TB-500 Peptides: Benefits, Uses, Dosage

Evidence from research conducted on horses along with human reviews suggests TB-500 possesses quick healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics, making it seem ideal for resolving injuries as quickly as possible.

Compound Summary

Class of Compound


Mechanism of Action

TB-500 upregulates the cell-binding proteins in the body, such as Actin. It does this by increasing the reception of the Actin by various cells of the body such as endothelial cells and keratinocytes for stimulating cell growth, proliferation and migration. TB-500 also promotes angiogenesis, and is also speculated to treat ventricular hypertrophy.

Street Names

TB-500, Thymosin beta(4), Fx Peptide


  • Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Rapid wound healing
  • Improves endurance

Side Effects and Dangers

  • Increased toxicity in organs
  • Lack of Human Trials
  • No proper pharmacokinetics known

Chemical Structure

Most casual gym-goers fail to realize what having an injury means for serious athletes and bodybuilders. 

Unfortunately, developing an injury is a far worse experience for this group of individuals compared to most people and brings upon far greater suffering for them.

In order to minimize the mental and physical toll of injuries placed on bodybuilders, compounds like TB-500 are often used.

Evidence from research conducted on horses along with human reviews suggests TB-500 possesses quick healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics, making it seem ideal for resolving injuries as quickly as possible.

In this article, I hope to provide further guidance on whether or not this peptide should be your go-to recovering agent for the unfortunate injuries you may experience in the future.

What Is TB-500

Human and animal bodies produce a peptide containing 43 amino acids called thymosin beta-4. It is a naturally occurring compound and is mainly synthesized by the thymus gland. [1]

TB-500 is a derivative of thymosin beta-4, and is artificially synthesized in the laboratory. The main fragment of the peptide which gives TB-500 its critical functional property is (17)LKKTETQ(23).

Being a synthetic derivative, it mimics the action of thymosin beta-4 but with enhanced effects. [2]

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Where to Buy TB-500?

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As it is a banned substance, it is very important to make sure that you make an original and authentic purchase of TB-500.

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  • Rapid wound healing
  • Heals ligament and joint injuries
  • Regenerates brain function
  • Improves cardiac health
  • Helps build endurance
  • Stimulates hair growth


  • Lacks human-based clinical trials are available
  • Nausea
  • Mild Headaches
  • Lightheadedness

How Does TB-500 Work

TB-500 follows multiple courses of action to complete its functioning. One of the dominant modes of action is by upregulating the cell-binding proteins in the body, such as actin. [3]

Muscle fibers are made up of actin and myosin, which are contractile filaments. These filaments allow our muscles to contract and relax for mobility, carry out efficient metabolism and cell signaling.

TB-500 increases our body’s response to actin by increased reception of the protein by the peptide segment (17)LKKTETQ(23). This upregulation promotes increased cell growth, healthy cell proliferation, healing effects, and cell migration, particularly keratinocytes and endothelial cells. [2]

TB-500 promotes angiogenesis which is the formation of new blood vessels. It builds up new blood vessel pathways for the efficient blood supply to the wounds for increased healing. It also augments beneficial inflammation at the site of injuries.

The overall result is quicker, yet more effective healing. [4]

Due to its peculiar structure by having a less molecular weight, TB-500 quickly travels through the entire body within practically no time. It reaches the injured site after circulating in the body and shows its therapeutic effects by initiating quicker healing of wounds. [5]

Although not clinically proven, TB-500 is speculated to help with ventricular hypertrophy, also referred to as athletes’ heart. As the name suggests, this condition is seen in athletes because of increased heart activity. [6]

Benefits Of TB-500

The in-depth animal-based clinical trials suggest a wide range of benefits offered by TB-500. While more benefits are focused around quicker wound healing, it also helps the bodybuilders and fitness freaks to bulk up muscles.

Some of the major benefits of TB-500 are as follows:

  • Rapid wound healing: The process of angiogenesis, expression of several degrading enzymes, cell proliferation, cell migration, and regeneration pathways all contribute to faster healing of wounds and injuries, particularly surrounding muscles.
  • Heals ligament and joint injuries: TB-500 is seen to offer healing of Ligament injuries by evenly spacing out collagen fibers. The joint recovery process is also paced up by intake of adequate concentrations of TB-500.
  • Regenerates brain function: TB-500 also influences brain regeneration to minimize the decline in brain functioning. It improves the working of the nervous system in several different ways, which enhances behaviors, cognitive capacities, neuronal health, and diminishes pain experienced during nervous disorders.[7]
  • Improves cardiac health: TB-500 allows healthy growth of heart cells, regeneration of heart tissue and reduces any chances of damage. It is also proven to exert healing effects on patients suffering from myocardial infarctions and strokes.
  • Helps build endurance: Consumption of TB-500 enhances muscle endurance. [8] This is because of quicker healing, reduced inflammation, and proliferative growth. Greater endurance leads to a high stamina level which is primarily essential for athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Stimulates hair growth: As discussed earlier, TB-500 regulates keratinocytes which, in turn, stimulates hair follicles. [9]

Is TB-500 Legal?

TB-500 is banned by WADA at all costs. You are prohibited from using TB-500 for any sporting purposes, both professionally and personally. [1]

Who Should Use TB-500?

With all the benefits discussed thoroughly, people with any type of musculoskeletal injuries, such as joint inflammation, ligament displacement, or muscle wounds, can use TB-500 to accelerate the healing process and get back on track!

The systemic effect of the compound on various organs makes it an effective pain killer. Hence, people looking to deal with organ injuries or reduced inflammation should use TB-500.

More importantly, athletes and bodybuilders can use the compound to achieve a wide array of benefits. If you aim to build endurance or generate more stamina as an athlete, TB-500 should be your companion.

How To Use TB-500?

You can administer TB-500 either intramuscularly, intravenously, or subcutaneously. To prepare for the TB-500 solution that will be injected, you must first balance the concentrations.

After you have decided the correct dosage for you, mix the powder form of TB-500 with bacteriostatic water. Once done, draw the volume from the solution and inject it as you like only after cleaning the injection site with an alcohol swab.

Many people use the intramuscular method, which involves stashing the needle into the muscle close to the injury. Perhaps, a more medically supervised method is intravenous injection. This involves locating the right vein and then injecting it.

I prefer the easier way of subcutaneous injection. You need to push the needle at the site of injury to achieve quicker yet effective results.

Also, make sure to gently massage the injection area for the efficiency and smooth working of the peptide.

Forms Of TB-500

You can find multiple ways to use TB-500. People afraid of needles often prefer capsules that are easier to take.

What I suggest is the injectable forms of TB-500. This is primarily because of the faster response that the body shows after being injected with TB-500.

Additionally, you can also supplement TB-500 via transdermal time-release patches. Patches are economical, which is why people often prefer them.

TB-500 Dosage

The lack of human-based trials doesn’t give us a scientifically proven dosage. However, based on clinical trials conducted on horses and the recommendations by the users, the best and effective dosage of TB-500 is devised.

As the purpose of intake of TB-500 varies, so does the dosage for the people. On average, a person weighing 90 kg needs to take 7.66 mg/week.

This dosage is suggested to be followed for 6 weeks until our body gets used to it.

TB-500 Cycling

Our body needs to adapt to the peptide in the best possible ways. To achieve it, there are two phases of intake.

The first one is the initial loading phase. This period lasts for 2 to 6 weeks, and you are recommended to take 2 to 6mg of TB-500 per week.

You can divide the dosage into multiple shots, preferably twice or thrice a week.

The last phase is the maintenance phase. While this phase is going on, you can decrease the dosage to 2 to 6mg every two weeks.

One thing to keep in mind is to always consult experts in the field before deciding the dosage. This is because of two essential reasons.

The first is that everyone’s body is unique. The other is that since no proven dosage guidelines are available, one would need to be extra careful before deciding.

TB-500 Stacks

The purpose of stacking the supplements is to achieve optimal results in the most organic ways. Therefore, you can stack TB-500 with BPC-157.

There have been known experiences of people achieving magical results after they used both the peptides together. This can be understood by their modes of action as well.

BPC-157 tends to work across the body, while TB-500 brings the same healing effect at a particular injury site. Both the peptides promote angiogenesis and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

The synergistic functioning of both the compounds helps achieve the healing of wounds within no time. Many of the reputable brands like Science.bio sell blends of BPC-157 and TB-500.

TB-500 Experiences

Due to its nature, I was only able to come across anonymous reviews left by the consumers on various platforms, such as Reddit.

One of the athletes said,

“Quite a few doctors I know are using them because they have so many beneficial effects and so few side effects. We are not elite athletes- we live rushed lives that can involve 70 hours weeks so staying fit and getting good sleep is essential- and peptides aid that”

One of the consumers on Reddit went on to publicize the magical treatment of TB-500 by saying,

“I had a tweaked knee with a lot of pain. After a few dosages of TB-500, it barely even hurts anymore”.

Another one said,

“Yes, I have to agree TB 500 has helped me so much also! I couldn’t even lift without shoulder and back pain constantly torturing me for days after…. I truly feel like the peptides do support the natural healing response of the body”.

Side Effects Of TB-500

There is insufficient proof of any side effects reported by intaking TB-500. This can be considered good news for many of the fitness freaks looking forward to it. However, the lack of human-based trials dilutes the news.

Nonetheless, very few general side effects might be expected after peptide injection. [10] This can be the feeling of nausea, mild headaches, and lightheadedness.

However, potential side effects of using the peptide may include increased toxicity in the liver or kidneys and type 2 diabetes mellitus

TB-500 vs BPC-157

The key difference that separates both the peptides is the effect that each exerts. While TB-500 creates a localized effect, BPC-157 travels all across the body. [11]

BPC-157 lies in a grey area in terms of approval by WADA, whereas TB-500 is completely banned, which makes things a bit doubtful. Also, the frequency of intake differs. BPC-157 is recommended daily, while TB-500 is only used twice or thrice a week.

Based on consumer’s experiences and horse-based trials, the best results are seen when both compounds work synergistically.

Is TB-500 Legit

The lack of human-based trials and the subsequent banning by WADA may cause many people to doubt the potential therapeutic uses of this peptide, but one shouldn’t forget the prospective benefits that have been observed on the mammals. Also, reviews left by people on forums about their experience using it should also be taken into consideration.

Taking into mind the potential therapeutic effects like wound healing, anti-inflammation, and muscle building, I hope to see a major rise in the use of TB-500 in the near future so that even more people can learn about it and also benefit from it.

Does TB 500 grow hair?

Along with wound healing and regeneration, it can also cause exponential hair growth.

Does TB500 increase muscle?

As it has the capability of wound healing, it also increases muscle strength and stamina.

Does TB 500 make you tired?

Not really common but, temporary fatigue and headache can be seen in some people, especially in those who inject it for the first time. This is because our body needs to get accustomed to the new peptide, also called Initial Loading phase as discussed earlier.

What does TB 500 peptide do?

It functions through endothelial differentiation, angiogenesis in dermal tissues, and keratinocyte migration.

Is TB-500 steroid?

No, it is a synthetic peptide.

What are the best peptides for inflammation?

People generally prefer BPC-157 and TB-500 as anti-inflammatory agents.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a comment down below and one of our expert coaches will respond to it, you can also email is at coaching@muscleandbrawn.com.

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Kartik is a Doctor in training currently in his third year of medical school with the ultimate goal of becoming a successful cardiologist, he currently contributes to health blogs, research papers and also founded a social health startup to help educate others.
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