Is Chris Bumstead on Steroids?

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Chris Bumstead is a 23 year old IFBB pro bodybuilder from Canada, who is making a bit of a name for himself on social media after Generation Iron hailed him as a potential future Mr Olympia winner.

…No pressure lad.

The young bodybuilder is a breath of fresh air in a sport which is currently being dominated by mass monsters, who are so bloated, they could take a pregnancy test and people wouldn’t ask questions.

Chris clearly has a passion for the ‘classic’ look.

This kid’s certainly jacked; and has a tiny waist…similar to Calum Von Moger but with less mass.

Because Chris doesn’t have a steroid-gut like other pro bodybuilders, he’s often seen showing off his aesthetics by uploading pictures of him performing stomach vacuums on social media…

Is Chris Bumstead on Steroids?

Frank Zane approves.

Has He Been Drug Tested?

To earn his pro card, Chris competed in the CBBF – Canada’s bodybuilding federation.

On the official CBBF website there is a anti-doping policy page. It explains that the federation complies with the world anti-doping agency code, which requires bodybuilders to be drug tested.

However, after searching on a few forums, a bodybuilder (who’s competed in the federation) reveals that only SOME get tested.

See below:

cbbf thread

click to enlarge


The testing is done randomly, meaning not every athlete gets screened. Therefore the CBBF drug-testing policy is a shambles to say the least.

As you can imagine with this type of testing, a lot of steroid-users are able to slip through the net without getting caught.

However, the unlucky few who DO get tested are named and shamed on the CBBF website.

…Whereas the other steroid-users competing in the same federation can ride off into the sunset with a trophy and their IFBB pro card.

Seems legit.

On the CBBF ‘shame page’ there are several people who have failed drug tests within a short space of time. Thus we can assume this isn’t a rare occurrence for one of their competitors to test positive.

From this it’s clear that the CBBF are only performing ‘drug tests’ to try and look good.

3D Shoulders

chris bumstead steroids

Steroid-users are sometimes easy to identify due to their 3D shoulders, which can pop out more compared to a natty bodybuilder.

The reason why this happens is because the deltoids contain more androgen receptors compared to other muscles, meaning when androgenic steroids are taken, this muscle group is susceptible to more growth.

As we can see from the above image, Chris has extremely capped or 3D shoulders. This is a common side effect of steroid-use.


chris bumstead vacuum

Steroid-users can often suffer from acne (especially when taking androgenic compounds), as roids stimulated more oil production in the skin via the sebaceous glands.

This can result in oily skin, acne or blemishes.

Puberty also causes this same reaction, due to a change of hormones. If you’ve experienced acne before in your life; the chances of you experiencing it again when taking anabolic steroids will be higher compared to if you haven’t.

In some photos Chris appears to have mild acne.

Flushed Skin

Flushed skin is an extremely common side effect of someone juicing, as steroids often increase a person’s body temperature; due to a rise in LDL cholesterol levels.

Josef Rakich for example is often seen looking extremely flushed.

Chris’ upper chest in particular has a red/flushed colour to it. Although this isn’t severe, it is visible and another sign of steroid-use.

Is Chris Bumstead on Steroids?

Based on the evidence it looks like Chris Bumstead is on steroids.

  • Capped shoulders
  • Acne
  • Flushed chest

Chris Bumstead does appear to be taking gear. This comes as no surprise as he has a truly epic physique…that quite frankly looks photoshopped.

Potential Steroid Stack:

  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone

Chris has an extremely dry and shredded physique so I believe he’s using trenbolone, a steroid which shreds fat and builds muscle without any water retention whatsoever.

Tren is notorious for bringing out acne in those predisposed to it. And the steroid is also well-known for making the delts ‘pop’ more. Muscle striations are also easier to achieve when cycling tren – Chris has insane striations in his chest.

I also believe Chris is using testosterone, enabling him to pack on serious size.

However, because he wants to remain ‘aesthetic’ and avoid bloating, he’s likely to only be taking low doses of test.

He’s going to have to add a lot of mass to his frame if he’s going to compete with the big boys, such as Phil Heath..but I wish him the best of luck and commend him on repping the classic look.

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