Spectre Labs Review and Order Experience (Peptides and SARMs)

Spectre Labs is one of the newer SARM companies online with plenty of good reviews to back them up. Are they for real? We tested them.
Spectre Labs Review


Spectre Labs is an up and coming SARMs company that supplies tested SARMs and other research chemicals at a decent price.

  • Selection
  • Pricing + Fees
  • Reputation


  • Quality product and tested
  • Reasonable price
  • Great reviews


  • Could stand to increase their offering
  • Could also increase payment options
Customer Reviews 4.67 (3 reviews)

With SARMs companies closing left, right, and center, finding companies that supply SARMs at reasonable prices and with adequate research behind it is quite hard.

Spectre Labs could very well be the place to go, in our experience, they deliver quality research chemicals and reliable shipping.

But is there more to the brand? Are there SARMs Chemicals actually good, tested, and trustworthy?

Warning: The content on Muscleandbrawn.com and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Our Experience with Spectre Labs

We ordered some products from them, but as you might be aware, shipping isn’t always smooth when it comes to products such as these.

To our surprise, the shipping was not only discreet but really fast as well. We ordered some a Peptide, and a SARM.

We’ll keep you up to date on some of the long-term effects of these products.

Our order and Delivery Process

We paid using Bitcoin on the Strike app, which took about 2 minutes to process and gave us 15% off.

We made an order on January 30th, it was shipped from California January 31st and delivered to Miami Florida on February 2nd.


The package arrived in a discrete priority mail envelope shipped from a private address, we didn’t request this but its the standard. Items arrived well packaged and as described.

We’re going to experiment with these and see what type of effects they have.

Certificates of Authenticity

As always we only order from brands that have COAs on site and that are verifiable and frequently updated.

The COAs from Spectre show the following for the RAD-140 we ordered. If you want to learn about COAs please read our full guide.

Who is Spectre Labs?

Supplying SARMs in the market today is a lot harder than just having a good marketing team. With the internet allowing folks to talk to one another about quality and results, companies had to make some good stuff.

Luckily, this is exactly what Spectre Labs focuses on. Founded on the basis of producing high quality SARMs, they also focus on a few other factors as a business:

  • Tested products which they test through MZ Biolabs – which is a legit testing company. All products come with a COA and the data you need to feel safe about your purchase. However, it has to be said their testing is a bit old and newer results are needed
  • Reliable shipping which we can attest to. Shipping was on time and discreet. Similar stories are told elsewhere online
  • 24/7 Customer Support, now, we haven’t given them a call at exactly 02h49 in the morning to see if this “contact” rule is true, but they were quick to respond to our initial contact

Spectre Labs does not only produce and supply SARMs, however, and they supply other expected products such as Peptides, Nootropics, PCT products, etc. If there was a doubt about what their company is about – it’s simple.

Quality and don’t bullshit your customers.

Best Spectre Labs Products

LGD-4033 (LIGANDROL) 900 mg total

When talking about SARMs in general, LGD-4033 is one of the classics. Offered in a popular dose of 10mg, Ligandrol is known to help its users gain muscle, lose fat, and improve recovery.

There are a few sides, as you might expect, however Ligandrol is certainly not a SARM that strikes fear into the hearts of its users [1].

Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg

Whenever you use SARMs or Anabolic Steroids, you risk altering your own Testosterone production slightly. This is known as Testosterone suppression. When this happens, it is not uncommon to use a PCT or Post Cycle Treatment to remedy the situation.

Tamoxifen (or Nolvadex) is a product that can increase your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) which will both lead to a massive increase in natural Testosterone production [2].

It also has the bonus of blocking Gyno development without crashing your estrogen levels.

Alpha-GPC 300mg

In case you haven’t heard, using Nootropics to improve your functionality to catch up to the crazy world we live in is low-key normal now. We finally know what a bit role something as subtle as Choline can play.

Alpha-GPC is known for supplying the body with a bulbous amount of Choline, which is not only linked to improved brain function, but also improved mental health [3].


Arimistane is simply known as an Aromatase Inhibitor. When taking compounds such as some of the stronger SARMs, you will see an increase in estrogen levels. While higher estrogen could actually help with gains, there is a slight problem.

In an effort to keep estrogen as high as we can, we might run into gyno issues. Arimistane could negate such issues completely, and the best place for it is in a cycle (of harsher compounds) or in a PCT.

Ordering and Shipping Pricing

Just off first glance, they offer free shipping to those who order more $100. They do offer international shipping as well as a tracking number.

Payment options include the following:

  • Credit Card
  • Crypto (15% off)
  • Apple Pay to Ethereum
  • Debit Card
  • Local Payments (like Zelle)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Manual Google Payment

Customer Reviews 

We are, of course, going to the front page of the internet – Reddit! On this thread, this was commented about Spectre Labs’ quality:

“So far, I think quality is good. Clean and pure. No crush like energy drink. I recommend Spectre labs if u want to do pill.

However, I found out that liquid is more effective than pill. Unfortunately Spectre labs don’t have liquid. If u want to try out liquid. order from chemyo. If you want to try out pill then Spectre Labs. *Both of them fast shipping in US. I got mine in 4 days.

Pros and Cons for pill

Pros: Easy to take No taste Good for travelling

Cons: You can’t decide your own dosages Not as fast and effective as the liquid form

Pros and Cons for liquid:

Pros: You can choose your own dosages Fast and effective absorption

Cons: Bad taste (dissolved in alcohol) Hard to carry liquid around when traveling”

On another thread, we can find this comment:

Hey guys so I figure since I haven’t really seen anyone review any sarms from spectre labs I figured might as well do it myself. So heres my first full week on MK 677 (30mg) and Ostarine (15mg) from spectre labs.

Delivery: living on the west coast, my delivery came super quick. Id say about 5 days or so after putting in order. No issues with ordering via zelle.

Arrival/packaging: Package received and no visible damage to packaging. Both bottles look about as expected. Black matte finish to the bottles and silica gel packet in bottle. (Just like sarmtech SARMS) capsules all looked fine and the 90 count label seemed to be correct. Bottles seal good as well.

Now the part everyone is really curious about

“First week on: In the past i had been using Sarmtech as my source but as you all know, they are no longer with us (RIP) well my first noticeable difference with spectre labs was with the MK677. Around the 5 to 6th day, it made me insanely hungry. So much to the point that I almost ruined my calorie deficit. The hunger i got from sarmtech sarms was incomparable (Atleast to me personally) to spectre labs. From this experience alone i assumed it was legit. As well as joints and muscles did not feel damaged or sore the following morning.

Now for the Ostarine. After 5 days i got an insane headache. Not sure if this was due to the ostarine or not but i hadnt got a headache that bad in about a year or two. That headache carried on for 3 days. Along with that, i noticed my mood considerably changed. I was getting super annoyed at people for just speaking to me as well as getting depressed throughout the day. Weirdly enough though, when it came to gym time, my motivation did not drop at all. I actually increased cardio. Mainly because I felt the ostarine was making me sweat an insane amount. Im talking like, fresh out of the shower with my clothes on type of sweat. It honestly felt great. Anyway, It is currently Thursday. Day 4 of week 2 for me on these two SARMs from Spectre Labs. It might just be placebo but I feel like my biceps have considerably reduced fat with almost no muscle waste. I havent hit my biceps hard at all either.”

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Alternatives to Spectre Labs

Spectre Labs vs Sports Technology Labs

We’ve had pretty good results from both brands, however, Spectre Labs serves a bigger share of the market. They have products STL does not have such as AIs and other research chemicals. That said, STL has the most up-to-date testing we’ve ever come across, something that’s bound to leave every customer satisfied.

Both of these are great, reliable source of obtaining the products you need for research purposes.

Spectre Labs vs Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum has been in the game for a very long time and has been advertised on more social media accounts than I could name.

Have no doubt, AA has great quality and definitely a far bigger range of products, services, and users than Spectre, however, in an effort to be one of the leading brands they had to raise their prices.

Spectre allows you to save money while still giving you a great product.

Spectre Labs vs Biotech Peptides

The latter of these does not supply selective androgen receptor modulators at all. They focus, surprise, on Peptides.

When comparing their offering to that of Spectre Labs they have a way bigger range of products. For buying SARMs, Spectre is still number 1.

Is Spectre Labs Legit?

As research (hehe) would suggest, absolutely. Spectre Labs might not be the company that everyone knows or even gets mentioned in conversations about the leading SARMs company, but they’re still really good.

They have a lot of details on their website about all the products they sell, how to use it, and what to expect from your exact dosing.

They could definitely benefit from improving their offering, UX/UI, and their business social media presence.

That said, they are a reliable place to purchase from and their shipping ain’t bad. They offer everything you need from a SARMs supplier and could be the answer to finding a new trustworthy SARMs shop.

FAQs about Spectre Labs

Spectre Labs RAD 140

Spectre Labs does provide RAD 140, and the reviews are quite good – “No prob bro. Honestly id rate 9/10. It would’ve been 10/10 if they didnt slightly mess up on delivery. But as far as quality, i dont think its placebo at all and 100% legit. Ive noticed major improvement in both how the weight feels and gain + definition in muscle. I trust them enough to use them for my next cycle as well.”

Are SARMs legal?

SARMs are only legal for purchase when done so under the nomenclature of ‘research purposes’ and ‘research chemicals’ and ‘not for human consumption’. To avoid fraud look for these terms on the site from which you purchase.
SARMs can only be used to conduct research but cannot be used on humans, even if it is sold as “the highest quality SARMs” – they have not been approved by the FDA.

Comments and questions?

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Drop a review or comment down below.

1) Basaria S, Collins L, Dillon EL, Orwoll K, Storer TW, Miciek R, Ulloor J, Zhang A, Eder R, Zientek H, Gordon G, Kazmi S, Sheffield-Moore M, Bhasin S. The safety, pharmacokinetics, and effects of LGD-4033, a novel nonsteroidal oral, selective androgen receptor modulator, in healthy young men. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2013 Jan;68(1):87-95. doi: 10.1093/gerona/gls078. Epub 2012 Mar 28. PMID: 22459616; PMCID: PMC4111291.

2) Bird CE, Masters V, Sterns EE, Clark AF. Effects of tamoxifen on testosterone metabolism in postmenopausal women with breast cancer. Clin Invest Med. 1985;8(2):97-102. PMID: 2938865.

3) https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Choline-HealthProfessional/

3 Reviews

  1. LIGANDROL Experience Analysis


    For a month, I’ve been using Spectre Labs LGD-4033 (LIGANDROL). Not bad, however the outcomes take longer than I’d intended. Will carry on for another month and assess the results.


    • Endurance for Continuation


    • Delayed Results

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2. Alpha-GPC Success


    I orderedΒ Alpha-GPC from Spectre Labs, and I’m delighted with the outcome. My strength and muscular mass have greatly risen. For me, it’s changed the game!


    • Increased stamina significantly
    • Increase in lean muscular mass


    • None

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. Reaults exceeded my expectations


    Results from the Alpha-GPC I ordered from Spectre Labs exceeded my expectations. Amazing strength gains have been made, and I’ve seen a big difference in my body. I’m happy I decided on Spectre Labs.


    • Impressive Strength Gains
    • Noticeable Body Transformation


    • No Notable Downsides

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. They do not have free shipping but yet their site clearly says they do, which is troubling to say the least. I inquired and was told that was just a promo. I ask any person that would read this on the homepage if they would think this is a promo.

    We offer free and same-day shipping, ship USA and guarantee delivery. We insure packages against damage and support all major couriers and the fastest shipping services. Our high quality packaging protects your order from contamination, degradation and ensures safe transit.

    It’s only like 20 something but for me that’s not the issue. The issue is don’t market your company one way when that just isn’t reality.

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