Chris Bumstead: Steroids Or Is He Natural?

It’s human nature to see a big jacked dude walking down the street.

And automatically assume he’s on steroids.

We’re not sure whether we do this to make us feel better about our clearly inferior physiques.

Or if we do it simply because it’s obvious that getting to that size naturally would be near impossible.

Whatever our thoughts on the matter may be.

You can’t take anything away from steroid users.

As it still requires a whole heap of dedication and motivation to make gains when running a cycle.

Some dudes, however, are just so big that we can’t help but assume they’re juicing.

Even if they could very well be natural.

Chris Bumstead is one of those guys.

This is why in this article, we are going to be looking at does Chris Bumstead take steroids or is he natural?

We know that Chris is a big guy, and by the end of this article, you will too.

He is also constantly being accused of using androgenic anabolic steroids to improve his already impressive physique.

But are these just mindless accusations hurled at him by trolls and internet haters.

Or are people well within their rights to question his physique?

Well, to try to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

We are now going to look at does Chris Bumstead take steroids or is he natural.

Who Is Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead is now one of the most popular and famous faces in the online fitness community.

He is a Canadian bodybuilder in his early twenties.

Who many believe has yet to reach his peak and fulfill his full potential.

He is one of the youngest IFBB pro bodybuilders on the planet.

And many can see big things in his future.

We don’t just mean a few magazine covers and 1st place in some local shows either.

According to Generation Iron.

If he continues to progress as he is, and if he can stay free from injury.

He could potentially be a future Mr. Olympia winner.

That’s right, many experts in the industry believe that he could one day walk in the footsteps of people like Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That’s a whole lot of pressure on such young shoulders.

But for a guy that thrives under pressure, he should get on perfectly fine.

Chris has won numerous contests, he earned his IFBB pro card at a young age, he has appeared in numerous fitness magazines.

Has gained countless sponsorships, and he is building his social media following day by day.

One reason why people are so impressed by Chris’ physique.

Is because he appears to be bringing back the old school classic bodybuilder look like you used to get in the 70s before drugs got more powerful.

And HGH and insulin took over.

Nowadays it seems like you have to be a bloated, pregnant-looking mass monster to compete at the Olympia against Sadik Hadzovic, and Chris looks set to change all that.

Chris is lean, he has a small waist.

He is very aesthetic, and he doesn’t look pregnant or bloated.

He is still a big guy, as he bulks up to 250 pounds off-season.

And competes at around 225lbs, all while standing at 6 feet in height.

He’s a popular bodybuilder and is often referred to as a ‘modern-day mass monster’ which is part of the reason why people question whether he is natural or on steroids.

Early Days

Chris was born in Canada in 1995 and from a young age.

He showed a keen interest in sports and physical activities.

He was gifted athletically and was highly competitive from a young age.

When he took part, he didn’t just play to take part, he played to win.

He wanted to be the best and he understood from a young age.

That in order to do that he would have to exercise, train, and practice on his own time and put the hard work in.

He showed an interest in bodybuilding and wanted to build up his physique and began lifting weights aged just 14.

His body responded well to this training and he gradually increased his size and improved his condition.

He looks like Calum Von Moger but with less muscle mass.

He met a friend while training named Iain Valliere.

Who began mentoring him, training him, and encouraging him to compete.

After he entered his first show.

Chris says that he was hooked, and this only encouraged him to train harder, clean up his diet further, and take his physique to its limits.

Chris’s best-ever placing was 2nd at the 2017 Mr. Olympia.

Which was actually his debut in the classic physique division.

This was hugely impressive and many people now believe that he’ll take first this year for 2018.

Chris Bumstead Workout

In order to get an idea of whether or not anyone could be using steroids.

It is often a good idea to see how they train.

For example, if a huge jacked dude only goes to the gym twice a week.

And half-assed his workouts, this could be an indication that he is on steroids.

With that said, however, steroids don’t magically get you jacked.

As you still have to put the hard work in.

Here’s a look at Chris’ workout that has helped him build an IFBB pro physique:

5-day split

  • Back
  • Chest and Biceps
  • Hamstrings and glutes
  • Shoulders and triceps
  • Quads

Chris has an amazing aesthetic midsection.

Though his legs are also hugely impressive.

As you can see, he as a day dedicated solely to just his quads.

While hitting glutes and hamstrings on a separate day.

He states that the secret to his awesome leg development was heavy squats.

As he would often squat even when back in high school and college.

He did this not to just look good in a pair of shorts.

But instead, so that he would perform better at the sports he was playing.

This certainly worked, though, as an added bonus he also built himself a great set of wheels along the way.

Chris Bumstead: Steroids Or Is He Natural?


As well as training, it is also a good idea to look at an athlete’s diet in order to get an idea of what their nutrition looks like on a day-to-day basis.

Now, during prep, he obviously has to reduce his calories to burn fat.

But he will still eat 6 meals per day.

In the off-season when the goal is to build as much muscle mass and size as possible.

Chris eats 7 times per day and consumes around 6,500 calories.

He states that 5000 of these calories come from clean and healthy sources.

Whereas the remaining 1,500 calories come from the slightly less diet-friendly foods.

Before training, he increases his carb intake for energy.

As a typical day when cutting, he will eat foods such as:

  • Chicken
  • Jasmine rice
  • Lean steak
  • Asparagus
  • Green veggies
  • Whitefish
  • Egg whites
  • Mixed veggies
  • Sweet potato
  • Whey isolate
  • Oats
  • Fish oil
  • BCAAs
  • Amino acids

Does Chris Bumstead Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?


We’ve looked at Chris himself, we know about his early life.

We know how he trains, and we know what he eats.

What we don’t know, however, is whether or not he takes steroids.

Let’s now try to answer the question of does Chris Bumstead take steroids or is he natural:

Has He Been Tested?

When Chris was first starting out as a bodybuilder, he was indeed tested in Canada, in the CBBF.

The CBBF claims to be a natural organization.

And once upon a time, their drug-testing policy was very strict.

They used to randomly test competitors at any time.

Now, however, it seems as, if not all bodybuilders are tested.

Insiders have claimed that some bodybuilders get favorable treatment and that the CBBF only tests athletes who are obviously not on steroids.

Put it this way, if there are two 6 foot bodybuilders.

Both ripped yet one weighing 190 pounds and the other weighing 230 pounds, the 190 pounder is the one who would likely be tested to help the organization earn its reputation as a natural organization.

We don’t know if Chris was tested.

But he did compete in the CBBF and he never failed a test to our knowledge, so there is that.

Huge Delts

Many steroid users will have what we call boulder shoulders.

In that their deltoids change shape and look much rounder, almost as if they are 3D.

The reason for this is that the delts have a lot of androgen receptors.

Which respond well to the steroids being consumed.

This is why the delts are some of the first parts of the anatomy that increase in size when a lifter starts juicing.

Chris’ shoulders are very 3D-like.

Which is one reason why many people accuse him of using anabolic steroids.

Some people naturally have better shoulders than others but in some pics out there of Chris.

His shoulders look almost as if they have been photoshopped because they are so big and round.


Another side-effect of steroids is acne.

This is caused by fluctuations in hormones like when teenagers go through puberty.

Plus steroids can cause oily skin, which can cause pores to become blocked, resulting in acne.

Now, compared to some severe cases of acne from steroid use.

Chris does not look bad at all.

If you compare him with a natural lifter of the same age, however, you can definitely see that Chris does often have a very mild case of acne.

Visible on various parts of his body.

His Size

Chris stands at 6 feet in height, maybe a little more.

And weighs around 250 pounds unless he is competing.

Chris is always in shape.

So this 250 pound is virtually all muscle.

He is not a small guy, especially when Arnold used to weigh 240 pounds.

And he was an inch or two taller than Chris.

Arnold was a steroid user when he competed in 240.

Yet Chris is apparently natty, despite weighing more than a steroid user.

Chris Bumstead: Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Chris obviously has very impressive jeans, we know that much, but so did Arnie.

Could a good diet and training regime really help a natural athlete build more muscle than one of the best bodybuilders of all time!

Who has admitted to using steroids back when they were legal?

We’re certainly skeptical, though, let’s move on.

Flushed Skin?

Steroids increase core body temperature.

This then increases blood pressure and can cause the skin to look red and flushed as if you’ve just got out of a hot bath or stepped out of a sauna.

Many steroid users have flushed and red skin.

Now, Chris doesn’t look as red as other bodybuilders apparently on steroids.

But his chest does often look flushed.

So, Does Chris Bumstead Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Right, well, based on all of the evidence listed above.

We believe that Chris Bumstead is using steroids, or that he has at least used them in the past.

Again, this is pure speculation.

But that’s what our guts are telling us in this instance.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a comment down below and one of our expert coaches will respond to it, you can also email is at

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9 months ago

Are you guys serious lmao? Like he doesn’t even deny being on steroids, and no human could possibly be that big naturally. He is the WINNER of classic physique so he is the number one in the world. It’s common sense that these bodybuilders use steroids, it’s not even a question, everyone does it

Henre Tardo
1 month ago

Hilariously stupid, the guy takes massive amounts of drugs and is aging fast.

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