Simeon Panda: Natural or Steroids?

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is an English bodybuilder from London, who has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the world.

Simeon’s rise to fame is largely because of his huge upper body mass, combined with an incredibly tiny waist.

…Oh, and the fact he claims to be a lifetime natural.

His muscles have earned him a Musclemania PRO card, competing alongside the likes of Ulisses and Chul Soon. He’s also landed a sponsorship with supplement giant – MyProtein.

As a result of claiming natty, he’s gained over 4.7 million fans on his Facebook page (more than Phil Heath and Kai Greene).

Equally, Simeon’s received quite a bit of abuse online; with people calling him a liar and a disgrace to the industry.

These negative comments are because some people believe he’s actually taking steroids. Such accusations are based purely on the size of the guy.

Here are Simeon Panda’s stats (1, 2):

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 230lbs

Estimated Body fat: 7%

Simeon’s measurements (approximate):

Arms: 21 inches

Chest: 50 inches

Waist: 31 inches

These are huge measurements for a natty, and many people looking at Simeon may instantly assume he’s on steroids.

So, lets see if there’s actually any substance behind these steroid accusations, or if in fact Simeon’s telling the truth…

Evidence That Simeon Panda IS on Steroids

Jason Blaha and have the same opinion that Simeon Panda is on steroids.

This is because they say he weighs the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime – who admitted to taking steroids.

These two are extremely naive to think Simeon and Arnold are actually the same size…just because they read somewhere that they have the same stats.

Guess what, stats are often inflated; and sometimes they’re simply incorrect.

In reality, Simeon Panda has nowhere near the level of muscularity that Arnold had when he won Mr Olympia. Simeon would need to add a good 40lbs of lean muscle to rival the Austrian Oak.

arnold vs simeon

Arnold had a 58 inch chest, 8 inches bigger than Simeon’s (3).

He also had 22 inch arms, 1 inch more than Simeon. 1 inch doesn’t sound like a lot but visually this makes a huge difference to your arms, especially when it’s solid, lean muscle tissue.

Also it wouldn’t even matter if Simeon was as big, or even bigger than Arnold….It doesn’t automatically mean he’s taking steroids.

In Arnold’s day bodybuilding was a tiny sport, it was only after Pumping Iron was aired that masses of people became interested in the sport. Arnold managed to change their thinking from “ewww those guys are freaks”, to “wow, this is actually a really interesting sport”.

Thus bodybuilding became increasingly popular, and this meant guys with superior genetics were now participating in the sport. And with bodybuilding’s fan base continuing to rapidly grow in size, the potential for bigger bodybuilders is constantly rising.

This is simple mathematics.

Musclemania: Weak Drug Testing

Simeon Panda competes in the bodybuilding federation – Musclemania.

As discussed in Chul Soon’s steroid analysis, Musclemania drug tests are easy to beat.

This is because they test competitors immediately after their events, meaning the athletes can strategically plan exactly when to come off steroids in order to pass the urinalysis test – because they know the date.

So although it’s possible to pass Musclemania drugs tests if you’re on the juice, it doesn’t give any evidence to suggest Simeon Panda is on steroids, as he could be passing these tests as a natural.

So, there’s no real evidence to suggest Simeon is on roids.

People are only accusing Panda of using steroids based on his size. There’s no credibility behind any of these claims whatsoever.

Evidence That Simeon IS Natural

Gains Timeline

Nattys have a very distinct time window, in terms of gains, when you look at how much muscle mass they’ve gained over the course of their life.

They start lifting weights, they grow initially, then they plateau. Only experiencing gains at a snail’s pace thereafter.

Typical steroid-users have a different gains timeline:

They make newbie gains, then they plateau, then they make huge gains once they start taking steroids.

So, lets have a look at Simeon’s gains over the years:

simeon panda before after

You can see that he hasn’t added much mass, ever since he experienced his newbie gains.

He’s just learned how to diet and get more shredded.

This is a very natural looking gains timeline. If after 2006 he carried on getting much bigger, then this would point to steroid-use.

But he’s more or less stayed the same size for the last 10 years.

Thus it’s clear that Simeon has world-class genetics.

He hasn’t had to bulk up for years to get JACKED, his body has just responded exceptionally well to weight training, with 90% of his gains made as a newbie.

Simeon even said this once in an interview with (1):

“(As a skinny teenager), I remember approaching this guy and asking how he got that way and he said he simply got some training equipment and trained at home. When I think about it, that was the first and last time I asked someone how to build muscle, to me what he said made perfect sense and that was all I needed to know.”

cat omg

In short, Simeon Panda once learned that he could build muscle by lifting weights.

…and that is all you need to know when you have the genetics of Goku!

Tiny Waist

I’ve never seen a waist this small on somebody so big.

The structure of Simeon’s waist would be almost impossible to achieve on anabolic steroids.

Even if you don’t take human growth hormone and insulin (which is notorious for causing a steroid gut), taking any type of steroid will cause a thick, blocky midsection.

Even Arnold’s waist was 3 inches wider than Simeon Panda’s at almost exactly the same height and body fat %.

Simeon Panda waist: 31 inches (2)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s waist: 34 inches (4)

He Passed a Polygraph

Also known as a lie detector test. He arranged this test himself after receiving a lot of hate and people calling him a fake natty.

The specific lie detector test was conducted by Don Cargill who is the NADAC senior examiner, chairman of the UK and European polygraph association and member of the American polygraph association.

In short, he’s the guy you want running a polygraph for maximum accuracy.

Don has worked on the Trisha Goddard show and performed polygraphs during murder cases resulting in a conviction, or someone being released from prison.

The specific polygraph Simeon took had a 98% accuracy, 3% higher than standard polygraphs.

And the questions he was asked were:

  • Have you ever used any form of steroids in your entire life
  • Have you ever used any form of human growth hormone in your entire life

He answered no to both of these and the results showed that there were no signs of deception, meaning he passed the test.

This proves that he’s almost certainly natural and telling the truth.

However, as long as there is a 2% chance that he could be lying and taking steroids, some people in the bodybuilding world will keep on hating.

Simeon also arranged to have a a hair follicle test, which can be used to detect steroids for up to 90 days, making it more accurate and reliable than a urinalysis or blood test.

He passed this too.

However, this hair follicle test isn’t 100% proof he’s not on steroids because he would’ve known the date of the test. Thus he could’ve not used steroids for 3 months leading up to it.

However, if he decided to take this test at random times throughout the year (which Simeon wouldn’t know about), this would be as conclusive as you could get to saying he’s 100% natural.

Alternatively, he could compete in a federation like the BNBF, who are a very strict federation and perform several drug tests randomly outside of competition.

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His Steroids Video on YouTube

Simeon Panda published a YouTube video with Ulisses publicly saying he wasn’t on steroids.

Although this isn’t conclusive proof, the lengths he’s going to are an indication of somebody who isn’t guilty.

He went through the hassle of testing himself, now he’s coming out addressing the topic on video.

If I was on steroids and claiming to be natty, I wouldn’t put myself in this stressful situation of having to lie on video and pretend I’m natty when I’m not; especially when I’m not forced to do it.

Simeon did this out of his own choice.

Instead I’d lay low and stay quiet about it.

Alternatviely, if I was natural and people kept on hating saying I was juicing; I would go and take a load of drug tests and prove that I’m not afraid to face up to these accusations on video.

Which is exactly what Simeon Panda has done.

I would go to these lengths because it would anger me that somebody would call me a liar and discredit my hard work…and you can see Simeon in the video getting a little frustrated/angry by these claims.

Just think if you were in Simeon’s position and you were natty, what more could you do to prove it?

He could take steroids right now, where it’d be obvious he was natural because he’ll get much bigger.

…But as a result of proving that, he’d no longer be natty.

Other than that, he can’t do much else. I mentioned competing in competitions like the BNBF and getting tested at random times, but I’m sure even then if he passed the tests some people would still say he’s taking stuff just because he’s big.

After listening to Simeon speak about steroids in several videos, he also seems like a very genuine guy.

Simeon is Only the Same Size as Phil/Kai When They Were Natty…

People just think you can take steroids and look like Ronnie Coleman.

Guys which compete on the Olympia stage were huge even before they start taking steroids.

…These guys are genetically gifted.

Here’s what Kai and Phil looked like before they blew up/started taking steroids:

phil heath young

young kai greene

…Kai Greene was only 17 in that photo.

Mind = blown.

What if Phil and Kai hadn’t started juicing? I’m sure everyone on social media would be screaming abuse at them too calling them liars.

Simeon Panda is in the same league as these guys when it comes to genetics; he’s one in a million.

And that’s not to say he doesn’t work hard…he’s clearly maximizing his potential by working his ass off in the gym. But he has the potential to be huge which many nattys don’t.

Verdict: Natty

We don’t have any evidence that points to Simeon being on steroids, other than the fact he’s jacked. 

simeon panda

  • No steroid signs such as: bloating, acne, steroid-gut, change of facial structure.
  • He passed a 98% accurate polygraph test
  • He hasn’t gained much size after his initial “newbie” growth spurt.

After looking at all the evidence, there’s absolutely no reason to suggest Simeon’s taking steroids, despite what his haters claim online.

One thing I’ve noticed in people that take steroids, is that there’s always a few signs that give them away. Simeon doesn’t even have one attribute of a steroid-user.

Jealousy isn’t the only reason why people hate on Panda, but also a lack of knowledge. You’ll find that most of the guys who heavily criticize him are small, and have only been training a few years (or less).

These guys are naive and don’t understand that 2 people could train and eat exactly the same, yet one could get huge and one could remain small.

Welcome to the sport of bodybuilding and LIFE in general.

Do you think professional football players only get to the top because of hard work? Sure most of them work hard; but a major factor is because they have exceptional talent. Their success is almost inevitable based on their genetic makeup.

Hence how many pro athletes who have kids, also go on to become successful in the same sport.

Remember that bodybuilding is about being the best YOU can be.

“Be so busy improving yourself that you don’t have to time to criticize others”.




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2 years ago

Dude are you actually retarded?
How could you possibly believe that Simeon panda is natural?

Guy on the left – full natural just chicken, rice and hardwork!

Guy on the right – self-admitted steroid abuser with world class genetics

You would think that with “over 3000 hours of research” you would be able to figure out what most people can within 5 minutes.

Smallville Will
Smallville Will
2 years ago

Phil and I have a mutual friend from his B Ball days. That photo of Phil supposedly natty, he was on the sauce then as well. Can’t speak for Kai Greene.
But quick question… How much did Panda float your pockets to write a fluff piece about his steroid use? Dudes on the juice.

1 year ago

I’m crying at one of your “proofs” being a polygraph test. Do you realize how unreliable they are in determining the truth? This dude is as big and even bigger than people with elite genetics and who have admitted to using roids and you’re here claiming his natty lmao. Give off his dick bruh

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