How to Buy SARMs

SARMs are taking over the fitness world with speed, but finding good SARMs can be hard. Nobody taught you how to buy SARMs, until now. Plus, the best brands.

Asked your mom to buy you some Creatine and she cried for two days thinking her baby was turning into a roid monster? Yeah, I’ve been there. Joke on her, now I coach people on how to use these things properly!

Today, we’re going to be discussing how to buy SARMs, where to buy them, what to look out for, and even how to use them. See this article as your mini-masterclass on SARMs.

SARMs are growing in popularity, especially amongst young and female lifters. These Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators do hold promise, but how much third party testing is enough?

Finding high quality SARMs can be more difficult than finding a girlfriend that doesn’t want to stab me (true story). Luckily, I’ve done the research and I’m here to help you.

Ps, being stabbed sucked. 0/10 wouldn’t recommend.

What are SARMs?

If you’ve been living under a rock, or what Liver King calls home (probably) you may not have heard about these new compounds on the market called SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

See, in the early 1900s when Anabolic Steroids were being developed, they found that in medical doses (even lower than what athletes use them), these Steroids cause side effects. Sure, they increase bone density and muscle mass, but just destroy your cholesterol and blood pressure values.

Steroids were refined and redeveloped, and we ended up with the two Steroids with the least sides, Anavar (Oxandrolone) and Primobolan (Metenolone enanthate). But, just like an Andrew Tate TikTok, they were still awful for women and children.

SARMs were then developed as a replacement for Anabolic Steroids in the medical field. SARMs will do exactly the same thing as Steroids, however not to such a great extent, and they won’t bring about the same adverse effects either.

SARMs are also being used in the lifting world as “researching SARMs” because of their ability to increase muscle mass and improve fat loss, but unlike Anabolic Steroids, can still be bought legally (somewhat).

Disclaimer: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. Your access is subject to our full Terms of Use.

How do SARMs work?

The human body has Androgen Receptors throughout the body, in muscle tissue, bone tissue, and even the kidneys. These are the “key slots” for natural Androgens the human body produces such as Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone [1].

These Androgens are important for human development, as they bring upon muscle growth, bone growth and development, sexual organs development, and so forth.

Doctors soon realized that if we introduce more and certain Androgens into the body, you see a corresponding effect in terms of muscle growth, lean muscle development, strength increase, and even neural pathway improvements.

Steroids were then developed and used to treat patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases like HIV/AIDS. They worked phenomenally. So well, in fact, that they brought about a host of sides, especially in women and children.

As a result, SARMs were developed to replace Steroids. They do the exact same thing as Steroids, seeing as they will bind to the Androgen Receptors and cause the following:

Step 1: Steroid Hormone or SARM binds to the Steroid Hormone Receptors

Step 2: Hormone/SARM-Receptor complex enters the Nucleus

Step 3: The complex will bind to the receptor sites on the chromatin

Step 4: This activates mRNA transcription

Step 5: mRNA leaves the nucleus

Step 6: Ribosomes translate mRNA into new proteins

Unlike Anabolic Steroids, they won’t bring the same side effects, or, at least not as severe. They still do have side effects, especially if you run a SARMs cycle that is high in pure SARMs that are strong.

How to Buy SARMs?

Buying SARMs can be a rather tricky business. There are various vendors that are selling SARMs, and they sell SARMs at a stupidly cheap price. Pretty sus if you ask me. These compounds are not regulated by any governing body, meaning they can put whatever they want in there.

This is where research comes into play. Sure, these are research chemicals, but you need to make sure that your SARMs source is up to bad with a few factors.

Factor 1: Quality SARMs

I understand this one is hard to find out prior, but you can still do your bit to make sure you’re buying the real deal. A company that sells SARMs, real SARMs, should be having their research chemicals tested by a third party.

This means sending a sample of the batch to get tested for quality and quantity control. Dietary supplements are forced to do this, so SARMs suppliers don’t have to. That said, a good SARMs supplier does.

For instance, Sports Technology Labs is known to test every single batch they produce. Every single one, making them one of the more reliable suppliers.

Factor 2: Pricing

The best SARMs usually cost a bit more. Good SARMs, a bit less. Dogsh*t SARMs will be dirt cheap. The highest quality SARMs will cost more, so if you find a deal that is just a bit too good to be true, run. Run as far as your legs will carry you. You get what you pay for.

Factor 3: Reviews

Online reviews are not exactly professional medical advice, but they do give you insight into what the products are like. Do they have great customer service, do the products arrive unharmed, do they even work?

Luckily, certain SARMs can be tested for effectiveness without needing a testing site. MK 677 should increase your blood sugar levels as well as your IGF-1.

So, read the reviews on sites like ours, or on Reddit.

Where to buy High Quality SARMs?

Now that we have established the factors that play a role in deciding how to buy SARMs, let me show you the places I have found great success with. These companies have exceptional SARMs for sale, and they each have their own drawbacks and benefits.

Most Trusted SARM Vendor

Sports Technology Labs

If youโ€™re looking for pure and high quality SARMs, this is the place to be. They pride themselves on putting all of their energy into producing exceptional SARMs in house, rather than importing and reselling.

While they may be new and fresh to the scene, they certainly are not here to play! Sure, having them expand to other research chemicals would make them even better, but for now, quality SARMs at reasonable prices are more than anyone could ask for.

They test every single batch that leaves the manufacturing plant and produce liquid SARMs, and powder SARMs.

How to Buy SARMs

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  • Provides up to date COAโ€™s
  • Various payment methods, including Bitcoin
  • Only sells SARMs at the moment
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Greatest Range of Products

Amino Asylum

SARM suppliers are drying up, but there are still a few gems in the industry like Amino Asylum. They are a relatively new brand compared to others, but still provide a wide array of products such as SARMs, Peptides, and other Research Chemicals.

Their pricing is on par with the quality of the product they provide, making them exceptional value for money. They deserve recognition for breaking into a scene that is already controversial and standing their ground with a good quality product and transparency.

How to Buy SARMs

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  • Offers value for money products at a very cost effective price
  • Their partners also offer high quality gym based supplements
  • Their site could use some help
  • Some have complained over long payment โ€“ and shipping periods
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Oldest Vendor


Chemyo is an American SARMs provider who sells exclusively online. The company is based in Delaware and has been operating for a number of years.

They have established themselves as one of the most reputable and reliable companies in the SARMs online industry. All Chemyo products are 3rd party tested, which is quite a rarity in the industry.

SARMs are produced in liquid form and so this is the most natural form of the product. Chemyo sells their SARMs in 50 ml bottles.

This contrasts most competitors who provide their liquid SARMs in 25 or 30 ml bottles. As a result, liquid SARMs purchased from Chemyo represent very good value for money.

How to Buy SARMs

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  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast shipping
  • Strict returns policy
  • Some inaccuracy in overseas online order tracking
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Best SARMs Company in the USA

SARMs providers are drying up rapidly, especially the ones that produce high quality SARMs. With things on the market like injectable SARMs that have virtually zero research behind their name, these researching SARMs need to be high quality products.

For those reasons, the best SARMs suppliers we could recommend would have to be Sports Technology Labs and Amino Asylum.

Both produce exceptional quality research chemicals, however, they go about it a bit differently. Amino has more than just SARMs, whereas STL tests every single batch they make.

Amino might be a bit cheaper, whereas STL will always have the quality tests to prove their products are of the highest quality.

All in all, both are fantastic options for average fitness enthusiasts, and few companies, if any, would be able to keep up.

How do they make SARMs?

You find two types of SARMs for sale, steroidal and non-steroidal SARMs. The former is created by altering the chemical structure of the Testosterone molecule, so you can expect similar results. That said, they can give you massively different results.

Non-Steroidal SARMs are the SARMs for sale that you can actually buy from SARMs suppliers. These were first developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and the University of Tennessee.

How much do SARMs cost?

SARMs companies will charge based on the quality of the products they produce, and, of course, based on other things like shipping costs, packaging, etc. The biggest driver of costs people often forget about, is third party lab testing.

Let’s look at some of the most popular SARMs and SARMs vendors.

CompoundSports Technology LabsAmino AsylumChemyo
MK 67725mg/ml 30ml for $59.9925mg/ml 30ml for $54.9925mg/ml 50ml for $69.99
Rad 14015mg/ml 30ml for $59.9920mg/ml 30ml for $39.9910mg/ml 50ml for $69.99
Ostarine25mg/ml 30ml for $49.9920mg/ml 30ml for $29.9925mg/ml 50ml for $59.99
Ligandrol10mg/ml 30ml for $54.9910mg/ml 30ml for $34.99Don’t stock this

Can you buy SARMs legally?

So now that you know how and where to buy the highest quality SARMs, you might be concerned about the legality situation. SARMs are legal to purchase, under a few rules. They cannot be sold for human consumption, and they must be sold as research chemicals.

This is because they have not been approved by the FDA for human usage, and they are also banned in professional sports.

Are SARMs as good as Steroids?

Steroids are one of the best ways you can increase lean muscle mass, when combined with proper dieting and training, of course. Certain individuals that SARMs can get you results that are just as good as those from Steroids.

You can find high quality SARMs that give you monumental results, but, they simply won’t be as Strong as Steroids. They were designed to be less detrimental, and in the PED world (usually, the more detrimental a drug is, the stronger it is.

Trenbolone, horrible, but oh so powerful. Same for Ment. Etc.

What is the safest SARM to take?

Most SARMs and even most Steroids are actually fairly safe to take, granted you take normal doses, and live like an adult. If you are going to act like a child, then yeah, anything can be unhealthy.

The safest SARM to take will have to be the Growth Hormone Secretagogue MK 677, which isn’t even a SARM at all. While SARMs sources will sell it as a SARM, it doesn’t interact with the Androgen Receptors at all.

How to Buy Sarms
Figure 1: MK677 is probably the SARM with the least amount of side effects

It will stimulate muscle growth and fat loss by increasing basal GH production [2], which in turn will increase IGF-1 levels. Side effects are minimal, and you won’t even need a PCT for it.

What is the strongest SARM to take?

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking for the strongest SARM, your best bet would be YK-11. YK-11 is known as a Myostatin inhibitor, which is a natural protein we as humans have that restricts how much our muscle and organ tissue can grow.

Naturally, inhbiting this protein, you could see endless muscle building capabilities, however, it has pretty severe side effects, and you better make sure you’re ready for them…

What is the best SARM for Fat Loss?

When it comes to fat loss, the purpose is either to increase the rate at which the body uses fat through the Kreb Cycle or by increasing the rate at which the body removes fat from fat cells through Lipase.

For the first process, your best bet is going to be Cardarine as it will increase lipid metabolism. The second process is going to be massively increased by using MK 677 as it will increase GH production, in turn increasing Lipase production.

If you are not keen on using a SARM for fat loss, there are plenty of Peptides you can use to strip some body fat.

What is the best SARM for Muscle Gain?

Muscle mass is the number one reason why most individuals use SARMs for. Muscle mass will largely be dictated by diet and training, however, the best SARMs for muscle gain are LGD-4033 for beginners, and YK-11 for more experienced lifters who can handle the side effects.

Are SARMs sold in stores?

You’re definitely not going to find SARMs at your local supplement stores, I don’t think they’re allowed to sell SARMs. SARMs need to be stored properly, and most people just order them online.

While I’m sure a store somewhere has SARMs in person, I wouldn’t buy them.

Can you buy SARMs over the counter?

I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I cannot imagine that you would want to do this.

Do SARMs pop on drug tests?

Yes, SARMs will pop up as a banned substance if you are tested by a WADA (world anti-doping agency) test.

Is MK 677 a Steroid?

No, Mk 677 is not a Steroid or a SARM, but rather a growth hormone secretagogue. This means it does not interact with the Androgen receptor(s) in the body, and is therefor not a Steroid or a SARM.

How long do SARMs take to work?

As long as you have high quality products, you can expect to feel results in two weeks, and see results within 3.

1) Davey RA, Grossmann M. Androgen Receptor Structure, Function and Biology: From Bench to Bedside. Clin Biochem Rev. 2016 Feb;37(1):3-15. PMID: 27057074; PMCID: PMC4810760.

2) Lee J, Kwon A, Chae HW, Lee WJ, Kim TH, Kim HS. Effect of the Orally Active Growth Hormone Secretagogue MK-677 on Somatic Growth in Rats. Yonsei Med J. 2018 Dec;59(10):1174-1180. doi: 10.3349/ymj.2018.59.10.1174. PMID: 30450851; PMCID: PMC6240568.

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