PureRawz Review | SARMs + PEDs

PureRawz is a US-based company that sells SARMs online. They also sell other products, including cannabis-based products and transdermals.
Pure Rawz


PureRawz is a US-based company that sells SARMs online. As with all other SARMs sellers, they sell these compounds strictly as research products. They also sell other products, including cannabis-based products and transdermals.

Since they don’t have ANY recent testing on their website and don’t have good pricing we DO NOT recommend purchasing from them, instead check out Sports Technology Labs for all SARMs and Peptides, or Amino Asylum for other compounds (They don’t test but have dirt cheap pricing).

  • Selection
  • Pricing
  • Reputation


  • Extensive range of SARMs and almost everything else
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Regular sales and discount codes


  • Certificates of authenticity not available
  • Does not accept credit cards

When it comes to buying SARMs, you definitely need to do your homework. In an industry without regulations, there are a whole lot of dodgy websites out there.

On top of that, most companies that sell these compounds are quite questionable. So, you most certainly need to do your due diligence when selecting a company to purchase SARMs from.

This article is designed to make that process easy for you. It shines the spotlight on a relative newcomer to the SARMs industry – Purerawz.

Disclaimer: The content on Muscleandbrawn.com and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. Your access is subject to our full Terms of Use.

What Is PureRawz?

PureRawz is a US-based company that sells SARMs online. As with all other SARMs sellers, they sell these compounds strictly as research products. They also sell other products, including cannabis-based products and transdermals.

In a relatively short period of time, PureRawz has been able to build a loyal following. This has largely been built upon their low price and extensive product range.

There is another company that you might stumble across that sounds very similar. This is Purerawz Supplementz. This is not the same outfit. Purerawz Supplements pay a royalty to PureRawz to use their name. Here is what the official website says about this …

“Purerawz Supplementz is a company that is paying us Royalties to use our name, as well as an edited version of our logo. We are not the same company. But we do trust their product – we will never let a company use our name without top quality products.”

  • Paypal
  • Zelle Pa

PureRawz Shipping

PureRawz ships its products all over the world. They fill orders 5 days per week, Monday through Friday.

If the total cost of your order is $94 or higher, you will not have to pay any shipping fees. Orders over $150 will require a signature upon receipt.

International shipping usually takes between 8 and 17 days.

Order Process and Our Experience

From order to delivery it took us about 8 days, we ordered and paid via venmo on March 22nd and the package arrived discreetly on the 30th and of course they included a sticker which I will never use. I ordered FlAdrafinil along with LGD. FL is a nootropic so its a bit easier to test out since I don’t need to cycle.

Certificate of Analysis for LGD 4033

PureRawz Review | SARMs + PEDs

There was no tracking number provided unlike some other companies and the certificate of analysis is posted on their product pages (and above) the only issue is that these are not lot specific and this report was made in August of 2019, making it almost 3 years old. I assume their lot has run out by now so this needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

PureRawz Review | SARMs + PEDs
Some Pure Rawz April fools Humor

Is PureRawz A Good Company?

On the surface, PureRawz seems to be a reputable company. Its customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, which is a good sign.

However, despite PureRawz claiming that it follows stringent quality control procedures on all of its products, it fails to provide certificates of authentication. This is something that more established companies such as Chemyo and Science.bio do provide, which may raise some major red flags.

Products by PureRawz

PureRaw sells the following types of products:

  • SARMs
  • Peptides
  • Botanicals
  • Transdermals
  • Mushrooms

PureRawz also sells such ancillary items as syringes, glass droppers, and acetic water.

PureRawz SARMs

pure rawz review

PureRawz offers one of the most extensive ranges of SARMs that you will find anywhere. They offer these compounds in liquid, powder, capsule, and tablet form.

Some of its most popular SARMs include:

  • MK-2866
  • Ostarine
  • LGD-4033
  • LGD-3303
  • RAD 140 Testolone
  • Andarine, S4
  • Stenabolic
  • S-23

PureRawz Peptides

pure rawz review

Peptides are molecules that are made up of 2 or more amino acids. PureRawz offers an extensive range of peptides including …

  • ACE-130
  • BPC-157
  • Epithalon
  • Gonadorelin
  • GHRP-2
  • TB-500

PureRawz Bundles

pure rawz review

PureRawz sells stack bundles at reduced prices. The four bundles are …

The Shredder

Rad 140 + S23 (35ml bottles) for $156.33

Operation Re-Comp

MK-2866 + GW501516 (35ml bottles) for $128.01

Mass Construction

LGD4033 + MK-677 + RAD 140 (35 ml bottles) for $231.85

The Gain Train

LGD 4033 + S 23 (35 ml bottles) for $154.56

PureRawz Botanicals

pure rawz review

A botanical is a compound that is sourced from a plant and that is used as an additive. The botanicals sold on PureRawz are sourced from the marijuana plant. The products sold are extensive. They include …

  • CBD Cherry Gummies
  • Spartan CBD Cannabis Hemp Flower
  • CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls

PureRawz Pricing

PureRawz offers very competitive pricing on all of its products, but especially when it comes to SARMs. Whereas most competitors sell their liquid SARMs in 30 ml bottles, most liquid SARMs sold by PureRawz are out into 35 or 40 ml bottles.

Yet, they retail for around the same price as the competitors are selling their lesser quantity liquids.

PureRawz regularly runs discounts of as much as 35% on the website. They also regularly release discount codes.

You can also get 15% off with code: Brawn20

Here are some examples of the prices you’ll find for SARMs at PureRawz …https://purerawz.co/product/mass-construction/?ref=150&campaign=review

  • Ostarine (MK-2866) 35 ml Bottle – $54.48
  • RAD 140 (Testolone) 35 ml Bottle – $64.98
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033) 35 ml Bottle – $63.48
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) 35 ml Bottle – $65.48
  • Cardarine (GW-501516) 60 Capsules – $70.48

PureRawz Payment Methods

PureRawz does not accept payment by credit card. They do allow you to make payment through the following methods:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Google Pay

PureRawz Reviews

When you take a close look at the reviews for this company and its products online, you find that they fall into one of two types – extremely positive or lukewarm. You will read a large number of reviews that talk glowingly about the service and the quality of the SARMs purchased.

Here are a few examples:

“I ordered their RAD 140 and, needless to say, it was great. I’m not sure if it’s just my genetics, but I had absolutely 0 side effects besides occasional headaches (which was mild). Gained 15 pounds of mass in 6 weeks and also made insane strength gains. Started out by being able to get 225 for 4 on the bench and now I can get 7, almost 8. My cycle has ended and I am barely suppressed, still waking up with morning wood and still feeling the same. I don’t even think I need bloodwork done at this point. If you’re thinking about where to get your RAD from, definitely get it from PureRawz.”

“So,.. my honeybadgerplatypuss has tried every SARM out there from several big and small companies. He received his order yesterday and he said he felt it within 2 hours, no exaggeration, no bs, and he thought it was placebo so he waited until today after work to comment and he says the second dose he took this morning before work lasted all day, close to 12 hours. You get a sense of well-being,.. just feeling good when you get good quality SARMs and this is just that. Same effect all day today at work and the effects seem to be amplified while fasting, but I digress. The point is from every other company my HBP has tried he says he felt nothing, absolutely nothing with Rad 140 EVER!!…, have felt similar effects from S4, Lgd, etc but nothing with Rad. My HBP literally thought it was just his biochemistry that didn’t mesh well with Rad which is why he didn’t feel anything, but he now knows this isn’t the case, the rest of that stuff was just bunk. He will never shop anywhere else and my HBP feels amazing. The strength is there and that feels great but the sense of well-being is what my HBP wanted and that’s what he got.”

There are other reviewers, however, who claim that they received little or no benefit from the SARMs that they ordered. It is important to note, though, that the vast majority of reviewers have only good things to say about the service that they received from the company.

PureRawz Vs. Competitors

PureRawz vs Chemyo

Chemyo has been around for longer than PureRawz. As a result, they have a more solid track record.

They have an outstanding record of using stringent 3rd party testing on all their SARMs. They also publish certificates of authenticity on every SARM that they sell. Their speed of delivery is also very good.

Chemyo does not have as extensive a range of SARMs as PureRawz. Their SARMs are very well priced. Being pretty much on a par with PureRawz.

PureRawz vs Science.bio (Closed Again)

Science Bio was formerly known as IOC Bio but was forced to shut down in 2018 as a result of government regulations. It reappeared in 2019 as Science Bio but closed again in 2022. This is another company that has established a loyal following based on service and quality of the product. Unlike PureRawz, they publish certificates of authenticity on their website.

Science Bio sells more than SARMs. They also produce a range of research chemicals, nootropics, and anti-aging compounds. Science Bio tend to be cheaper than PureRawz in terms of pricing, with a 30 ml bottle of Ostarine costing $44.99. This compares to $54.48 for a 35 ml bottle of Ostarine from PureRawz.

PureRawz vs Behemoth Labz

Behemoth Labz is among the oldest SARMs companies in the marketplace, having been around for close to 30 years. They sell a full range of SARMs, including liquids, powder, capsules, pills and injectables. You cannot buy injectable SARMs from PureRawz.

Behemoth Labz is another company that publishes certificates of authenticity for each SARM on their website. Their prices are generally higher than PureRawz. As an example, a 35ml bottle of MK 2866 can be bought from Behemoth Labz for $62.48. You can buy the same product from PureRawz for $54.48.

PureRawz vs Swiss Chem

Swiss Chems have been around since 2018. Despite shutting their doors for a short period of time, they are back and operating strongly. They are unique in the industry in that part of their products are channeled towards SARMs research. They are also fully transparent, publishing 3rd party testing results on their website.

Swiss Chems offer sharp pricing across the board. They also offer a 20% discount if you purchase with cryptocurrency. That puts their pricing on a par with PureRawz so the big difference between the two companies is that Swiss Chems provides more 3rd party testing transparency than PureRawz.

Is PureRawz legit?

PureRawz appears to be a legitimate SARMs retailer. Customer reviews indicate that the company is a reliable supplier of SARMs and its range of products is quite extensive and competitively priced.

I would, however, prefer to see published certificates of authenticity to bolster consumer confidence in its products. If this is not an issue for you, though, you can purchase SARMs with confidence from PureRawz.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a comment down below and one of our expert coaches will respond to it, you can also email is at coaching@muscleandbrawn.com.

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2 months ago

Purerwa is a scam, thieves, steal your money and string you along

21 days ago
Reply to  Ta

Wrong on every level!!
I’ve ordered multiple times from them, and have always been satisfied. The shipping might not be as fast as some others, but at the end of the day what arrives is a quality product, and I’d rather wait a bit for quality rather than get garbage sent quickly. Their GH is some of the best out there, and I have had Labs done that have shown elevated IGF and GH levels. It’s legit so it’s not just bro Science gym talk Labs don’t lie people do

8 days ago

I’ve had a shopping issue, but they corrected it and my product is high quality. I can feel the difference and I judge based on progress and I’ve made considerable progress. Their customer service have always responded immediately when I’ve had a question or when I had an issue. They are legit. I was really worried about losing money because I don’t have much, but I got my money’s worth. Thanks Pure Rawz for being honest!

#1 Pure Rawz Discount

20% off with Brawn20

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