Follistatin 344 Peptides: Benefits, Uses, Dosage

Compound Summary

Class of Compound


Mechanism of Action

Follistatin acts as myostatin and an activin inhibitor promoting muscle growth. It acts on granulosa cells to trigger the release of progesterone, minimizing the fluctuations in the menstrual cycle.

Street Names

FST 344


increases muscle mass, prevents skeletal muscle fibrosis, builds endurance, fertility

Side Effects and Dangers

Weakens joints and ligaments, irritation and rashness at the injection site

Chemical Structure

Many of us wish that we could impress everyone we meet with our build, having enormous muscles, insane strength, and an overall husky appearance.

We tend to envision having the same figure as our fitness idols and one day surpassing their greatness.

While it isn’t possible for anyone to achieve this feat overnight, dedicated bodybuilders and elite-level athletes spend endless hours on high-intensity workouts and training to turn their dreams into a reality

In order to accelerate and enhance the process, many of these individuals look to the use of natural and synthetic peptides or proteins as they are well-researched and provide a safer alternative to the use of steroids.

One such protein that has great promise is Follistatin 344. Animal-based trials focused on this glycoprotein suggest that it significantly improves muscle growth and provides a realm of secondary benefits.

Stay with me till the end to decide whether or not you should use this glycoprotein as a part of your journey.

I’ll provide all of the facts, research, and personal reviews possible in order to help guide you in the right direction.

I’ll even provide my honest opinion at the end of this thread on Follistatin 344.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

What Is Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344 is a recombinant form of naturally occurring follistatin (1). It comprises 323 Amino acids, and a carbohydrate chain is attached to its core, making it a naturally occurring glycoprotein.

Follistatin is a glycoprotein produced by folliculostellate cells (FS) located in the anterior pituitary gland (2) and follows the autocrine signaling pathway.

Regarding the amino acids that make up follistatin 344, there is unusually high cysteine, a non-essential amino acid (3). Cysteine gives follistatin 344 its key characteristic property.

How Does Follistatin Work

Follistatin 344 follows multiple courses of action to trigger specific changes in the body.

Myostatin (4), a growth and differentiation factor protein, is produced by myocytes (muscle cells). The primary function of myostatin is to act as a regulator by limiting the growth of muscles so that they don’t grow out of shape.

Follistatin 344 acts as a myostatin inhibitor. This subsequent blocking of myostatin by follistatin 344 leads to the suppression of myostatin activity (5). Thus, myostatin can’t act as a potent negative regulator of muscle growth.

Activin proteins enhance the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). However, in men, higher levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) limit muscle growth and cause abnormal testicle functioning.

Follistatin 344 inhibits the activin, which results in decreased secretion of the hormone.

Follistatin 344 acts on the granulosa cells to trigger the release of progesterone (6). As progesterone is one of the main hormones regulating the menstrual cycle, slight fluctuations in the hormonal levels can disturb the whole cycle.

Although no human trials have confirmed these results, animal-based studies suggest that follistatin can reduce the life and growth of cancer cells and minimize the chances of metastasis (7).

Where Can I Buy Follistatin 344

All the studies done so far are animal-based, and no evidence suggests if the benefits can be seen in humans makes follistatin 344 very less prevalent in the market.

You will not see many stores selling follistatin 344. Therefore, make sure to buy the right product as it will be easy to fall into the trap.

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Benefits Of Follistatin 344

The benefits of follistatin 344 can easily be predicted once you understand the mechanism of action that follistatin 344 follows.

Follistatin 344 inhibits the activity of myostatin which results in increased growth of muscle fibers in the body. Higher growth of muscle cells means that the overall muscle mass increases, resulting in amplified strength.

One of the research involving mice with no myostatin recorded a 117% increase in muscle fibers. This means that follistatin 344 works to increase muscle mass in other ways as well.

The over-activity of myostatin can lead to a condition called skeletal muscle fibrosis (8). Follistatin 344 can eliminate the chances of developing this disorder.

Thus, the intake of follistatin 344 can build endurance and enhance the athletic capabilities of an individual.

Mice-based studies have shown a significant reduction in fat gain. This change can also be correlated to the ability of follistatin 344 to inhibit myostatin.

Follistatin 344 also delays the process of reproductive aging by binding to activin.

This glycoprotein also regulates the process of ovulation due to its interaction with granulosa cells to trigger the release of progesterone.

Biochemical analysis of seminal fluid suggests that it is rich in follistatin. Hence, intake of follistatin 344 can potentially increase fertility in individuals.

Perhaps, the most ground-breaking findings of mice-based studies suggest that follistatin 344 can help in some specific types of cancer treatment.

Some of the research suggests that follistatin 344 offers protection from breast cancer.

Another mice-based clinical study suggests that follistatin prevents the process of metastasis in lung and ovarian cancer.

It also provides quick yet effective recovery from tumor resection surgery of organs like the liver (9).

One clinical trial involved injecting a single dose of follistatin 344. Surprisingly, the subjects developed dense hair growth. This means that thick and dense hair (higher follicle density) is one of the prospective benefits of follistatin 344 intakes (10).

Is Follistatin 344 legal?

As expected, it’s not!

Although follistatin 344 is a recombinant derivative of naturally occurring follistatin, the lack of human-based clinical trials still makes it an illegal substance for humans to consume.

Who Should Use Follistatin 344

Bodybuilders aiming to develop big muscles can supplement their high-intensity workout and diet with follistatin 344 to speed up the process.

Athletes looking forward to boosting their performance can also use follistatin 344 for enhanced results.

Men and women trying to improve their fertility naturally can also take follistatin 344 dosage.

Although not decisive enough, patients suffering from different cancer types such as breast, lungs, ovarian, and liver can take follistatin 344 therapy as a potential treatment.

How To Use Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344 is available in powder and liquid form. Once you get your package (probably in the vial), you will have to reconstitute it with bacteriostatic water.

You must follow the exact way to reconstruct follistatin 344. Make sure to add the sterile water slowly into the vial containing the powdered form of follistatin 344. Please allow the powder and liquid to mix well to dissolve the powder before you use it.

The reconstituted protein needs to be kept at minus 20 degrees but make sure to use it within 7 days of mixing.

Although the unreconstituted peptide can be kept at room temperature without losing potency, it is still advisable to keep it in a refrigerator (11).

Once your dosage is ready, you can inject it either intramuscularly, intravenously, or subcutaneously. Intramuscular injection, i.e., injection into the muscle, should be administered under expert supervision.

Subcutaneous injection should be administered directly into the fat layer under the skin, preferably in the stomach region.

Forms Of Follistatin 344

This protein cum hormone is mostly available in powdered and liquid forms, which needs to be prepared as described above.

The scientific reason why follistatin 344 isn’t available in the oral form is that some studies suggest that hormonal therapies are usually more effective when used in injectable form.

Follistatin 344 Dosage

Being an illegal substance means no fixed dosage guidelines are available, but the general recommendation is to continuously administer between 50 mcg to 100mcg per day for 10 to 30 days.

It is best suited to start from a low dosage and then gradually upgrade to a higher dosage to acclimatize yourself with the effects due to follistatin 344.

Higher intake than usual doesn’t show any significant change in results, so make sure to follow the guidelines.

Follistatin Cycling

What separates follistatin 344 from the rest of proteins is that relatively less intake can bring long-lasting effects on the body.

After you are done with your first cycle, take a break and enjoy the changes in your body. You can alternatively use another supplement before starting another cycle of follistatin 344.

Follistatin 344 Stacking

People have been stacking various peptides together as well as with SARMs traditionally to experience synergistic benefits.

One such peptide hormone, IGF-1 LR3, can be stacked with follistatin 344 to build new muscle fibers at a greater rate and promote fat loss.

GHRP-6, a peptide growth hormone secretagogue (GHS), can also be used with follistatin 344 to increase muscle mass, enhanced strength as well as lower levels of body fat.

Alternatively, follistatin 344 can be used with one of the SARMs referred to as ostarine. Both can work to initiate signaling in the body to promote fat loss while keeping the protein levels intact. This amplifies muscle growth and development.

Follistatin 344 Experiences

Only a handful of people shared reviews on Reddit about their experience with follistatin 344.

An anonymous person said,

“It has a local effect. If you inject it in your quads you get big quads.”

Rbegui, one of the users, was satisfied with the results, but the cost of buying follistatin 344 was a bit of concern for him. He said,

“I did a 5 week cycle using one vial (1mg) of peptide science Follistatin 344. Divided it into 2 shots per week. Had a definate, but modest effect on building muscle. I was advised that I should continue cycle for 12 weeks. But at a cost of $155 per week I found it cost prohibitive. I think this is an expensive toy for the pros.”

Follistatin 344 Side Effects

Studies focused on the follistatin 344 as a potential cancer treatment suggest that it negatively affects certain cancers such as prostate, esophagus, and skin (12). It does this by promoting the growth of these tumor cells.

Other side effects include the weakening of joints and ligaments. Some people who just started to use follistatin also reported increased body temperature upon their first administration.

You may also experience irritation and rashness at the injection site.

Follistatin 344 vs. Other Peptides

Follistatin 344 vs. IGF-1 LR3

IGF-1 LR3 works by making muscles more sensitive to insulin which results in the building of muscle tissues. Dosage guidelines are different for both peptides.

Although follistatin 344 works in a different way but both the proteins work towards achieving similar benefits. Thus, synergistic use is a go-to option!

Follistatin 344 vs. GHRP 6

GHRP 6 works by binding to growth hormone secretagogue receptors (GHSr) located in different body parts.

The frequency of intake is also one of the major differences between both peptides.

As the result of both the peptides is the same, stacking is the best way to move ahead.

Is Follistatin 344 Legit

The lack of human-based trials makes this recombinant derivative a bit risky. Although follistatin 344 seems to work naturally, it can still be a doubtful compound because it is a banned substance and because not many people have used it.

My opinion on this compound is unclear, and I would still want more focused research on this peptide before it is more widely used.

I think after all the facts and reviews, it has all come down to your own choice.

Is follistatin 344 naturally produced?

Follistatin 344 is a recombinant derivative of naturally produced follistatin.

Is follistatin 344 a SARMs?

No, follistatin 344 is a hormonal protein made up of 344 amino acids.

How many types of follistatin are available?

Although there are many, the 4 most common are FS 344, FS 315, FS 288, and FS 300.

Can follistatin 344 treat all the cancers?

No, there is no conclusive evidence suggesting that. In fact, it is known to play a negative role in some types of cancer.

How does follistatin 344 work?

Follistatin 344 follows the autocrine signaling pathway. This means that it activates the cells that it is released from.

Is follistatin 344 legal?

It is banned by all the higher authorities.

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Kartik is a Doctor in training currently in his third year of medical school with the ultimate goal of becoming a successful cardiologist, he currently contributes to health blogs, research papers and also founded a social health startup to help educate others.
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Can Follistatin be taken orally instead oh injecting.

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Dear Sir Kardik, :

  1. Could’nt FS344/FS315 be taken in cpasule form along with, or mixed with a good carrier, such as DMSO, for better obsorbtion of the peptide? Would’nt that be a good way to take it, whereas, it would have the same effects as injecting it?
  2. Is the FS344 peptides used more for a targeted muscle growth, or can it also be used as a general/whole skeletal muscle growth peptide…and what about the FS315…is this one for GENERAL muscle growth only?

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