Best Ecdysterone Supplements

Finding the Best Ecdysterone Supplements has become the mission of many, as they want a Natural Anabolic Agent. Let's look at the best ones

Ecdysterone (or Beta Ecdysterone) has taken the supplement industry by storm as a means to increase lean muscle mass without using actual Anabolic Steroids.

Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring plant steroid, that does not really bind to the Androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue like normal Steroids do.

This means that the likelihood of Androgenic Side effects is slim to none – in fact, some Plants Steroids have been shown to promote healthy Cholesterol levels.

With so many Ecdysterone supplements on the market, we did the research ourselves to find the best ones.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

What are The Best Ecdysterone Supplements?

The best Ecdysterone supplement we came across was the the Huge Ecdysterone from Huge Supplements. Huge supplements have busted into the supplement market with high quality products that not only have the aim of increasing lean muscle mass but also provide everything else an athlete needs.

Ecdysterone is actually one of their more popular supplements, as it has been shown to increase protein synthesis as well as support healthy testosterone levels. We had some really good results from it ourselves.

Combine the Huge Ecdysterone supplement with a proper diet and some serious resistance training, and you’ll have way more gains than you could achieve naturally.

Where to Buy Ecdysterone?

When buying any supplement for muscle support, you need to first look at the research – does this product even work? Some studies [1] have definitely found that Ecdysterone supplements can increase protein synthesis and promote overall lean muscle growth.

Unlike normal Steroids, these could actually promote healthy testosterone levels. Ecdysterone and Beta Ecdysterone powder have become popular under individuals who are not keen on using Steroids or SARMs.

As far as everyday supplements go, this one seems to be a rather good one. Let’s look at the 5 top suppliers.

#1 Ecdysterone Supplement

Huge Supplements – Ecdysterone

Huge Supplements seem to be at the forefront of developing new and exciting supplements, ranging from Protein Powders to a Natural Anabolic Supplement. Dosed nicely at 1000mg and with a whopping 30 servings, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth.

The potential of this supplement could be quite big, seeing as it has the ability to increase muscle mass and strength without the need of a post cycle therapy! None of the natural plant steroids are going to negatively affect Testosterone levels.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with Huge Supplements. Various great and researched products to chose from.


  • Egg Free
  • Does not require a PCT
  • Highly Dosed


  • More research is needed
  • Not Vegan (contains Gelatin)
#2 Ecdysterone Supplement

Dbl Wood Supplements – Best Beta Ecdysterone

Huge Supplements seem to be at the forefront of developing new Double Wood Supplements is the brand that can certainly boast about having a much larger variety of supplements. Beta Ecdysterone supplements are going to give you similar results to Ecdysterone, as they are virtually the same. Again, the greatest benefit of this is to support muscle protein synthesis.

While more studies are needed to see the effects on muscle growth, there are eager users on their reviews who say this natural alternative to Anabolic Steroids is very effective. Another benefit of Double Wood is the fact they provide a lot of info in their supplement fact panel – which is always nice.

Full Double Wood Supplements Review here


  • Made in the USA
  • Does not require a PCT
  • 120 Capsules per bottle


  • More research is needed
  • Not Vegan (contains Gelatin)
  • Multiple capsules means dosage can be split into two
#3 Ecdysterone Supplement

Swole AF – Purest Ecdysterone

Swole AF is another newer supplier in the supplement industry but has made waves as the place to go to find a natural Anabolic agent. They provide everything from products for hardcore bodybuilders, to pre workout.

Another great thing about any Ecdysterone supplement is the fact that it will not cause negative hormonal consequences! This means you need not worry about LH and FSH levels as they are left unaffected.

The only problem with Swole compared to Huge is dosage. Huge blows Swole out of the water with dosage, as near it makes no difference, 3 times larger.

Read our whole Swole AF Review here


  • Standardized to 98%
  • Does not require a PCT


  • More research is needed
  • Not Vegan (contains Gelatin)
  • Other makes are dosed higher
#4 Ecdysterone Supplement

Blackstone Labs – Best Ecdysterone Stack

The first supplement on the list that has more than pure Ecdysterone to try get you more lean muscle mass. It also includes Rhaponticum Carthamoides 100:1 extract (Root) and (25 R)-5alpha-spirostan-2alpha, 3beta, 5alpha-triol-6-OH. The latter is another potent Plant Steroid, while the first is a bit more interesting.

Rhaponticum will increase all the factors that could lead to muscular hypertrophy. Sleep, appetite, and improve athletic performance. As a bonus, it could improve your mood as well. That being said, most of these ingredients require a lot more research.


  • Has multiple ingredients to increase muscle mass
  • Does not require a PCT
  • 60 Servings per bottle


  • More research is needed on all the ingredients
  • Multiple doses per day are needed
#5 Ecdysterone Supplement

Nutra Innovations – Ecdysterone

The first supplement on the list that has more than pure Ecdysterone Nutra Innovations is a company that has a focus on helping both Natty’s and the unnatural. As far as Ecdysterone supplements go, they have two. Normal Ecdysterone as well as Turkesterone (Research suggests Turkesterone could be stronger).

The interesting thing about Nutra Innovations’ Ecdysterone is the fact that it has added Bioperine. This is often found in supplements that support muscle hypertrophy and weight loss, and it is simply there to enhance nutrient absorption.


  • Added Bioperine meaning higher bioavailability
  • Does not require a PCT
  • 60 Servings per bottle


  • More research is needed on all the ingredients
  • Multiple doses per day are needed

What is Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone is a Natural Plant Steroid found in arthropods that control both ecdysis and metamorphosis. It is also found in various plants, and several populations have used it as medicine for years.

Fast forward to 2022, and some studies have shown that when administered to humans, it could enhance muscle growth. Of course, you’re still gonna have to train and diet, but there is one massive benefit behind these Plant Steroids.

Unlike usual Steroids, these are a natural alternative. This means you most likely won’t be struggling with altered hormonal levels due to your increased muscle gains.

How Does Ecdysterone Work?


Normal Steroids will bind to Androgen Receptors throughout the body and cause a biological change resulting in an increase in muscle protein synthesis, and even a great increase in strength as well.

Ecdysterone on the other hand does not bind to the Androgen Receptors at all [2], and will therefore not cause any Androgenic Side Effects (this is true for all Plant Steroids).

Some studies have suggested that Ecdysterone will mediate its effects through Estrogen receptors, and will end up causing massive physiological changes.

The only real drawback to Ecdysterone is that the number of studies done on this compound is still low. That being said, some (mostly in animals) have shown that in the right environment it enhances lean body mass.

Benefits of Ecdysterone

A 2014 Study found that in rodents, Ecdysterone resulted in similar muscle growth to Dihydrogentestosterone
  • Promote Protein Synthesis: MPS (muscle protein synthesis) is simply the process of building muscle mass, and some studies have suggested that Ecdysterone could build muscle equal to that of some weaker Anabolic Steroids
  • Decrease Fat Mass: When you have more muscle mass, you typically have an easier time losing weight due to sheer mass. While there are better fat burners on the market, Ecdysterone supplements seem to help with fat loss
  • Increased Athletic Performance: Studies [3] have shown that Ecdysterone powder can increase athletic performance. So much in fact, that the researchers suggested that it be banned from sport

Side Effects of Ecdysterone

Currently, there are no listed side effects. This is partly due to lacking studies, and partly because Ecdysterone is a very mild supplement in regards to hormonal fluctuation

Is Ecdysterone Legal?

WADA monitors the use of PEDs in Sport

While Ecdysterone supplements are perfectly legal to purchase, it is on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of products to keep an eye on. Yes, it occurs naturally, but so does caffeine, and drinking too much coffee before getting tested could get you banned.

Who Should Use Ecdysterone?

Anyone looking to increase gains! If your overarching goal is to increase muscle tissue or even retain it when trying to lose weight, you can benefit from Ecdysterone. Make sure to purchase a high quality Ecdysterone, and engage in resistance training. It would also benefit you to follow a diet rich in healthy foods, as the combo can help sustain healthy cholesterol.

How to Use Ecdysterone

This is where the conversation becomes a little hard to follow. The number of studies that are done on humans with Ecdysterone is very low. Sure, we know the effects of an Ecdysterone supplement, but we aren’t pinpoint sure about the dosage.

That being said, many have said that a dosage of 500 – 1000mg twice per day would do the trick. Thus buying an Ecdysterone supplement that has appropriate dosing is key, especially since the half-life of the supplement would force you to take it twice per day.

Forms of Ecdysterone

Currently, you can find Ecdysterone as a powder or as a capsule.

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Ecdysterone Dosage

The general consensus is that you would need to take a dosage of 500 – 1000mg per day, split into two doses as the half-life of the supplement is rather short [4].

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Muscle Empire Beta-Ecdysterone

Muscle Empire does currently stock Beta Ecdysterone, however, I would not really rate it. It has 60 275mg tablets. This means you would need to take 4 tablets every single day! That means one bottle has… like 15 days worth of dosing. I do not think this is the best Ecdysterone supplement, as other companies dose correctly.

Huge Ecdysterone Side effects

Currently, there are no listed side effects. This is partly due to lacking studies, and partly because Ecdysterone is a very mild supplement in regards to hormonal fluctuation

Ecdysterone vs Turkesterone

They are actually one and the same! Turkesterone is a form of Ecdysterone, and research shows it might be the strongest version of it! Turkesterone has also been the one most people purchase more than other forms of the supplement.

Regardless, the research does suggest Turk is slightly stronger. Ecdy will definitely help with muscle development, so many have thought of using both? Since they act in similar ways on similar receptors, this seems redundant.

Is Ecdysterone Safe?

Yes, as long as you do not abuse the product and live a healthy lifestyle, there does not appear to be any safety issues with Ecdysterone.

What is the best source of Ecdysterone?

The best source of Ecdysterone would have to be Huge Supplements Ecdysterone. It is both highly dosed with a lot of servings per container – you cannot go wrong here.

Is Ecdysterone a good supplement?

If your overall goal is muscle growth, absolutely. There are very few if any side effects, and there are hundreds of people who have had pretty good results with Ecdysterone supplements.

Does Ecdysterone make you stronger?

Potentially yes. See, Ecdysterone supplements have the ability to increase muscle mass, and in doing so there will be a greater chance of having more strength. It won’t make you stronger just by chance, but if you combine it with weight training – absolutely.

How effective is Ecdysterone?

According to those who have used it, incredibly so! Many have said that they have gained substantial muscle size and strength from Ecdysterone supplements. That being said, the research is still iffy. Some studies show it works, while others found no difference between it and a placebo.

Does Ecdysterone need to be cycled?

Yes, you should follow the manufacturers instructions on cycling.

When should I take Ecdysterone?

Ideally, you would want to split your dose between AM and PM. The reason for this is the fact that it has a rather short half-life, meaning to keep blood plasma levels stable, you’ll have to split your dose accordingly.

Will Ecdysterone show up on a drug test?

Only a drug test that is looking for Ecdysterone specifically. That being said, it’s unlikely to show any metabolites like normal Steroids do.

Is Ecdysterone an anabolic steroid?

Absolutely no. Anabolic Steroids are classified as a synthetic version of the male hormone Testosterone, and derivatives of it. Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring plant sterol. It does not bind to Androgen Receptors as Steroids do either.

Is Ecdysterone natural?

While some suspect Ecdysterone supplements support Testosterone, it is still a natural product. It is not banned by WADA and is not a Steroid. Even the best Ecdysterone supplements are not illegal or unnatural – so both your muscle growth and natty status is safe.

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