Jaco De Bruyn: Steroids or Natural?

jaco de bruyn

Jaco De Bruyn is a South African WBFF pro muscle model who is sponsored by supplement company EHP labs, alongside Josef Rakich.

Jaco has an army of followers on social media, with over 4 million fans just on his Facebook profile.

Jaco is JACKED and very lean. He doesn’t tend to look too shredded in the off season but when it comes to performing on stage, his conditioning is epic.

Jaco De Bruyn’s stats (1):

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 96kg (offseason)

Estimated Body Fat: 7% (off season)

Jaco also possesses some of the best rear delts ever known to man.

After sculpting such a beautiful physique, many of his fans are curious if steroids played a role to help build it.

Lets investigate!

legal steroids

WBFF Drug Testing

As previously mentioned, Jaco competes in the WBFF federation, in the muscle model category.

Lets take a look at their testing policy to see if they’re a strict organisation when it comes to detecting steroid-users.

…Oh wait, there’s absolutely no mention about ‘drug testing’ on the entire WBFF website.

After digging around, I found a bodybuilding.com forum thread where the WBFF director of operations reveals the federation’s drug testing protocol (2).

wbff drugs testing

So they don’t test.

…at all.

I really admire their honesty in a sport that’s usually forced to bullshit so much, due to law issues.

I.e. anabolic steroids being illegal in almost every country of the world bar Thailand and Mexico…where not much is illegal.

However, the WBFF director also stated that they’re not to comment whether they’re for or against athletes using steroids in their competitions.

Although this honesty is admirable (and fascinating at the same time), it can’t help but reflect on their athletes.

A natural bodybuilder is hardly going to be lured to a federation where it blatantly isn’t a level playing field.

So with Jaco competing in the WBFF, it doesn’t mean that he’s definitely on steroids…however it does mean that he’s chosen a competition that doesn’t test for juice.

Gains Timeline

Looking at someone’s ‘gains timeline’ is by far the most effective way to know if someone is juicing.

And because of the wonderful era we are in, in regards to social media, athletes can’t resist uploading a cheeky throwback Thursday pic or two.

As a result I can analyse their progress/gains throughout their whole life.

jaco de bruyn transformation

Jaco was born in 1983 (3). And he started training at the age of 23.

A bit late on the scene eh, Jaco?

So this means he started lifting weights around 2006 time.

From looking at his gains, it’s clear that he was natty up until 2010. Then as us nattys know, after a few years of training and our newbie gains are a thing of the past; we can only expect tiny gains for the rest of our lives.

However, not Jaco.

He absolutely blows up in 2011 and transforms from a 7/10 slightly above average gym-goer to a JACKED international superstar.

So this could suggest that Jaco started taking steroids around 2010 time.

Flushed Skin

jaco de bruyn flushed skin

Red or flushed skin is one of the most common side effects with steroid-users. I see it time and time again with guys who juice, but never from someone who’s natty.

This flushed skin can symbolise a very high body temperature. A high body temperature can be the result of an irregularity with the blood. And blood irregularities can be caused by steroids, due to their impact on cholesterol levels.

Some steroids increase LDLs and decrease HDLs, thus spiking blood pressure and creating a flushed appearance.

3D Delts and Traps

jaco de bruyn steroids

Jaco De Bruyn, like Chul Soon, has gigantic 3D shoulders, that could quite easily be mistaken for BOULDERS.

It’s no surprise to me that his traps are equally as developed, as both of these muscle groups contain a very large number of androgen receptors.

This means that when a person takes a steroid that is particularly androgenic in nature, their shoulders and traps will blow up more than other muscles.

This is what’s happened in Jaco’s case.

Excessive Vacularity

jaco de bruyn vascularity

From looking at Jaco’s gains timeline, he had very little vascularity when he was natty.

But since 2010 he’s got increasingly vascular.

How come?

Steroids will cause you to have thinner skin, as they directly affect the amount of collagen in your skin.

In fact, they actually lower collagen levels.

The result?

Your skin loses it’s thickness, meaning there’s less skin hiding your veins, so they move closer to the surface of the skin and are now more visible.

When it comes to vascularity, Jaco might as well be a roadmap.

Wriggly worm veins for dayyys.

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Is Jaco De Bruyn on Steroids?

Based on the evidence it seems like Jaco De Bruyn could well be taking steroids.

This is one of the most comprehensive verdicts I’ve written. Jaco has several signs of being on the sauce, and his gains timeline is pretty conclusive.

Good on him though for not playing the natty card repeatedly on social media.

Steroids or not, he’s still built a world-class physique that’s got millions of people ‘mirin (including myself).

Potential Steroid Stack:

  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone

He’s 100% on trenbolone. Tren is very androgenic meaning your delts and traps will explode once you start taking this steroid. If you look at his shoulders when he was natty, they were far from impressive. However, now they resemble small mountains.

Tren also makes it a lot easier to achieve striations, particularly in the chest because of its diuretic effect; leaving you looking DRY. This effect can also cause an increase in vascularity, which is certainly the case with Jaco, who often resembles a human roadmap. Furthermore, when Jaco gets shredded to the bone for a competition, his chest striations are insane.

I would also say Jaco’s likely to be taking testosterone, because of the sheer size he’s gained since 2010 and how full he looks. It’s likely that testosterone is Jaco’s base for steroid cycles, with his favourite stack thought to be trenbolone and testosterone cycles (from looking at his body composition).

Test and tren is a powerful combo so it doesn’t surprise me that Jaco’s responded like a boss since riding bicycles.


(1) http://www.simplyshredded.com/jaco-bruyn.html

(2) http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=114523321

(3) http://topphysiques.com/jaco-de-bruyn-interview/

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