Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids for Thor?

chris hemsworth bulking

Didst Chris Hemsworth taketh steroids to playeth the mighty Thor? Or was thy gains of a natural kind?!

Don’t worry this whole article won’t be written in Shakespearean…but the idea did cross my mind. So did Hemsworth use steroids to bulk up for the role of this Asgardian God? The general consensus is yes. And the reasoning for this is…

“He’s got to be on steroids, he’s jacked!”

However, this type of opinion holds no weight and lacks credibility. Size and muscular strength are not the only indicators of Steroid use, there are hundreds of others you might not have considered.

Everyone has different limits for building muscle. One guy who’s lifted weights for 20 years might be dwarfed by a genetically gifted 14 year old, who’s not even finished going through puberty yet…

So is Hemsworth natty or has the Marvel actor been juicing? (Not the fruit kind).

Here’s my findings…

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Hemsworth gained 20lbs of muscle in preparation for Thor (2011)
  • There is a high chance that Chris may be using anabolic Steroids
  • We will never 100% know if he is Natty or Not

Who is Chris Hemsworth?

Chris was born in Melbourne, Australia, and has been acting for several years. His roles are usually more macho and definitely follow in the footsteps of other action men like Arnold and Sylvester.

Some of his most famous movies include Avengers (all of them), the Thor series, and Extraction.

Figure 1: Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Recently Chris has taken a step back from acting as a medical test found he is at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s than the average person. Why is this important in a Steroid article?

Well, certain Steroids (like the 19-Nor kind) can have a mental impact, and impede memory even more.

Is Chris Hemsworth on Steroids?

The signs whether someone is on Steroids or not can be extremely subtle, and to be honest, most people will not even realize. How am I able to say this? Take a look at the two pictures below – the person on the left has been on Steroids. The person on the right, has not.

As you can see, just taking Steroids won’t magically make you jacked and you can still be outworked by natural guys. So, what are the signs to look out for of Steroid use?

  • Massive change in muscularity over a short time period. This will also usually coincide with a drop in body fat and the person tends to get a lot stronger and more confident as well
  • Acne development particularly on the back
  • Hair loss but this can also happen due to aging. That said, Steroids do accelerate hair loss
  • Visual pinning sites are very hard to notice, but sometimes a bad shot will leave a bit of inflammation on the shoulders, buttocks, or other pinning sites
  • Ability to stay in condition for a long time much easier than others. Those on Steroids can stay leaner and muscular for longer and at an easier pace than the rest of us

The images above will certainly make you think “sure, that’s a reasonable change of physique from a young adult into a healthy (but underweight) male”. Sure, and I’d possibly agree with you, however, when looking at his most ripped form to date (below), you begin to wonder…

He may or may not be on Steroids. He is most probably using some form of Growth Hormone. He is definitely using Creatine – lol.

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Does ‘Thor’ take Steroids?

Thor, the God of Thunder played by Chris, is a reasonably large being. In the comics he weighs well over 300 lbs and is strong enough to destroy planets. Unfortunately, Chris cannot do that in real life, regardless of how cool it’d look. Are there signs of Thor taking Steroids?

  • He did gain more than 20 lbs of muscle for the role which is not unheard of for beginners, but not in the time frame given (without Steroids)
  • He maintains his physique for months on end. This, again, is usually a tell tale sign that someone is using a little something other than Creatine
  • There are no real other signs but the first two are more than enough

Conclusion: Is Hemsworh taking Steroids?

We will never know for certain if Chris is taking Steroids. We will always be guessing and wondering, but I’m willing to bet that he’s about to give them up. See, Steroids can have an impact on your mental health, particularly, your memory [1].

There are some Steroids that are much worse than others, but in reality they will all impact your cognitive ability. Since Chris has recently found out he may be at risk of Alzheimer’s, I’m willing to bet he’s ready to put down the needle (if he had it in the first place). Personally, I think he did.

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Ernst Peibst

Ernst Peibst | Writer

Ernst Peibst is an expert in anabolic steroids and PEDs with over 3,000 hours of research. He's been educating people for 7 years through his articles, written after studying science papers, expert books and consulting top doctors in the field. He is a former bodybuilder and creator of multiple fitness websites.

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Andrew Cumstead
Andrew Cumstead
2 years ago

Ernst you have become my mortal enemy these articles are extremely poorly done and trigger reactions from my beta alinine infused testicles i hate you with all my might Ernst you are a fool chris is clearly not natty are you blind Ernst Ernst do you have eyes search for any pic and see how big he is and how lean he is not possible to maintain year round at that size and body fat percentage ernst you fool i wish you and your lineage nothing but despair curse you and your seventh grandson

2 years ago

You didn’t see that he was actually at the gym working out during Home and Away…to keep a lean muscle body requires a good diet and being at the gym. Based on your picture I assume you stay at the gym and eat right and have been for years. So did Chris when he was on Home and Away. He ate right and worked out. To gain that amount of muscle requires something that will add even more to a workout routine that can be possible. You take his quotes seriously that he was never at the gym before Thor but sadly he was and he was working hard to keep that body. He bulked up fast and now you see him in 2021… wow it’s not attainable without extra help.

2 years ago

Ernst thank you for your excellent explanation on how Chris gets so pumped. I don’t believe that Chris takes steroids as he does grueling workouts to get that perfect muscular body! โค๏ธ
Colin you really are seriously unhinged making disparaging remarks about Ernst. Jealousy makes you nasty ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜

2 years ago

Denise, I am sorry but you have fallen for commercialism. Actors are larger than life. We so want to believe they can do things we mortals can’t. Anybody that has been around gym’s and weight-lifting knows the truth. (they are all on steroids)

It doesn’t take away all the work and dedication that goes into creating a physique like that, steroids or no steroids.

King Shaman
King Shaman
1 year ago

I have heard news from a secret insider that Chris Hemsworth is on this new wonder drug called hemorrhoids. If you go to most saunas at gyms around America such as the ymca and planet fitness you will find hemorrhoid pushers ready give this wonder drug to whomever wants to get big and juicy. the side affects are painful but the benefits are out of this world! Chris Hemsworth is a big hemorrhoid lover. there is no way in hell that Chris Hemsworth is a natural living human. He is juiced to the moon in hemorrhoids.

Maybe maybe not
Maybe maybe not
1 year ago

For his first few Thor movies, I may agree. It was entirely possible, he kept a very similar physique throughout and would just be him maintaining in those years. However, with his new movie, he is almost 100% on roids. He’s late 30’s, already making it harder to build muscle and he not only got way bigger in his shoulders and chest, he also got leaner. Almost impossible to do while being in your late 30s and he’s been training for years, so no newbie gains for that.

1 year ago

So basically… The whole premise of him being natty hinges on him not going to the gym until he trained for Thor? C’mon. No way is he telling the truth, you don’t get that kind of physique without doing some form of exercise. Those aren’t newbie gains.

tomos saggers
tomos saggers
1 year ago

Whomever wrote the article knows nothing about genetics, muscle length and insertions aka Hemsworth is not naturally gifted. To say hes natural is a fkn joke are you twelve and in love with bs liars. And Denise just have a wank over thor and stay delusional

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