful, but competitive bodybuilders are stressed even more without a coach. Online clients get amazing results, and those that work in person with bodybuilding coaches get even better results.

Hire a coach if you are unsure. It’s worth it, especially when you’re on stage in second place when first was very, very close…

How much are Bodybuilding coaches?

It will really depend on the coach and their experience. However, entry-level coaches might be $100 – $500 per month, whereas professional coaches might be thousands per month.

Do all bodybuilders have coaches?

No, there are plenty of them who do not. That said, the most successful bodybuilding competitors do have coaches.

How do you find a good bodybuilding coach?

You study them. You study their ways, their results, and their opinion on sports and exercise, and you have a discussion with them about bodybuilding in general. If they suit your needs and they seem to understand your body, then they might be a good coach.

Can I Bodybuild without a coach?

Yes, however, it is not advised.

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