GenX Peptides Review

Purchasing Peptides online is easier said than done, but GenX Peptides aims to change that. With a wide range at great prices, are they the next best thing?

Purchasing Peptides online can be tricky, they’re hard to find, hard to trust, and how do you know you aren’t buying a scam?

Ideally, you do a bit of research and you find out the quality and safety of the place you purchase from – so that’s what we did.

GenX Peptides is deifnitely not the most famous of Peptide vendors, but their website and offerings seem pretty darn good. Plus the massively positive reviews we’ve seen online, we decided to give them a shot.

🙂 Best forIndividuals looking to utilize Peptides to improve their lives
💊 Product typesPeptides and Lab supplies
💰 Pricing$15 – $200
🏷 Discountgenx10 for 10% off
🏢 CompanyGenX Peptides (Buy Here)

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Key Takeaways

  • GenX is a Peptide company and seller based in the States
  • Their peptides are high quality at a reasonable price
  • They do stand to increase their offerings

Our Experience with GenX Peptides

I decided to purchase some of their GHK-Cu 50mg Copper Peptide to review the quality, seeing as I just finished a bodybuilding prep, and I need the health – ASAP.

Copper Peptides are known to be some of the best to improve overall health, and even improve hair growth. Companies are more likely to market other “sexier” peptides, but in my opinion, this one should not be overlooked.

Delivery was extremely fast, only taking two days. The price was on par for what you would pay on other sites, and the quality of the deliverables was great.

Overall it felt great, no complaints. It’s hard to “track” health other than just “feeling better”, and I did feel a lot better.

Who Are GenX Peptides?

GenX Peptides is based in Houston, United States, and has the overarching goal of producing high-quality products, no questions asked.

GenX Peptides Review
Figure 1: GenX Peptides is a Peptide company based in the States. Their aim is to provide high quality Peptides at an affordable price

They were founded in 2013 under the ideas of creating Peptides with up to date quality control and at a price that is appropiate.

Another thing they want to be an example of is customer support. Often in the Research Chemical world do we find that companies just treat clients poorly or there is just no communication. GenX aims to change that.

How Does GenX Peptides Work?

Like most other retailers. You simply look at the products you wish to purchase, and you make a decision about whether or not you’d like to buy them.

GenX does provide more information on the Peptides based on research which some other vendors do not do – I can appreciate that.

This grants you the ability to browse their product range while also looking at the peer-reviewed science. A combination of science and reviews is what is most likely going to influence your decision the most.

Best GenX Peptides Products

Before looking at the products they have, it is worth noting that they could definitely benefit from having more products. The range is slightly limited, but there are still plenty of Peptides to choose from.

The best regular Peptide in my opinion would have to be either the AOD-9604 or the EPO (ERYTHROPOIETIN) 3000 IU. EPO is not the easiest thing to find online but has been used by numerous individuals to increase their red blood cell count. This will greatly improve their cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

They also offer Peptide Blends, the best of which would be the BPC 157 blend with TB 500. This 10mg blend will massively improve recovery rates, and play a huge role in Angiogenesis and downregulating inflammation.

GenX Peptides Review
Figure 4: The BPC and TB blend is something you don’t find every day

They also offer some lab supplies such as syringes, bottles, and Bactosterial Water.

Ordering and Shipping

They do not disclose a ton of information online about their shipping and order details, however, you can gather a bit:

  • U.S. and Canada orders are shipped at flat rates, priority, and express
  • International orders might require a larger fee
  • Delivery time will differ greatly from one place to the next, but for the most part, it is 1 – 2 business days
  • International orders might take 8-20 business days
  • They only have two payment options, Crypto and Electronic Check

Customer Reviews 

As with most other places, we will browse over the reviews they have on their own site since fake reviews are easy to make. We will look to another popular website – Reddit.

I’ve never used them but I’ve never heard anything bad about them either. Make sure it’s g2g on the hcg, a lot of fake stuff is going around now, don’t forget a pregnancy test to make sure.

Conclusion: Are they Worth It?

Absolutely. I can only speak from personal experience and what I’ve heard other people saying, and we all like them. There are very few drawbacks to the brand, other than a small range of Peptides, and lacking payment methods.

For such an old company I almost expected more, but maybe they are just serious about the quality promise. That could be the difference between them and other retailers.

Overall, my comments are quite simple and straightforward. Good retailer with adequate pricing, but could stand to grow its company and range of products a wee bit more. All of their customers would appreciate that.

Alternatives to GenX Peptides

GenX Peptides vs PureRawz

PureRawz is, of course, a lot more well-known and they stock way more products than GenX. They also have more peptides specifically, and the comments on their quality have always been good. I think that both of them have great Peptides, and it simply comes down to pricing and delivery.

GenX Peptides vs Swiss Chems

Swiss Chem is another company that has more products that GenX, like SARMs, and PCT products. I personally believe both have great quality, as I felt both worked pretty well for me (and my clients). To date, a few people have been unimpressed by Swiss Chems, and as a consumer myself, I can vouch for Swiss Chems losing some quality control.

GenX Peptides vs Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum also stocks SARMs and PCT products, but their Peptides are also really good. Given the fact that Amino Asylum is one of the most well-known companies on the market with thousands of good reviews, I’d probably go for them. That said, GenX is still pretty badass.

Can you get peptides in the UK?

Yes. There are several companies from which you can purchase Peptides in the UK.

What’s the best peptide for muscle growth?

Peptides are not as “good” for muscle growth as Steroids and SARMs, but that being said, the best Peptides for muscle growth would have to be IGF-1 DES and pure Human Growth Hormone.

Best Peptides for Bodybuilding

Again, your money would be best spent on HGH and something like BPC-157 if you are injured.

Best Peptides for Fat Loss

The best Peptides for fat loss are pure HGH, or even HGH-Fragment. Frag will have far fewer sides than pure HGH, but will not increase IGF-1 like HGH does.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a comment down below and one of our expert coaches will respond to it.


Daniel Louwrens BSc PT

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT | Writer

Daniel Louwrens is a well-rounded fitness professional with over 10 years of experience in bodybuilding and fitness. He holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Western Cape and is a certified International Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He is also a skilled bodybuilder and head coach for Muscle and Brawn. With his knowledge and expertise, he provides personalized training, nutrition, and recovery guidance to help clients reach their fitness goals.

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