Is Ulisses Jr Natural, or Is He Taking Steroids?

ulisses jr

Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder and online personal trainer who’s an icon to gym rats all over the world, because he’s SWOLE and claims to be natty.

…He also resembles the predator from the classic Arnie film.

Ulisses is very aesthetic with ALL of his muscles well-developed and in proportion.

People don’t care if a guy gets big by taking steroids, there’s millions of them all over the world.

But people do stand up and take notice when somebody’s jacked and natural.

Initial Thoughts: Seems Natty

Just from initially looking at Ulisses Jr, he does appear to have a natural-looking physique, maintaining a tiny waist and showing no obvious steroid symptoms such as: steroid gut, bloating, huge delts/traps.

But as mentioned in my Lazar analysis, just because someone looks natural, doesn’t actually mean they are.

Some assume Ulisses is on steroids due to his size, but it IS possible to look BIG without steroids (with great genetics).

It’s also easier for black men to get big, as they have superior genetics for building muscle due to enhanced testosterone and DHT levels (compared to white people). Black women also have higher levels of testosterone compare to white women, making them naturally more curvy.

So, is Ulisses Jr really natty or is he just genetically gifted?

Drug Tested

Ulisses is a Musclemania Pro and has won 4 ‘natural’ titles, winning the Universe Natural and World Natural categories 2x each.

Are Musclemania events drug tested?

The answer is yes.

However their tests have been set up so they can be easily beaten. They state on their website that they abide by the WADA (world anti doping agency) rules and regulations by ‘testing’ their athletes.

However they make it clear that these tests will only be conducted straight after the competition.

Thus bodybuilder’s juicing won’t need to worry about random unannounced testing at various times throughout the year. Instead they can stop running steroids in time for them to clear out of their system and pass the test immediately after competing.

So with Musclemania not being a true natural federation, it doesn’t give any real evidence to suggest Ulisses Jr is on steroids or not.

But it’s almost certain that he is competing against some enhanced athletes.


Some people claim to spot a mild case of gyno in some of Ulisses’ pictures.

First of all, I agree that Ulisses DOES have a degree of Gynecomastia (breast tissue in his pecs).

Gyno is a sign of steroid-use.

Steroids cause your testosterone levels to go surging, and when test is really high, estrogen (the female sex hormone) also rises. Gyno thus forms because of the high estrogen levels.

However, just because gyno is a symptom of steroids, doesn’t mean that Ulisses is 100% juicing.

Acne is also a side effect of steroids, but millions of men and women have acne without ever taking steroids.

Boys often experience gyno during puberty.

So if Ulisses’ gyno is the result of taking steroids, he would’ve developed this when he experienced most of his muscle growth – not when he was a skinny teen.

However, the below picture proves that Ulisses had a mild case of gyno (puffy nipples) even throughout school.

And thus isn’t the result of steroid-use.

Gains Timeline

Looking at when a person’s muscles grew the most is a huge factor in finding out if they’re taking steroids or not. I call it a person’s Gains Timeline.

Ulisses’ gains timeline is a little bit dodgy to say the least.

Guys who are natty grow a lot when they first start going to the gym, but after that initial growth spurt; progress slows down massively (this is what happened to Simeon Panda).

Around 90% of your gains will happen in the first few months of lifting weights…if you’re natty.

Typical gains timeline of a steroid user:

They to the gym, build muscle, they plateau.

They stay the same size for a while (sometimes a few years)…

Then, BOOM!

They suddenly blow up.

…It’s so dramatic it’s like watching an episode of Dragonball Z where Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan.

So lets see how Ulisses has progressed over the years:

ulisses jr transformation

Ulisses started lifting weights aged 19 (1). You can see he had good genetics, with his muscles clearly responding in his 20’s.

However, from his 20’s he would’ve pleatued if he was natty.

But he looks to have added another 40lbs of muscle…going from “ripped/quite big” to “MASSIVE”.

He looks to have gained a good couple of inches to his arms.

These are pretty BIG gains.

If he hadn’t been lifting weights in the ’20’s’ picture and that was him without going to the gym, and then he blew up to what he looks like now; then that would make sense and I would say he is natty.

But Ulisses’ gains timeline is controversial.

No Longer Claims Natty on Instagram?

Ulisses once vowed to try and become the greatest natural bodybuilder ever.

Then LuiMarco, a YouTuber, called Ulisses out, accusing him of being a fake natty.

Since that video was published Ulisses changed his bio on Instagram from:

“Natural Bodybuilding Icon” to “The Official Instagram of Ulisses Jr”.

Now this could’ve been done to avoid the hassle and hate that ‘natty’ bodybuilders receive over social media; but if it was me and someone accused me of being on steroids I would not be taking this out of my bio, because it then seems like you’re backing down and you actually might be juicing.

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Is Ulisses Jr on Steroids (or Natural)?

Based on the evidence it seems like Ulisses Jr could be taking steroids.

Ulisses Jr has made insane gains – long after he first started lifting, which is not generally a sign of a natural bodybuilder.

Although this is the only sign of steroid-use I’ve found, it’s a crucial one.

Ulisses also once described himself as a “hardgainer” (2) and that his knowledge on nutrition and supplements are why his physique’s improved so much.

However, the supplements he recommends/takes are whey protein, fish oil and BCAAs (2).

I.e. the same supplements every other weight lifter in the world takes. So naturally you can see why this doesn’t quite add up.

Potential Steroids Taken:

  • Testosterone

Test will give you serious gains in size. I believe Ulisses may have started taking test in his 20’s, enabling him to transform into the beast he is today.

Test will make you look big and full without causing huge amounts of water retention or bloating (with reasonable doses). So, if you run this steroid in moderate doses, you can still look somewhat natural and aesthetic.

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