Stenabolic SR9011 for Bodybuilding, Benefits & Side Effects

SR9011, a potent Rev-Erb agonist, is often advocated for its strong effects on the improving circadian rhythm, strengthening the immune system, regulating fat metabolism, and enhancing cardiovascular functioning. Read through the end to know everything about SR9011 and decide for yourself!
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With the sports and fitness industry gradually reaching a maximum audience, there is more dedicated research being carried out in the development of supplements such as SARMs, peptides, etc. 

These fitness supplements are directed towards greater gains, fat loss, high endurance, and enhanced bone strength because all these attributes are crucial for a bodybuilder. 

In this review, let’s figure out everything related to SR9011, a potential Rev-Erba agonist. I will discuss everything you need to know, from how the drug works inside our bodies and its benefits to its recommended dosage, and cycle, what SARMs to stack it with, authentic online vendors to look for, and the possible side effects associated with SR9011.  

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

What is SR9011?

SR9011 is classified as an effective agonist of the Rev-Erba protein (1). Although most people consider SR9011 as a potent SARM due to its effects, such as fat loss and increased endurance, the truth is far from this.

Rev-Erb is a group of proteins that play a critical role in different physiological mechanisms of the body (2). Rev-Erb does everything from regulating your circadian rhythm and inflammatory process to modifying lipid and glucose metabolism. 

Initially discovered at Scripps Research Institute, SR9011, also known as Hyper lean 2.0, is known for its pronounced effects on increasing muscle strength and endurance. These effects are achieved due to the Rev-Erba protein being found in multiple tissues such as skeletal muscle, liver, brain, and adipose. 

Fascinatingly, the group of animals that underwent SR9011 administration showed an almost 50% increase in running capacity. This proves that SR9011 indeed enhances endurance and fat loss to multiple folds. 

How Does SR9011 Work?

Unlike SARMs, SR9011 doesn’t modulate androgen receptors present in skeletal muscles. Instead, it upregulates the functioning of Rev-Erba proteins. 

That being said, functions such as modification of energy expenditure and fat metabolism, alongside glucose homeostasis, are all augmented. 

It is also widely researched that Rev-Erb plays a central role in regulating our circadian rhythm (3). Our body, through alteration in gene switching, follows a 24-hour routine. 

This spiral mechanism is maintained by turning off the BMAL1 gene via Rev-Erba proteins. Thus, with SR9011, you can escalate the process.

SR9011 gives you approximately 12 hours of energy through a regulated biological clock. 

Additionally, research has yielded increased oxygen usage, enhanced liver fat burning, decreased cholesterol and bile salts production, and a boost in glucose and fatty acids (4). 

Still, a detailed mechanism of action needs to be figured out for further clarity and functioning of SR9011. 

Benefits of SR9011

With this compound, one can expect improved results and greater body transformation. 

One of the major differences between a regular SARM and SR9011 is that there’s no testosterone suppression with the latter. Therefore, you wouldn’t need post-cycle therapy (PCT) after using SR9011. 

SR9011 also promotes fat loss via two major mechanisms (5). Firstly, SR9011 increases mitochondria concentration, leading to a greater metabolic rate, even when resting. Besides this, the drug helps switch off genes for glucose uptake. Through this, your body has no choice but to use fat as an energy source. 

With SR9011, you can put in long hours while doing cardio. This is due to increased endurance and strength. 

From a medical point of view, SR9011 improves the recovery process by lowering inflammatory processes and shifting up the cell regeneration process (6). 

SR9011 also increases the levels of HDL while simultaneously reducing LDL and cholesterol. This allows you to have a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Most importantly, SR9011’s ability to maintain a circadian rhythm helps you stay vigilant during the day and provide peaceful sleep during the night.  

SR9011 Usage in Bodybuilding

SR9011, by upregulating the Rev-Erba protein, increases both muscle mass and endurance which are particularly beneficial when you’re trying to put in long hours of cardio workups. In fact, SR9011 can give you as much as 12 hours of energy after a single dose. This keeps you going in the gym and routine workouts. 

As far as the studied dose is concerned, 10 mg/day of SR9011 is recommended if you’re a beginner. Once you move your way up, you can dose up to 15-30 mg/day.

As of August 2020, the compound was made legal worldwide except for Australia. However, the legality is only for purchasing it as a research chemical. As stated by the FDA, it is illegal to buy it as a supplement.

Who Should Use SR9011?

Anyone looking to gain healthy lean muscle mass and lose extra subcutaneous fat can cycle with SR9011. Even so, someone who wants to gain endurance to do long hours of cardio can also go for this product. 

Some athletes prefer SR9011 over SARMs due to minimal side effects and no repression of testosterone. Also, they wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of PCT. 

Forms of SR9011

For the most part, SR9011 comes in the form of capsules due to its feasibility. However, some stores also offer the drug in the form of liquid and powder. 

One should read the label very carefully to figure out how to use the product efficiently. 

SR9011 Dosage and Cycle

SR9011, starting with 10 mg per day, is advised if you are a beginner. However, if you’re a daily user, it is safe to use 15 to 30 mg of the drug. Since the half-life of SR9011 is incredibly short, lasting up to 4hours, you can split the dose into parts. 

As far as the SR9011 cycle is concerned, you shouldn’t exceed more than 8 weeks/2 months. This period is long enough to gain maximum benefits. 

Again, because SR9011 is non-suppressive towards body hormones, you won’t need PCT after a cycle. 

SR9011 Side Effects

After a close investigation of the effects of SR9011 on humans, it is deduced that the drug is well tolerated without any major side effects. 

However, minor effects on sleep, such as transient insomnia, were reported by some users. Nevertheless, it is always best to stick to the given drug dose if you don’t want to experience any harm. 

Best Time To Take SR9011

It is suggested to start the SR9011 supplement during the morning. Through this, you will be able to gain enough energy to exercise for long hours. Besides, during the night, you’ll be able to have a good sleep since the effects would have worn off by then.

SR9011 Reviews

I tried to find out unbiased reviews on SR9011 so that the new users also know about the anecdotal evidence as well. 

One of the users said,

“A few weeks of SR9011, sublingual, at about 20-30mg per day literally melted these problems off of me. I lost about 10lbs of water weight immediately. Then my skin got really ashy and dry. All the acne build up just flaked off. My joints got weird. I thought they were going to hurt like shit when I worked out, like they do when I get off an IGF1 cycle, or tone down GH peptides, but instead there was no pain. Didn’t even need a warm up. Seems like the last leg of healing took place. On the flip side, my normal and natural aches and pains would come back from natural sources, like if I slept on my shoulder, my shoulder would hurt, or if I garden, my back is sore in an irritated way, etc. GH peptides prevent that, which is nice, but not necessary. I am fine with being human again in that sense.”

Another one says, 

“I have tried SR9011 twice. I didn’t get much from SR9009 other than messing up my sleep a bit but I seemed to like 9011. It worked OK in my opinion, lasted longer than 9009 also. May not be worth the high cost to me but some others loved 9009 so who knows if they will like it or not? Every person is different.”

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SR9011 Stack

What’s interesting about SR9011 is that it can be stacked with other SARMs without worrying about the risk of side effects. The synergistic effects of cutting SARMs and SR9011 together can yield greater output than one can expect. 

SR9011 and Ostarine 

Ostarine is one of the popular SARMs used among fitness freaks. The drug primarily aids in losing excess subcutaneous fat and building healthy muscle mass. The SARM also helps increase bone mass, strength, and endurance alongside improving joint condition. 

However, with the drug suppressing testosterone, you need PCT after cycling with Ostarine. 

On the other hand, SR9011 is not a SARM. Rather, it’s a Rev-Erba agonist working towards modulating circadian rhythm. Research suggests the increased occurrence of fat loss and high endurance too. 

Stacking these two together will lead to enhanced fat loss and muscle gain. It is recommended to have 10 mg of SR9011 and 25 mg of Ostarine daily. This is one of the best cutting stacks to look for.  

Importantly, you can stack SR9011 with almost any other SARM as well. 

Where Can I Buy SR9011?

Sports Tech Labs is one of the best vendors to look for when buying peptides or SARMs but due to its complexity SR9011 is not available, SR9009 is available however.

SR9009 Summary

Stenabolic SR9009

Stenabolic is a molecule, or a ligand, which has the ability to attach itself directly to another molecule. In this instance, the molecules in question are proteins known as Rev-Erba. Once Stenabolic has attached itself to the protein molecules, it works by basically speeding up its effects and making them a great deal more powerful and effective than they would ordinarily have been.

Stenabolic is known to be an agonist for the REB-ERB, which is a protein that sets up the natural circadian rhythms in the body. REB-ERBs are located mostly in hepatocytes, myocytes, and adipose cells. Stenabolic enhances the activity of REB-ERBs. By binding to REB-ERB, it brings about changes such as reducing the production of glucose and triglycerides, increasing mitochondrial activity, and boosting blood circulation.

In skeletal muscle, the use of this drug increased skeletal muscle metabolism rates by as much as 50% which was truly quite extraordinary. The compound resulted in an increased resting metabolic rate, which meant that, even in a sedentary state, the metabolism still increased and was burning off more calories and generating more energy than before.

Stenabolic SR9009 Overview

⭐️ Top Benefits: Endurance and fat loss
🧪 Form: Liquid, Powder
⌛️ Cycle Length: 6 – 8 weeks
💰 Average Cost: $64.99
❤️‍🩹 Side Effects: Stomach cramps and insomnia
☢️ Dangers: Do not abuse
📚 Best Stack: MK-677 / Cardarine / Testolone / LGD 4033
🌡 PCT Required: No
🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️Men/Women: Men and Women
🔄 See Results
➡️ Go to the Full review

  • Better recovery
  • Improved fat loss
  • Stomach cramps
  • Insomnia

SR9011 vs. Other Compounds

SR9011 vs. SR9009

The clash between these two drugs has always been there. Note that Scripps Research Institute manufactures both of the compounds. These drugs are Rev-Erba agonists, leading to increased endurance, improved fat burning, increased lean muscle, and a reduction in inflammation. 

However, SR9011 is more effective in doing all of the above, with a more staggering agonism of Rev-Erba protein. 

Nonetheless, it is not easy to get your hands on the purest form of SR9011. Thus, you will often see people supplementing with SR900 instead.  

Is SR9011 Legit?

With all the information stated above regarding SR9011 and the drug’s therapeutic effects, one can conclude that the drug is exactly what it claims to be. SR9011 indeed results in greater endurance and fat loss with negligible side effects to worry your head around. 

However, more clinical studies should be conducted with human subjects to completely understand the dynamic role of SR9011. 

Nonetheless, for athletes and bodybuilders looking for promising gains and higher endurance, SR9011 seems just the right choice. Get in touch with your healthcare worker and make a choice yourself!  

Do we need a PCT with SR9011?

No, after cycling with SR9011, you won’t be required to go through post-cycle therapy. It is due to the drug being non-suppressive of hormones. 

Does SR9011 show up on a drug test?

As for now, urine analysis neither reported the presence of the parent compound nor the drug’s metabolites. 

What is SR9011 used for?

Studies report lower inflammation, higher endurance, increased fat loss, and regulation of circadian rhythm with SR9011 use. 

Is SR9011 suppressive?

No, SR9011 is non-suppressive of the hormones present inside the human body. 

What are the agonists of Rev-ErbA?

SR9011 and SR9009/Stenabolic are two agonists of the Rev-Erba protein. 

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11 months ago

What happens if you combine SR 9011 with Tudca? Tudca increases bile salts while SR 9011 reduces them; one of them must not be beneficial, right?

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT
11 months ago
Reply to  Terry

As I understand it TUDCA increases bile flow and is actually a treatment for cholestasis (bile acid backup in the liver). TUDCA also changes bile salts slightly to make them more soluble. SR 9011 decreases bile salt production. Overall, I would expect a reduction in bile salts.

2 months ago

What about stacking this with Bromantane?

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT
2 months ago
Reply to  Terry

You might run into issues of overlapping side effects, best take a slow and gradual approach.

1 month ago

Thoughts on combining this with 5 Amino 1MQ?

1 month ago

Nothing beats this for trail running but for people who want to keep muscle tone whilst undergoing crazy endurance. That’s what I’ve found

Chemical Structure

Mechanism of Action

SR 9011, even though classified as a SARM, doesn't modulate androgen receptors; rather, it upregulates Rev-Erba proteins. The upregulation of the Rev-erba gene plays a central role in regulating circadian rhythm.

Class of Compound

SARMs (REV-ERB agonist)

Street Names



Regulates circadian rhythm, increased muscle endurance, fat loss

Side Effects and Dangers

Transient insomnia

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