Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders In The World And Their Net Worth

If you’re a bodybuilder, you certainly won’t need us to tell you how expensive the sport is.

In fact, to call bodybuilding a sport, or a hobby, would be a vast understatement.

Bodybuilding is, in fact, a lifestyle.

Today, we’re looking at the top 20 richest bodybuilders in the world to help show you that bodybuilding does pay financially if you are willing to work.

Life as a regular bodybuilder is not exciting or luxurious.

You’ve got a lot of sacrifices to make, and a lot of money to splash out.

To begin with, you’ve got gym memberships, training gear, shakers, wraps, straps, gym bags, and so on. Then, of course, you’ve your supplements to purchase.

A supplement stack is not cheap to build, and you can easily splash out upwards of $200 per month on supps alone.

By far, the biggest financial expense, though, is all of the food you need to purchase.

To build muscle, you need to consume a lot of protein, and you need to eat quality foods.

This is far from cheap, but if you consider it an investment in yourself, it will pay dividends.

To show you just how well bodybuilding can pay, we’re now going to take a detailed look at the top 20 richest bodybuilders in the world.

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Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders In The World

20. Kai Greene Net Worth – $1.6 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Kai ‘The Predator’ Greene is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder who looked almost certain to claim the Mr. Olympia title and officially become the best bodybuilder in the world.

He and Phil Heath had some legendary showdowns on stage, and many would argue that Kai definitely deserved at least one Olympia title.

Sadly, Kai had a very public falling out with the IFBB and the powers that be, and he decided to step down as an athlete and to pursue other career avenues instead.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’ll know that Kai made a surprise appearance on the hit Netflix show, and was a fan favorite.

This, along with other media appearances and his own supplement line, helped Kai to gain a net worth of just over $1.6 Million.

19. Jeff Seid Net Worth – $1.5 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Jeff Seid is a US IFBB pro bodybuilder who is one of the youngest on our list today.

Jeff is just 23 years of age, but don’t let that fool you, he has the work ethic of a man double his age.

Jeff is driven, passionate, motivated, and ready to take his career as a pro to the next level.

Jeff is renowned for his lean and aesthetic physique and thanks to various sponsorships, magazine appearances, and such like, he is currently worth more than $1.5 Million.

18. Steve Cook Net Worth – $1.9 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Steve Cook competes in the Physique Division at the Olympia.

He is smaller than some of the IFBB pro heavyweights on our list today, but that hasn’t hurt Steve at all, as he is already considered somewhat of a legend in the Physique Division.

He has been competing for nearly 8 years now and has won countless IFBB and NPC titles over the years.

He has also been featured in a number of very prominent fitness and bodybuilding magazines and has been sponsored by some very prestigious supplement companies.

He is also working hard at growing his YouTube channel, which is also helping him to generate some impressive income from advertising and such like.

Steve is now believed to be worth $1.9 Million, though don’t be shocked if that becomes $2 Million very soon.

17. Mike O’Hearn Net Worth – $2.5 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Mike O’Hearn is a legend in the world of fitness.

The man has been around forever, it feels like anyway, yet he defies the laws of aging.

He has barely aged a day in nearly three decades and his physique seems to get better and better.

He is a former American Gladiator, an actor, a model, a personal trainer, a motivational speaker, a bodybuilder, and he has appeared on the cover of more than 500 magazines!

Mike is big, muscular, and is always shredded.

His body fat is always in single digits and he still holds his own when stood next to the pros today.

Oh, and he also appeared in Battledome, though he would probably like to forget that.

Mike is worth around $2.5 Million as of this writing.

16. Mike Chang Net Worth – $2 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Mike Chang, years ago, wasn’t very known in the bodybuilding community.

Only hardcore fans really knew of him, and it’s safe to say he didn’t really stand out.

Mike created an innovative new training program known as Six Pack Shortcuts and has been working hard on building his YouTube and social media following.

It obviously worked, because as of this writing, Mike has an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

15. Lazar Angelov Net Worth – $2 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

If you use social media, especially Instagram, you will have seen pictures of Lazar, whether you realize it or not. The man looks as if he is a cartoon he is that shredded and conditioned.

Lazar hails from Bulgaria, he competed as a bodybuilder, though he really made a name for himself as a fitness model.

He literally looks like an action figure as he is ripped to shreds, painfully good looking, aesthetic, and is as strong as an Ox.

Lazar has used social media to get himself out there, and it has worked, as he has amassed millions of subscribers, likes, followers, etc, which means that the advertising green that he is making is not to be sniffed at.

Lazar’s net worth is a cool $2 Million right now.

14. Calum Von Moger Net Worth – $2.1 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Calum Von Moger is an Australian bodybuilder who was dubbed the ‘next Arnold’ because he looked so much like Arnold, not only facially, but in terms of his physique as well.

He actually played Arnold on-screen in Bigger, the story of the Olympia and Weider.

Calum has won numerous contests, has appeared at the Olympia in the Classic Physique division, and has featured in documentaries including Generation Iron 2, and his very own doc on Netflix.

Calum sometimes acts the fool on social media, and he has been criticized for it as a result, but you can’t deny that he had the physique to back it up.

He is recovering from injury right now and is working on putting on more muscle mass.

His bank balance is healthy, though, as his estimated net worth is $2.1 Million.

13. Mike Rashid Net Worth – $2.1 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Mike Rashid is a US boxer, bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness model with a very strong online presence.

Mike owns the Iron Addicts gym located in Miami and is the CEO of his own apparel company known as IMSOALPHA.

Thanks to his hustling, smart investments, and his awesome physique, Mike currently has a net worth of $2.1 Million.

12. Christian Guzman Net Worth – $2 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Christian Guzman is a pro bodybuilder, a YouTuber, and is the founder of UP energy drinks, and his own gym in Texas.

This, along with his impressive physique, has earned him a net worth of $2 Million.

11. The Hodge Twins Net Worth – $3.7 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Technically, two people, we’re counting the Hodge Twins as one entry on our richest people in this industry list today, as we’re looking at their combined net worth.

The Hodge Twins initially started out as a comedy act on YouTube, where they gave hilarious discussions on the goings-on in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

They both have insane physiques, they post workout videos, answer questions, give sound advice, and are well-liked in the online fitness community.

Their net worth is incredibly impressive, as it stands currently at $3.7 Million.

10. Dorian Yates Net Worth – $4 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Now we’re getting serious because here we have our very first former Mr. Olympia winner on the list today.

Dorian ‘The Shadow’ Yates is a former English bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia winner who ushered in the era of the Mass Monster due to his freakish size.

Dorian dominated pro bodybuilding in the early 90s and was well known for his no-nonsense high-intensity approach to bodybuilding.

He owns Temple Gym in Birmingham, UK, and has also released various books, DVDs, training programs, and even his own line of supplements.

As a result of all of this, Dorian is now believed to be worth $4 Million.

9. Phil Heath Net Worth – $5 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath is another former Mr. Olympia winner.

Phil Heath is an IFBB pro bodybuilder who has won the same number of Olympia titles as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Phil started off as a basketball player but went on to get into bodybuilding.

He has won numerous contests over the years, including the Olympia 7 times.

He’s also appeared in documentaries, has released merchandise, and as a result, his net worth is estimated to be $5 Million.

8. Lee Haney Net Worth – $5.5 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Lee Haney is a legend in the world of bodybuilding.

Purists who are fans of the sport will instantly know who Lee Haney is. Lee is another former Mr. Olympia winner.

In fact, he is tied with Ronnie Coleman for the most Olympia wins in history, with 8.

He is a bodybuilding hall of Famer and is currently worth a staggering $5.5 Million.

7. Lou Ferrigno Net Worth – $6 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

To most of you, Big Lou Ferrigno may be best known as the original Incredible Hulk.

If you’ve watched Pumping Iron, though, you’ll also know that Lou is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder who competed in the Olympia multiple times, against some of the all-time greats, including Arnold.

Lou is a very smart businessman.

As well as bodybuilding, he also invested wisely, has appeared in various TV shows, and has worked as an elite personal trainer for celebs and the super-rich.

The former Mr. Universe winner is currently worth $6 Million.

6. Dexter Jackson Net Worth – $7 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Dexter ‘The Blade’ Jackson is also a former Mr. Olympia winner, where he picked up the surprising upset over Jay Cutler in 2008.

Dexter has competed for decades, yet his physique seems to get better with age.

He has won countless contests over the years, more than any other pro in history, and has picked up prestigious sponsorships and magazine appearances as a result.

Because of this, and his amazing condition, Dexter Jackson is believed to be worth $7 Million.

5. Gary Strydom Net Worth – $8 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Gary Strydom was incredibly well known as a bodybuilder in the 80s and 90s.

He was on top when bodybuilding was at its peak and he capitalized beautifully as a result.

Because of his physique, his contest history, sponsorships, and photoshoots and magazine covers, Gary was able to build his brand and his wealth, earning himself a net worth of $8 Million.

4. Ronnie Coleman Net Worth – $10 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Yeah, Buddy!

Up next we have the charismatic and super-friendly former reserve policeman and Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie is considered by many to be the best bodybuilder that ever lived.

He was huge, shredded, aesthetic, and incredibly strong and the fans loved him.

Ronnie is tied with Lee Haney for the most Olympia wins at 8.

That, as well as prestigious sponsorships with companies such as MuscleTech and BSN, meant that Ronnie was able to build a net worth of $10 Million.

3. Jay Cutler Net Worth – $30 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Up next we have the man who was arguably Ronnie’s greatest adversary on stage.

Jay Cutler is a former 4-time Olympia winner and is one of the smartest businessmen on our list today.

Jay has featured in DVDs, documentaries, interviews, magazines, movies, and much more besides, as well as being sponsored by multi-million-dollar companies such as MuscleTech.

Jay currently has his own supplement line and line of merch, and is worth a staggering $30 Million!

2. Rich Gaspari Net Worth – $90 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Rich by name, and rich by nature.

Rich Gaspari, of the famous Gaspari Nutrition brand, is a retired pro bodybuilder who made much of his money after competing.

This IFBB Hall of Famer has been in the industry for over three decades and is worth a whopping $90 Million.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth – $300 Million

Richest Bodybuilders

Come on, you didn’t think we’d forget the G.O.A.T on our richest bodybuilders list, did you?

Yes, number one on our list is the Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold won the Olympia multiple times, and after conquering bodybuilding, he went on to conquer Hollywood and became arguably the biggest action hero of the 80s and 90s.

Thanks to his roles in movies such as The Terminator, T2, Predator, True Lies, Conan the Destroyer, Total Recall, and plenty more besides, Arnie is now worth an eye-popping $300 Million.

Oh, and don’t forget Hercules in New York…

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