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How to use Peptides for Bodybuilding

Peptides are chains of Amino Acids that when used correctly can result in massive gains, fat loss, and so much more. A secret weapon or a cursed venture?

Best peptide for weight loss

Best Peptides for Weight Loss

Peptides are well-known for their multi-tasking effects on the body. One of the potential effects is weight loss. Here, I review the top 5 peptides you can consider as an effective weight loss strategy!

What are Peptides

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the word peptide thrown around, maybe it was


Hexarelin Review

Hexarelin belongs to the class of growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) that binds strongly to the receptors and triggers the release of growth hormone (GH) along with offering prospective benefits to cardiovascular and musculoskeletal strength.


Macimorelin Review

Macimorelin is a strong agonist of the GHS-R1a, which is potentially used as a diagnostic test for the adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD).

Lenomorelin Review

Lenomorelin (ghrelin) is popularly known as the ‘hunger hormone’. It increases your appetite, which eventually results in an increase in weight gain, improved lean muscle mass, and enhanced stamina.


Anamorelin Review

Anamorelin is a non-peptidic compound that has proved itself as a potential drug to be used in managing cancer-related cachexia symptoms. Thus, it helps in gaining weight, improving lean muscle mass, and building a decent physique.


Sermorelin Review

Sermorelin is a powerful growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) that allows athletes and bodybuilders to bulk up, enjoy smooth recovery and build endurance.


Ipamorelin Review

If you are a bodybuilder, an athlete, or a fitness pro, your goal is always