Brad Castleberry: Steroids Or Natural?

Brad Castleberry: Steroids Or Natural?

Brad Castleberry is a name that is very well known in the online fitness community.

And, unfortunately, he isn’t known for the right reasons.

We’d say he’s polarizing.

But, to be honest, that would imply that people tend to love him or hate him.

From what we’ve seen.

The general consensus is that he is disliked as his social media posts can turn pretty ugly very quickly more often than not.

He’s a big dude, in fact, he’s jacked.

But it’s how he conducts himself that has rubbed people up the wrong way.

The thing about social media is that it allows us to portray the version of ourselves that we want to be.

And this doesn’t necessarily reflect on real life.

E-stating, as it is known in the world of ‘bro-lifters’ is a very real problem.

And Bradley is a prime example of this, unfortunately.

We’ll learn more about Brad’s E-stats a little later on.

But, for now, we are going to focus on the question of does Brad Castleberry take steroids or is he natural.

You see, Brad’s in awesome shape.

He really does look impressive, it’s his personality that many people can’t abide.

As he has denied taking steroids numerous times in the past.

If you’ve seen him, however, you can understand why people are dubious.

In this article we will be looking at does Brad Castleberry take steroids or is he natural.

So, Bro’s, grab a cold one, put your feet up.

And let’s read more about young Bradley.

We don’t personally know Brad.

And who knows, in person.

He may be a very nice dude.

Online he comes across a bit of a jerk if we’re being honest.

The content of this article is based purely on speculation on our part.

And should not be construed as factual.

We don’t know for certain if Brad has used steroids or if he is taking them.

And unless we draw blood from him or test his pee.

We never will.

What we will be doing, however, is learning more about Brad and looking at his physique.

And what we know about steroids.

In a bid to determine whether we THINK he could be on steroids or if he has used them to build his very impressive physique.

Who Is Brad Castleberry?

Oh boy, if you’ve never heard of Brad Castleberry before then just head over to his social media pages and you will be in for quite the treat.

People hate him, and we don’t often use that term loosely.

But they genuinely hate him.

Of course, he has hundreds of thousands of fans.

But the majority of his comments and interactions on social media with other people are largely negative.

He has a very impressive number of followers.

But it seems like most of them are more interested in insulting him than they are to learn more about him.

Brad is a former football player and powerlifter.

Who now competes as a bodybuilder while offering personal training programs to clients all over the globe, through the internet.

Now, when you see his videos, you can see why his personality rubs people the wrong way.

He’s still very young, but he comes across as a cocky and arrogant jock frat boy.

He walks around with his lats flared.

He says ‘bro’ a million times a day, and he just comes across as cocky, arrogant, and self-important.

Now, so far we’re not doing him any favors.

So let’s look at his good qualities.

Brad is a very motivated, hard-working individual.

You can see that he takes his diet and his training very seriously indeed.

Phat Workout can be a good choice if you’re looking to try a powerlifter workout routine.

As he has a body that most men can only dream of.

He is a genetically gifted individual, there’s no denying that.

Which is why people are so frustrated with him and his E-stats.

By E-stats, we’re talking about the whole ‘fake plate controversy’ that will follow him around for the rest of his days.

We’re saving that for later because it’s a fairly interesting read.

Brad Castleberry: Steroids Or Natural?

Early Life And Bodybuilding

Brad grew up like your typical all-American jock.

He was always very interested in sports as a kid and was a very talented football player.

He had a good physique, and when he started playing football his gains really started to shine through.

He saw he looked good and so from 15 he started to lift weights properly.

His mom bought him a gym membership.

And he would often read bodybuilding magazines and online forums looking for tips.

Once he started lifting properly.

He quickly started to make impressive gains and became hooked on bodybuilding.

At age 19 he entered his first show and placed well.

Though he didn’t win.

Shortly after he started competing as a MuscleMania athlete and soon picked up his pro card when he took first place.

He had achieved his goal of becoming a pro bodybuilder.

Unfortunately, all of the training and dieting took a toll on Brad.

Physically and mentally, and so he decided to take a break from bodybuilding to pursue other things.

He still lifted, just not as intensely with all of the dieting involved.

As he had his sights set on other pastimes and activities.

He took up Powerlifting and football.

He played in college for a full two years, and because he was already big and jacked.

And knew what he was doing, he proved to be quite the player.

Not only that, but he also learned how to train for functionality.

Rather than just aesthetics.

After football, he decided to try his hand at Powerlifting.

In the gym, he had some impressive lifts.

In fact, his strength was one of the main reasons why people asked the question of does Brad Castleberry takes steroids, or is he natural.

The Fake Plate Controversy

Brad Castleberry looks great, there’s no denying that.

That, however, is not what he is remembered for.

When people think of Brad.

They think of fake plates and E-stats.

Brad competed as a powerlifter.

And he is a very strong dude.

There’s no denying that.

If you check out some of the videos of Brad lifting ridiculous weights.

However, you’ll see that he appears to use fake plates so that it looks like he is lifting more weight than he is.

He’ll be benching say, 4 plates aside.

But will throw on 2 fake plates so that it looks like he is benching 6 plates aside.

Now, Brad is 5ft 10 such as Layne Norton and Bostin Loyd size, and weighs around 240 – 250 pounds.

He claims, however, to bench press 700 pounds, to squat 800 pounds, and to deadlift 750 pounds.

For a powerlifter of his size and weight.

These would be record-breaking numbers.

People took offense to this because he is seen as a role model for young teens looking to get in shape.

Yet here he is, using fake plates and trying to pass these lifts off as genuine.

He is very strong and without the obviously fake weight plates.

He lifts would still be hugely impressive.

In one instance, a bodybuilder online called Brad out and offered him $1000 to the bench and squat the weights he claims to lift.

The condition, however, was that the person offering the money had to see it in person.

Brad turned down the offer and continues to decline offers from powerlifters and strongmen all over the globe.

The videos online of him lifting such “heavyweights” have millions of views.

And if genuine, he’d be a world-class powerlifter or strongman.

The most ridiculous video of all, however, is him claiming to “curl” 405 pounds after yelling ‘kings do king things’.

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Does Brad Castleberry Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Right, so, we know that Brad likes to bend the truth a little.

So let’s now take a look at whether or not we think he’s on steroids.

Here are a few pieces of evidence both for and against steroid use on Brad’s part:

His Size

Okay, first and foremost, as much as you may dislike him.

Brad still has an incredible physique.

He is 5ft 10 and weighs around 240 – 250 pounds.

This is why people question whether or not he is on steroids and believe that he is.

You see, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a multiple-time Mr. Olympia winner.

Competed at around 240 pounds, and he was 6ft 2, making him 4 inches taller than Brad.

Arnie has admitted to using steroids to get to this size.

Yet Brad, who is 4 inches shorter and a few pounds heavier of solid muscle.

Is supposed to have gotten to this size naturally through hard work and a healthy diet?

There’s just no way we’re buying that.

Sorry, Brad.

Brad Castleberry: Steroids Or Natural?


Not only is Brad big and muscular.

But he is also very defined and in great shape for much of the year.

He is always vascular and looks ready to step on stage at any moment.

To simply achieve a set of ABS is hard enough.

But to maintain ABS and vascularity.

While walking around at single-digit body fat percentages is astonishing if he is natural.

You can check the difference between Steroids VS Natural Bodybuilder.

Steroids are designed to preserve muscle, build it, and burn fat.

This is why steroid users constantly look ready to step on stage at any moment if they are even slightly disciplined with their diets.

We, therefore, think that Brad could have certain anabolic compounds to thank for his constant ABS and vascularity.

He Was Tested?

As Brad competed in the MuscleMania organization such as Simeon Panda, this is a drug-tested organization.

So surely, he had to have been clean to pass a test, right?

Well, there are two things worth noting here.

The first is that he competed there at a young age.

So he may very well have been competing naturally at the time.

However, the thing to know about this organization is the fact that their drug-testing policy is a bit of a joke.

Random drug tests work as deterrents for using steroids because you could be tested at any time without warning.

What’s more, you could be tested several times in the space of a few weeks.

Steroid cycles last weeks, months.

And some stay in your system for a while afterward.

With MuscleMania, however, all athletes are tested as soon as they step off the stage.

That’s right, they know when they are being tested.

Knowing when you are going to be tested means that you can plan your cycle if you do wish to use steroids.

So you can plan it so that by the time your drug test does come around.

You’ll have no steroids in your system.

We’re not saying Brad did this.

Because he did pass at least one drug test.

But he certainly could have, and this alone is not proof of being natural.

He Is A Proven Liar

If Brad would openly lie about lifting ridiculously heavy weights and would claim that obviously fake plates were.

In fact, genuine, you have to ask yourself what else he would lie about.

Online there is no real evidence of him claiming to be natty.

Though he often engages in online arguments with users online who call him out for using steroids.

And he has been known to claim natty then.

Before quickly deleting his responses before anybody has a chance to grab a screenshot.

Final Thoughts:

Based on what we know about Brad, and on the evidence above.

We’d say that Brad is on steroids.

And is on some pretty hardcore gear too.

We’d put money on Trenbolone, Tren Acetate, Turinabol, Insulin, Dianabol, Test-E, and HGH.

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