10 World’s Heaviest Deadlift Performances Of All Time

Heaviest Deadlift

Most people think that squats the master of lifting.

On the other hand, some people do not agree with this point.

According to them, there are more impressive lifting than squats like picking up heavyweight from the ground.

Deadlifting is the appropriate standard through which the strength of a person can be measured. As it requires the power of the entire body to pull the weight.

The lifting of weights is a measurable test.

It has different types, and the winner is one who lifts the heaviest deadlift.

No matter a person participating is a weightlifter; a single wrong lift can get you out of the event.

The following are some of the deadlift performances that were made in the competitions.

The rules and regulations are also described for each one of them, but still, these pull marks the history.

One record of the deadlift is also the same from 1983.

World’s Heaviest Deadlift Performances Of All Time

Following are the ten individuals who have marked the history by their powerful deadlifting:

1. Hafthor Bjornsson

Bjornsson, who is the strongest competitor, has been a champion of the strongest man competition of 2018 and also the champion of Arnold classic 2020.

This was his third success in a row in Columbus.

And he has done the first lifting record of 501 kilograms.

2. Eddie Hall

On the top of the list comes Halls. He holds the lifting record of 500 kilograms, which was awarded to him in 2016.

Moreover, Halls was the first man to lift 1100 pounds.

Heaviest Deadlift

Halls who belong to England is said to be the individual who is most peculiar on the Earth.

He won the championship of the strongest man in 2017.

Furthermore, he became unconscious after performing for world-record.

3. Benedikt Magnusson

Magnusson, in 2011 managed to make a deadlifting record of 460 kilograms without using any straps.

Benedikt Magnusson Heaviest Deadlift

Later, in 2014, he set the record of a strongman lifting deadlift of 461 kg, which was beaten by Eddie Hall, who lifted 462 kilograms.

4. Andy Bolton

The thing that makes Bolton famous is that he is said to be the first person to lift the deadlift from the ground.

This is the reason that he would be known as an individual in powerlifting history.

Andy Bolton Heaviest Deadlift

Apart from the fact that his record has been beaten, he still holds up the record in WPO as he has lifted 1273 kilograms as well as squats of 550.5 kilograms.

Hafthor Bjornsson Heaviest Deadlift

He lifted 474 kilograms in the Arnold classic event in 2019. It is reported that he is going to lift 501 kilograms’ weight and mark a record

5. Ronnie Coleman

Although he is not part of the order.

Ronnie Coleman Heaviest Deadlift

But he is a chief guest because of being a person like a beast.

6. Zydrunas Savickas

Savickas is said to be the best strongman by the legends.

As he won all the strongman events.

Zydrunas Savickas Heaviest Deadlift

Moreover, he is the only athlete today who could do it.

He has been a champion of Arnold Classics and many others. He lifted 524 kilograms in 2014 Arnold’s Classic.

7. Ivan Makarov

Makarov from Russia managed to lift 501 kilograms in December 2019, in which he did not succeed. However, he lifted 470 kilograms successfully.

Ivan MakarovHeaviest Deadlift

8. Lamar Gant

Although, this does not fit in the category. Still, Gant managed to lift 305 kilograms of weight.

Lamar Gant Heaviest Deadlift

This show can be categorized as mind-blowing performance.

9. Jerry Pritchett

American Pritchett is famous for his incredible lifting talent. In the event of Giant’s living in 2016, he lifted 465 kilograms using a standard bar.

Jerry Pritchett Heaviest Deadlift

10. Brian Shaw

Shaw lifted 464 kilograms in the Arnold Classic of 2016 with the help of an Elephant bar.

brian shaw Heaviest Deadlift

This performance was not much satisfying, but the upcoming Strongman competition in 2020 might help in marking history.

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Check Some of the Heaviest Deadlift Performances!

Raw Lifting:

Strongman and Benedikt lifted around 1015 pounds in the Ronnie Coleman event held in Texas in the year 2011. They completed the lifting without using any suits made for the deadlift.

Equipped lifting:

A powerlifter from Britain managed to lift 1009 pounds in an event held in England in the year 2009. He managed to lift the deadlift with the deadlift suit but not with the help of the strap.

Strongman Lifting:

Eddie Hall lifted the weight of 500 kilograms in 2016’s championship event. Hitchers and specialized outfits were allowed.

Long Bar Lifting:

In the Arnold Classic event of 2016, Hall lifted 1025 pounds by making use of an Elephant barbell that was much longer than a lifting bar used normally.

Moreover, the usage of straps was allowed.

Partial Lifting: (18 inches):

Hall lifted 536 kilograms from eighteen inches in October of the year 2017.

Tire Lifting:

Zydrunas Savakis deadlifted 524 kilograms in the Arnold classic of the year 2014.

The tire lifting is done by using the tires off from trucks as an alternative to the weighing plates.

Moreover, a long barbell is used to lift them.

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