5-Amino 1MQ Peptide Guide – Doses and Real-Life Results

5 amino 1 mq is a highly researched peptide that can potentially reverse diet-induced obesity and make you slim like never before. Read more about this peptide and give it a try!

Okay, so let’s keep it straight that your bodybuilding journey doesn’t just start with you subscribing to a gym membership and then planning your intense workout regimens that can magically enhance your muscle tissue growth.

The bodybuilding journey actually starts with an important realization that whether you need to put on some weight or lose excess weight before you can focus on building and bulking muscle mass.

Now if you fall into the latter category, which is to lose weight, you are at the right place for sure!

Introducing you today to one heck of a peptide, 5 Amino 1 MQ, that is specifically beneficial for people who can’t seem to lose weight despite low food intake. It reverses obesity by increasing the basal metabolic rate of the body.

It is important to note that when fat cells grow larger, they release nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT), which slows down metabolism and further leads to weight gain.

It is this positive feedback mechanism that makes it difficult to lose weight despite lifestyle modifications. It is at this point where peptides like 5 Amino 1 MQ become an absolutely necessary choice.

Warning: The content on Muscleandbrawn.com and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways:

  1. 5 Amino 1 MQ is a potential NMNT inhibitor that helps to increase fat metabolism, thus reversing diet-induced obesity and inducing weight loss.
  2. 5 Amino 1 MQ can theoretically keep you safe from many metabolic disorders and ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  3. 5 Amino 1 MQ is especially for bodybuilders as it can trigger muscle tissue growth and act synergistically with your workout regimens.

What is 5 Amino 1 MQ?

5-amino-1-methylquinolinium, commonly known as 5 Amino 1 MQ, is a drug that inhibits the enzyme called nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT).

NNMT is a cytosolic enzyme that is primarily expressed in the liver and catalyzes the transfer of methyl group from the cofactor S-(5′-adenosyl)-L-methionine (SAM) to other substrates.

How does 5 Amino 1 MQ work?

5 Amino 1 MQ majorly exerts all its effects by acting as an NNMT inhibitor. By altering just one pathway, this peptide is able to play a significant role in multiple functions of the body, which is why I assure you that its mode of action is fairly simple to grasp!

We must first understand that in obesity and other chronic metabolic conditions like type II diabetes mellitus, the expression of NNMT is elevated. This means that it is the presence of this enzyme that causes weight gain. (1)  

NNMT is said to play a role in slowing down fat metabolism. Thus by inhibition of this enzyme, 5 Amino 1 MQ can burn fat and thereby aid in weight loss.

5 Amino 1 MQ has also been proven to increase the levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which plays an essential role in cellular metabolism in adipose tissue. Increased levels of NAD+ will increase metabolic rate and will cause fat cells to shrink in size. (2)

Studies have also reported significant weight loss after the administration of 5 Amino 1 MQ in diet-induced obese mice. (2)

Other than aiding in weight loss, this peptide also helps in increasing muscle mass. These two phenomena must not be confused – since weight loss is by the breakdown of fat cells and gain of muscle mass is by the upregulation of stem cells. 

Muscle stem cells are molecules that proliferate, differentiate, and subsequently facilitate skeletal muscle regeneration. But with age, these may become dysfunctional, which highly impairs muscle recovery after an injury.

In such cases, 5 Amino 1 MQ helps by increasing the levels of muscle stem cell proliferation. This was seen in mice that were treated with 5 Amino 1 MQ, in which large-sized myofibers were observed as compared to the controls. (3)

The levels of NNMT have been observed to be markedly increased in cancerous cells. This indicates that NNMT could be a potential biomarker for cancer prognosis, and the inhibition of this enzyme through 5 Amino 1 MQ can act as an anti-cancer treatment. (4)

Benefits of 5 Amino 1 MQ

The effects of 5 Amino 1 MQ are mostly seen in the regulation of body weight and muscle mass, which is beneficial for various conditions.

By increasing fat cell metabolism, 5 Amino 1 MQ can easily counter diet-induced obesity and thus allows people to obtain a healthier lifestyle. (5

Fig 1. Reversal of high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice by NNMT inhibitors

In case of any metabolic disease such as type II diabetes, 5 Amino 1 MQ improves the body’s ability to regulate metabolic cycles, and it, therefore, establishes homeostasis within the body by the inhibition of NNMT. (6

Once the internal energy homeostasis is achieved, 5 Amino 1 MQ can then also curb other effects that may have been caused by type II diabetes. These include the reversal of insulin resistance, decreasing plasma total cholesterol levels, and fat production.

 5 Amino 1 MQ also exerts protective functions by ensuring significant weight loss in obese persons. This further prevents other complications which present secondarily to obesity, such as kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease.

It is important to note that the weight loss brought about by 5 Amino 1 MQ is independent of the food intake. Thus, there is no need to decrease food intake in order to achieve a desirable weight.

5 Amino 1 MQ helps people in putting on muscle mass and is, therefore, specifically beneficial for bodybuilders. It has the ability to stimulate stem cell production by way of which can not only help in healing injuries but also prevent muscle wasting.

This makes it a useful peptide in countering muscle-wasting disorders such as Duchene muscular dystrophy. It can apply a similar regenerative mechanism to aging muscles and make them appear young. (7) Even though the benefits of 5 Amino 1 MQ as an anti-cancer agent have not been widely studied as of yet, by working as an NNMT inhibitor, this peptide has the potential to regress cancerous cells, which may include but are not limited to gastric cancers. (8)

Reconstitution and Dosage Calculator

This peptide has exhibited promising results in research done on animals and has also been largely used for reversing obesity by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Even though its benefits are commendable and there are few side effects, 5 Amino 1 MQ has not been approved by the FDA.

Who should use 5 Amino 1 MQ?

5 Amino 1 MQ can be used by people who are just getting started on their fitness journeys and need to get rid of fat!

It is also beneficial for people who have been diagnosed with obesity and are now at risk of other problems, such as coronary heart disease due to high cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, 5 Amino 1 MQ can also prevent muscle wasting in people who are diagnosed with muscle wasting disorders such as Duchene muscle dystrophy.

Since it stimulates muscle stem cell production, 5 Amino 1 MQ can be used by people who may have suffered skeletal muscle injury for quick and effective wound healing.

Forms of 5 Amino 1 MQ

5 Amino 1 MQ is available in an injectable form as well as in the form of capsules.

Unlike most other peptides, an injectable form of 5 Amino 1 MQ is rarely used. Capsules are most popularly used for weight loss purposes.

How to use 5 Amino 1 MQ

While there are no specific guidelines for the intake of 5 Amino 1 MQ, it is generally recommended that the capsules should be taken in the morning.

If the capsules are taken alongside fewer calories, a rapid decrease in fat stores can be observed. Thus it is recommended to avoid a high-fat diet during the treatment period.

5 Amino 1 MQ Dosage

The general recommended dosage for 5 Amino 1 MQ is 100 mg per day in the form of a capsule.

This is a general beginner dose that can be adjusted according to the requirement of every individual after consulting a health care practitioner.

5 Amino 1 MQ Cycling

100 mg capsules of 5 Amino 1 MQ can be safely administered every day without any major side effects.

For visible changes, 1 capsule must be taken every day in the morning for at least 1 month.

5 Amino 1 MQ Stacks

5 Amino 1 MQ is a peptide that is often used by bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts in their fitness journeys.

Therefore, it is often stacked with other peptides which have the same function. MK-677 is a SARM that helps in maintaining a lean body mass while Tesofensine induces weight loss, and to observe synergistic benefits, both these peptides can be administered alongside 5 Amino 1 MQ.

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5 Amino 1 MQ User Reviews

Now that we know the science behind the peptide, time to dig into 5 amino 1 mq reviews and see what people have to say about it.

openmindedchicagodoc said,

“150mg. Empty stomach. First thing in the morning. Do not split dosages. I have seen this work really well in some people and not well at all and others. Hopefully, it works for you.”

One of the users said,

“I Have used it for the last 3 weeks at 100mg pre workout-fasted. Not sure if my fat loss is from my Calorie deficit or this compound. I don’t feel any different and my lifts haven’t increased. I am going to increase the dose to 150mg pre workout fasted for the next 30 days. Today was my first day actually and I felt a kick for the first time. Almost like caffeine jitters. I am Interested to see how this goes.”

Another user wasn’t really satisfied with the peptide as he said,

“I’ve been taking 100mg a day for almost a month nothing really happened I was in a deficit lost about 3 lbs strength about the same.”

5 Amino 1 MQ Side effects

Even though there are no potential side effects of 5 Amino 1 MQ, some people have reported sleeplessness if it is not taken in the morning. Others have also reported difficulty in carrying out cardiovascular exercise.

It must be noted that pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult a doctor before using this peptide.

Where can I buy 5 Amino 1 MQ?

Now because it’s an expensive peptide, you won’t readily find it in many online stores, and for that reason, I would recommend it to buy it from any trusted vendor/store that you can put your hands on.

Best 5-Amino 1 MQ Online

5-Amino 1 MQ from Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz is a trustworthy site with a wide variety of products including this ‘5 Amino 1MQ (Capsules) 50mg’ 60 tablets option.

Dosed accordingly to what others have found to be effective for weight loss and priced at $245.48 it’s actually a really good deal.

The Peptide does not come in an injectable form on the site.

5 Amino 1 MQ vs. Other Peptides

5 Amino 1 MQ vs. Tesamorelin

Both these peptides decrease the amount of extra fat in the body.

However, Tesamorelin is not targeted directly toward weight loss. It is primarily used to decrease fat only in the stomach area in adults with HIV who have lipodystrophy. 5 Amino 1 MQ, on the other hand, increases fat metabolism in the body and helps in reducing overall weight.

5 Amino 1 MQ vs. Tesofensine

5 Amino 1 MQ and Tesofensine are both peptides that have been reported to cause weight loss in humans, but the mechanism through which they achieve this largely differs.

Tesofensine works primarily by suppressing the appetite, whereas 5 Amino 1 MQ increases the metabolism of fat cells and has no effect on appetite.  

Is 5 Amino 1 MQ Legit?

The present scientific literature assessing the efficacy of 5 Amino 1 MQ is extremely minimal, with most trials being conducted on animals only. Hence, more studies with human subjects are still required to reach a conclusive decision.

It must be noted that since 5 Amino 1 MQ is orally administered, there are no major side effects that may pertain to its route of administration, as is the case with other injectable peptides. Its targeted mechanism of action also makes it a generally safe and well-tolerated peptide.

Its potential as an anti-cancer drug is yet to be explored, but results from research so far look promising.

From aiding in weight loss to building a lean body mass, this peptide surely achieves just the right balance for anyone who is just getting started on their fitness journey! 

People Also Search For

Is 5-amino-1MQ safe?

5-amino 1MQ is also safe for preventing and even reversing obesity because it doesn’t have any effect on other enzymes’ activity. This helps reduce the risk of side effects.

What is the half-life of 5-amino-1MQ?

The compound appears to have linear kinetic behavior in mouse plasma with a half-life of 5.7 h.

What is the best peptide for weight loss?

The 5 best peptides for weight loss include Semaglutide, AOD 9605, CJC-1295, Tesamorelin, and 5-Amino-1MQ. These peptides generally work by either increasing growth hormone levels, inducing lipolysis, or inhibiting lipogenesis.

Is 5 amino 1MQ a peptide?

5-amino-1MQ is a peptide that is targeted for reduction in white adipose tissue, leading to significant weight loss and improvements in obesity-linked commodities. Patients that have taken 5-amino-1MQ have experienced a decrease in weight gain, reduce fat mass, and increased energy.

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sanket Life
8 months ago

Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us. !!

Bethany Marin
Bethany Marin
8 months ago

Can you mix the digestible powder with water and drink it , instead of putting it in capsules ?

7 months ago

Hi, on 5 Amino 1 MQ, I cannot locate a list of the amino acids that form the peptide or otherwise the ingredients used to make it for import purposes.
Any help appreciated

Brad Wood
Brad Wood
7 months ago

my first dose of 5 amino 1mq was 100 mg in the morning it mad me so sleepy i had to lay down and take a nap
do you know why it did this to me

Leg Day
Leg Day
1 month ago

Thoughts on combining this with SR9011? Would take one of them before breakfast and the other before lunch

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT
Reply to  Leg Day


Chemical Structure

Mechanism of Action

5 Amino 1 MQ is a small molecule peptide which inhibits the activity of Nicotinamide N Methyltransferase (NNMT). This enzyme is responsible for slowing down the metabolic rate of fat cells and thereby through its inhibition, 5 Amino 1 MQ is able to decrease fat tissue as well as lipogenesis. It can reverse diet induced obesity and simultaneously protects the body from side effects of obesity. On the other hand, 5 Amino 1 MQ can stimulate skeletal muscle stem cells which allows it to regenerate skeletal tissue after any injury and also reverse the aging effects on muscle.

Class of Compound


Street Names

5 Amino 1 MQ, 5-Amino-1-methylquinolinium, iodide (1:1), 5-Amino-1MQ iodide


Can reverse diet induced obesity , Skeletal muscle regeneration ,Anti-cancerous

Side Effects and Dangers

Sleeplessness , Inability to carry out cardiovascular exercises


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