IGF-1 LR3 for Bodybuilding: Dosage, Sides Effects, Dangers

We know that Growth Hormone seems to be key to growth and fat loss, but how do other Peptides fit into the equation? Let's look at the infamous IGF-1 LR3 and its place.
Medically reviewed by Dr. Mohammed Fouda
Dr. Fouda uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as an academic scholar to medically review articles for scientific accuracy and credibility, ensuring that the medical information presented is up-to-date and trustworthy. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of the medical information presented on our website.

We often hear about Growth Hormone being one of the best compounds for fat loss, and being exceptional for gaining a ton of muscle.

Since HGH simply increases IGF-1 levels, why would you not simply take IGF-1, and better yet, why not take the improved version – IGF 1 LR3?

Is it even worth it though? Do you have to combine it with Insulin or specific nutrients to get the best effects?

Let’s dive into the dismally complicated world of Peptides and find out…

Warning: The content on Muscleandbrawn.com and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Key Takeaways

  • IGF1 LR3 is a lengthened and more stable version of IGF1
  • It has a lower binding affinity with IGF Binding proteins
  • It can help with building muscle and losing fat
  • Other benefits include lowering inflammation, and nutrient partitioning
  • Not as strong as HGH, but worth the money in the right scenario

What is IGF 1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) LR3?

IGF 1 refers to Insulin-Like Growth Factor, a natural hormone found in the body working in close relation to natural Growth Hormone production.

IGF-1 LR3 Review
Figure 1: LR3 is an analog of pure IGF-1

As children, these two are vital for the growth and development of bone and other tissues, however, as we age we see a reduction in both of these [1]. This reduction does have side effects such as decreased muscle mass, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

IGF 1 LR3 on the other hand is something a bit more complicated. This is a lengthened analog of natural IGF-1. There are two main differences:

  1. It possesses an Arginine instead of a Glutamic Acid in the third position
  2. It also possesses 13 additional Amino Acids at the N-terminus

Why these changes? Well, they massively increase the effectiveness of IGF-1 by lowering its affinity to the insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins (IGFBPs).

How Does IGF 1 LR3 Work?

Normal IGF-1 will bind to the IGF receptors (IGF1 Receptor (IGFR), and the insulin receptor) in the body and cause a biological change wherever it is bound.

IGF 1 LR3 will regulate hypertrophy and muscle growth via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR and PI3K/Akt/GSK3β pathways.

Because LR3 has greater metabolic stability compared to the regular stuff, it seems to be far more effective at the mechanisms it involves.

While IGF 1 will virtually act on all of the body’s cells, looking at what it can do in muscle cells, it will boost protein synthesis, it might act as a glucose uptake aid, and it will also lead to a positive Nitrogen balance [2, 3].

All of these form part of the perfect muscle-building environment, and thus IGF 1 LR3 can help with this when combined with training, diet, and the correct polypharmacology.

Another thing to consider is the fact that it could play a role in the downregulation of Glucocorticoids. This will not only massively reduce inflammation but thereby also boost recovery tremendously.

Benefits of IGF 1 LR3

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Muscle development of injured muscle cells
  • Can help break down Adipose tissue (fat) potentially
  • Can help slow human aging
  • Acts like a Glucose Disposal Agent
  • Can form part of Glucocorticoid therapy
  • Can alleviate joint pain
  • Improves overall athletic performance

IGF 1 LR3 Side Effects

IGF 1 LR3 for Bodybuilding

IGF-1 LR3 for Bodybuilding: Dosage, Sides Effects, Dangers

A common way to try and increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass would be to use Peptides. The most common would be pure HGH, as this would lower the need for Androgens. Does IGF 1 LR3 belong in your stack?

Perhaps. The truth is you would probably need to use IGF 1 LR3 in conjunction with other Peptides and Androgens to get the best results. For instance, a popular method of utilizing polypharmacy would be:

  1. Injection of Human Growth Hormone before your workout to cause a basal release of IGF 1 into the body
  2. Injecting Insulin post-workout to allow for greater nutrient shuttling into the muscle cells
  3. 45 – 60 minutes you would use an IGF 1 product (such as LR3) in a localized fashion, meaning you inject it into the target muscle. While steps 1 and 2 are fine on every workout day, step 3 should be kept to 2 – 3 times per week

Even then, looking at the reviews online it would appear that IGF 1 DES seems to be better for overall hypertrophy. That said, LR3 seems to be amazing at helping with nutrient partitioning and could lower your need for Insulin.

This means less Insulin use, fewer insulin sensitivity issues, and better recovery all around. This could avoid a metabolic syndrome like prediabetes, and could even avoid weight gain from fat, potentially.

Does IGF 1 really increase Muscle Cells?

IGF 1 does lead to an increase in muscle hypertrophy, there is no doubt about that. However, people often misunderstand how strong it is in relation to Anabolic Steroids.

IGF-1 LR3 for Bodybuilding: Dosage, Sides Effects, Dangers
Figure 2: Yes, IGF-1 will definitely increase muscle cell size
  1. Steroids will increase the size of muscle cells greatly, but will not increase the number of muscle fibers as effectively
  2. IGF 1 on the other hand is far better at increasing the number of muscle fibers

However, these new fibers are young, weak, and barely noticeable. This is why (for the best results) professional bodybuilders combine IGF 1 LR3 with other compounds to get the best anabolic effects.

How to Use IGF 1 LR3

As mentioned, there are 101 different ways to use (all Peptides) IGF 1 LR3. Depending on how much you can afford, how much you can handle, and the protocol of the rest of your pharmacology, your cycle would differ wildly from someone else’s.

IGF 1 LR3 Dosage

20 – 40mcg split into the muscles worked out once per day, 2 – 3 times per week.

IGF 1 LR3 Cycle

IGF 1 LR3 can be utilized with virtually every other compound, as it can help with reducing fat storage or increasing muscle gains.

IGF 1 LR3 Stack

IGF 1 LR3 is most commonly stacked with Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Insulin, Anabolic Steroids, and a vast amount of Amino Acids.

IGF 1 LR3 User Experiences

Wow so today i ate 50g carbs mostly a gatoraide drink then injected 50mcg sub q.

Trained chest and back about 30 minutes later and i can’t believe strength pump etc all went up.

I am almost finish with the 1 month cycle i barely trained, i wanted to rest to get that damn groin pain under control.

But today was magic. After my cycle i am gonna stop but hit another one 2 months later.

Love them peptides.

All my peptides come from canlab, if they are too expensive i go with Canadian medical supply but my first choice is always canlab.

IMO its purely an aesthetic drug. I’ve never been able to tease out any demonstrable “gains” I’ve made from it and I’ve probably ran more than most have of lr3…in the neighborhood or 200+ milligrams over the years. It does have a profound aesthetic effect though, the easiest way to put it is its like “GH on steroids” :p

your veins pop out, you lose fat quicker, you retain a little more intramuscular water so you feel more pumped than normal….buuuut, that all goes away after stopping it and you return back to baseline. Its true of literally everything. Nothing gives “permanent gains” anyways – when running PEDs your body is adjusting to whatever you are feeding it or stopping feeding it drug wise.


When To Inject IGF 1 LR3

Post-workout would be the best time of the day to use IGF 1 LR3. It is not essential to use it along with HGH and Insulin, but it does help. You would also need to dump a ton of Amino Acids into the body to get the best effects. This combination of factors would allow for the most amount of cell growth.

Where Can I Buy IGF 1 LR3?

Quality IGF-1 LR3

IGF-LR3 from BiotechPeptides.com

The best place to purchase IGF 1 LR3 would be BiotechPeptides.com. This 1mg vial would run you $107 before specials, and because their quality is of such a high standard, you could get a lot out of one vial.

They’re also very kind enough to give a bit of background on the compound, which you don’t always see when it comes to research chemicals.

10% off with BP10

IGF 1 LR3 Pricing

A few things to note is that IGF1 LR3 is not as expensive as pure HGH, however, it does run you more than pure IGF1.

The more you purchase at a single time the cheaper it gets, and it would seem the best way to purchase it would be 10 vials at a time.

IGF1 LR3 along with most other Peptides are banned by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. This means that as a competitor in a tested sport, you would not be allowed to use this compound.

That said, as a normal human being, you are allowed to purchase this compound under a few terms. “Research Chemical” and “Not for Human Use”.

When an Amino Acid sequence is sold under these terms, it is referred to as Research Peptide and can be purchased legally.

IGF 1 LR3 vs. Other Compounds


Which of these two is worth spending your hard-earned money on? Anyone with a fragment of a brain would say go for the HGH. Yes, LR3 has a really long half-life and yes due to this it has noticeable effects on new muscle cells, however, nothing beats HGH.

HGH is way more powerful and will have far greater results on cell division and fat breakdown as well. There are not a lot of clinical trials looking at the dosing and polypharmacy one of us might use, however, every single person who chemically altered their body with either of these said HGH was far stronger. Because it is.

IGF1 vs IGF1 LR3

The big question, of course, is if LR3 is really worth it. And the answer is yes. Lr3 has far more improved metabolic stability, meaning the amount of time it can spend in the body binding to receptors and causing cell-to-cell communication is far greater.

Pure IGF 1 has a woefully low half-life, meaning the amount of time it spends in the human body causing changes is very low.


MGF or Mechano Growth Factor is another popular peptide, especially in the aging population. That said, it doesn’t really have such a big role in athletes and other high-performance individuals. Sure, it can help, however, if the goal is cell proliferation and cell division (muscle hypertrophy) IGF1 is fat stronger and better.

Conclusion: Is IGF 1 LR3 Worth it?

We’ve learned a lot today – it’s okay if it feels overwhelming. I used to find IGF1 confusing too and to be honest, I still have to pull out a notebook every now and then.

LR3 is a longer and more stable version of pure IGF1, and when combined with physical exercise, can have some really good results. Combine it with other pharma, and you could have one massive synergy resulting in massive gains.

The insulin Growth Factor is one of the most important hormones we have as humans, and due to the longer half-life, LR3 is vastly superior. I would still spend my money on HGH first and then start looking at stacking it with another synthetic peptide or synthetic protein.

But, yes, IGF1 LR3 is worth it if you can afford it.

Does IGF-1 make you bigger?

It can, yes. It is known to help with hyperplasia, and can certainly help you grow more muscle tissue. The problem is it will not make you grow as fast as Steroids do, and it might require polypharmacy.

Does IGF-1 LR3 increase strength?

Very minimally. It will not increase the neurological activity of the body, nor will it increase recovery of the joints like a 19-Nor would. It would only increase strength by slowly causing hypertrophy.

IGF1 LR3 Results

Many have claimed that LR3 helped them stay leaner in the off-season, most likely due to its nutrient partitioning effects.

Does IGF-1 LR3 burn fat?

Not in the conventional sense. What it can do is help push nutrients into the body cells found in muscle, and not fat. Thus, most people do get leaner on IGF1 LR3.

IGF-1 LR3 Reconstitution and Dosage Calculator

Still Have Questions?

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Dr. Mohammed Fouda | Reviewer

Dr. Fouda uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as an academic scholar to medically review articles for scientific accuracy and credibility, ensuring that the medical information presented is up-to-date and trustworthy. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of the medical information presented on our website.

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