4 Andro

4 Andro, a prohormone that can potentially be a potent alternative to SARMs for bodybuilders, is well-known for its profound effects on increasing lean muscle mass, enhanced endurance and strength as well as recovery of body tissues. Read more to find everything about this prohormone!
Medically reviewed by Dr. Mohammed Fouda
Dr. Fouda uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as an academic scholar to medically review articles for scientific accuracy and credibility, ensuring that the medical information presented is up-to-date and trustworthy. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of the medical information presented on our website.

Bodybuilders often get inclined towards SARMs when building and bulking muscles. This is because SARMs are a much more effective and safer choice than traditional alternatives such as steroids. 

However, with greater interventions in the fitness and bodybuilding industries, researchers are trying to develop even better options that can yield better results than SARMs and with negligible side effects. One such substitute is the use of prohormones. 

Prohormones are biochemical compounds converted to anabolic hormones inside the human body. These hormones later aid in boosting protein synthesis and muscle mass. Thus, with prohormones, you can gain similar effects as SARMs and a guarantee of safety as well. 

One such potential prohormone that we are talking about today is 4 Andro. Read through the end to know everything about 4 Andro and decide whether you want to try or not. 

Warning: The content on Muscleandbrawn.com and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

What is 4 Andro?

4 Andro

4 Androsterone, popularly known as 4 Andro, is a non-methylated anabolic prohormone (1). This prohormone is one of the derivatives of 4-Dehydroepiandrosterone that can later be converted into human testosterone through a series of biochemical reactions. 

With increasing age, the human body experiences a significant decrease in the synthesis and release of different hormones.  

With 4 Andro, a potent endogenous androgen, you can naturally increase testosterone production. 

Testosterone, a steroid hormone, plays a significant role in our bodies when it comes to gaining muscle mass and inducing certain masculine features (2). 

Thus, if you’re looking for legal ways to gain some lean mass with mimicking effects like steroids, maybe 4 Androsterone is the best choice! 

How Does 4 Andro Work?

Biochemically, 4 Andro constitutes 4-androstene-3b, 5a-androstanediol, and 17b-diol. These compounds are potential ingredients that are efficacious when it comes to boosting natural testosterone production (3). 

One of the clinical trials suggests that after 21 days of supplementation with this prohormone, there’s an almost 52% increase in testosterone levels. 

It is believed that there’s no other supplement to compete with 4 Andro to boost testosterone to significant levels. 

Additionally, scientists believe that supplementing with 4 Andro is often accompanied by lower cortisol levels (4). Through this, excess fat and water retention are reduced. 

Research also indicates the suppression of 5-alpha reductase activity level with 4 Andro. With this, one can prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. That said, you can avoid extra water retention and feminine effects. 

Benefits of 4 Andro

4 Andro is an extremely potent compound for gaining muscle mass. With its enhancing testosterone properties, you can expect greater protein synthesis and lean muscle mass (5). 

By reducing water retention and probably appetite as well, 4 Andro helps in losing some extra unwanted fat. This is also achieved by increasing the calorie burn. 

Besides this, 4 Andro is seen to increase strength and endurance. You can put in long hours doing cardio or your regular training. 

Scientists also believe that with 4 Andro, there’s a swift increase in the recovery and regeneration of body tissues. 

Consequently, you can expect greater and far better results with 4 Andro compared to other fitness supplements. 

4-Andro Usage in Bodybuilding

4- Andro is more of a testosterone prohormone rather than an androgen-binding compound. This leads to an increase in the natural production of testosterone which in turn enhances protein synthesis and muscle mass. 

Interestingly, 4-Andro can also help you burn some calories and bring you the desired athletic fit. For this reason, the studied dose is around 100-200 mg/day.

There’s no straightforward answer to this. However, certain companies claim the use of 4 Andro to be completely safe and legal. According to resources, 4 Andro is developed in an FDA-registered facility, with proper precautions and quality. 

Dosage and Cycling

You must make sure to use the right dosage when it comes to 4 Andro. Although it is a safe prohormone to supplement with, one can never be too sure! 

It is recommended to intake 100 mg to 200 mg of the drug. It is advised to split the drug into two doses. One can be taken in the morning and another in the evening or at night. 

Usually, one can safely cycle 4 Andro for six to eight weeks in one go. After one cycle, you’re highly suggested to go through Post Cycle Therapy for your body to refresh and adjust its natural hormone levels. 

However, make sure you don’t extend your cycle for longer periods. 4 Andro can potentially leave irreversible changes in your body with exceeded doses. 

It would be great to get in touch with your healthcare physician to know you better! 

Side Effects of 4 Andro

No matter what the developers of 4 Andro claim, one should always remember that every drug has some side effects. With 4 Andro, it’s a similar story. Thus, it is fundamental for you to take the correct dose and do PCT right after one cycle. 

Due to the anabolic effects of 4 Andro, males may go through gynecomastia as a side effect. It is due to increased estrogen levels. 

Besides this, some users reported high blood pressure, hair loss, and acne. 

More importantly, 4 Andro can be associated with liver toxicity as well. It’s rare for anyone to experience this. However, it is common when 4 Andro is intaken in high doses. 

Make sure to contact your doctor or emergency helpline if you experience worsening symptoms. 

User Reviews and Experiences 

I tried to find some unbiased reviews on 4 Andro so that you can really get an insight into what to really expect from this compound. 

One of the users said, 

β€œI’m currently taking Brutal 4ce, which is 130 mg 4-andro along with 50 mg of DHEA, and I’m making better progress in the gym than I was before when I was only taking the DHEA. It’s definitely doing something but I’m only 1 month into my first cycle so I can’t brag too much about the gains.”

β€œAll it really did for me was give me a good pump, slightly increased aggression, increased libido, as far as putting on muscle it’s nothing impressive at all, pretty underwhelming. Pretty much just a waste of money. If you want a test, pin the real thing. Just my opinion.” 

4 Andro Stacks 

One of the greatest additions to your workout regimen can be stacking multiple fitness supplements together. 

Stacking supplements together can allow you to intake drugs in low doses while simultaneously allowing their synergistic effects to kick in.

4 Andro + RAD 140

This is one of the most popular stacks used among bodybuilders. 4 Andro and RAD 140 are believed to cause minimal side effects and work great together. 

RAD 140 is a SARM, and 4 Andro, prohormone, aids in enhancing lean muscle mass, increasing endurance and strength, and decreasing extra subcutaneous fat. 

RAD 140, AKA Testolone, is reported to be the most effective SARM compared with others.   

4 Andro + 1 Andro 

Both work to increase muscle mass and endurance in bodybuilders. However, unlike 4 Andro, 1 Andro doesn’t convert to estrogen. This means that after using this prohormone, you can greatly eliminate the risk of acquiring feminine features, and water retention can be greatly avoided with the latter. 

Combining these two can yield better results with a balanced diet and punctual exercise. 

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Where to Buy 4 Andro?

4 Andro by Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz is one of the best brands to look for when buying peptides, SARMs, or prohormones. 4 Andro is one of the renowned prohormones to be sold out by the brand. 

The brand offers two varieties of 4 Andro, depending upon the strength. You can buy 4 Andro in the form of tablets. 

Although the price of $29.48 to $104.98 might sound a bit expensive to some, the product is of the highest quality, as proven by its customer review and a 5-star rating. With its secure checkout, third-party testing, and free delivery of over $100, pure rawz indeed knows how to gain user trust. 

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4 Andro vs. Other Compounds

4 Andro vs. 1 Andro 

Both of these prohormones are efficient when gaining those bulky muscles. However, they differ greatly when other attributes are concerned. 

4 Andro doesn’t cause severe hair loss, liver toxicity, fatigue, and joint dryness, unlike 1 Andro. On the contrary, 1 Andro is good at fat loss properties with more strength than its counterpart. 

Even with similar benefits, both differ when their side effects are considered. With 1 Andro probably being slightly unsafe, 4 Andro can be a great choice! 

Is 4 Andro Legit? 

Considering everything, one can deduce that 4 Andro’s benefits override the minor side effects if used with caution. With its amazing property of building up muscles and energy, all while helping reduce excessive weight, it’s an all-rounder. 

With no legal bounds and easy purchase from authentic and trustworthy stores such as Pure Rawz, 4 Andro is definitely worth the try. If you have difficulty believing us, you can surf through the customer reviews and choose for yourself! 

Nonetheless, you won’t be disappointed with 4 Andro. 

What does 4 Andro convert?

4 Andro is a testosterone precursor. Thus, after metabolization, 4 Andro is converted to yield testosterone. 

Does 4 Andro need PCT?

YES! After cycling with 4 Andro once, you are recommended to go through Post Cycle Therapy for about 2 to 4 weeks before you start using the Prohormone again. PCT gives your body the chance to refresh and stabilize its hormone levels. 

What is the safest Prohormone?

It is generally recommended to use non-methylated prohormones concerning safety. With 4 Andro, a non-methylated prohormone, you’re in safe hands. 

Do prohormones shut you down?

Yes! Prohormones can suppress your body’s own ability to produce hormones. Thus, PCT is recommended to direct your body to how it was before supplementation. 

How long can you stay on 4 Andro?

It is advised to cycle 4 Andro for approximately six to eight weeks, followed by PCT. Excessive use can lead to unpleasant and long-term side effects. 

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Robert Atkinson
Robert Atkinson
7 months ago

Can 4andro be stacked with anadrol 50

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT
7 months ago

I would not.

Chemical Structure

Mechanism of Action

4 androsterone is a non-methylated anabolic prohormone. It helps boost testosterone to significant levels and decreases cortisol, thereby reducing excess fat and water retention.

Class of Compound

SARMs ( prohormone)

Street Names

4 andro, 4 androsterone, 4 androstenediol


Increases muscle mass, promotes protein synthesis and fat loss

Side Effects and Dangers

Gynecomastia, High blood pressure, liver toxicity

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