Best Steroids for Beginners (And Best Stacks)

People who only recently stepped in the gym often are foolish enough to search for the best steroids for beginners, without learning more about the side effects and the more sustainable alternatives.

If you’re a newbie, I’ll explain everything you need to know, in order to pack on muscle without risking your health with illegal steroids, but choosing legal alternatives instead.

I’ll also introduce you to one of the best beginner training programs to get bigger and stronger faster – Bill Starr’s 5 x 5 Program.

Key Takeaways

  • Synthetic testosterone, like Sustanon 250, can enhance muscle growth, strength, and workout endurance, but it may also have side effects like infertility, acne, and male pattern baldness.
  • Testo Prime is a legal synthetic testosterone alternative that can help boost testosterone levels in a natural and safe way.
  • Beginners can expect to gain around 20-30 pounds of weight, primarily in the form of muscle, from their first steroid cycle if they follow the recommended guidelines.
  • Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is crucial to help maintain muscle gains and prevent hormone-level crashes. PCT may involve drugs like Clomid or Nolvadex.
  • The safest steroids for beginners include Testosterone, Anavar, and Dianabol. These steroids can be used in various cycles to achieve specific goals like bulking or cutting.
DianabolAnadrolAnavarTestosteroneTrenboloneDeca Durabolin
Anabolic Rating210-250320322-630100500125
Androgenic Rating60452410050037
Liver ToxicityYesYesLowNoYesNo
Common UseBulkingBulkingCuttingVariousCutting, BulkingBulking
Typical Dosage30-50 mg/day50-100 mg/day20-80 mg/dayVaries50-75 mg/day200-400 mg/week
Detection Time5-6 weeks2 months3 weeks3 months5 months18 months

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Best Test Steroid (Testosterone): Sustanon 250


Synthetic testosterone is a man-made version of testosterone, your body’s most powerful anabolic hormone.

The increased levels of testosterone surging through your body that you will experience when you start taking synthetic testosterone will have an immediate and direct impact on workout results, making it an attractive option for those seeking legal steroid alternatives to boost muscle growth.

It will increase the number of ‘satellite cells’ that make your muscle fibers bigger and enhance muscle tissue. It is also believed that satellite cells may actually be able to join together to create new muscle fibers, a phenomenon known as hyperplasia. As a result, you will be able to put on around 5 pounds of muscle per month, supporting rapid muscle growth.

Another powerful effect of synthetic testosterone is that it will help you to stay out of a catabolic state after your workout, which is crucial for preserving muscle tissue. Typically you are in a muscle-depleting state immediately after a heavy weights workout.

But the extra testosterone that will be coursing through your body when you take Testogen, combined with your post-workout protein shake, will counter this effect, contributing to the restoration of your body’s natural growth mechanisms.

As a result of these effects, synthetic testosterone can have a powerful effect on your muscle-gaining ability, making it an excellent choice for beginner steroid cycles. But it can also make you stronger, which is vital for anyone on their first steroid cycle.

That’s because increased levels of testosterone coursing through your body while you are training will give you more calcium within your muscle cells. This will increase the force of your muscular contractions, leading to 30 percent more strength.

You can expect to be about 30 percent stronger when using Testosterone. That means that if your max bench press is 200 pounds, supplementing with Testosterone will help get you up to 260 pounds.

Synthetic testosterone will also boost your workout endurance. When you take it, you will boost your body’s ability to produce red blood cells, ensuring that your red blood cell count is maintained and facial hair growth is avoided.

That means more oxygen will be getting to your muscle cells, enhancing your body’s natural growth mechanisms and allowing you to maintain natural testosterone levels. More oxygen in the muscle means that you will be able to train harder for longer.

Side Effects

The side effects of synthetic testosterone range from mild to severe. When you introduce synthetic testosterone into your body, your natural production of testosterone may slow down or even stop. This can result in infertility.

Another very common effect is acne due to the increased oil that is going into your system. Male pattern baldness is another unwanted effect of taking synthetic testosterone.

More serious side effects of introducing synthetic testosterone into your body include liver damage, enlarged prostate, and higher red blood cell count which is a predictor of heart disease.

Best Legal Synthetic Testosterone Alternative: Testo Prime

Testo Prime offers men a natural solution to optimize testosterone levels, enhancing strength, energy, and overall confidence in their manhood.

This potent testosterone booster incorporates 12 ingredients meticulously selected from vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements with strong clinical backing for boosting men’s natural testosterone production.

Key ingredients in this scientifically-researched formula include 2,000 mg of D-Aspartic Acid, 8,000 mg of Panax Ginseng, 668 mg of KSM 66® Ashwagandha, 800 mg of Fenugreek, and 40 mg of Zinc

For optimal results, men aged 18 and above are advised to take 4 capsules of PrimeTest daily. Whether you’re seeking a boost in energy and libido or aiming to enhance your strength, Testo Prime has you covered!

Testo Prime Overview

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  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Various payment methods including Crypto
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  • 4 capsules per serving
  • Doesn’t contain iodine, selenium, magnesium, or vitamin K2
  • Vitamin D dosage is somewhat low for testosterone support

Safest Steroid for Beginners: Anavar 

Muscle Gains – ??

Anavar (by itself) is a very popular beginner steroid cycle, because it’s a mild compound, meaning users don’t usually experience severe side effects. Oxandrolone will appeal to those looking to burn fat and retain muscle. So if you’re bulking and want to put on mass/size, Anavar won’t be for you. But if you want to lose some fat and get ripped – Anavar can certainly do the job.

Because Anavar is a powerful fat burner, pro bodybuilders also incorporate this steroid in cutting cycles to help them accelerate fat burning before a competition. Sometimes your muscles can appear flat after a cut due to some muscle loss and depleted glycogen stores.

However, Anavar reverses this effect and increases muscle-building, due to its anabolic properties; making you look jacked as it increases glycogen storage in your muscles.

Anavar is also a popular steroid for women, as it doesn’t result in any masculine side effects. Anavar will keep a woman looking feminine because it is a very mild compound and not excessively androgenic. Unlike men, women tend to build significant amounts of muscle on Anavar.

However, ladies shouldn’t expect to wake up looking like she-hulk; however, they will add a considerable amount of muscle tissue, giving them a strong/lean/athletic look.

Anavar side effects:

  • Male pattern baldness (hair loss)
  • Painful erections
  • Less testosterone post-cycle

As you can see in the list above, the amount of Anavar’s side effects is a lot less compared to other AAS; however, complications can still occur.

Some people believe Anavar won’t significantly increase or shut down your natural testosterone production, however, studies show that Anavar DOES initially increase your testosterone levels during a cycle. Thus you can expect decreased levels of T post-cycle. As they say, “What goes up, must come down”.

However, Anavar won’t increase your testosterone levels as much as dianabol (at the beginning of your cycle), nor will it shut you down as much as deca (after your cycle).

One drawback with anavar is that it’s quite costly. So, this isn’t the best steroid for a beginner who is short on money.

However, if Anavar is out of your price range, clenbuterol is a cheaper alternative and it’s a more potent fat burner. Or you can go for anvarol which is not only a safe and legal alternative; but also much cheaper than oxandrolone.

When weighing up Anavar’s pros and cons, it’s no doubt one of the best steroids for beginners (if you’re cutting).


Dianabol is one of the best steroids for bulking and is suitable for beginners to take (in pill form). Generally, the more powerful a steroid is, the more side effects it causes. Oral Dianabol is almost an exception to this rule, as it’s likely to get a beginner jacked, but won’t compromise their health (as much as other steroids can).

As a precaution, get your blood work regularly checked by a medical professional whilst taking D-bol, and be sure to take a milk thistle supplement to help reduce the strain on your liver.

Injectable Dianabol isn’t recommended as blood pressure levels are likely to rise to an excessive level. Injectable dbol may also increase the chances of a user developing gynecomastia, as well as other side effects.

Dianabol doesn’t have any fat-burning effects, making it best suited for beginners who want to pack on as much muscle and strength as possible. Dianabol was thought to have been taken by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 60’s, helping transform him into a mass monster who later dominated the Olympia stage.

Bodybuilders can typically take 50mg of dianabol a day; however sensible beginners will start on 10mg a day, and increase as their body becomes more comfortable with dianabol.

Dianabol Side Effects:

  • Liver strain (with orals)
  • High blood pressure
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Low testosterone levels (post-cycle)
  • Water retention
  • Acne
  • Increased risk of liver cancer
  • Gynecomastia

If the above side effects aren’t for you, D-Bal is a legal steroid alternative that mimics the effects of dianabol (without the side effects).

dbal supplement
Dianabol Alternative
D-bal By Crazy Bulk
  • Enhances nitrogen retention and increases protein production
  • Activates the process known as protein synthesis
  • Improves your overall focus and drive

Sustanon Cycle for Beginners (Testosterone) 

Testosterone is the most popular steroid for beginners, as it’s not overly toxic and it produces impressive muscle gains. Testosterone will cause a beginner to build muscle and burn fat (at the same time), changing a user’s body composition drastically. However, it should be known that testosterone’s muscle-building properties far outweigh its fat-loss attributes.

Thus it would be wise to view testosterone as a bulking steroid that should be utilized with a high-calorie diet if you want to see significant muscle gains.

Testosterone can be used when cutting to good effect, however its muscle-building potential will be reduced on lower calories. Some people may use tests when cutting for two main reasons; they want to increase fat burning or/and they’re anxious about losing muscle.

Losing muscle is a pretty likely scenario on a cut; it’s just how much muscle you’ll lose. This isn’t the case when cutting with testosterone, where you’ll most likely retain all muscle – if not build some in the process.

A bodybuilder’s first steroid cycle usually consists of taking some form of testosterone, most likely sustanon 250.

Sustanon 250 combines both short and long esters, meaning it enters your system fast (giving you rapid muscle gains), but also takes a while to leave your system; meaning you don’t have to take overly frequent doses.

Sustanon 250 side effects

Users are likely to experience several of the following adverse effects. If the user has good genetics, he may only experience very few of the below:

  • Acne
  • Liver strain
  • High blood pressure
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia
  • Hair loss/thinning

These adverse effects usually correct themselves when a cycle ends, unless a user takes excessively long cycles for many years and abuses testosterone.

However, if you don’t want to experience any of the side effects Sustanon 250 causes; and you want to build muscle.

4 Best Steroids for Beginners in 2020
Legal Testosterone Alternative
  • Increases Luteinizing Hormone Production
  • Boosts Testosterone with: Zinc 10mg DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) 2352mg, Ginseng Red Powder (root) 40mg, Fenugreek extract 40mg, Magnesium 200mg, Nettle Leaf Extract 40mg, Boron 8mg
  • Fast Results

Deca Durabolin 

Muscle gains – ????

Deca durabolin is another powerful bulking steroid that can be used to build large amounts of lean muscle.

It’s also one of the best steroids for beginners because it contains long esters and is a slow-acting compound. This makes it newbie-friendly as it doesn’t enter the body too fast; meaning fewer side effects for the user.

Generally, Deca Durabolin requires more patience than other steroids because it doesn’t kick in straightaway as Dianabol or testosterone can. It may take a week or so to really get into your system, but when it does – it’s one of the best steroids around for building muscle. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also rumored to be cycling Deca alongside Dianabol from a young age, causing him to develop such thick and full muscle bellies.

Deca is regarded as a ‘healthy steroid’ in the anabolic world as it’s often prescribed by doctors to those who are suffering from joint problems and bone loss (osteoporosis). Many other steroids can actually cause joint problems, especially winstrol – but deca durabolin has the reverse effect.

In terms of side effects, Deca Durabolin can cause the following:

  • Deca dick (erectile dysfunction)
  • Shuts down testosterone
  • Increased aggression
  • Water retention (bloat)
  • Gynecomastia

Deca produces side effects similar to most steroids, but the most unique one is ‘deca dick’. This steroid may have the most impact on your sexual performance, so if this is important to you, you might want to opt for another steroid.

Decadurabolin Alternative
Decaduro By Crazy Bulk
  • Noticeably increases strength and power, massive muscle gains
  • Greatly increases recovery times after workouts
  • Reduction of body fat without losing muscle, tendon and joint pain relief

Typical Steroid Gains For a Newbie

How much muscle will you gain from your first steroid cycle? This is a common question that all beginners wonder. However, assuming you use the steroids mentioned in this article, take them for the time span mentioned AND you have standard genetics; you can expect to gain 20-30lbs.

Most of this weight is likely to be in the form of muscle, with some being fluid retention. Oral Dianabol and deca durabolin will cause the most water retention out of the steroids listed in this article. Testosterone can also cause fluid accumulation, however, if you do an Anavar-only cycle you won’t gain any water, as it has diuretic properties.

It’s worth noting that some users might take testosterone with Anavar and only gain 10lbs. They could look amazing in the mirror and feel like their body’s transformed by 10x over but only have 10 lbs to show for it on the scales.

This can happen when a user gains 15 lbs of muscle and burns 5 lbs of fat. This is a dramatic transformation, however, if you’re judging your gains by the number on your scales – you might end up a little disappointed.

Looking in the mirror and taking before/after photos is a much more effective way to monitor your gains, than by standing on the scales. Especially if you’re running steroids together that have both muscle-building and fat-burning properties.

Do You Need PCT?

PCT stands for post-cycle therapy, which is the phase where bodybuilders try to desperately maintain the muscle mass and strength they gained from their cycle.

Post-cycle, your testosterone production plummets to abnormally low levels. As a result, your body has now shifted from being extremely anabolic, to now catabolic.

Catabolic = muscle-wasting state

One trick bodybuilders often implement to help their testosterone levels recover during this period is to take drugs like clomid or Nolvadex. Essentially these are anti-estrogens, so by lowering the female sex hormone, T levels begin to surge again.

However, these drugs will do very little, if any steroids are still in your system. Thus you need to make a note of the half-lives of the steroids you take, so you can calculate when they’ve completely left your system. As soon as they have bodybuilders will start taking clomid/nolvadex to prevent any muscle loss.

The idea is that you run these drugs for several weeks (usually 2-3 weeks) and by the end of this time, your natural testosterone production will be much higher in comparison to going cold turkey after a cycle.

HCG can also be utilized during this period too, to help restore testicle size. HCG stimulates the Leydig cells, which in turn causes an increase in semen volume (and larger testicles). Testicular shrinkage is almost guaranteed with any steroid cycle.

It’s important for beginners to run an effective PCT, not only to help cement their gains but to prevent their hormone levels from crashing (which can impact you physically and mentally).

Can You Safely Take Steroids?

Although these are the most common steroids used by beginners (due to their mild nature), they’re still illegal and can cause severe side effects. Thus, no anabolic steroid is “100% safe”, despite what any juiced-up bodybuilder may tell you.

Also, a user under the age of 21 is still developing, thus taking AAS at this age may interfere with their bodies’ natural development, affecting them into adulthood.

Safest Steroids for Beginners

Those who are taking steroids for the first time need to start cautiously with a modest cycle using one of the safest anabolic steroids that comes with minimal side effects. The three best steroids for beginners are:

  • Testosterone
  • Anavar
  • Dianabol

Testosterone for Bodybuilding

Testosterone is the most important hormone in your body when it comes to building muscle. It is an androgenic (male) sex hormone. It is produced by both men and women, with men producing 5-10 mg per day. This is about 10 times more than women.

Testosterone enters into cells and binds to androgen receptors that act upon the cell nucleus. It increases protein synthesis, muscle mass, and strength levels.

The exact mechanism by which testosterone makes muscle bigger is not fully understood. It is believed that it activates and increases the number of muscle fiber satellite cells. These satellite cells then get incorporated into existing muscle fiber to make the muscle bigger.

Different Types of Testosterone

Type of TestosteroneCharacteristicsRecommended Injection Frequency
Free Testosterone– Not bound to any protein molecules
– Most biologically available 
– Performs various functions 
– Comprises 2 -3% of total testosterone
Not applicable
SHBG Bound Testosterone– Bound to sex-hormone binding globulin
– Makes up 40-45% of total testosterone
1-2 times per week
Albumin Bound Testosterone– Bound to liver-producing hormone
– Controls extracellular fluid volume
– Weaker bond with albumin
– Readily available 
Every other day

Your body makes a single type of testosterone. However, once it’s released into the bloodstream, the way that it becomes bound to certain proteins puts it into one of three classifications:

  • Free Testosterone is not bound to any protein molecules at all. This is the most biologically available form, able to perform any of the functions that we’ve already spoken about. However, free testosterone only comprises 2-3% of your total testosterone.
  • SHBG Bound Testosterone is testosterone that is bound to the sex-hormone-binding globulin. 40-45% of your total “T” is made up of this type.
  • Albumin Bound Testosterone is bound to a liver-producing hormone that controls extracellular fluid volume. This makes it inactive for other functions. However, because the bond between testosterone and albumin is weaker than that between “T” and SHBG when your body needs more free testosterone, it will turn to albumin-bound testosterone, breaking it apart and converting it to free testosterone. For this reason, ABT is generally classified along with free testosterone as readily available “T”.

When it comes to testosterone steroids, there are four types available, based on the ester that is attached to the hormone.

Type of TestosteroneCharacteristicsRecommended Injection Frequency
Testosterone Enanthate– Large ester testosterone1-2 times per week
Testosterone Cypionate– One extra carbon1-2 times per week
Testosterone Propionate– Shorter ester, released faster
– Requires frequent injections
Every other day
Testosterone Suspension– No ester, lasts less than a day
– Needs daily injections
Every day

Testosterone Enanthate

This has a large ester testosterone. It can be injected 1-2 times per week.

Testosterone Cypionate

This has one extra carbon. It can also be injected 1-2 times per week.

Testosterone Propionate

This has a shorter ester that is released faster into the body. It needs to be injected every other day in order to maintain blood concentration levels.

Testosterone Suspension

This is a free ester that lasts in the body for less than a day. It needs to be injected every day.

Testosterone Dosage for Bodybuilding

There is no standard answer regarding the ideal dosage of testosterone for bodybuilders. For some people, a dosage of 200mg per week may give awesome bodybuilding results while others may need as much as 500mg per week.

Each type of testosterone has different dosage recommendations. For testosterone enanthate and cypionate, the recommended dosage for a beginner is 400-500 mg per week.

For testosterone propionate, the best dosage for beginners is 100-150 mg every other day.

Testosterone Cycle for Beginners

Here is a sample 6 week Testosterone Propionate cycle:

  • Week One: 100 mg on Mon / Wed / Fri
  • Week Two: 100 mg on Mon / Wed / Fri
  • Week Three: 100 mg on Mon / Wed / Fri
  • Week Four: 150 mg on Mon / Wed / Fri
  • Week Five: 150 mg on Mon / Wed / Fri
  • Week Six: 150 mg on Mon / Wed / Fri

Best Cycle for Lean Mass

There are many cycles for lean mass and strength. One of the best involves testosterone cypionate. As well as packing on lean mass and boosting strength levels, test cypionate will improve workout recovery and increase endurance levels. It can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Testosterone cypionate enhances the production of luteinizing hormone, which, in turn, boosts the body’s natural production of testosterone.

There are a number of side effects associated with Testosterone cypionate use including male pattern baldness, gynecomastia, acne, water retention, and uncontrollable erections.

For an effective lean mass, and strength stack pair Testosterone cypionate with Equipoise, which will ensure that you put on fat-free muscle. Here is a sample 12-week stack:

  • Week One: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Two: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Three: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Four: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Five: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Six: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Seven: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Eight: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Nine: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Ten: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Eleven: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week
  • Week Twelve: Test cypionate – 400 mg per week: Equipoise – 400 mg per week


Dianabol is the brand name for the anabolic steroid Methandrostenolone. It is among the most popular steroids for muscle building due to its potent anabolic and mild androgenic properties.

Dianabol is a potent booster of protein synthesis. This steroid is mostly offered in oral form though you can also get it as an injectable.

Dianabol Dosage

The ideal Dianabol dosage for beginners is between 20-50 mg per day. I recommend starting with 20 mg for the first two weeks and then going up to 30mg for the next two weeks and, provided that you are not experiencing severe reactions, increasing by another 10 mg per week during the final two weeks.

Dianabol Cycle

Here is a sample Dianabol cycle for beginners:

  • Week One: 20 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Two: 20 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Three: 30 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Four: 30 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Five: 40 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Six: 40 mg per day Dianabol


Anavar is a DHT hormone that has been structurally altered. It is one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids that exists.

It is highly anabolic while having very mild androgenic effects. Anavar is able to increase nitrogen retention within the muscle cell which increases the anabolic environment. It also increases red blood cell count which promotes muscular endurance.

Anavar Dosage

The ideal Anavar dosage for beginners is 30-50 mg per day over an 8-week cycle. Because Anavar has a milder level of hepatoxicity than other steroids you can extend your cycle longer than with most other compounds.

Anavar Cycle

Here is an sample 8 week Anavar cycle for beginners:

  • Week One: 30 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Two: 30 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Three: 30 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Four: 40 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Five: 40 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Six: 40 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Seven: 50 mg per day Anavar
  • Week Eight: 50 mg per day Anavar

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is the brand name of the steroid Nandrolone. It is popularly used by bodybuilders as an off-season bulking agent. It will increase protein synthesis, and nitrogen retention and inhibits glucocorticoids. This combination will boost your ability to pack on lean muscle mass.

Deca Durabolin Dosage

The recommended Deca Durabolin starting dosage is 300 mg per week over a 16-week cycle. If you increase the dosage to 400 mg, reduce the cycle length to 12 weeks. Because it has a long half-life of up to 16 days.

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Deca Durabolin Cycle

Here is a recommended Deca Durabolin cycle for beginners over a 16-week period.

  • Week One: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Two: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Three: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Four: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Five: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Six: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Seven: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Eight: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Nine: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Ten: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Eleven: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Twelve: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Thirteen: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Fourteen: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Fifteen: 300 mg per week Deca
  • Week Sixteen: 300 mg per week Deca

Best First Time Steroid Cycle for Beginners

Here is a stack using two of the best steroids for beginners that has proven very effective with minimal side effects:

  • Week One: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Two: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Three: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Four: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Five: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Six: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Seven: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Eight: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Nine: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Ten: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Eleven: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone
  • Week Twelve: 200 mg per week Deca / 200 mg per week Testosterone

Best Oral Steroid Stack for Beginners

The best oral steroid stack for beginners will always be a matter of debate. We have provided some great sample cycles in this article. Here is one more that has given great results for a lot of people. It combines Deca Durabolin with Dianabol over an 8-week cycle.

  • Week One: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Two: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Three: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Four: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Five: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Six: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Seven: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol
  • Week Eight: 200 mg per week Deca / 25 mg per day Dianabol

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Best Steroid Cycle for Muscle Gain

Anavar is often labeled as the safest steroid for beginners, causing significant fat loss and noticeable lean muscle gains. Side effects are rarely experienced by men or women on Anavar, hence how it is FDA-approved in medicine.

A noteworthy side effect of Anavar is a modest decline in endogenous testosterone production. Natural test levels will not get shut down, but they will decrease. Such declines typically shoot back up post-cycle within several weeks to a couple of months.

Muscle gains will not be overly dramatic on Anavar, compared to the other compounds on this list, however, if a huge mass isn’t the goal; an Anavar-only cycle is often chosen.

An Anavar-only cycle is common among users wary of side effects and is often administered by those who are afraid of taking steroids in general (but opt for Anavar due to its high safety profile).

An example of Anavar-Only Cycle

anavar only cycle

This is a conservative dose for males during the first cycle. In future Anavar cycles, 20mg may be used from the 1st week onward; and the length of a cycle may be increased to 8 weeks.

PCT: Due to Anavar only being a mild steroid, a PCT is not essential, as users do not typically ‘crash’. Thus, hormones typically will regulate back to normal within several weeks.

12 Week Bulking Steroid Cycle

If you are after a truly power 12 week bulking stack, you should consider stacking Testosterone with Dbol. With this stack you take the Dbol in tablet form over the first five weeks in order to get you off to a powerful start. Here is how to run the cycle:

  • Weeks 1-5: Dbol Tabs – 40 mg per day
  • Week 1-2: Testosterone Enanthate injections – 500 mg per week

We recommend dividing up your weekly Testosterone Enanthate dosage into 4-5 even injections that are evenly spaced over the course of the week.

Best Anabolic Steroids to Get Big Quick

  1. Dianabol
  2. Anadrol
  3. Testosterone
  4. Trenbolone
  5. Deca Durabolin

Understanding the Risks: Responsible Use of Steroids

Doctors understand that steroids can be taken in a sensible way as they prescribe steroids to patients on a daily basis. They know that if they keep them on a low to moderate dose and don’t administer them for too long, the risks of side effects are much less.

Doctors also monitor patients regularly when taking drugs, conducting health checks to make sure there are no underlying problems.

However, using without a medical prescription is not only illegal but dangerous for your health. Even mild steroids can lead to serious side effects when used improperly or without an actual medical reason, especially during beginner steroid cycles.

Most beginners will use oral steroids like Dianabol or Anavar for their first steroid cycles, given their easy administration and reduced risk of injection errors.

The main downside with orals is that they get broken down by the liver, instead of going straight into your bloodstream, impacting natural testosterone levels.

Here are 5 steroid cycles that are common practice among many bodybuilders, but we recommend exploring legal steroid alternatives instead to boost muscle growth while respecting your body’s natural growth mechanisms.


So, it’s completely up to you which steroids you use during your first cycle, but the 4 best steroids for beginners are considered to be:

  • Testosterone
  • Oral dianabol
  • Anavar
  • Deca durabolin

Compounds like clenbuterol are also suitable for beginners to take, as it is a mild substance and won’t shut down testosterone levels. However, clenbuterol is primarily a fat burner and used for cutting purposes; thus won’t produce any significant muscle gains.

Anavar is thought to be the safest steroid a bodybuilder can take. Still, it can have multiple side-effects

Many first-time steroid users will refrain from using injectables until their body starts to tolerate orals; thus staying away from toxic steroids such as Anadrol and trenbolone as these are too harsh for a beginner. Also do not take steroids if you have any health issues or any conditions that run in your family, as this will put you more at risk of developing severe side effects.

Lastly, your first steroid cycle will often produce the best muscle gains of your life; so be sure to train like a lion and eat like a king during this period to maximize your gains.


What Should my First Cycle of Steroids be?

Your first steroid cycle should prioritize safety and minimal side effects, typically consisting of a mild anabolic steroid like testosterone or Anavar.

What is the Best Steroid to use to Get Big Fast?

If you aim to gain size quickly, consider using a combination of testosterone and Dianabol.

What is the Best Steroid Cutting Cycle?

For a cutting cycle, opt for steroids like Winstrol or Anavar, which help preserve lean muscle while promoting fat loss.

What is the Gaining Cycle for Beginners?

Beginners should start with a basic bulking cycle that includes testosterone, with an emphasis on proper nutrition, training, and monitoring for side effects.

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Daniel Louwrens BSc PT

Daniel Louwrens BSc PT | Writer

Daniel Louwrens is a well-rounded fitness professional with over 10 years of experience in bodybuilding and fitness. He holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Western Cape and is a certified International Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. He is also a skilled bodybuilder and head coach for Muscle and Brawn. With his knowledge and expertise, he provides personalized training, nutrition, and recovery guidance to help clients reach their fitness goals.

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Steve Smith
2 years ago

Very informative post for beginners. Really loved the workout cycle in the bonus part.

Simon Tauffels
Simon Tauffels
1 year ago

This is a great post with great information about steroids. Bookmarked your blog. We hope you will continue to post these good information frequently.

Kev H
Kev H
1 year ago

Great Post and very informative for a beginner like myself. Well done

Wayne fearn
Wayne fearn
1 year ago

Wow I’m a beginner and the info I found very helpful.

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