Is Jeff Seid Taking Steroids or is he Natural?

Jeff Seid is a 23 year old Men’s Physique competitor who made history when he became the youngest pro in IFBB history.

Jeff basically looks like a real-life Goku.

jeff seid

Long, spiky hair, jacked muscles and shredded to the bone. As a result he’s become an icon for gym-rats worldwide who covet that ‘aesthetic look’.

These guys have no interest in looking like mass monsters, with 36 inch waists and pregnant-looking belly’s.

This aesthetic v-taper look involves having a tiny waist, being shredded and having broad shoulders. This is a look that was originally inspired by ex-Mr Olympia champion – Frank Zane.

Jeff certainly isn’t HUGE, but has good size and is ripped to shreds possessing near-perfect proportions.

Jeff’s body is the dream-goal for many ectomorphs/hardgainers around the world, who previously idolized Aziz Shavershian aka Zyzz.

If you’re familiar with Jeff you’ll know that he embraces the YOLO lifestyle to the max. You’ll often see videos of him randomly posing in public (with his top off)…

For no actual reason.

And he likes to give off the impression that he pulls more shluts than Barney Stinson.

barney stinson meme

With over 2 million fans on his Facebook page alone; it’s clear that plenty of guys worldwide are ‘mirin Jeff.

However, the general consensus is that Jeff could be taking steroids, with brahs regularly calling him out on social media and even calling him a liar…

jeff seid natural

So is Jeff really natty? or is he just one boy in a generation that are trying to impress girls, no matter what the cost?

Evidence Jeff is Natty

. Genetics from the Gods

99% of the time when somebody juices, it’s obvious because their muscles always blow up in a short space of time.

Adding muscle naturally is a very slow process, thus fast gains simply do not exist…except for when you’re a newbie.

Although Jeff is young, he started lifting at 12 years old.

Thus he’s been lifting for 9 years.

And from looking at his photos it’s clear he hasn’t gained much size since he was 17 (see below).

What he Looked Like at 17 Years Old

young jeff seid

What does this tell us?

He’s got insane genetics when it comes to building muscle and burning fat.

It’s not like he was small after the first few years of lifting weights and then blew up all of a sudden…he’s more or less the same size compared to when he was a teenager.

In the above picture Jeff was apparently weighing 195lbs at 5% body fat.

Here’s Jeff’s 9 year transformation from 12-21 years old…

jeff seid transformation

You can see that the biggest jump for Jeff in terms of muscle growth was from 12 to 13 years old.

This makes perfect sense seeing as this was his first year of training, which is when you’ll make most of your gains if you’re natty.

2. No acne

Jeff admitted once in a interview that before he started lifting weights, he was a nerd addicted to World of Warcraft and suffered from acne.

What’s this got to do with him taking steroids?

Many steroid-users experience acne – occurring mostly on the face, back and shoulders.

steroid acne back

Other users can run multiple cycles and NEVER experience acne.

Why steroids can cause acne…

Steroids increase your body’s androgenic hormones, which in turn stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oils.

However, acne from steroid-use is largely genetic. So if you haven’t experienced acne growing up, there’s a good chance you won’t experience any when juicing.

But, if you DID have acne during childhood and you were to run a steroid cycle years later, you’ll almost certainly have some breakouts.

However, Jeff’s skin remains very clear, natural and consistent looking in all of his pictures. Therefore it’s likely he’s not taking steroids because his sebaceous glands aren’t producing this excess oil that he is genetically prone to.

3. Steroids Are Against His Philosophy

Here’s a video of Jeff talking about steroids…It gets good around the 51 minute mark.

So in the video Jeff basically says that he doesn’t understand why guys going for that aesthetic look would take steroids, because his belief is that you can naturally get jacked/become aesthetic as fuark.

Makes sense.

However he does mention that he understands steroid-use for those with aspirations to look like Mr Olympia guys, such as Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman etc. as that’s a completely different goal.

Jeff goes on to say that the look and lifestyle he wants is a healthy one, and thus steroids will most certainly compromise that.

It’s important to note here that anyone can lie in front of a camera, but he seems very genuine when speaking about this topic.

This is solid advice from Jeff, essentially encouraging young people to go down the natty route.

However, not everybody will have Jeff’s world-class genetics.

I know dudes down my gym who are juicing their asses off and don’t look half as good as Jeff.

This is because:

  1. They haven’t got awesome genetics
  2. They don’t have expert knowledge regarding nutrition/training

4. No physical signs of steroid-use

If he were to have juiced, it must’ve been from a young age…as he’s only had small gains since the age of 17.

So if he HAD taken anabolic steroids, there’d be some visual steroid side effects.

…But none can be seen on Jeff.

  • He still has extremely thick hair. Taking steroids for several years would’ve thinned/receded his hair, especially when taking drugs before finishing puberty.
  • He has no case of gyno.
  • No flushed/red-looking skin, indicating higher body temperature/blood pressure as a result of taking anabolics.
  • Clear skin
  • He still has a baby face. Steroid-users often experience more wrinkles and ageing, because many anabolics decrease the amount of collagen that your body produces. A good example of how much your face can age is Zac Efron when he juiced for Baywatch.
  • No sign of bloat or water retention.

5. The Serge Nubret Comparison

serge nubret

Haters of Jeff Seid are saying there’s no way he’s natural because he has the same stats as Serge Nubret, one of the best Mr Olympia contestants of all time (who was known to be juicing).

Here’s the approximate stats of Nubret and Seid (when competing):

  • Height: 6 foot
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Body fat: 6%
  • Arm size: 18 inches

Here’s the comment:

jeff-seid stats

Even sites like Natty or Not have said the same, stating there’s no way Jeff is natural because he shares the same numbers as the black panther.

Anyone who thinks this claim has any credibility whatsoever needs to get their IQ tested.

Serge Nubret was A LOT bigger than Jeff Seid.

End of discussion.

We don’t know if those numbers are 100% legit; and even if the stats were accurate – numbers are often deceiving.

What we do know for sure is how big these guys look in pictures and real life and Jeff Seid is nowhere near Serge Nubret, in terms of muscularity.

jeff seid arm comparison serge nubret

Verdict: Natty

There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest Jeff is juicing.

The main thing to take away from this analysis is that some people out there have insane genetics.

Many butt-hurt guys are posting stuff like “He’s 100% on steroids”, with nothing to back up their claims other than…

“He’s in too good shape to not be taking anything”.

The truth is, it’s not a level playing field because every man has completely different genetics when it comes to building muscle.

For some guys all they have to do is lay eyes on a pair of dumbbells and they grow. For others they remain beanpoles no matter how hard they train.

Logic of the day: Just because somebody is jacked, doesn’t mean they’re 100% injecting.

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1 year ago

dude, im in my mid 30’s and im into natural bodybuilding since the age of 16…. i know the difference between natural and not…. youre OBVIOUSLY taking steroids…. so cut the crap and be honest and stop making yourself a star by lying…. just be yourself and have confidence by saying you did it nothing wrong with it.

10 months ago

Whoever wrote this article is a beta bitch

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