Is Anton Antipov on Steroids or Is He Natural?

anton antipov

Anton Antipov is an IFBB pro who competes in Men’s Physique. He moved to America with his family in 1997 and since arriving to the land of opportunity he’s secured several modeling contracts with lucrative companies such as Boss Models and Wilhelmina.


At the end of his time with Boss Models, Anton started lifting weights.

…and the rest is history.

Since transforming into a beast his fan base has sky rocketed, accumulating over 1 million fans on his Facebook page.

Anton Antipov’s stats:

  • Height – 5 ft 11
  • Weight – 186lbs -193lbs (84g-88kg)
  • Body fat: 7% approx

He’s also won several Men’s physique competitions, with the NPC and IFBB.

Impressive stuff. But not as impressive if he’s juiced his way to success…

Despite his many achievements, Anton comes across on social media as a very down to earth guy…who’s also outspoken.

He’ll often address haters (who are adamant he’s juicing), putting them in their place and reiterating that he’s 100% natty. See below:

anton facebook

James just got told.

It seems like Anton is an honest and genuine guy from these replies…but people have lied about their natty status in the past, so lets take a look at the facts.

Gains Timeline

anton antipov transformation

Anton says he started lifting weights at around 21 years old (1). His date of birth is 1983, so this means he hopped on the gains train around 2004.

But we don’t know when in 2004.

Huge guys who are natty gain 90% of their muscle during the ‘newbie’ phase. These guys are genetically gifted, so when they first start lifting weights their ability to build muscle far surpasses the average male.

But after these initial newbie gains, they don’t grow much after.

Now, if Anton regularly lifted weights BEFORE this November 2004 picture, it’d indicate that he’s been juicing.

But, if he looked like the 2004 pic before he even touched a weight, it’ll suggest that Anton could well be natty.

Here’s what Anton looked like in 2002…

anton antipov 2002

This 2002 picture shows that Anton had the same amount of muscle compared to the 2004 picture.

As he wasn’t lifting weights in 2002, this tells us that the 2004 picture would’ve been taken shortly BEFORE Anton started pumping iron.

This gives credibility to his natty claims, as he looked pretty muscular before he even laid eyes on a dumbbell.

Here’s some more pictures that I’ve compiled together showing Anton’s gains over the years:

anton antipov natural transformation

Here’s my observations:

Anton had awesome newbie gains which you can see from his 2007 photo. This was at a time where he’d “stay up all night partying, drinking alcohol and smoking” (1).

…Lol is this real life?

The picture after this I couldn’t get a date for, but Anton said he later gave up smoking/drinking and began eating more food. This makes sense as he’s gained some size since 2007 (albeit with some extra body fat).

In 2009 he hasn’t gained any more muscle, he’s simply lost fat. This has enhanced his muscle definition making his body look a lot more impressive.

The only difference from 2009 to now is he’s gone from lean to shredded…maintaining the muscle mass he already had.

Anton’s gains timeline definitely looks natural.

His newbie gains were significant, he bulked up to gain some more muscle and has stayed the same size ever since.

If he HAD taken steroids from 2007 to 2009, he’d be a lot bigger than what he looks like now.

Anton in Clothes

Although Anton has an amazing physique, he looks like a mere mortal with regular fitting clothes on.

It’s because he’s not huge.

He’s simply acquired a good amount of muscle and then dieted down/got shredded.

The fact he’s ripped to shreds is what makes your jaw hit the ground when he’s topless.

anton antipov do you even lift

How big your muscles look is determined by the size of your waist.

…This is why your muscles can often look bigger after a cut.

So if you’re shredded and have a tiny waist you don’t need 22 inch arms to look jacked.

No Physical Signs of Steroids…

Anton doesn’t have:

  • Flushed skin
  • Signs of water retention (bloating)
  • HGH gut
  • Big traps
  • That artificial photoshop look

Steroid-users are known for having boulder shoulders and Anton does have very impressive delts.

However, it’s clear that steroids aren’t the reason for his big shoulders as they were already well developed in 2002, before he started lifting weights.

Does Anton Antipov Have Gyno?

I’ve seen a few pictures where Anton has puffy nipples.

Puffy nipples (or gyno) is a common sign of steroid-use, because steroids cause your testosterone levels to go through the roof.

When test levels rise to exceptional levels, estrogen also rises.

Estrogen is the female sex hormone and when levels are high in men, their nipples can become puffy.

…or even turn into real life boobies!

However, estrogen imbalances CAN also happen during puberty meaning it’s possible for a natty to experience gynecomastia.

From looking at Anton’s pictures, it’s clear that steroids are not the cause of his puffy nipples.

If you look at the 2002 picture of Anton (2 years before he started lifting), he had puffy nipples even back then. Thus it’s clear that a hormonal imbalance has caused this, not drugs.

Ulisses Jr also had puffy nipples through puberty.

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Verdict: Natty

It comes as no surprise to me that Anton is natty because of how honest and open he is on social media.

Anton Antipov simply has world-class genetics when it comes to building muscle.

…This guy had a better body than most gym rats before he even started lifting.

But Anton hasn’t had it handed to him on a silver platter, he’s also had to work for it.

It’s one thing to have insane genetics, but it’s another to actually fulfill that potential by working your ass off for over a decade. Not to mention constantly eating clean and dieting down until he got shredded.

Remember that picture where he bulked up and gained some fat?

He’s lost roughly 7% of body fat since then. This fat loss has been is the difference between Anton looking average or EPIC.

If anyone ever needed motivation to start a cut, look at Anton’s transformation from chubby to ripped; print it out then stick it on your wall.


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