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After many years of caring for thousands of men on testosterone and anabolic steroids Dr. Thomas O’Connor created Testosteronology®, a sub-specialty of Internal Medicine.

No other medical specialty offers comprehensive and personalized medical services for men on androgens; Testosteronology is distinct from Endocrinology and Urology. Testosteronology is more specific than Endocrinology, which deals with all hormones in men and women. And it is different from Urology, a surgical specialty that does not focus on the common medical aspects of how androgens effect men.

These aspects include cardiovascular complications, adverse effects on red blood cell production (polycythemia), psychological side affects of androgens, and other internal medicine related conditions. Testosteronology offers men from all over the world a safe place where they are respected, listened to, and protected by the most cutting edge, progressive men’s heath physicians on earth.


  • American Board of Internal Medicine Certification – Since 2005
  • Clinical Instructor/Teaching Physician-Department of Medicine-University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  • Physician Preceptor Clinical Longitudinal Immersion in the Community (CLIC)
  • Residency Training – University of Connecticut School of Medicine – 2005
  • Professional Medical Studies – New York Medical College – 2002
  • Pre Medical – Post Baccalaureate – Syracuse University



  • Graduate degree in Exercise Physiology – Master’s Degree – Long Island University
  • Author of “Anabolic Doc” column in Muscular Development magazine  2009-2020 and co-host of “Ask the Anabolic Doc” podcast series
  • Contributor to Bill Llewellyn’s Anabolics 11th Edition
  • Author – “America on Steroids – A Time to Heal”, 2017
  • YouTube channel “Anabolic Doc” for anabolic steroid education
  • Featured anabolic steroid expert: Muscle and Fitness, New York Times, New York Daily News
  • Featured expert in Generation Iron’s films: “GI part 3” and “Enhanced 2 the Max”

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