Sermorelin Peptide for Bodybuilding (Guide): Benefits, Uses, Dosage

Sermorelin is a powerful growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) that allows athletes and bodybuilders to bulk up, enjoy smooth recovery and build endurance.

Compound Summary

Class of Compound


Mechanism of Action

It mimics the action of naturally occurring endogenous growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). Sermorelin binds with the growth hormone releasing hormone receptors (GHRHr) located in anterior pituitary gland. This triggers the production and secretion of growth hormone (GH). Sermorelin works organically to make sure homeostatic mechanism of the body intact.

Street Names

Sermorelin, Sermorelin Acetate


Enhanced muscle growth, Reduces body fat, Improves sleep quality

Side Effects and Dangers

Headache, Depression, Hypothyroidism

Chemical Structure

Have you ever tried to understand the process of growth and development in human life?

Or, have you ever been hit with the question of why the process of growth is so active in the early years of life but slows down after a certain age?

Or maybe, you are one of those people to whom the idea of aging sounds a bit depressing.

Well, the answer to all your questions is the action of growth hormone (GH) in the human body.

As soon as you turn 30, growth hormone (GH) levels begin to deteriorate which means the growth process starts to stall and you gradually begin to notice the physical signs associated with aging.

To prevent a decline in growth hormone (GH) levels, compounds like Sermorelin are synthesized to prolong the process of growth.

In this article, I’ll help you decide whether or not Sermorelin should be your ultimate aging hack.

Disclaimer: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. Your access is subject to our full Terms of Use.

What is Sermorelin

The hypothalamus, located just above the pituitary gland (1), releases a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) which, in turn, stimulates the production and secretion of growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland (2).

Sermorelin (3), an acetate salt, is a synthetic peptide containing 29 Amino acids. This artificial peptide (GRF 1-29 NH2) mimics the action of naturally occurring growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) composed of 44 Amino acid residues.

How Does Sermorelin Work

All hormones act on specific target sites in the human body. Since sermorelin mimics the action of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), it also follows a particular course of action.

The growth hormone-releasing hormone receptors (GHRHr) are located in the anterior pituitary gland. Sermorelin binds with these receptors to trigger the increased production and secretion of growth hormone (GH) by somatotroph cells (4).

As feedback mechanisms maintain the hormonal levels, the increased serum concentration of growth hormone (GH) stimulates another endogenous hormone called somatostatin, also known as growth hormone inhibiting hormone (GHIH) (5).

Growth hormone inhibiting hormone (GHIH) initiates a negative feedback mechanism to stop the secretion of any more growth hormone (GH) by the somatotroph cells so that hormonal levels don’t overshoot.

Thus, sermorelin makes sure to keep the entire homeostatic coordination of the hypothalamus-pituitary-somatostatin intact (4).

Apart from this, sermorelin also improves the sleep-related circadian rhythm by reducing the production of stress hormones (5). This further amplifies the release of growth hormone (GH).

Where Can I Buy Sermorelin

As it is not a highly used therapy at present, it isn’t available at many of the stores. Hence, you might fall into the trap of buying a sermorelin at lower prices.

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Benefits of Sermorelin

The primary function of sermorelin is to restore growth hormone (GH) levels and delay the process of aging. In doing that, there are many secondary benefits experienced by the human body due to sermorelin administration.

The major ones are as follows:

  • Enhanced muscle growth: Sermorelin triggers the bulking of muscles by stimulating the muscle cells to increase more rapidly in number. Muscle gain is tremendous after vigorous workout sessions. Besides, sermorelin ensures faster recovery after a hardcore exercise.
  • Efficient healing of wounds: Sermorelin ensures rapid yet efficient healing of wounds. This happens due to the proliferative action of growth cells surrounding the injured areas. Particularly, it helps in the faster recovery of patients who have arthritis or other manageable chronic conditions.
  • Reduces body fat: Sermorelin cuts down extra body fats, especially abdominal fat tissue. The burning of fats in the form of adipose tissue supplements the energy requirements of the body.
  •  Better sleep quality: As talked about earlier, sermorelin maintains sleep-related circadian rhythms. Hence, it helps you get a deep sleep without disruption. A quality sleep organically improves your performance throughout the day.
  • Improves brain functioning: Sermorelin therapy triggers the regeneration of brain cells which minimizes the delay in cognitive capacities of an individual.
  • Cardiovascular growth: Sermorelin therapy is known to treat patients suffering from cardiovascular problems such as congestive heart failure. It indirectly minimizes the risk of developing heart diseases by triggering the growth and regeneration of heart cells.

Is Sermorelin Legal

Although sermorelin isn’t illegal or declared a banned substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), you will be required to obtain an authentic prescription from a medical practitioner prior to making a legal purchase of sermorelin (6).

Who Should Use Sermorelin

Sermorelin is prescribed primarily to children showing growth hormone (GH) deficiency symptoms and to evaluate pituitary function.

However, doctors may recommend sermorelin therapy later in life if you experience signs of rapid aging, such as rough or fragile skin, slow recovery from injuries, and prolonged feeling of fatigue.

How To Use Sermorelin

Sermorelin can only be administered through injections. Subcutaneous injection (7) into your body fat is a common way for sermorelin therapy. I would personally recommend adopting this way because of its ease of use.

Alternatively, if you have professional help available, you may inject intravenously.

Both the ways are equally effective, so it all narrows down to personal choice at this point.

Forms Of Sermorelin

Authentic sermorelin is only available in injectable forms. I believe this is because of the high effectiveness of the sermorelin experienced when you inject it directly.

Note that you may come across some stores selling sermorelin in capsules/tablets form. There is a very high chance that these oral modes of sermorelin are not genuine and completely fake according to experts of Mayo clinic.

Being from a Medicine background, I have come across clinical researches which highlights that hormonal therapies are less effective when taken orally.

Sermorelin Dosage

Although there are no acceptable dosage guidelines available, results from several clinical trials suggest that effective dosages range between 200mcg to 1000mcg per administration.

General protocol suggests using 10mcg for every 1kg of body weight, however, optimal results are usually seen when using 10mcg to 20mcg per kilogram (5).

It is worth mentioning that a higher intake of sermorelin doesn’t show promising results. It instead diminishes the effects.

Sermorelin Cycle

Generally, this peptide triggers the release of growth hormone (GH) within 2 hours.

You can split your daily requirement into 2-3 smaller doses across the day. This will regularly induce the release of growth hormone (GH) for best results.

Alternatively, you can choose to inject it at once before going to bed to set up a natural trigger in the body.

You should expect the benefits of sermorelin intake after continuing the use for as long as 3-6 months.

Sermorelin Stacks

The synergistic effects of using sermorelin and various other peptides trigger a greater release of growth hormone (GH) levels in the body.

Many users have experienced maximum benefits organically after stacking sermorelin with other relevant peptides such as Ipamorelin (5), GHRP-2, and GHRP-6.f

Thus, many of the recognizable brands like Pure Rawz offer a sermorelin blend with other peptides.

Sermorelin Experiences

As it still lies in a kind of a grey area, we could only find a handful of reviews left by people on multiple platforms.

  • Fouke said,

“I’m 55. I started taking it 7 months ago. My Dr told me that it would take a couple of months to begin kicking in for weight loss, but my sleep would improve in the 1st week. He was correct. My sleep apnea has ceased. I’ve lost 75 lbs. (270 to 195). I am also dieting and exercising. Doctor told me that about half of the weight loss was due to the sermorelin injections. To be honest though, I did not have any energy to exercise before the injections.”

  • An anonymous female aged between 45-54 says, 

“Improved energy & stamina, LIBIDO, lean muscle, weight loss, thicker hair, improved mental function.”

  • Another male aged between 55-64 said, 

“Improved muscle firmness and loss of body fat.”

On the other hand, there were a few opinions that showed the other side of sermorelin use.

  • Rambo, aged between 55-64 expressed, 

“I have only taken it for a week, but I am experiencing extreme somnolence (sleepiness) after I take it, into the next day. I was wondering if this side effect passes over time. It really is difficult to concentrate the next day.”

  • Haley had quite a rough time using sermorelin, due to which she went on to leave a review that, 

“I always got a red welt after use and the last two times I injected it I got severe itching of palms of hands and soles of feet. I was using a auto pen for injections. I discontinued use due to fear of serious allergic reaction.”

Side Effects Of Sermorelin

As it mimics the action of one of the naturally occurring hormones in the body, it doesn’t show many severe side effects.

The side effects (4) reported are generally mild, which diminish after a more regular administration. Immediately after injecting, you might experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, flushing, allergic reactions, loss of taste, hyperactivity, and paleness of skin.

Severe symptoms experienced, which are rather uncommon, include insomnia, depression, and hypothyroidism. Additionally, few cases have reported of developing antibodies against sermorelin, but the exact pathophysiology is not yet known.

Sermorelin vs Other Peptides

Sermorelin vs Ipamorelin

Although both peptides are pretty similar in terms of their end functioning, there still lies a significant difference in the mechanism of action (8). Ipamorelin stimulates the pituitary gland in other ways for a greater release of growth hormone (GH).

Despite different mechanisms, the synergistic functioning of both the peptides has achieved some phenomenal results. The benefits include higher natural growth to increased libido and much more!

Sermorelin vs Modified GRF 1-29

These two peptides don’t have much of a difference in terms of their functioning. However, there are some recognizable structural differences (9). Four specific amino acids have been altered in modified GRF 1-29 mainly for logistics reasons and to enhance growth hormone release (GH).

Sermorelin vs CJC-1295

As CJC-1295 is also one of the Growth hormones secretagogues (GHSs) (10), it also has quite a similar functioning. But, sermorelin and CJC-1295 differ in their half-lives. Having a greater half-life means CJC-1295 can stay in serum for a longer time and show prolonged effects compared to sermorelin.

Is Sermorelin Legit

After reading out personal stories of people about their sermorelin experience, the clinical studies performed on sermorelin, and the prospective benefits, I think sermorelin offers some real magic in the body!

In the end, it pretty much all comes down to what you decide for yourself because everyone’s body requirements, personal goals of growth, and mindset about growth therapies differ.

Does Sermorelin increase testosterone levels? 

According to clinical trials performed on rats, there has been a significant increase in levels of testosterone (11).

Is Sermorelin better than HGH? 

Yes, it is. Sermorelin triggers the release of growth hormone (GH) naturally, while HGH therapy suppresses the natural mechanism.

Can I take too much of Sermorelin? 

No, use it according to your doctor’s prescribed dosage. Higher sermorelin will increase the risk of side effects.

Can Sermorelin make you hungry? 

Sermorelin can increase hunger. This is because growth hormone naturally stimulates hunger hormone in the body. Additionally, it also carries out rapid glucose oxidation and lipogenesis.

Does Sermorelin help you retain the water? 

Yes, it helps your skin become more elastic by retaining water. Retaining water is rather a homeostatic benefit. This is because people deficient in growth hormone (GH) often get dehydrated and lose fluids.

Is Sermorelin a steroid?

No, it’s a peptide that mimics the action of natural hormones.

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