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What are SARMs, how to use them, what are the dangers, what are they differences, and where can you buy them? We’ll discuss it all here.

Best SARMs for Weight Loss

Feeling like you could get more Tinder matches if you occupied less real estate? Yeah. SARMs have been shown to aid in muscle gain and fat loss – but which are best?

Swole AF Labs Review

Finding a reputable source for your research chemicals can be a pain, I mean who can you really trust? With a name like Swole AF Research, you’d think they’re the perfect people to call up.

Amino Asylum Review

Amino Asylum has been brought up often in conversations about Research Chemicals, but you’ll struggle to find any real information about them…

SARMs vs Steroids

Will SARMs finally be as powerful? Will Steroids ever have low sides? Find out on the next episode of SARMs vs Steroids!

Best SARMs for MMA

MMA is a brutal sport, and fights can be decided within milliseconds. SARMs can provide you that extra boost, but which are best?

Best SARMs for Cardio

Whether you’re looking for the edge in your WOD at the local Box, or aiming to decrease your 5 mile time, if SARMs could help, should you use them?


Brutal Force Review

SARMs and Steroids have a tremendous amount of sides, and some people just aren’t about that life. Brutal Force has you covered!


LGD 3033 Review

In contrast to the more popular LGD 4033, LGD 3033 does appear to be better for fat loss – could this be the new cornerstone of your summer cut stack?

Rats Army Review (Closed) + Alternative

Finding a trustworthy source for SARMs has become hard – even more so when you want quality combined with competitive pricing. Let take a look at the new kid on the block, Rats Army.