PeakBody SARMs Review

SARMs and Bodybuilding compounds are easier to get in the UK, but that doesn't make the competition between companies any less. Let's have a look at Peakbody.
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So, you wanna get your hands on some SARMs, supplements, and maybe some amazing deals all in one place?

Few places selling SARMs are going to have everything else, however, customers of PeakBody are eager to tell you how you can.

PeakBody is based in the UK and founded by John Citrone – a famous UK bodybuilder – this company aims to give you reliable and farm-to-table SARMs!

SARMs grow on farms, right?

πŸ™‚ Best forProfessional Athletes, Bodybuilders, Gen Pop
πŸ’Š Product typesSARMs, Supplements, Peptides, Fat Loss Products
πŸ’° PricingΒ£6 – Β£100
🏒 Company we preferUK SARMs

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways

  • SARMs are quite easy to find in the UK, but quality can be an issue
  • PeakBody supplies SARMs, Peptides, and normal Supplements as well
  • Some reviews claim they are not that good, and they are expensive
  • Customers seem to prefer other brands such as UK SARMs and ReceptorChem

Who is PeakBody?

PeakBody is a company based in Washington UK with a load of different products available. They can have such stock because, in a country where fitness is more accepted compared to others, they have the client basis to do so.

PeakBody Review
Figure 1: The Peak Body website creates the illusion that they are merely a retailer/reseller, but they are much more

If you’ve been to their site you will have noticed that they stock everything the industry has to offer.

While this may seem like a scam, most reviews point to the fact that they are legit. They want to support the fitness community in the UK by selling great quality products.

We wanted to determine how they would stack against other companies across the pond. The UK health industry is incredibly competitive, and it won’t be easy for them to top other companies, like UK SARMs.

How Does PeakBody Work?

While at first, it may seem (at least to me) that they are merely a retailer for other companies to sell their protein powders, popular SARMs, etc, they produce everything themselves.

This, of course, allows them to control quality more. They have their SARMs tested by a company called MZ Biolabs – “MZ Biolabs provides unequaled analytical and testing services for the research community. We excel at mass spectrometer method development for drugs, diagnostic markers, metabolites, metabolomics, and proteomics.”.

Figure 2: MZ Biolabz does all the testing for PeakBody, however, some of the tests for the SARMs are quite old

Otherwise, they are just a normal business. They stock a wide variety of different products for you to shop, and looking at some of the lab’s reports they look to be alright quality. They are quite old though, some being from 2021…

Other companies like UK SARMs or Sports Technology Labs have more up-to-date testing, something you should be focused on. Recognize how important quality is when buying high-quality SARMs.

Best PeakBody Products

As mentioned, they have a huge selection, one of the best in my opinion. Preworkouts, Amino Acids, Protein, etc. Prices are quite steep on some of the products, but if you have the money to spend…

Peak Body Peptides

Figure 3: Peptides available at PeakBody

Peptides have been growing in popularity amongst the gen pop, for example, older ladies are using GHRPs and GHRHs for youth effects. Their range includes all the regular suspects such as TB 500, Ipamorelin, and BPC 157.

One to look out for would be PT 141 10mg, a Peptide that has been created to help men with sexual dysfunction and erectile problems. It can even be used by females as well. There are no reviews on this product at the moment.

Peak Body SARMs

Figure 4: SARMs available at PeakBody

SARMs have become the go-to product for those looking to gain a little bit of size and strength. Despite some haters on the internet, lots of people find these massively beneficial. Their SARMs range is called Dynamic Performance and has a good amount of different SARMs available.

Stacking can not only save you cash, but you also get one hell of a product. The “Minotaur” blend of Ibutamoren (MK-677) 5mg, Ligandrol (LGD-4033) 5mg, Ostarine (MK-2866) 10mg, and Cardarine (GW-501516) 10mg is a beast. Expensive, but your recovery will be golden.

Peak Body Nutrition and Supplements

Other products worth mentioning would be their normal supplements, however, these are low key a bit disappointing. Compare their Body Burn to the CV Burn from TrainedbyJP, another bodybuilding supplement company in the UK.

Body Burn boasts 500mg of L-Carnitine, and TBJP has 1000mg. TBJP also added other ingredients to increase energy and focus, whereas Peak Body did not. Oh, CV Burn is also cheaper…

Ordering and Shipping

They offer free UK delivery on orders over Β£100, EU orders will run you Β£15, and USA orders an extra Β£20. The rest of the world has to fork up Β£35.

They do mention that certain countries are harder to ship to, such as Norway and Australia. You might want to review the article about SARM legality by the country for more information.

Customer Reviews 

Their site is low on reviews, which is odd seeing as how many products they have. Let’s look at Reddit:

“So I orderd MK-677 for the first time from and I took one pill 12,5 mg for 3 weeks and two pills so 25mg in week 4 and I had my blood tested for IGF-1 levels on Thursday in week 4.

Conclusion: They are 100% legit and sell great quality sarms I cant recommend them enough.

My IGF-1 level went from -2 (13nmol) to +5.3 (55.2nmol) these results are the best i have ever gotten.

Sarm companies are growing out of the ground like mushrooms and must of them sell bunk or very underdosed sarms so i was starting to get really discoureged to try another Sarm company but im glad i did. So far i have tried miolivesarms, Brown, Pumping Iron and Receptor Chem and they all sold bunk sarms ! I had my blood checked after 4 weeks and my IGF-1 levels dident improve so dont buy from these companies. I also bought from Swisschem and they are legit got a +3.5 so still weaker then Peak Body but its pretty good. Unfortunatly you can only pay with crypto which is a pain in the butt.

Lastly: I really like the packaging you get a bottle that looks like the bottles of DBOL, Avanar or Winsterol in you ever tried these and there is a lab raport and an instruction/warning paper, so everything looks great.

Downside of Peak Body nutrition: I had to pay €30 import fees, Delivery time for europe was 1.5 week, and the taste is pretty chemical.”


“IΒ΄ve been on their Ostarine 10mg per day for 6 days, untill I lowered to 5mg 2 days ago, because of side-effects like sexual and clearly supression starting to happen. Hoping itΒ΄s real Ostarine and not some super cheap pro-hormone?

I should also mention that IΒ΄m on a fairly high dose of SSRI, but been on it for ages so my body is very used to it.

But I do feel that this Ostarine(?) is reinforcing the SSRI (Sertraline) and itΒ΄s side-effects as IΒ΄ve also been on a higher dose of it and know them too well.

IΒ΄m almost 40 so supression is most likely happen easier than for a 20 year old, but this seems a bit fast?

That been said, I know everyone is different..”


Reviews are split between a few (of the same) characters giving nothing but love, except for their prices. Others say that the difference between their products and water is nothing. I would contact people who have used them before if you are interested in purchasing something.

Another thing to mention is the website DOES look like a reseller. It’s not a bad thing, but I was delighted to find I wasn’t the only person to think that.

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Alternatives to PeakBody

PeakBody vs UK SARMs

UK SARMs is a company we have had a good experience with ourselves and even peers over the pond. They have one of the better websites and certainly fantastic products. Buying SARMs from a company that only focuses on SARMs feels better somehow, plus, they also sell PCT products – Peak Body does not.

PeakBody vs Receptor Chem

Receptor Chem is one of the most famous companies in the UK and Europe. Their prices are very high, but when you are performing SARMs testing that often to ensure your quality remains high – it makes sense. Advertisement is also focused and to the point, and what I’ve heard from others, their products are damn good.

PeakBody vs Buy Deus

Buy Deus is more on the EU side, but they still offer to ship to the UK. Intended to be the one-stop shop for all things bodybuilding, they do have some PCT and other products Peak Body does not. Peak Body Nutrition does boast normal supplements, however. Unless you need those PCT products, then Peak Body is the winner in my opinion.

Conclusion: Is PeakBody Legitimate?

When taking into account that they have customers who buy and review on websites like Reddit, they are indeed legit. Whether their products are the best is a whole nother thing.

For me, there isn’t enough evidence that I would choose them over UK SARMs. Their SARMs have old testing dates and even older analysis dates. The website looks like a reseller, and the cash needed to buy and pay for shipping is very high.

Despite being a decent company, I prefer UK SARMs over PeakBody

Other lab reports for other companies just put me more at ease.

It’s alright, but I wouldn’t make it my first choice.

Can you get SARMs in the UK?

Absolutely. SARMs can be purchased under the nomenclature of “research chemicals” and “not for human use”. They have various companies that are great, such as UK SARMs. The UK is known for having quite lax laws as well when it comes to SARMs and Steroids.

Is MK 677 legal in the UK?

Only under the nomenclature of “research chemicals” and “not for human use”.

Are SARMs a steroid?

No. SARMs and Steroids are not the same, but they do something similar. Both will interact with the Androgen Receptor and cause a biological change resulting in increased muscle mass and bone density. The differences are that SARMs are weaker and have fewer side effects. SARMs are also legal under the nomenclature of “research chemicals” and “not for human use”.

Best SARMs Company in the UK

The best SARMs company according to us would be UK SARMs. Great quality, reviews, and they have appropriate pricing.

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