5 Best Peptides for Fat Loss

The use of peptides to promote fat loss has risen quite alot in the recent past. This is because peptides follow a natural pathway to trigger fat loss such as altering the hormonal levels. However, not all peptides trigger fat loss. Read through the end to known about the top 5 peptides promoting fat loss!

Numerous supplements have been introduced in the market to manage nutritional imbalances, enhance fitness, or combat diseases. Despite all the advancements, there are always some side effects associated with supplements. 

One such supplement is peptides which are relatively new as compared to SARMs or prohormones. 

All of these supplements are used among athletes and fitness freaks to gain healthy muscle mass and a speedy recovery. 

On the other hand, one of the major effects of peptides is fat loss. Their role in fat loss is more likely due to an increase in the secretion of human growth hormone leading to enhanced lipolysis, inhibited lipogenesis, and much more. 

This review is about the top 5 peptides that can promote fat loss with maximum potency and triggering minimal side effects. 

Key Takeaways  

  • AOD 9604 is one of the top fat loss peptides. It is a fragment of human growth hormone and thereby functions through an increase in lipolysis in conjunction with decreased lipogenesis. 
  • CJC 1295 is the second leading peptide for fat loss. The peptide is an analog of growth hormone stimulating hormone, favoring subcutaneous fat loss and increase in lean muscle mass
  • Mimicking the action of growth hormone, Tesamorelin works by increasing IGF-1 levels and prompting lipolysis. 
  • 5-Amino-1Q is another potent anti-obesity drug leading to greater metabolism via block blocking the activation of NNMT enzymes. 
  • Ipamorelin is a growth hormone secretagogue leading to greater stimulation of GH from the anterior pituitary gland. Through this peptide, your body gets rid of unnecessary fat.

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How do Peptides work?

Each peptide has a distinct mechanism of action from that of the others. However, most peptides result in the release of increased levels of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland. Growth hormone (GH), a peptide hormone, works by targeting different organs and causing systemic effects. 

It binds to receptors found in skeletal muscles, adipose tissue, and hepatocytes. With subsequent binding, it leads to increased fat metabolism. 

Human growth hormone increases the process of lipolysis alongside decreasing the occurrence of lipogenesis (1). That said, your body starts utilizing already stored fat reserves and prevents the formation of new lipids. 

This mechanism accelerates fat loss, especially in central regions such as the abdomen. Few other peptides are seen to work by modifying the levels of other hormones, such as insulin and glucagon, responsible for glucose regulation (2). 

How to take Peptides?

Most peptides are available in various forms, such as capsules, tablets, and injections. Therefore, the intake of peptides is very convenient due to their multiple forms. 

However, as far as efficacy and bioavailability are concerned, taking the peptides via injections is recommended. 

Best Fat Loss Peptide


AOD9604 is a synthetic fragment of the human growth hormone (HGH) C-terminus (3). The peptide gained immense popularity after a successful clinical trial in 2004. 

AOD9604 works via two common mechanisms. It is known to increase lipolysis by many folds and inhibit lipogenesis from taking place (4). 

With increased lipolysis, your body utilizes the already present fat reserves, converting them to fatty acids and glycerol. These by-products are then eventually used in the production of ATP. On the other hand, new fat synthesis via lipogenesis is reduced to marked levels with AOD9604. 

5 Best Peptides for Fat Loss
  • Marked fat loss
  • Can help prevent cardiovascular and metabolic disorders away
  • One might experience headache, palpitations and euphoria as side effects
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Best GH Peptide for Fat Loss

CJC 1295

Comprising approximately 30 amino acids, CJC 1295 is a synthetic analog of growth hormone stimulating hormone (GHRH). With increased GHRH levels, the anterior pituitary gland is stimulated. This leads to peak growth hormone (GH) levels and, consequently, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) (5). 

With high GH and IGF-1, you have a better chance of reducing excess subcutaneous fat and an increased lean muscle mass due to enhanced protein synthesis. CJC 1295 is also reported to improve the lipid profile of many. 

Interestingly, CJC 1295 works best with maximized benefits when stacked with Ipamorelin. When dosed appropriately, both can boost fat loss, improve protein synthesis, lead to lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, and rapid healing. 

5 Best Peptides for Fat Loss
  • Increases growth hormone
  • Enhanced muscle mass and protein synthesis
  • Pain, redness and flushing of the face can be experienced after injection
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Newest Fat Loss Drug

5-Amino-1 MQ

5-Amino-1 MQ is a synthetic derivative of methylquinolinium and is currently used as an emerging anti-obesity drug. The working mechanism of 5-Amino-1 MQ is unique from other peptides. 

This drug works by blocking activating an enzyme called nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) (6). With progressive blocking, the levels of NAD+ are drastically raised, leading to enhanced and rapid cellular metabolism. 

Through improved metabolism, your body gets the chance to utilize stored fats for energy production. 

5-Amino-1 MQ is currently being investigated for its potential role in inhibiting adipogenesis, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and reversing diet-induced obesity. 

5 Best Peptides for Fat Loss
  • Potent anti-obesity drug
  • Rapid cellular metabolism and energy production
  • Some report difficulty in sleeping after the use
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Medical Peptide for Fat Loss


Tesamorelin is considered to be one of the best peptides for fat loss. With several clinical trials reporting its efficacy, Tesamorelin can be revolutionary in cases of severe fat deposition such as central obesity. 

Tesamorelin Acetate is a synthetic peptide consisting of 44 amino acids. The peptide is seen to mimic the action of the human growth hormone (HGH). It is seen to increase the production of IGF-1, leading to lipolysis and reduced adipose tissue (7). 

Tesamorelin, through clinical trials, helps reduce the visceral adipose tissue as in cases of HIV-induced lipodystrophy (abnormal fat deposition in certain body parts). 

It is reported that Tesamorelin works best in individuals over 30 years since the production of HGH naturally starts declining. Therefore the effects of Tesamorelin are more prominent in such people. 

5 Best Peptides for Fat Loss
  • Increased lipolysis and reduces adipose tissue
  • Can help manage HIV-induced lipodystrophy
  • You might experience depressed mood, insomnia, nausea and vomiting
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Growth Hormone Secretagogue for Fat Loss


Ipamorelin is a potential growth hormone secretagogue, causing the release of Growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland (8). A surge in endogenous GH release causes several physiological processes like lipolysis and energy production to alter. 

With improved lipid metabolism, your body gets rid of unnecessary subcutaneous fat (9). Even after a single cycle, individuals report higher levels of HGH than normal. 

Fortunately, unlike other GH secretagogues, Ipamorelin doesn’t cause unpleasant effects such as increased cortisol levels or appetite changes. 

In conjunction with CJC 1295, Ipamorelin can cause a prolonged rise in Growth hormone production and, consequently, wider benefits. 

5 Best Peptides for Fat Loss
  • Increases lipolysis 
  • Increases energy production
  • Pain, redness and flushing of the face can be experienced after injection
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How to reconstitute Peptides?

Peptides usually require reconstitution before administering. It is due to most peptides being manufactured in powder/lyophilized form when in a container/vial. 

Therefore, to efficiently use the drug, you must mix the powdered peptide with bacteriostatic water. Make sure you add drops of water with the right dosage in consideration. 

After mixing, make sure there is maximum interaction between the bacteriostatic water and powdered peptide in the vial. 

How to inject Peptides?

Most peptides are supposed to be injected into the body via a needle since very few come in the form of capsules. Intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous are the three most common methods of administering peptides. 

The Intravenous method requires a professional for the administration. In contrast, for intramuscular, all it takes is a direct jab on the muscles. In the end, subcutaneous administration is perhaps the easiest route. All one needs to do is prick the needle underneath the skin. 

However, under all circumstances, it is recommended to have a professional or an experienced individual do the procedure. 

Are Peptides Safe for Fat Loss?

Starting new supplements can be daunting at times because of their potential side effects. However, with peptides, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Peptides are generally considered very safe and fall within the safety profile. It is due to most peptides mimicking the actions of endogenous hormones. 

However, peptides are contraindicated in cases of pregnancy and cancer.

Additional benefits of using Peptides

While fat loss is one of the most prominent benefits associated with peptides, it would be naive to limit it to that only. Peptides are multi-oriented supplements that are being used by the masses. 

They’ve reported causing enhanced angiogenesis, leading to better recovery and wound healing. Growth hormone analogs/secretagogues are reported to increase lean muscle mass, making these peptides popular among athletes and fitness freaks. 

With improved fat loss, peptides also help in reducing the risk of developing potential cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis. Certain peptides also have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Alternatives for Weight Loss

Although peptides are quite efficient and potent regarding fat loss properties, they aren’t the only ones to do so. Certain compounds have been developed, especially in the past decade, that cater to fat loss attributes besides other benefits. 

As alternatives, certain Selective Androgen Receptor modulators (SARMs) such as Cardarine and Ostarine are best when it comes to fat loss.

However, strong SARMs are also known for nastier side effects. Besides this, fat loss supplements can also be used with Peptides. 

Are Fat Loss Peptides Legit?

Using peptides is surely the safest way to reduce excess fat. With little to no side effects, peptides can provide long-term benefits such as increased fat loss, cholesterol and triglyceride regulation, and an overall healthy physical being.  

These peptides, besides fat loss, also provide a wide range of other benefits such as rapid wound healing, recovery, and an increase in lean muscle mass. 

Therefore, with peptides, you’re in for a multi-beneficial effect all at once. The ball’s in your court! 

What peptide is best for fat loss?

Tesamorelin is reportedly more potent than CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin combined. It is considered effective in individuals with a greater amount of fat to lose.

Do peptides burn belly fat?

Yes, some peptides have been reported to work directly on the abdominal fat through increased lipolysis and inhibition of lipogenesis.

Who should not take peptides?

Generally, peptides are well tolerated with rare side effects. However, if you’re pregnant or have/had cancer, peptide supplementation is contraindicated as it can interfere with hormone balance.

How fast do you see results from peptides?

It generally takes a couple of months for results to show up. However, after 4 to 6 months, they should be highly apparent.

How long should you cycle peptides?

It is recommended to cycle for approximately 6 to 12 weeks.


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