Advanced Research SARMs Review

SARMs are hard to find in Canada, especially when you import them over the border. Advanced Research Bio has a lot of negative reviews online - are they legit?
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When it comes to buying research chemicals online, you better make sure you do it from reputable companies. Nothing worse than ordering something for Muscle Strength, and then having it confiscated at the border…

With quality services limited, customers are advised to buy from websites with fantastic data, science, and quality SARMs.

Does Advance Research Chemicals fall into that category?

Let’s do a bit of our research to see if they are good… or if AdvancedResearchBio is any good. They have too many names!

πŸ™‚ Best forCanadians looking to build muscle or lose fat
πŸ’Š Product typesSARMs, Nootropics, Peptides
πŸ’° Pricing$24 – $400
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Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways

  • Advance Research Chemicals is also called Advance Research Bio
  • They sell SARMs and a few other Research Chemicals
  • They only ship within the country of Canada
  • There are very few positive reviews of them online
  • Other companies could provide a better service with more benefits

Who Are Advanced Research Bio?

A big factor in the fitness world is quality and integrity. These have been slacking recently and Advance Research Chemicals has the overarching goal of stopping this trend.

Advanced Research SARMs Review
Figure 1: Advanced Research Chemicals Logo

They are a producer and seller of SARMs, Peptides, and Nootropics, and their overarching goal is to provide a product that can be classified as the Best SARM due to exceptional quality.

In summary, they want to provide “Honest, well priced, HPLC tested and backed up by thousands of repeat customers.”.

They are also open about the fact that because their SARMs are not fake and will be of the highest quality, they will cost more money. As compensation for the sourcing, packaging, and testing, they might cost a bit more.

Since 2017 they have had more than 3926 sales with 81 returning customers monthly.

Figure 2: They have some impressive figures when it comes to sales

One massive factor is their location. They are based in Canada and do not ship within Canada. You cannot purchase their SARMs in another country.

How Does Advanced Research Bio Work?

Much like other SARMs Companies, they simply want to provide products that are going to help you or anyone else become better. They focus on quality, and therefore, they do testing.

Their testing is done by a company called SianAnalytics, based in Staten Island, NY. They are very up to date, some of the products having tests only a few months old – a rarity in this industry.

If you were to google this company, they don’t seem to have a website. Is this a red flag? Probably. Luckily it seems like they also use another company called Colmaric Analytics, based in Fairfield Avenue, South St. Petersburg, FL. They do have a website.

The benefits of buying SARMs that are tested are vast. Not only do you get the quality but the quantity as well. This is a must for all research chemicals and those looking to use them.

While it seems that Advance Research Chemicals might have excellent customer service, they do have that big issue of only supplying to those ordering from Canada.

Best Advanced Research Bio Products

They specialize in SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators but they also have a few Nootropics and one Peptide. The Peptide is BPC 157, a peptide known for increasing angiogenesis, which will improve wound and injury healing.

Guys who suffered injuries in the gym or life will often receive the advice that BCP 157 and TB 500 work wonderfully together – and they do. Pity that Advance Research Chemicals doesn’t stock both.

Advanced Research Bio SARMs

If you have been looking to buy SARMs for a while now, you might have noticed most places have the same SARMs. Advanced is no different, their site doesn’t contain something controversial or “new” – which is good!

Figure 3: Pure Beast Stack

Their best product IMO would be a stack, of course. This allows you to get way more for your money and allows you to determine which SARMs work better for you. The PURE BEAST STACK / RAD140 + MK677 + LGD4033 is a nasty combination and provided you train hard, eat hard, and rest hard, you’re gonna see a huge increase in muscle mass.

Advanced Research Bio Nootropics

Nootropics find themselves in a weird place in the industry, as most athletes rarely use them. They are very common amongst strength athletes, however, thus it’s nice to see this company offer Nootropic services.

Their BROMANTANE is a fantastic compound at a great price. known to have the ability to improve cognitive function, and even help with lean muscle mass when used pre-training, it’s a compound I would certainly spend my money on.

Ordering and Shipping

As mentioned, they only ship within the country of Canada. If you find yourself over in South Dakota and you want their products, tough luck.

They have a flat fee of $15 for all shipments within Canada and make use of Canada Post. Payment options include credit cards and E-Interac. They do mention that you can contact management if you need something else.

Figure 4: The biggest drawback of the company is their shipping protocol

The location is a big drawback. Only Canadians will be able to purchase their products.

Customer Reviews 

They do offer reviews on their website, and they are NOT all 5-star… That said, they are 91% 5-star and 8% 4-star… Not really the best look when you take into account that many companies will simply lie. Well, we’re interested in real reviews, so let’s look at the Reddit community to see what’s what.

“In Canada you’re better off using a UGL in my experience. AR.Bio has very bad service for starters. Another user and I both had similar experiences last year where products were not shipped for WEEKS. They generated a tracker and never dropped it off at the post office, then sent a replacement tracker later. Very typical way of claiming to have shipped a package but not doing it.

Bottles were also unevenly filled and their testing was iffy at best iirc. Meanwhile with most Canadian UGLs you can actually find proof of legitimate product testing. Honestly the SARMs vendors up here are mostly poo and the UGLs are often very good.”


The lgd I got from Advanced Research was legit. I will buy from them again.”


One thing to mention, it was hard work finding a good review on any website other than their own. It seems like most people are very unhappy with their experience.

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Conclusion: Is Advanced Research Bio Legit?

Do they provide the Best SARMs for the money? Not. There are a few things that need to be mentioned. The one testing company doesn’t have any online presence, no matter where you search. And while Colmaric does have a website, it does not look like a great place.

If you do a bit of digging, there are plenty of people who draw into question how real they are. No employee has responded to emails, their site looks weak, and the owner could not be found anywhere…

That said, some people have had good results using the research chemicals from Advance Research Chemicals. The reviews on their site are 100% fake, or either done by people for compensation.

You have far more benefits by paying a bit more for SARMs and products made by guys that are honest, open, and serious about making good products. The science is simple really.

I wouldn’t buy from them, doesn’t seem secure, the community doesn’t like them, and their service (due to their location) sucks.

Alternatives to Advanced Research

Advanced Research vs SARMs Canada

 SARMs Canada isn’t a whole lot better. They are, however, the place I would purchase from compared to Advanced Research, given the choice. Too many stories of deliveries taking a week or management never getting back on emails. SARMs Canada seems to have better quality, fast shipping, and better interactions with clients. They’re a better business.

Advanced Research vs Chemyo

Chemyo is a giant in the SARMs industry. Advance Research Chemicals needs to do a lot more development, as the difference between the two is stark. The services offered by Chemyo are legendary, and so are their products! Guys, if you are buying any research chemicals, pay the extra money to make sure you get the best quality stuff.

Advanced Research vs Amino Asylum

Another US-based company that blows Advance Research Chemicals out of the water. Their location allows for international shipping, they have done the development to have way more products at better prices, and their management communicated with the community if they need an answer.

Can you get SARMs in Canada?

Yes, you can. That said, you can only get them when referred to as “research chemicals” and “not for human use”. This is because there are still tests being done on these fantastic compounds to see how they affect muscle wasting and increased bone density, etc.

What SARMs are best for females?

You’re looking at SARMs that will not wreck Androgen Receptors – essentially, the SARMs that will not cause hormonal side effects. The two best would be Cardarine and MK 677, neither of which are SARMs. Both can help with losing fat, and the latter might increase muscle mass as well. Quality SARMs of this nature are unlikely to have serious side effects.

Are SARMs as good as steroids?

No. They are not as strong as Steroids, and no legit person will tell you otherwise. SARMs do however have far fewer side effects. They are in the development stages of the medical world, seeing if these could replace Steroids for patients. SARMs will not decrease muscle wasting as much as Steroids do, but, they do have benefits such as not needing to be injected and far fewer side effects.

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