Anavar review, should you buy it

My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?

Anavar is an illegal steroid commonly labeled as much safer when compared to other steroids. However, most people are simply unaware of the risks.

Anavar today, remains as one of the most coveted steroids on the black market.

We strongly recommend against taking Anavar for obvious reasons (it’s an illegal steroid). Instead, we’re going to review Anvarol, a “legal steroid” from Crazy Bulk.

Shortly we’ll see if this hyped-up cutting supplement is actually effective or not.

Anavar review, should you buy it


Anavar is a relatively mild steroid, compared to other AAS such as trenbolone or anadrol. However, anavar’s a banned substance and is illegal to buy in many countries – without a prescription (including US and UK).

However, this doesn’t stop gym rats purchasing oxandrolone illegally via pharmaceutical companies or underground labs.

Side Effects

Despite anavar being one of the most user-friendly anabolics, it can still cause the following side effects:

  • Decreased testosterone production
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Liver strain
  • Increased LDL cholesterol levels
  • Higher blood pressure

Buying Anavar

Anavar’s also very expensive to purchase on the black market, with few labs manufacturing this compound. As a result, users can sometimes end up paying $450+ for a 4 week cycle.

Var’s adverse effects and high market price, leaves a gap in the market for a supplement which can replicate the same fat-burning effects as anavar (but without the side effects).

…And the hefty price.

Anavar’s Main Benefits

For those that aren’t too clued up on anavar and what it does, here’s the cutting steroid’s main benefits:

  • Burns fat
  • Increases strength
  • Builds lean muscle (mild effect in men, strong effect in women).


Not only is anavar a great fat burner, but it also helps bring out vascularity and assist in giving you huge pumps in the gym.

This is because anavar flushes out water collecting inbetween the muscle and skin; increasing muscle definition and pushing your veins to the surface.

This can make you look considerably more ripped, in the first seven days of using anavar.

The reason why pumps can become a lot bigger is because anavar promotes water retention INSIDE the muscles. This is good water retention, not the kind that makes your muscles look smooth or blurry. On anavar, you’ll look hard, dry and FULL.

On var your muscles will look pumped, even when you’re not at the gym. So when it is time for your workout…get ready for your muscles blow up like Arnie’s biceps in that famous scene in pumping Iron.


Some people say they don’t notice much on anavar, which I put down to a too-low dose. However, the people who said it DOES work for them also said their gains are dose-dependent (which is what I find).

For example, in my own experience, anything under 80mg will NOT result in significant fat loss or strength gains. In my opinion you need this dose or higher to save wasting your money.

Var vs Winstrol

Some critics question anavar, saying winstrol is a superior cutting steroid. I personally believe anavar is the ‘better steroid’, because although you can expect to build more muscle on winny; you’re also a lot more likely to experience harsher side effects (especially on the joints).

Not to mention that anavar will keep your muscles looking fuller on-cycle.

Anavar Side Effects

Decline in Libido

The main side effect of anavar is the loss of libido, which can set in from the 6th week onwards.

In regards to this, I’ve noticed everything still works downstairs (in terms of performance), but you just lose your sex drive.

This could actually work to your advantage, if you prefer your partner doing the work!

The reason why you might experience a loss in libido is because anavar suppresses natural testosterone production. However, studies have shown that anavar only reduces your testosterone levels by 65%, so this isn’t completely shutting down your hormone production (like other anabolic steroids). Thus your test levels will likely restore themselves back to normal within a few weeks.

Running testosterone alongside anavar in a cycle is likely to reverse this loss of libido and keep your test levels high once your cycle has finished.

Liver Toxicity 

The other main negative side effect of taking anavar is that it can be toxic on the liver when taken orally.

Some aren’t worried about this as the liver is a very tough organ and seems to repair itself pretty well inbetween cycles. Others say you shouldn’t indulge in alcohol during an anavar cycle, as this will cause excess strain on your liver.

So, if you have existing liver damage or love your alcohol a bit too much, I wouldn’t recommend taking anavar or any other steroids.

A cautious approach would be to supplement with Liver Stabil, if you’re particularly worried about your liver values.

Anavar Review Summary

After taking anavar for many years, here’s a few basic points about this steroid:

  • It works very well (when used with a 80mg+ dose).
  • A large percentage of anavar’s weight loss is permanent.
  • Stack it with testosterone to prevent a dip in libido.
  • Anavar’s side effects are mild compared to other anabolics.

So now that we got Anavar out of the way, what about legal alternatives?

Anvarol (Legal Anavar)

best steroids for fat loss

Anvarol is a cutting supplement manufactured by Crazy Bulk, designed to mimic the same fat-burning effects as anavar (oxandrolone).

…But without the side effects.

Is this all manufacture hype? Or does anvarol’s ingredient profile warrant such high praise?

Note: Readers please be wary of supplement companies which claims to recreate the effects of steroids (with natural ingredients). Nothing natural will recreate the effects, to the same degree, as real AAS. For example, an effective natural testosterone booster might increase your testosterone levels by 40%, but this is nothing compared to a steroid increasing your test levels by 500%.

However, before we judge this supplement, let’s take a look at its ingredients.


My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?

In order for anvarol to be compared to anavar it should contain ingredients that:

  1. Will burn fat
  2. Retain/build muscle
  3. Increase strength

At first glance it’s fair to say these ingredients are very weak for a natural fat-burner (especially one claiming to replicate the effects of anavar).

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein is a very under appreciated protein. Some research shows it to be more effective for stimulating protein synthesis than whey or casein (if you consume it with dairy) – (1). There’s also evidence to suggest soy protein has a positive effect on weight loss (2).

However, the amount of soy protein in anvarol is minuscule. It contains 150mg in each tablet (which makes up 450mg each day). To put this into perspective, a table spoon of soy protein powder will only weigh approx 18g.

Of that 18g, 16g will be pure protein.

Thus even if soy protein was insanely effective for building muscle (which it isn’t), the dose is so tiny – it will almost certainly do nothing.

Whey protein Concentrate

Everyone knows about whey protein. This is the protein naturally found in milk (alongside casein), and the most popular protein powder amongst weight lifters.

Will whey protein speed up recovery and increase protein synthesis? Sure it will. However, this is the same story as soy protein, as the quantity of whey in anvarol is tiny (0.45 grams per day).


Studies have shown that taking 5.6g of BCAAs post-workout can stimulate protein synthesis by 22% (3). However, anvarol contains a fraction of this, with a baby dose of 75mg per tablet. Underwhelming to say the least. Even if you took the whole bottle of anvarol you’d just get enough to stimulate this very modest increase in protein synthesis.

Thus even if you took the whole bottle, you’re still very unlikely to see any muscle growth from this.

Wild Yam Root

Wild yam contains DHEA precursors, which is an anabolic hormone. The higher your DHEA levels are the more muscle you’ll build. However, there aren’t any studies to suggest that wild yam is effective for building muscle.

However, contrary to anavar, wild yam root HAS shown to increase HDL cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health.


Otherwise known as Adenosine 5?-triphosphate. There is evidence that ATP when taken in doses of 400mg per day, can result in increased strength and muscle thickness (4). These are certainly traits of anavar. However, here’s the catch – anvarol only contains 120mg per day. Which means you’ll be getting less than a third of the dose.

If you want to learn more about Anvarol, an Anavar alternative, go to our full Anvarol Review.








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My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?
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My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?My Anavar review, should you buy it (Legal Alternative)?
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